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  1. Then I'm lucky (or unlucky) that the mountain lion didn't budge at all during the, um... process.
  2. Nomad difficulty. Mountain lions are tough. This is why I argue the snow biome is tougher than the wasteland. Sure, the wasteland has vultures, zombie dogs, zombie bears, land mines... but the snow biome has mountain lions, dire wolves, lumberjacks, and bears literally everywhere. You'll spend a good portion of your time early on trying to find a house that doesn't have a mountain lion or whatever prowling around outside. One major benefit of the snow biome, ironically enough, is there's food growing everywhere. I got 2 and a half stacks of snowberries by the end of day 1.
  3. That's not even a third of the arrows; about two thirds of them broke when they hit the animal.
  4. Well Fun Pimps, we asked for tougher animals, and you certainly delivered. Thank you for that.
  5. Unless I'm mistaken, I heard that's a common issue every time someone updates their world at least once. I don't know the cause for it though.
  6. The cowboy as well, if I'm not incorrect. Besides, to fit in with the lore, perhaps all the weak/overweight humans perished sometime in the apocalypse and only the heavily muscled and/or intelligent types (the bandits) survived? Who knows. (*Bandits and other survivors.)
  7. @zWolfer Okay buddy, just stop. This is getting old already. You wouldn't want the ban hammer slamming down on your account, would you? Don't awaken Roland. Boe is black (*I didn't know that before, but as someone pointed out before, skin decays), Big Bertha is your "strong female zombie", and that's that. We play games to have fun, not to have a political debate. If you want more, go to one of your SJW rallies. (*I acknowledge that I said we need diversity before, but given how skin decays, this is a non-issue really. Who knows what or who the crawler and other future special infected were before their "transformation".)
  8. Going off on a random note here, but my only criticism regarding the "state of the crawler" is that all the other standard zombies are "barely decayed" up to "reasonably decayed" so far, and then the crawler takes that to the absolute next level. I'm not seeing any missing links here. 🤷‍♀️
  9. Well, given the limited amount of resources left, I'd hate to say it, but if there is a hope, it's probably in their next game. (I was hoping before that at the very least all the zombies would be so severely decayed (but not to the point of the new crawler) that you couldn't recognize their ethnicity/race or even their biological s*x, therefore no debate was to be had, but it was not to be.)
  10. Agreed, hopefully this is addressed in a future update. And not just ticking boxes either, like, properly done, and not just for diversity reasons, but for realism as well. (ie Not any of that, "Well, there's your black zombie! Why are y'all still complaining? *Proceeds to add another 50 white zombies*) Also, not all of the zombies are sexualized. Weak, unfortunately, but not all are put in there for lewd reasons. The Screamer comes to mind as you already pointed out, as well as Big Mama, Darlene, Arlene, the lab coat zombie, probably others. (I've been sleeping on and off tonight so I'm surprised I remembered that many.)
  11. I also have the problem. Just did a clean restart and it happened a couple hours ago. Just trying to eliminate all possible factors. The issue is it seems to happen at random. If there isn't a reliable way to replicate it, then it falls onto the devs to figure things out if they can.
  12. So in other words you're wasting development time. Unless you can find a way to reliably replicate the issue and then report it to the bug forums professionally, then either keep at it or deal with it until it's fixed, and if it isn't, then so be it. Have you also considered that this just might be a you problem? Perhaps your computer is having issues, or you didn't restart your world when one of the latest patches released. Disclaimer: There's a difference between a possible oversight and a bug; this is obviously the latter.
  13. Hmm, too bad. I just want to be a Terminator-esque action hero that just goes around and murders everything. 😛
  14. I know this too well. I spent an entire in-game day scrapping clothing and dyes. It was torture. XD
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