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  1. For me the most interesting gameplay would be to build a fully automatic zombie killing base and then on horde night I sit in front of the monitor armed with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show.
  2. @Vedui made a video on this topic about a year ago and came to the same results for the Blood Moon Horde.
  3. Your approach would only make sense to me if random values were disabled. If I sacrifice resources and my current weapon to craft something better, it should always be better and not depend on luck.
  4. I prefer the spiked club mod over the chain mod. But also important is the ergonomic grip mod. My favorite combo for a Q6 club is the ergonomic grip, a weighted head, a spiked club mod and the burning shaft mod.
  5. Yes it has an effect but not as much as in A17. In A17 maximum stamina and fullness were one and the same. If you had 60% fullness, you had 60% of your max stamina.
  6. If I want to use two attributes at the same time then I stop at level 7. With level 7 in the attribute you get up to level 4 in most skills. For some skills, level 7 is even enough to max out the skill.
  7. The bug also works in the other direction. HP ammo now behaves like regular ammo but deals more damage.
  8. From what I've read no major changes are being made to the AI. Only minor adjustments as long as they don't cost too much CPU power. What they do first and foremost is to create a game that fits their vision. This includes providing an easy way to modify the game. This is, more or less, how the AI was programmed until Alpha 16. That was very easy to exploit. By the way, the reason why the AI attacks the vault door is that doors are only rated with half of their HP by the AI. The zombie attacking doors instead of punching through the wall is a behavior int
  9. If a zombie doesn't see a path to you then it will attack the weakest blocks in the area and the trees are the weakest blocks in the area. For you it is obvious that the zombie should go for the rock because you are a human and have human intelligence but the zombie is controlled by an algorithm and this sometimes leads to irrational behavior. Developers cannot consider all situations. In games with a static map this is much easier because the designers can remove possible obstacles for the AI.
  10. It depends on how much stamina you use. If you travel a lot on foot or on a bike, or work in the mine with a pickaxe, or fight a lot in close combat, then you consume a lot of stamina, which is regenerated through food consumption. It is true that the food consumption is not realistic but neither is the growth rate of the plants. To be fair, food consumption has been worse. In A17 you had to be at max food all the time because you quickly fell below the limits where hunger had an effect on your stamina.
  11. It was probably a mod. In Vanilla there is neither copper nor zinc or tin as a resource.
  12. This doesn't always work. You can not wake up anything that is not yet spawned. For example, the zombies in the trap room in the apartment building only spawn when the player is very close.
  13. Is the connection between the cameras direct or is there a relay in between ? The connection between the cameras must be direct to pass through the signal.
  14. If you don't want to die, the best strategy is to run away. That is human survival in a nutshell.
  15. At least he says openly and honestly that he wants to kill you. Trader Jen is much more devious. She always acts so nice but then tells you that you can pick up mines with a wrench.
  16. I play the first two or three hordes almost exclusively in melee combat. All you need is a base that protects you while fighting the zombies. You also shouldn't make the mistake of spreading your skill points all over the skill tree. First comes the attack and defense and then everything else. As for the loot, I have always hated to find so many fully assembled guns early on. Players with guns tend to lose all fear and act stupid and reckless. For me this ruins the whole game.
  17. The reason for this is that you don't want to let the player run back through the whole POI when he has finished the dungeon. In most games you have a quick way back out of a dungeon like a door that can only be opened from the inside. That the whole world is destroyable leads to the problem that the exit can also be the entrance.
  18. The difference between A18 and A19 is that in A19 of the gamestage on higher difficulty settings does not increase as much and in multiplayer you also have a lower group gamestage. The composition of the horde is pretty much the same. If you want the old hordes back then you just have to change the value for difficultyBonus in the file gamestages.xml Currently it is set to 1.2. The values in A18 were: Scavenger 1.0 Adventurer 1.2 Nomad 1.5 Warrior 1.7 survivor 2.0 Insane 2.5 For multiplayer you only have to change the value diminis
  19. You only get scrap iron from cars. You get steel from some street lights and from vending machines.
  20. A 4x4 is essential. How else will you impress a woman in the apocalypse if not with a big car ?
  21. The perk is level 5 of Advanced Engineering. Level 10 intellect is a lot but with the forgetting elixr you could work around this problem. A quick respec to int to craft crucibles and then back to your normal build.
  22. There is no date yet. It always depends on how many bugs are found in the A19.3 Experimental. For A19.2 it took two weeks between the experimental and the stable version.
  23. It would be great if you could paint on the map. Players who play without loot respawn could mark which POIs they have already looted.
  24. I would only keep some debuffs. For example, I am fine with that a broken leg or arm is still broken after the near-death experience but something like a stage 3 infection or internal bleedings could cause a death loop. Food and drink should be capped so that you don't starve to death over and over again.
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