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Unofficial General Chat - Alpha 19


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[DISCLAIMER: This thread is meant for casual Alpha 19 chat. Images and videos**, suggestions for future content and changes, bug reports, etc. have their own homes too! The links to each are posted below.]


(**Some exceptions will be fine here and there I'm sure, just don't go overboard. ;) )



Do you have an interesting tale to tell? How about an epic moment you'd like to share with the forum community, such as that fantastic POI you just hobbled through by the skin of your teeth or that horde night that you just barely survived... or did you? Whatever it may be, this thread is the one stop shop for all manner of Alpha 19 discussion, whether it be a grand tale for the ages or if you're simply searching for a casual chat with fellow survivors regarding this most recent installment in 7 Days to Die. Just remember that at the end of the day, you still owe the Duke that 100 grand debt.




Have your investments into Intellect proven their worth? Find out by submitting your ideas in the Pimp Dreams forum, which can be found here: https://community.7daystodie.com/forum/9-pimp-dreams/


Can your best moments only be told through the powerful tools of imagery or video capture? The Images and Videos forum can be found here: https://community.7daystodie.com/forum/10-images-and-videos/


Is unexpected trouble stirring up in your world? The PC Bug Reports forum can be found here: https://community.7daystodie.com/forum/16-pc-bug-reports/


Are any unexplainable issues weighing too heavily on your mind? The General Support forum can be found here: https://community.7daystodie.com/forum/17-general-support/






OP, MechanicalLens (aka Sage)




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I can't wait !

One more day...

Then, I'll go full primitive cave man and live a happy life with trader Jen.


I've been watching streams and videos and stuff for days now...


By the way, you can still get grenade schematic on the first week. This should be at game stage +90

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51 minutes ago, xiiMaRcLeoN said:

Let me in.

When A19 releases tomorrow... or whenever I get out of bed. ;)

31 minutes ago, RipClaw said:

Wait, I thought Trader Jen was dating that Australian guy? Is she cheating on him? 😉

I think that Australian guy is an expert at relationships. He's had 2, potentially 3, exes so far! ;)

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5 minutes ago, Gazz said:

Right. We'll be waiting on your okay for the release when you wake up.

I was referring to the grand opening of this thread, but hey, if you can make that happen too, that would be awesome. :)


Anyhoo, back to dormancy for this thread until tomorrow!

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Food and water are capped to max health/stamina and plummet constantly right from level 1 (i.e. no more overeating/drinking). Day one, doing noob quests, running to trader and getting one buried crap quest done (along with my starter PoI and one right by the buried supplies); 3 big cans (chili, pasta, one of silver ones), 4 small cans ( cat food x2, tuna, pears) and 4 bottles of water just to stay above 50%. Kind of obnoxious actually.


Stone Axe drains stamina really quickly.


The treasure radius thing is neat and the new zombies/poi's are nice.


Dr. Jen has been turned into Dr.Waifu because of course.


Burnt Biome has the screecher sound effect and music of wasteland which is a little disorienting.


The new dynamic music is nicer, but it still hits that martial theme too often. Also the zombie danger techno battle music could use some variation.

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Since there is no feedback thread yet, I'll post it in here:

Like most of the new graphics. But the new garbage boxes (small ones on the ground) as well as a lot of the gras textures (texture on the gras and the grastexture on dirt) look super flat as if they do not interact with any light. It was hard getting used to it. It really sticks out and makes the game feel cartoonish.

To counterbalance: I love the new blunderbus! I found one day 1 and this is the first time since I believe A8 that I felt like using the blunderbuss! Feels great and the early loot makes it even more rewarding to use!

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Couple of things. First off, the FPS is actually quite decent which is a rarity with 7DtD pre-releases. The lighting is definitely an improvement. The core game seems as easy as before which is not a negative more just in comparison to playing A18. Looting currently brings up a ton of schematics, so I expect that to be nerfed a little.


Nice touches are the zombies finally understanding how to jump over things rather than manically beating at a railing. You start your game at 7 in the morning instead of midday meaning your first day is longer and the immediate darkness at 22:00 is now gone it's far more gradual.


Overall, it seems very solid, only on my first day so can't really comment on the more advanced stuff.

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