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  1. Sounds good, will definetly be worth the wait. My favourite vehicle mod still finally playable at A19 at least.
  2. The new cities look much better now from what I have seen, excited for them already.
  3. @arramus Very good work. I can use it with no problems again, or at least I havent encountered them yet.
  4. First mod I downloaded its very nice. More variety not to mention you can repair them all. Hope when A19 it will still work or may be updated )))
  5. Very nice tool. Now I dont need to wait over 10+ Minutes to generate a map and I can see it even after generating. Very well done.
  6. Just a guy from North Rhine-Westphalia who found out about 7 Days to Die after some hours after the Kickstarter ( Missed it sadly:( ) And fell in love with the game instantly and thats the reason I'm here. Also Alpha 16 dropped and I'm in again
  7. Did you add it correctly in the prefab list? Because with A9 it's a bit weird right now.
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