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  1. The invulnerability is in a certain radius around the trader. In some cases, this then also affects the walls of nearby buildings. For example, I have a trader next to whom there is a small scrap yard. The fence surrounding the scrap yard is made of wood and therefore very weak. If I would replace the unprotected walls with concrete then the zombies would try to break through the wooden fence but it is protected by the trader. But I would have to turn off the sound if I wanted to fight the horde there because the sound of protected blocks would really annoy me.
  2. I agree. It should be at least a level two blunderbuss and a sharp rock. 😉 I have read that the developers are working on assigning a gamestage to certain POIs. So you get better loot from this POIs. But this also means that you can't go to a factory on day 1 and only see slow zombies. Instead, you will at least see feral zombies.
  3. The size of the behemoth has caused problems with the pathing. That's why he was scrapped. In its place, we now have the Demolisher.
  4. By the time you get to the level 2 quests you usually have a means of transport. That's why it is less noticeable. You have to do 10 level 1 quests to get to level 2. With one or two quests a day you reach level 2 in the second week. By this time most players should have at least a bicycle. Since there are traders on the edges of towns, they should take advantage of this and offer quests nearby if possible.
  5. I love that you don't get swamped with guns from the start. Apart from the Blunderbuss, my first firearm was a Q1 toilet gun on day 5. I fought my first Bloodmoon horde with a stone sledgehammer, two Blunderbusses and a pistol for emergencies. That reminded me of A15/A16 when I fought my first horde with a bow. I also think it's great that the bow and crossbow have more sneak damage. That makes them a perfect weapon for stealth gameplay. That the traders are now on the outskirts of towns is great. However, the level 1 quests are often far away. That costs a lot of time if don't have a means of transport. Fortunately I found the college jacket and the high performance running shoes in a POI early on. With these I am at least as fast as with a bicycle.
  6. I had a weird glitch in the AI. I was fighting a wandering horde at night. When I ran a few meters away to get some distance between two zombie and me, the zombies suddenly started attacking the trees instead of following me.
  7. A weight system has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that objects of low weight do not slow you down as much. On the other hand, you cannot carry large amounts of stone, iron or other resources. In ARK there is a weight-based system but that has led to her having to do tricks here and there to make the beaver e.g. carry a lot of wood.
  8. The Fun Pimps have often said "no child zombie" and I agree with them. There have been zombie games with child zombies and that always led to discussions.
  9. Wait, I thought Trader Jen was dating that Australian guy? Is she cheating on him? 😉
  10. I think they chose a flying drone because the pathing is easier. It doesn't get stuck on every rock, every trash bag.
  11. Multiplayer is always a bit different than single player in terms of progress. In a group the members can specialize. A single player has to spread out his points. That's why you have everything earlier and it gets boring faster. By the way, I like the Grand Spartan rule better: "Every man for himself". This is much more entertaining when you watch the streams. 😁
  12. Just because you think mining is useless doesn't mean it is. Without my iron mines, I could not fill up the darttraps in my horde base. And something like the boom box basedesign from GrandSpartan is impossible without a lot of iron, nitrate and coal. And I also like building underground bases. They're not useless. They are not as safe as they once were, but if you go down to the bedrock you are very safe down there, except for the Blood Moon Horde.
  13. I prefer the late game but I also think it is good that the progress will be slower. Fighting the first horde with primitive weapons only changes the gameplay.
  14. So you say "You have to play the game my way and you have to like it". You should respect that other players have a different idea of the game. Forcing them to do something is the best way to scare them away. You can encourage them to do something but you should never force them.
  15. Then you will be glad to hear that in A19 the progress will be much slower. You won't find strong weapons in the early game. You will have to fight the first horde with primitive weapons. The new Integrated Survival System will also make the game more intense as it is no longer possible to heal everything with just a bandage. If you feel like you have too much ammo you should increase the size of the horde. A horde with 32 zombies at the same time consumes a lot more ammo than a horde with 8 zombies at the same time. If you find too much loot then you should reduce the amount of loot. Even a reduction to 75% ensures that a lot of the loot containers are empty. The game has many settings so that the player can adjust it to his preferences. No game lasts forever. Let's face it. Most of the games are completed in less than 20 hours. If 7 Days to die was fun for 70 hours then it was worth the money.
  16. The most frightening thing about Subnautica are the sounds. The deep roar of a reaper will make you think twice about driving your seamoth into the dunes to search for wrecks. Besides, there are no guns in Subnautica. This is a very important point. Imagine how much scarier 7 Days to die would be without guns.
  17. My trick is to zoom into the map as much as possible and position the arrow of the player marker directly above the treasure chest. Usually works very well.
  18. It always depends. If the buried treasure is buried on flat ground it is very easy. On the other hand, if it is in the side of a hill or mountain, you have to search for a while. Therefore some players hate these quests. Especially if they have no patience.
  19. That remains to be seen. Tricks and strategies will usually be found by trial and error. In my opinion, the most effective early game base design that works without tricks is the hatch base. You can use it as a pure melee base or in combination with firearms. The only disadvantage is that it only works with few zombies at a time. I wouldn't recommend more than 12 zombies at once.
  20. I stop when I run out of ideas for building or there are too many bugs in a world.
  21. Claymore has already made a modlet for this purpose: You can download it from https://www.mediafire.com/file/tvt24uw2hpzvmrx/Claymore_No_Demolitioners.zip
  22. From what I understand, this is due to spawn mechanics. For example, there's a room with a false floor in the T5 apartment building. In the room below there are zombies that only spawn when you fall into the room. In A17 you could kill the zombies from above because they were already spawned when you were still in the room above. Here you can see an example (start from 19:40): https://youtu.be/SyaDfYIimuU?t=1179 If you reduce the playback speed to 0.25 you can see the zombies spawning.
  23. That depends on which zombie is chasing you. Different zombies have different base speeds. A cop zombie you can outrun even at nightmare speed because he is rather slow. But a biker zombie is just as fast as you on sprint speed. And on nightmare speed the biker is even faster than you.
  24. Since you can also craft the first aid kits and not only find it, you would have to change the recipe to explain the effect on infections or dysentery. I think it is best if these conditions are treated separately. Besides, I'm not a fan of making all random. In A17, it was random if an antibiotic worked or not and I hated it.
  25. From what I have read, the first aid kits are becoming more important again in A19. It seems that in A19 you can only stop a bleeding completely with the first aid kits. The bandages only stop the bleeding temporarily but the bleeding will start randomly again until a first aid kit is used. https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/news-announcements/138574-alpha-19-dev-diary?p=1721755#post1721755
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