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  1. Appreciate the mod and maintenance, but. Not a fan of the new paintjobs on many PoI's, they stand out like sore thumbs and make no sense. Who paints an Asylum black and red?! Many houses and others are the same way, they don't fit in the world. Further the number of zombie dogs, vultures and snakes arbitrarily added to various (often small and loot light) PoI's is just absurd.
  2. I get the borked rally markers for the challenge quests pretty frequently as well; however it seems to be a Nitrogen issue, as it happens even with a vanilla prefab list. The only solution I've found is generate multiple maps and try them out until you get one that works. It's the map itself that is bugged apparently, starting a new game on that map with a different save name will also give bugged challenge rally's. It's only the challenges that give a rally marker (Give me a Z, Silence of the Lambs, Dog Days Are Over, etc.) the kill animals ones and the treasure chest ones work fine. As I said this appears to be a Nitrogen issue, not a CompoPack issue. Paste this into one of your mods with a recipe xml to test easily: <recipe name="qc_blitzdefense" count="1"> <ingredient name="resourceYuccaFibers" count="1"/> </recipe>
  3. Quite the enjoyable PoI, nice straightforward crawl. A wandering bear heard me down there and wandered in (also a spider zombie; does anyone else think it's weird that hostile animals and zombies ignore each other if they detect you? Bugs the hell out of me.), playing ring around the train car I managed to wake damn near every sleeper in there, very tense. Thanks.
  4. Would it be possible to get the name of the soundfile for the buzzing on the Sunset Sasparilla machines (and the Nuka one if it has one)? That buzzing sound gets on every one of my nerves, I use a mod called Peace and Quiet to disable it in the game at large, but the SS machines are loud and you can hear for 20+ blocks. For reference whatever file name I need to paste into this: <remove xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name='NeonSignLP']" /> Thanks
  5. xvanilla_fastfood_04 appears to be from an earlier beta when the quest marker was broken (no rally marker), it has since been fixed in the vanilla prefab.
  6. Favorites: xcostum_ColonyShip(by_NAGGcommunity) (favorite) xcostum_Hostel(by_TopMinder) xcostum_InsaneAsylum(by_Genosis) xcostum_IZEA_market(by_Genosis) xcostum_LittleLeagueBaseball(by_Curmudgeon) xcostum_Mall(by_hernanxx) xcostum_Public_Pool(by_Warsaken) (when I first started using CompoPack I would always find one of these to make a base in. Sentimental value) xcostum_Shoppingcenter(by_TopMinder) xcostum_WaterPark1(by_NAGGcommunity) Honorable mentions that aren't currently in CompPack: HarbingerLabs (by Riah) FLESHUS_serial_killer_01 sewer_layout (by Evilracc0on) Eden Center Mall (not updated for a19 sadly, apparently they are remaking it) Least Favorite: Actually have most of the stuff in the prefabs set to "unique" for nitrogen. Pet peeves include, but are not limited to: Blocks painted to look like containers but aren't. Huge footprint, no action (big PoI's with few spawns and little loot). Looking cool doesn't count for much if there's no real reason to go there. (Jammed) Storage Chest/Crate/Drawer empty containers and/or Apache Artifact chests everywhere Improvised closet/truck doors and similar made of cement or other inappropriate material. etc. PoI's I've prevented from spawning at all: xcostum_TheSphinx3(by_Andyjoki) (bad performance from, presumably, all the torches/candles) xcostum_ThemePark(by_stallionsden) (phantom blocks always happen for me at this PoI, with the new clustering of wilderness PoI's in Nitrogen it's even worse. Also many of the structures are pretty unstable, wrenching something or breaking a block can cause mass collapse. Real shame, it's a great PoI with plenty of action). xcostum_rave_factory(by_orak) (frigging lag lights)
  7. So I just ran across one of these in my current (Nitrogen) world, and holy wow. What I initially thought would be just a quick trip turned into an epic nearly two day crawl through an incredibly fun labyrinthine maze. Amazing layout and use of space, hands down one of the best PoI's I've ever been through, vanilla or modded. Thanks.
  8. I have a couple of mods which alter progression.xml, it may have just been the known too many alterations to progression will wipe in progress characters coinciding with the uncapitalized value error. Thanks for the fast update.
  9. The Craftable Candy mod spits an error with from items.xml with dev not being a valid value. Also broke items in general and wiped my character. Presumably this is from the test item <item name="noCandy"> in the Craftable Candy mod items.xml to unlearn the recipes. a19b178 Edit: Changing dev to Dev fixes the error.
  10. I don't no, but changing "Allow surface decorations" to false may prevent them from spawning in the first place. I had iffy results with this but it was with one of the multi-traders from CompoPack. You'd need to start a new game to see any results regardless, as it's initial parameters appear to be stored in the save.
  11. So making the traders destructible/buildable and disabling the teleport thing is pretty straightforward, but I cannot seem to find a way to disable whatever they added to prevent placing a land claim within a certain range or within the traders. Any help? Nevermind, figured it out.
  12. Zombie faceplants (best change, endlessly amusing), the new zombie models (except the crawler, it looks like it's from a different game) and the candy. Kinda lukewarm on much of the rest and outright salty about a few. But that's what mods are for I guess.
  13. Make sure they are powered (connected and turned on) and you have locked the ammo. They won't fire if the ammo is unlocked.
  14. The best lockpicks (non-commercial) are actually ground down from steak knives.
  15. I don't think I've died to any zombies yet in a19, but pretty much every hostile animal has killed me at least once. Mostly Mountain Lions and Dire Wolves, which can't be outrun (at least not in the early game). Also vultures (which were @%$*#! to begin with) are the leading cause of me starting to hate this game because of hour and a half real time game stopping broken legs. Stupid, stupid design. Stop play and sit around with your thumb up your @%$*#! for a freaking hour and half or get punished even more for playing the game. Mindbogglingly absurd design. A vulture getting one hit on me generally inflicts three+ critical injuries, one of which is always a broken leg. Close to just modding them out.
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