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  1. 1. In your opinion melee is generally awful. 2. I'm not judging here, but I cannot for the life of me understand why some people find it's more rewarding to grab a handful of common materials out of their storage and craft the best gear in the game rather than going outside and looting. 3. Have you played Alpha 19? If so, you'd know that this statement couldn't be further from the truth. Unless you're talking about trader quest rewards; those will be properly balanced in A20.
  2. How about we add a couple zeros to the end of that detection increase, eh?
  3. I typically play on either Warrior or Survivalist difficulty with running zombies. Maybe it's because I have 4,000 hours in this game, but I can confidently say that I am better at melee than with shooting guns. 😜 Now if you're talking about Nightmare/Insane, then yes, I could agree with you that sledgehammers are really the only way to go. Melee provides one advantage over all ranged weapons: they don't cost any ammo to use. I shared a screenshot of my horde night loadout and my base one time on the subreddit and somebody asked, "How do you have so much ammo? Did you s
  4. As someone who consistently uses every melee option in the game (minus stun batons, yuck), I can assure you beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are simply full of crap. To put it less bluntly, your claim that melee weapons are "useless" is completely unfounded outside of your own experience. I could understand your point of view if you were a new player and were just getting used to the game's mechanics and the feel of melee weapons, but unless I'm incorrect about this, you're not a new player. If you don't like using melee, that's cool. I'm all for supporting players for playing t
  5. It would probably be best if you leave this situation to the mods to deal with, otherwise you'll continue to go around this merry-go-round of opposing thought from here to Sunday.
  6. Exactly. While more options are great and all, the last thing we need is another ARK Survival Evolved. Would it be by choice, or would Trader Rekt shoot you with a tranquillizer dart the moment you enter his compound, strip you of all valuables that you carry before tying you up and stuffing you in a brown bag and ordering a henchman to carry you off and deposit you as far away as humanly possible out in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps this is the real way how the player woke up with no gear. Man Rekt is an douchecanoe. 😜
  7. I bestow upon you all my submission for the "cookie contest". Transparent backgrounds for cookie images simply do not exist... -_- If it's needed, here's a smaller version.
  8. Rather than flowers, how about Arlene's skull crushed against the pavement? 😜
  9. Pretty sure TFP said at some point that the hat mods will be removed for various reasons including eliminating moments of confusion that take place in PVP. ("Is that player wearing a steel helmet or a cowboy hat?")
  10. Nah thanks. What if you accidentally scrap that level 5 iron pickaxe you just found instead of equipping it? What if you scrap those radiators by accident? Or those first aid bandages? It would be a frustrating nightmare that would inevitably come to bite you from behind sometime or another. Perhaps the standard should be 5 seconds.
  11. So in other words I'm beating a zombie horse now. Seems rather fitting. I don't believe it's 100% confirmed that smelting will be gone in A20. It might be, it might not be. That's a plausible solution, but I'm a min maxer. I'm not asking for much; just for brass radiator stacks to be increased to a healthier amount. 🤷‍♂️ It honestly wouldn't take much and wouldn't affect much in terms of balance as far as I'm concerned.
  12. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but I'm going to add one final point to the "brass predicament". What is one the most inconvenient tasks in 7D2D? That would be babysitting brass as it smelts into your forge. At least with candlesticks, trophies, and doorknobs they stack up to, what is it? 500? Brass radiators are the main culprit here. Having to place 10 in at a time (max stack size is 5) and wait for 10 minutes before you can deposit more into the input slots is a far less elegant method than any other smeltable item in the game. I'm no game developer, but I don't see how increasing the
  13. So you play with GodMode enabled. Gotcha.
  14. Excellent work Faatal! I can't wait to get my hands on this feature whenever A20 EXP hits. I personally edit my forest biome XML's to add wights, cops, and soldiers to nighttime spawning, so this shall prove to be... interesting.
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