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  1. There was a perk for that called Olympic swimmer. But now its not there anymore.
  2. A nice thing would be like even better cooked food which requires super corn.
  3. Love the new animal spawn. Now you cant just carelessly run around the wild anymore but have to watch out.
  4. Really like the look of the new wasteland biom with the many dead trees, its really nice and everything looks sharp.
  5. No, open world is one of the main reason I even bought the game.
  6. Start a new RWG map and then making a fortitude build with the new changes to the perk tree + candy. Since all POIs should be avaible in RWG now I will try to explore each one of them. And stare in awe of the new lightning of course.
  7. The lightning alone makes me way more excited for this Update. Its like a whole different game with that lightning. No more washed out colours.
  8. I am watching gameplay but its not the same as experiencing it yourself.
  9. Can't play 7 Days to Die today as I wait for A19.
  10. I spend it on what I would love to have in that playthrough currently. Dont make some choices because other people say so. Explore it for yourself. Dont understand this "this is the only viable build".
  11. The lightning and the new pois are amazing, cant wait for it. Also the ragdolls are very nice and add more variety, which is always good.
  12. First mod I downloaded its very nice. More variety not to mention you can repair them all. Hope when A19 it will still work or may be updated )))
  13. These screenshots are awesome madmole. Cant wait to experience it myself.
  14. This just made my day and now im even more excited for the A19 release, thank you.
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