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  1. These screenshots are awesome madmole. Cant wait to experience it myself.
  2. This just made my day and now im even more excited for the A19 release, thank you.
  3. I dont even care how long its in development, they didnt leave it like some other Early Access titles. 6 years with the game and its been so nice seeing all the changes since Alpha 1, the game has come a long way. They will add the rest of the promised features and polish it up.
  4. Scary, swimming zombies when all swim like this after you slowly of course because you slow down like you are in some kind of gelee or something. I remember the swimming perk which let you swim faster, we need it please.
  5. We need the hornets again. I miss their buzzing.
  6. Steam name: Pak https://steamcommunity.com/id/Pak274 Hours played: 632 according to Steam. Way more hours include the before Steam versions. Started on Alpha: A1 Discord name: Pak#0666 Native language: German Operating system : Windows 10
  7. Yes, change the game name to get a different spawn.
  8. Desert is quite fun and my favourite biom. Once you got the right clothes to cool down its very nice. Enough oil for thousands of hours.
  9. Random biomes sound interesting as I really love the RWG worlds.
  10. I had a time where I couldnt really play. But now im addicted again and play everyday. The only game that has that kind of addiction to me.
  11. They also gave you honey, which is better than just getting it from tree stumps to be honest.
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