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  1. If the trader has thousands of quests to offer and all of the people who previously attempted them are all dead (coincidentally?), we, the players, should all be concerned.
  2. I'm failing to see how TFP hiring new programmers is beneficial then.
  3. Will the Wasteland biome be as barren and empty as shown in the most recent dev stream? Also, are biome gamestage/lootstage multipliers still coming to A20?
  4. My prediction is still mid-January. Nevertheless, I've been seeing an ocean of comments where people believe that October 31st is to be taken as gospel. In my opinion it was a mistake on TFP's part to include that info in the stream it was "announced" in as well as the front of the Dev Diary. Even though the front page has been changed once again, perhaps it would be best if it was relabeled a third time to be "when it's done". Even using the language of, "We have a tiny goal, not a promise, that experimental may arrive around x time", people respond with, "Gotcha, so it is guaranteed that experimental will be released at x time", and when it isn't, people may riot. Expect a wave of negative comments once Halloween passes, mark my words.
  5. I don't do PvP, but to my knowledge every experienced player builds down at bedrock level anyway.
  6. Alrighty then. Has content lock been hit yet? I was going to ask this anyway but this seemed like an appropriate time.
  7. Goodness grief this post is still going on? Perhaps I should bookmark it and prepare popcorn every evening.
  8. Here's a more general survival tip related to your comment above. If you are being hunted down by a predatory animal such as a wolf or a mountain lion, find a zombie, and get it between you and the animal. 9 times out of 10 I find that the animal re-aggros towards the zombie. I almost wrote down that anime is aggressive towards zombies. The more you know.
  9. So I had an interesting dream. A20 was released... ...as a console exclusive port. This was a dream, right? 🥴
  10. Parent: What a lovely day outside. *Looks up at the sky* Those are some ominous looking clouds rolling in. Timmy, come inside for a few minutes until the storm passes!
  11. The new weapons look fantastic so far! However, I'd like to point out one small nitpick. In the models shown in the most recent dev stream, the scopes for the AK-47 and the Tactical Assault Rifle were on backwards. 😛 Hopefully this will be fixed at some point, if it isn't already!
  12. You may not care, but I'd definitely be throwing a celebration. 😜
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