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  1. Woke up from a nap and IT'S READY! Thank you, Fun Pimps!
  2. Shoot. False alarm. My bad. The option for "UNSTABLE BUILD" became available but it's not downloading yet
  3. Wanted to come be one of the first! ... anything to kill time until A19 drops lol
  4. What time did A18 drop last year? Anyone remember? I wanna say around 1 or 2 EST?
  5. Steam name: splitknuckler Hours played: 1,515 (PC) and 2000+ (console) Started on Alpha: 13 Discord name: side_kickz Native language: English Operating system : Windows 10
  6. I added the modlauncher to my steam games (as a non steam game) and still cannot use a controller. I also turned off the extended toolbelt... any other ideas?
  7. Anyone know why it won't allow me to use my controller? And yes, I have controller enabled in the menu
  8. I feel the same exact way. I can't praise khaine enough. I've played starvation, ravenhearst, gnamod, and wotw. This (to me) tops them all as far as fun, originality, and replayability. This is how 7dtd should be!
  9. I have to say, the Fun Pimps have a lot to live up to with the next alpha.... between darkness falls, ravenhearst and war of the walkers I could stay in THIS alpha for another year and be fine! Although I'm looking forward to the jeep, gyrocopter, etc, I bet with more time you guys could make better vehicles (you could prolly fix the pathing before them too lol)
  10. I'm going to join everyone in the jaw-dropping: WE'RE GETTING FREAKING LASER BEAMS?!? Can I have the laser beams attached to sharks' heads?
  11. FRIDAY OR SATURDAY?!? Like today/tomorrow?? Oh man. I've JUST set up an outpost to begin looting the hub! Guess I'll be crunching after work lol. And I might just join the discord and try to be tester. Hell, I play this mod 4 to 5 hours a day, everyday....hmmmmm
  12. I will gladly take the blame for this hahaha. I will also preemptively thank you for this!
  13. Oh I hope it's a 4 slot advanced forge lol EDIT: and YES the no fuel thing ROCKS! I've been grinding for advanced forges like a madman! And speaking of grinding, thank you so much for giving us ways to craft oil shale. It can be hard finding gravel patches in the desert...
  14. I realized after I posted this that the advanced forge might be lol. So I've spent all day working up to unlock it (I know I can go to creative menu and spawn it but it's more fun this way)
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