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  1. Wouldn't this just rush players to kill as many zombies as possible as quickly as possible? Two sides, same coin.
  2. *Looks at 3 Dishong Towers. 12 seconds later...*
  3. Then place particle board frames first, get the layout of your base in place, and replace them with the solid blocks.
  4. Alternatively, you could build out of the tougher shape menu blocks themselves (cobble, concrete, steel, etc.) and you won't get a single pinch of XP.
  5. Weaklings may eat corn, chads may swear by potatoes, but kings live off of meat stews.
  6. Mining metal, which includes iron and lead, generates significantly more heat than mining stone related blocks, such as stone, nitrate, coal, or oil shale. Just an fyi. