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  1. Yeah that was my bad, sorry. Completely forgot I tried it out and left it in the Mos folder (It's faster, but not a huge amount in my case with a 10k map and an aging dinosaur of a PC). I just deleted it, so again, my mistake.
  2. Its the generator performance mod, I forgot I added it, woops. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/4628?tab=posts
  3. Posted this on the Nexus page as well, didnt know which was better. Errors out in RWG at 3-5% Wilderness POI with the following error: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: ArgumentOutOfRange_MustBePositive Parameter name: maxValue at GameRandom.Next (System.Int32 maxValue) [0x00004] in <a58aca9c8ed54d639b41f6dc2ac2f31b>:0 at GameRandom.RandomRange (System.Int32 _min, System.Int32 _maxExclusive) [0x00000] in <a58aca9c8ed54d639b41f6dc2ac2f31b>:0 at GeneratorPerformanceMod.Harmony.StreetTile.StreetTile+SpawnWildernessPrefab.CalculatePosition (System.Int32 width, System.Int32 height, GameRandom gameRandom) [0x00082] in <e50633701e48463298c4edb52db51cd0>:0 at GeneratorPerformanceMod.Harmony.StreetTile.StreetTile+SpawnWildernessPrefab.NewSpawnWildernessPrefabMethod () [0x000ce] in <e50633701e48463298c4edb52db51cd0>:0 at GeneratorPerformanceMod.Harmony.StreetTile.StreetTile+SpawnWildernessPrefab.Prefix (WorldGenerationEngineFinal.StreetTile __instance, System.Boolean& __result, Vector2i& ___WildernessPOICenter, System.Int32& ___WildernessPOISize, System.Int32& ___WildernessPOIHeight, POITags& ___traderTag, POITags& ___wildernessTag) [0x00038] in <e50633701e48463298c4edb52db51cd0>:0 at (wrapper dynamic-method) WorldGenerationEngineFinal.StreetTile.DMD<WorldGenerationEngineFinal.StreetTile::spawnWildernessPrefab>(WorldGenerationEngineFinal.StreetTile) at WorldGenerationEngineFinal.StreetTile.SpawnPrefabs () [0x00042] in <a58aca9c8ed54d639b41f6dc2ac2f31b>:0 at WorldGenerationEngineFinal.WildernessPlanner+<Plan>d__2.MoveNext () [0x001c4] in <a58aca9c8ed54d639b41f6dc2ac2f31b>:0 at UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) [0x00026] in <4bba812690714c578170328b4ec178d0>:0 Problem with Generator Performance mod https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/4628?tab=posts
  4. In A21 I've more or less given up on crafting gear and tools altogether. It's not necessary with the loot and rewards, and the random nature of the crafting mags makes it poor investment of resources (assuming you can craft what you want to begin with). Haven't had a problem so far. So far I think the only gear/tools I've crafted (not counting stone and the occasional pipe weapon) have been a bunch of wrenches and 1 T2 or 3 Double Barrel.
  5. <!-- *** BIOME_ANIMAL_WILD_GAME_FOREST_GROUP --> <!-- NONE must not be the first entry since first name determines if enemy group --> <entitygroup name="WildGameForest"> animalRabbit, 25 animalChicken, 25 none, 50 </entitygroup> <!-- *** BIOME_ANIMAL_WILD_GAME_FOREST_NIGHT_GROUP --> <!-- NONE must not be the first entry since first name determines if enemy group --> <entitygroup name="WildGameForestNight"> animalDoe, 15 none, 85 </entitygroup> <!-- *** BIOME_ENEMY_ANIMAL_FOREST_GROUP --> <!-- NONE must not be the first entry since first name determines if enemy group --> <entitygroup name="EnemyAnimalsForest"> animalSnake, 20 none, 80 </entitygroup> That's it. Stags and Boars don't spawn anywhere anymore except as sleepers. Bears and Wolves only spawn in Snow as well, only thing in Pine Forest is Snake. Kind of an odd nerf to food/buff to easier start. I don't like it personally, have to play around with the new file format to mod it.
  6. The more I play with the Learn by Reading system, the less I like it. It's Minibikes for Dumbasses v.2, but applied to every-friggin-thing.
  7. Absolutely H A T E it. I pop my headphones forward whenever I eat so I don't have to hear it.
  8. Would be a straightforward way. It would always drop the Nurse bag list, with a 20% chance to drop the regular bag list as well. *edit* I think I read that wrong and swapped the values. So just swap the guaranteed and low to have the drop you described. The Nurse reference is what is throwing things off here, I think.
  9. So it would have a chance to drop both, rather than either or?
  10. Simple mod that represents any skills you had from before the Zombie Apocalypse, in a random assortment. Maybe you'll get an OP start, maybe a bunch of unrelated meh. RNG lol. Adds a bundle containing x3 Skill Magazine Reward Bundles, x1 Tier 5 Book Reward Bundle (creates x7 random Skill Books) and x4 Mechanical Parts at the start of a new game. That's it. Mechanical Parts added since you can't hammer them from anything anymore, and I like to wrench everything. This way you can create a wrench as soon as you've unlocked it and found enough Forged Iron and Duct Tape. You may even unlock it with the Starter Bundle... but you probably won't. Waiting to open the bundle until you've completed the intro quest and spent your initial 4 points actually does give you more relevant skill mags, if you want slightly less randomness. Hugs and pickles, Mythgaard (aka Skullfracture) https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/3034/ *EDIT* Added an Xtra Version to Optional Files in case you want a really OP start from the get go: Creates x5 random Skill Magazine Bundles, x1 each Tier 1-5 Skill Book Bundle, x1 Wrench, x1 Lockpick Bundle, x2 Iron Arrow Bundle, x10 Repair Kits., x6 Ergonomic Grip, x6 Structural Brace, x2 Iron Breaker, x1 Bunker Buster, x1 Woodsplitter, x1 Gravedigger, x1 Arrow Rest, x1 Polymer String, x1 Water Purifier, x1 Helmet Light and x10 Jailbreaker Candies. Can also use both together for even more magazines/books. What the hell, do what you want, I'm not your Mother.
  11. This would be the easiest way to achieve that: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/2241?tab=description in addition to Khaines mod. It hasn't been updated to A21 but they don't appear to have changed the dismember multiplier entries so it should work fine. *Edit: Forgot to add you are still going to have difficulties with a few Zombies, notably Big Boy and Fat Cop because hitting their head can be difficult, as well as Soldiers, Bikers and possibly Utility (I cant recall if the Utility guys head counts as Armored or not), because of the Armor, which makes instagib headshots on them kind of a crapshoot.
  12. Changing the instances of LootGameStage to LootStage in ui_display.xml may fix the display problem. Have not tested it myself.
  13. Not sure if it is intended or not, but the Trader Bob from this mod is spawning in huge numbers in the Wilderness. On my current map (standard 8k) there are more than 70. Given the 5-6 of the other traders, that's 65ish. Can't say for sure because it's named the same as the default Bob. *Edit: A21
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