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  1. Some of it comes from people excited for the final product (as well as far better optimization), but for a lot of people, customers or not, it just comes from a negative perception regarding alpha games. The longer a game takes to make, the more open to controversy it becomes. Unlike decades prior, we now have an inside look of the development of some video games, and some seem to forget this fact; some just assume that these games are simply taking forever, and older games were somehow "made in a day". Take Minecraft as an example of hypocrisy however. Minecraft is a full release title, but is still getting free updates to this day. So was Terraria, until the final update for that game dropped very recently. Optimization and possible restarts aside, there's little difference between these two examples and 7D2D, at least going skin deep. However, I guarantee you that if Minecraft or Terraria were labeled as "alpha" (they are unlike most games anyway, in that they get free updates post full release), the amount of backlash they would receive for that would be astronomical, even if it were just that label change. 7D2D is in an "interesting" predicament though. If they continue working on the game for years to come, it'll definitely fade into obscurity and will forever be known by most as an "unfinished project". However, if the game went gold today, most would label it as an unfinished game, even if those same people were clamoring that it be released that very day. (Figuratively speaking.)
  2. I'd like to propose a toast for 7 years in alpha and another 7 years in beta. 🍷
  3. This is very interesting news. If this POI update code could be implemented in the future that would be exciting stuff, but if not then so be it. It would just be nice, like you said, to see your base from a mile off versus having to basically plant your face against it for you to see it.
  4. Once again, I'll leverage my trust back to the almighty Fun Pimps. If you think it's fine, then I suppose that is the case.
  5. As am I actually. All of my bases render outside of my view about 150+ blocks away, while they load in when I'm only 80-100 blocks out, which is not that far at all. As a visual documentation, the top image (located below) displays the point at which my base would begin to visually unload. The image below that demonstrates what distance I would have to be before my base would fully pop into existence. (Ignore the Eric's Stuff and the bath house POI's; I tore those down ages ago.) So @madmole I wish to ask you, in the image of yours that I had presented above, do you remember if were you actually driving your motorcycle back to your base from an outing, or were you taking your motorcycle out that far to get a good screenshot? If it's the latter, then it's case closed. Notice how my base and your base in the two images (yours, and the top image that I posted) appear to be about the same distance from the player; now yours may appear to be further, but that's probably because you are on an incline between a decline furthered by another incline, and in addition, my base is a fair bit larger than yours is. But if you were indeed just returning from an outing, then this is indeed very fishy.
  6. Speaking of candy, will their effect duration stack to a maximum of 3x, if you were to consume that amount, like a lot of other buffs do as of right now?
  7. Just something I thought I'd lightheartedly mention, but from a realism perspective and from a gameplay/balance standpoint, ammo piles should never contain guns, or any other weapons for that matter. It's odd enough finding a sledgehammer or an AK-47 in a large ammo pile, but to find a good quality firearm in a small ammo pile (which has happened to me plenty of times), sometimes containing better loot in than the actual loot room of the POI itself, can sometimes upset the balance of progression. Just my thoughts, but in my opinion ammo piles, no matter the size, should only contain ammo, and maybe mods on occasion just to throw the odd curveball in there.
  8. If you can look into it sometime then you have my thanks. I thought it was an issue only I was dealing with until watching the latest videos of Jawoodle's latest series, and then reading several comments on the 7D2D subreddit... It's a pretty common occurrence. It's nothing game breaking obviously, but I can imagine it making someone nauseous, plus bumping into a random tree in a forest that was invisible a second ago is always a pain. 😛
  9. Also @faatal Unsure if this is a part of your profession, but have the "blinking trees" been fixed for the next update? (Trees, usually ones that the player planted themselves, that become invisible or at least mostly transparent suddenly from almost all angles once you approach them, but their hitboxes still remain and can still be harvested.) It's quite common in A18.
  10. Well, on a side note, at least A19 will encourage me to utilize the benefits that traders provide far less frequently, due to unbalance. I'm thinking... 2-3 quests per week, post T1 and maybe T2 quests. As usual, I'll refuse to purchase weapons from traders. Regardless, it must be very a severely low percentage chance; something too trivial for anyone to get all paranoid about. Also, something I noticed the week after this was posted... Is it just me, or is madmole's former base loading in at a far greater distance than it would if it were in A18? Fun Pimps, any confirmation on this?
  11. Very good. I heard some rather unnerving rumors of steroids fully encumbering you or recog ruining your vision for many, many minutes if you happened to unfortunately suffer from the side effects... Glad to hear these were just that, rumors.
  12. Do you know what the possible side effects of the current drugs in A18 are? I never looked into that personally, nor do I know their percentage chance of occurring following each individual consumption.
  13. Meanwhile crafting over 250k gas and 600+ oil I second this.
  14. Again I probably won't watch them (but I'd imagine many others would), but I'm genuinely curious if madmole is going to release any videos this time around. 😕
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