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  1. This would require additional coding because there, es far as I know, there is no such thing as pseudo-container in the game yet.
  2. In fact, this was part of the game at one point. I don't remember if they changed it in A16 or A17 but before that it could cost up to 5 repair kits to repair an high quality item. My favorite weapon for the early game is the stone sledgehammer anyway. It is so much more fun to smash zombies in the face than to shoot them. My solution is quite simple. I throw the parts in a chest and when the chest is full I sell most of them. I do not waste my time thinking about it. I prefer to plan and build the next horde base.
  3. Using parts for repair would be extremely annoying. I would have to carry 3 or 4 different types of parts to repair my equipment in the field. During the horde I use 3 different types of firearms. At least 2 of them I have to repair several times during the horde.
  4. Even if they wanted to, they can not make the generator part of the game. The Nitrogen Generator is written in Java and the game is written in C#. And the Combo Pack contains a lot of not optimized POIs from different designers under different licenses. This would be a legal nightmare and every single POI would have to be reworked.
  5. If you don't care about the death in the game everything is very easy. Even the strongest horde is then no longer a problem. Just undress and put your complete inventory in a chest, stand on the street and let the horde kill you. Horde done. I actually assumed that players, even if they are not playing dead is dead, don't want to die. I don't play dead is dead but I still don't take death lightly.
  6. The loot system is not yet in its final form. For A20 it is planned that there will be POIs with better loot but they are more difficult. Then you can get your gun on day 1 but you have to take a risk.
  7. My tests showed me that the auger only adds 1% heat when you click the mouse button. I am mining with the auger and keep the mouse button pressed. Still I get a lot of screamers when I mine iron or lead. Some players seem to be creating long mine shafts. I don't do that. I follow the veins and expose a large area. Then I mine the resources layer by layer. I did some tests and when you hit a iron or lead block it generates 0.2% heat per hit. When the block breaks it generates 2.84% heat. A stone, coal or nitrate block only generates 0.5% heat when it breaks and no heat is generated when you hit it. Depending on your miner69 skill and the quality of the auger you get 6-12% heat per block in total. When I mine stone, coal or nitrate I get never a screamer but when I mine lead or iron I get a screamer every 2-3 minutes. I assume this is either a bug or lack of balancing. Otherwise I can't explain why the differences between mining different resources are so big.
  8. The bugged world was an old one I created in A19 EXP and upgraded to A19 stable and then A19.1 I have to create one with Nitrogen and test it there.
  9. I am curious. Please switch to debug mode with dm and press F8 twice to see the heat. I had a world that was bugged and where no heat could be generated. The heat was always at 0% and the event counter was always 0. But in a new world the heat increased as expected.
  10. I can also simply go 30-35 blocks below the surface if I don't want to have any more screamers. But I think this is a bug because the heat rises much slower when you mine coal, nitrate, oil shale and stone.
  11. A little will not be sufficient. I've done some testing and mining a single block of iron ore can increase the heat by 6 to 12% depending on how many points you have in miner69 and how good the auger is. Break 10 to 15 iron ore blocks in one chunk and it is screamer time.
  12. I have tried this in a test world. It is per hit and the breaking of the block generates additional heat. A click on the mouse button to start the auger generates 1% heat. A hit on the metal generates 0.2% heat and the breaking of the metal block generates 2.84% heat. For comparison, a block of coal ore produces only 0.5% heat when it breaks and there is no heat per hit. By the way I had to create a new test world because my old test world was bugged and no heat was generated at all.
  13. As far as I know crouching does not affect the heat generation from actions. But there is a difference between the different types of resources. Heat rises much faster when you mine iron or lead. If you mine for example nitrate or coal you barely see a screamer.
  14. Because not everyone plays in the same way. For example, someone who has 10 forges running will see a lot more screamers than someone who has only one or two forges running. And someone who spends a whole day in an iron mine will of course see more screamers than someone who does not spend more than 5 minutes in the mine.
  15. AFAIK, this is exactly the plan for A20. POIs get gamestage bonuses. Good luck trying to raid the shotgun factory in the first week in A20 when it gets a gamestage bonus of e.g. +100.
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