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  1. I have to repair my main weapon 2-3 times per horde. That means i would either have 2 replacement weapons in my inventory and swap them when one is broken or i would have to have a workbench in my horde base and the horde would have to take a break while i go to the workbench. Unless you lose it, which can happen due to bugs. In A17 half of my base disappeared and so did everything that was in it including all my ammo, my weapons and my money. 😪 That's why I always have a replacement in a chest just in case.
  2. Without the parts you can't craft anything at all. Even if you already have the schematics. If your idea of degradation becomes a reality, then every piece of equipment would be so broken at some point that you would have to make a new one. But without parts that is not possible. Crafting would only allow me to make something higher quality out of several weapons or tools of low quality or from looted parts as long as parts can not be crafted. So you complain that you are no longer forced to loot. That is your opinion. My opinion is that at some point the player should be so far in self-sufficiency that he is free of it. What you might not have thought of is that there are players for whom looting is not the part of the game they enjoy most. Just because you enjoy looting doesn't mean that other players enjoy it as well. I enjoy mining, but I know that a lot of players do not enjoy it at all. So I would never demand that the game be changed in such a way that everyone is forced to do mining.
  3. You mean to force the player to keep looting. Encouraging would be to say: "What you have works well, but maybe there is something better out there". And by the way, it wouldn't matter if I invest points into crafting because I have to go looting anyway to get the parts.
  4. Yes that is planned. It is also mentioned in the A20 Dev Diary Thread on the first page (Point 8). And there will also be more primitive weapons (Point 9).
  5. The current loot system is only an intermediate step to what they actually want. During the developer stream where they talked about A20, they mentioned that there will be areas in A20 with a gamestage bonus. If you dare to go there you will have to deal with stronger zombies but you will get better loot. There will also be pipe weapons to make the loot in the early game more varied. And as for luck, there is still the toilet gun. It has not been removed from the game but it is very rare. So you need luck to find it. I prefer reliability over luck because luck is a fickle creature.
  6. This is pretty much maximum hardcore. I would probably die so often that I would get all the achievements for dying
  7. It is possible but you need to have a lot of experience with the game to know all the tricks and tactics that will allow you to survive. I don't know if you know Jonah Birch. He is a Twitch streamer and plays 7 Days to die at least once a week. His default settings are Insane difficulty and Nightmare speed. When he dies he starts a new game but this doesn't happen often. His favorite tactic in the early game is to use the bone knife. He utilizes the bleeding damage to kill zombies and to hunt because the bleeding damage is the same regardless of the difficulty.
  8. I assume they will integrate a mod loader when the game goes gold.
  9. Only the gamestage matters but it is calculated based on the days survived and your level.
  10. That would be similar to that what we had in A16 and before. Back then, you could combine items in the workbench to increase the quality.
  11. This would require additional coding because there, es far as I know, there is no such thing as pseudo-container in the game yet.
  12. In fact, this was part of the game at one point. I don't remember if they changed it in A16 or A17 but before that it could cost up to 5 repair kits to repair an high quality item. My favorite weapon for the early game is the stone sledgehammer anyway. It is so much more fun to smash zombies in the face than to shoot them. My solution is quite simple. I throw the parts in a chest and when the chest is full I sell most of them. I do not waste my time thinking about it. I prefer to plan and build the next horde base.
  13. Using parts for repair would be extremely annoying. I would have to carry 3 or 4 different types of parts to repair my equipment in the field. During the horde I use 3 different types of firearms. At least 2 of them I have to repair several times during the horde.
  14. Even if they wanted to, they can not make the generator part of the game. The Nitrogen Generator is written in Java and the game is written in C#. And the Combo Pack contains a lot of not optimized POIs from different designers under different licenses. This would be a legal nightmare and every single POI would have to be reworked.
  15. If you don't care about the death in the game everything is very easy. Even the strongest horde is then no longer a problem. Just undress and put your complete inventory in a chest, stand on the street and let the horde kill you. Horde done. I actually assumed that players, even if they are not playing dead is dead, don't want to die. I don't play dead is dead but I still don't take death lightly.
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