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  1. Yup, sometimes, like corn, potatoes, etc. Rather raise my own
  2. If we could punch a chicken once (which would be real hard in game) to catch it. Then make a "Farm plot chicken coop" We could plant the chicken in the coop and have it grow eggs in the same way crops work. Chicken would not need to be animated. Currently the only source of eggs is to find them. Gets tiring checking every birds nest when you already have tons of feathers.
  3. I normally run the game un-modded but nitro-gen looks interesting. I like the larger lakes and fewer big cities Looks to be a fairly complicated install, are there any sample maps I could try to see how they play before I try installing the whole Mod ? Be nice if it was integrated into 7days.
  4. I miss the lakes with meandering streams and I miss the old terrain. Specifically , I'm not real fussy about the big muddy hills we have now. Also I wish we didn't have to hunt the zombies to advance so much.
  5. I agree. Setting up in a more out of the way place used to be the smart move. Now you might as well setup in a city. You've got everything you need right there. I still setup in a rural area simply because it feels sensible. Heading to a zombie infested city with little to fear feels wrong to me. Maybe when Bandits arrive they can fill the cities with them.
  6. And this is your other son MiniMole , same thing - Lol Can't wait for A18
  7. Ha Ha, you were bored after 3 weeks and I'm still playing Lol. I spend more time in this game than any other by far PS - hoping we can get the lakes and rivers back into A18 in random gen. Had to switch back to Navezgame as I missed the visual effect of the water.
  8. I think color should affect accuracy and reliability but not damage done. A 9mm round fired from two of the same guns with different quality should do the same level of damage I would think. It's still a 9mm round.
  9. I would like to have an option to opt out of "special zombie" types.
  10. Any chance we could get AI (Non-interactable) survivors in game ? Simply use a pig AI =ie: just runs around unless attacked. Be nice for immersion to see other humans out in the world sometimes.
  11. Seaside

    TSBX Collection

    Thanks for the replies. Maybe I'll just wait and see if it gets fixed . Guess its not me then.
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