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  1. I miss learning by doing and more complex crafting processes with intermediate steps. I experienced both in the Undead Legacy mod and it was a lot of fun. But what I've noticed more and more lately is that there don't seem to be any really big ore deposits anymore. I used to have huge mines that never ended. Now I have to keep opening new mines because I'm running out of ore. And building big in general is not that easy anymore. On the one hand, I have FPS drops despite better hardware, and the spawn radius of the zombies in the horde night is significantly smaller than it was back in A16.
  2. You can use trigger plates or additional motion sensors as relays. They not only pass through the power but also the signal to open the door.
  3. Honestly, I would have liked to see a toilet seat on the minibike. It would have been wonderfully silly and I'm always up for that.
  4. More or less. When one eye is covered or closed, the field of view is limited and you can't estimate distances as well because stereoscopic vision is missing. It would definitely be annoying. You can get used to it but it would certainly not be fun.
  5. Honestly, I would mod something like that right out of the game. For me, the blurred vision is bad enough when you bleed, and that effect only lasts a few seconds. Going a whole day with only one eye would be unbearable.
  6. I don't think it's just veterans. If you're coming from another game where you can collect water with a flask, for example, you're going to wonder why the developers of this game didn't implement that.
  7. It is a new game the fun pimps are working on. You can subscribe to a newsletter on the homepage: https://7daysbloodmoons.com/
  8. My biggest gripe with these POI hordes is that they don't exist until you activate the trigger point. For example, you walk across the roof of the big prison with the helipad and there are no zombies. But when you go through a certain door, suddenly there are zombies everywhere. So if you don't go the right way, you might miss a trigger. For a clear quest, this is sometimes quite annoying.
  9. Will this run natively on SteamOS (Linux) or will it run on Proton?
  10. CautiousPancake is working on a mod with new quest types. Among others, "Defend the safe house".
  11. Yeah that would be the big drawback. In the late game when you want to increase the traderstage you spam quests because you already have the equipment, the skills and a fast vehicle. Rewards don't matter at that point.
  12. You only need 7 quests to reach the next level. It is kind of a point system. A T1 is worth 1 point, T2 is worth 2 points, and so on. So you could actually only do T1 quests and still get to T6. But that would require you to do 231 T1 quests, if my math is correct.
  13. A single player game of 7 Days to Die is basically a local server with only one user. In the General tab, you can set the server visibility to "Not Listed", set a password, and reduce the number of players to 1. Then no one else can connect to the server.
  14. XP and loot alone are not enough incentive to spend time and ammo. The loot in T5 POIs is not much different from T1 POIs. You get a slight loot bonus, but if I compare a T5 POI in the Pine Forest to a T1 POI in the Wasteland, for example, the T1 POI will give me better loot, and in the same time it takes me to clear a T5 POI, I could clear several T1 POIs. And there are more effective ways to get a lot of XP than spending a bunch of ammo killing zombies. You can also look at it in-character. The quest is a job. Why should I take a job that doesn't pay? Before there were quests, I hardly ever looted. I find looting very boring. That's why I like quests. I drive or walk to where the trader sends me and do my job. It also allows me to explore the map without driving around for no reason. That would certainly be an interesting mechanic.
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