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  1. Woke up from a nap and IT'S READY! Thank you, Fun Pimps!
  2. Shoot. False alarm. My bad. The option for "UNSTABLE BUILD" became available but it's not downloading yet
  3. Wanted to come be one of the first! ... anything to kill time until A19 drops lol
  4. What time did A18 drop last year? Anyone remember? I wanna say around 1 or 2 EST?
  5. Steam name: splitknuckler Hours played: 1,515 (PC) and 2000+ (console) Started on Alpha: 13 Discord name: side_kickz Native language: English Operating system : Windows 10
  6. I added the modlauncher to my steam games (as a non steam game) and still cannot use a controller. I also turned off the extended toolbelt... any other ideas?
  7. Anyone know why it won't allow me to use my controller? And yes, I have controller enabled in the menu
  8. More canned foods with higher rate of food poisoning.
  9. I have also found 2 pairs in loot and one being sold by trader. Day 3 - - - Updated - - - The next releases will be 17.1, 17.2, etc. And the first two updates will likely come soon and pretty close together. At least that's what happened for 16.1 and 16.2
  10. Check gas stations & the small hardware stores
  11. You cannot power attack with stone tools. That button/function is the "repair" function.
  12. I LOVE the challenge this alpha has brought to us veterans. I feel for the new players, but if you all take it slow, don't get over-confident and respect the challenges, you'll be ok. Great job, fun pimps. Great job
  13. Know what would be cool? A shove feature. You walk into a room, there's 4 sleepers that get up. You try to exit and a zombie comes from behind and pins you in: insta-death basically. If you could shove that zed out of the way....
  14. You have to go to manage game, find beta and opt in for the experimental build. Steam will not update for this build automatically
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