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  1. I would have thought (keyword, 'thought') that bandits were dealt with differently from sleepers. I'm not saying it's a bad idea in any way. I'm not sure if they will have the impact your comment suggests though. A wandering sleeper is just the same as a wandering outside (non sleeper) zombie isn't it? So it'll just be like the doors have been left open and they've come wandering into the house. While sleepers don't really offer much of a challenge, it's obviously fun dispatching them with one shot, a wanderer that is stuck in a loop (presumably until disturbed) isn't going to offer much more of a challenge either. Who knows, it might be one of those subtle changes that when added you'll wonder why it wasn't implemented before now.
  2. Don't see the need for wandering sleepers, tbh. They will only impact on performance while providing very little in return. IMO, anyway. If you don't have collision on, does that mean you can go into a house, build a set of new walls and have the zombies walking through them? Disabling the collision is sensible in terms of reducing the amount of processing they need to do but, on the flip side, to me it seems to be introducing more possible problems in regard to not much game play return (again, IMO). Obvs, I have absolutely no insight into how the logic is working so perhaps it's an easier and less impactful addition than I am imagining it might be.
  3. I'm really sorry to take so long in replying to you! To answer your question, it's not a ram problem as I have 16Gb in my machine. It's not the most powerful CPU it's not dreadful (it's a FX8320, coupled with an RX580 4Gb Nitro+). The problem, you are right, is an old one, but it's only just kicked in with the last couple of builds of experimental. Might get resolved once it goes to stable and perhaps(?) there is stricter memory management/garbage collection.
  4. So I am getting quite a few rendering issues. I raised a bug report but was told it was all down to my VRAM (which at 4Gb I feel should be enough, but that's a different discussion). One solution is to quit to the menu then reloading the game. What I'd like to know is if there is/are console command(s) that will achieve that without needing to drop to the menu. Ideally something like.. - clearallcachedchunks - redrawchunk - reloadgame I've had a look at the console command list on gamepedia: https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Command_Console and the only thing that stands out (to me) is repairchunkdensity but any attempt to use that just returns the error message "No chunk could be loaded.." Any way to do this? Just for reference the most common rendering issue is "random granite blocks" appearing in buildings. I have a video of that here: And as I say, dropping to the main menu then reloading the map resolves this. ** Edit: These rendering issues only started happening since b169 so perhaps something relating to rendering PoI's changed with that build ** Thanks in advance for any replies.
  5. - - - Updated - - - Does it bug you as much as needing a table saw for a set of stairs with a left handed railing, but not needing a table saw for a set of stairs with a right handed railing? If not, it f**king should, it annoys the ever loving crap out of me!
  6. 7DtD Wheel of Fortune I'm having a little trouble completing this, anyone got any ideas....
  7. Now I know they exist I most certainly will!
  8. Ok, so I have a resolution, of sorts. It seems that in the Starvation mod there are aggressive NPCs who wonder the destroyed biome taking out anyone they see. Sadly they seem to be one shot kill and with them blending into the biome so well (especially as my gfx settings are so low to help with FPS) it's effectively a dice roll - and a dice roll I almost always lose. Disappointingly my spawn point is pretty much surrounded by destroyed biome, just luck of the RNG draw I suppose, but it's penned me in pretty much completely and any attempt to cross the destroyed biome leads to my fairly quick death. Frustratingly these NPCs can spot you miles away and have a massive range on their weapon. Many times I don't see them or get told I'm hunted before I'm put down. As it is, I honestly don't know of a way to deal with them. Perhaps being fully geared might give me a chance but they are a world away from even the toughest zombies. Cops and dog hordes are a breeze to deal with in comparison. Ultimately I will need to restart my game, which is completely defeatist but I have lost absolutely tons of late game gear that I can't recover because those NPCs literally wipe me out within seconds of entering the destroyed biome. Annoying, but at least I know it's not a bug but by design. ♥♥♥♥ design choice, imo, you shouldn't have long distance one shot kill NPCs roaming about, but a design choice none the less. Perhaps this is the flaw of working with insane level AI in that in normal levels these NPCs can be dealt with fairly easily. TL;DR; The game/mod is as intended, it's just uber tough NPCs who wipe you out (one shot one kill) without warning and from long distance in the destroyed biome. It's not a bug but it is really poor mod design. Still, onwards and upwards, I'll just avoid the destroyed biome which is really only useful for getting easy iron.
