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  1. From what I understand, this is due to spawn mechanics. For example, there's a room with a false floor in the T5 apartment building. In the room below there are zombies that only spawn when you fall into the room. In A17 you could kill the zombies from above because they were already spawned when you were still in the room above. Here you can see an example (start from 19:40): https://youtu.be/SyaDfYIimuU?t=1179 If you reduce the playback speed to 0.25 you can see the zombies spawning.
  2. That depends on which zombie is chasing you. Different zombies have different base speeds. A cop zombie you can outrun even at nightmare speed because he is rather slow. But a biker zombie is just as fast as you on sprint speed. And on nightmare speed the biker is even faster than you.
  3. Since you can also craft the first aid kits and not only find it, you would have to change the recipe to explain the effect on infections or dysentery. I think it is best if these conditions are treated separately. Besides, I'm not a fan of making all random. In A17, it was random if an antibiotic worked or not and I hated it.
  4. From what I have read, the first aid kits are becoming more important again in A19. It seems that in A19 you can only stop a bleeding completely with the first aid kits. The bandages only stop the bleeding temporarily but the bleeding will start randomly again until a first aid kit is used. https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/news-announcements/138574-alpha-19-dev-diary?p=1721755#post1721755
  5. Only if the blade trap is placed at least one block higher. The blade trap occupies an area of 3x3 and one block height. Yes, the dart trap shoots through the blades of the blade trap.
  6. The garage door is not set horizontal in the video. The garage door is opened and this pushes the zombies down. This can be achieved quite easily with a pressure plate. When a zombie walks over it, the garage door opens. JaWoodle used this concept in this video:
  7. The chances of finding something are tied to the container. The pillboxes in the Pop'n Pills have a significantly higher chance of medical loot compared to other containers. However, antibiotics are rare even in the pillboxes and with loot at 25% you need to be very lucky to find antibiotics. Even at a 100% you will only find a few antibiotics in a Pop'n Pills.
  8. Yeah, it's a coincidence. If the game would give you what you need it would give me a Q6 auger and a helmet with a headlight in the first container I loot.
  9. Players can share their quests with other players. This feature is available in Vanilla in the quest menu. If you share a quest with another player, the quest will appear in the quest menu of the other player. He has to accept the invitation then. Both players have to do the quest together and both get the reward. Since each player can take a different quest from the trader, you can complete several quests at once without having to return to the trader.
  10. This stagger effect is overestimated. Run some tests on a Q1 junk turret and a bunch of zombies. You will notice that the Junk Turret doesn't constantly switch between the zombies but keeps on firing at a single zombie until he falls over, is dead or is covered by another zombie. So you can't keep several zombies in check at once with the Junk Turret.
  11. This is no longer the case. I did a little test in A18.4. I spawned a zombie in a 2 block wide corridor and placed a junk turret behind me. As long as I was in front of the junk turret, the turret never fired. Only when I stepped aside did the turret fire. So it is not at all like that I can just stand in front of the junk turret and the turret shoots through the player and hits the zombie.
  12. You can do that but then you have to make the changes again with every update. A modlet is more permanent because it is not overwritten by an update.
  13. The cowboy's not gonna like this
  14. It works against animals and other players. By the way, it works not only against living animals but also against zombie animals (bear, dog and vulture).
  15. About Pack Mule. You can unlock the entire backpack without putting a single point in Pack Mule. You need the Triple Pockets Mod and the book for the Cargo Pocket Mod. Each Triple Pockets Mod unlocks 3 slots in the backpack and each Cargo Pocket Mod unlocks 2 slots. There are 3 pieces of clothing in which you can put the Cargo Pocket Mod. So you can unlock 6 slots in total. And there are 5 pieces of armor in which you can put Triple Pockets Mod. With this you can unlock 15 slots. So you can unlock 21 slots with pockets only.
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