  9. I appreciate the effort you've put in here, don't feel I don't, and I did see that comment, but that just isn't the case for me. I have 16Gb of mem and use a pretty decent 960GTX, add to that all the settings are already pretty low down to the game running like a dog on my 8320 (sadly A16 is no fan of multi-core AMD FX's). My texture size is already at half or quarter, with all the rendering turned down very low just to keep the FPS up. They say "most", which would suggest that this is a different issue. As I said in the other thread (which I might close now if this is the correct place for it), it's only Starvation that I have the issue with, or at least I've not encountered the issue on another other mod or vanilla in the 500+ hours I've put in (granted a decent chunk of that will be pre 16.4). ** Minor Edit: I've made these comments not to gripe or complain. Hell, the mod is free, what would I have to complain about? More that I was hoping this was an issue others had come up against and found a way around it.
  10. (TL;DR at the end) Forgive me for not going through all of this thread to find out the answer to this, but... ...are there invisible zombies/enemies in the Starvation mod? I'm an experienced 7DtD player (easily 500+ hours) and would like to think I've got a good handle on where the zombies are and what risk I am at from them. However twice now I've simply died as if I was hit by a zombie yet I've been near 100 health and it was one hit. This happened in the destroyed biome twice now - whether that is coincidence or evidence of an issue I am unsure - and at no time was I being chased or even sensed by anything. As it was the destroyed biome I thought maybe a landmine but there was no explosion, or perhaps a bird attack from above but no bird noises accompanied my death. I've just been going about my usual business, being careful as I have the AI at it's highest difficulty and suddenly the sound of an attack and I am one hit instakill. No zombies are shown on my screen although I will hear growling noises. I am more than happy to accept that the vast (VAST!) majority of my deaths are from my own hand, a few are down to glitches and lag and a few are just down to RNG bad luck with a horde spawning right on me. All of these I'm happy to take with a pinch of salt as I'm happy to learn my lesson and move on. However one hit instakills from invisible zombies is just a RNG nightmare. Unable to detect them until they hit you and no way to fight back once they do as it's a one hit kill situation. There may be a texture missing that somehow renders the zombies invisible or there could just be a massive bug in the game that given certain circumstances screws with the player/zombie interaction but I've only experienced this in the Starvation mod so far. TL;DR? Been killed twice now by what seems like invisible zombies, one hit kill as well, both times in destroyed biome but not birds, landmines of dogs as the noise is the zombie "growl" yet no zombie was visible before (or after) my death and I was neither hunted nor sensed. What gives? Does Starvation mod have invisible instakill zombies?
  11. ricp

    A16 Valmod Pack

    What is the current mod like in terms of frame rate? Standard 7DtD is a bit laggy for me, but playable. I recently tried Starvation and while it plays OK, it really struggles when there is some decent action. Is this OK, or just as laggy?
  12. Ok, so, before the black screen of 7DtD loading, I get about 20-30 seconds of hard drive use accompanied with this output.. https://i.imgur.com/vKpwOGS.png If this is the way it should be then cool, but it seems to repeat this copying process every time. Just wondering if that is normal.
  13. Quick question. In regard to the launcher, do I need to run it every time I want to run the mod, or can I use it once then just continue to use 7DtD normally? The reason I ask is the boot time is reaaaaally slow! I launch the Mod Loader, select my mod (I'm currently using the Starvation one), I click the Play Mod option at the top right and it starts copying files. This can take up to a minute or so (I'm on a standard HD) it then launches the game, which also takes about twice as long as the vanilla game does. In terms of options, I have "Refresh Mods Automatically" / "Disable UNET" / "Update Registry" .. these were set automatically barring the UNET one which most of the tutorials recommended turning off. Am I being an idiot here, is the launcher only to keep mods up to date, and every time I "Play Mod" from that app it copies the data it needs from the main 7DtD folder when it doesn't need to (as it was there the previous time the mod was run)? In fact other than using it as a front end for the mods, and it's certainly useful if perhaps needing a little front end graphical magic, it does what I need it to do so this is not a complaint, just a question. TL;DR? - Do I need to use the mod launcher every time I run a mod or can I run the mod (once download/updated by the mod launcher) just by launching 7DtD - perhaps with a command line to the mod data copied by the launcher. Thanks in advance.
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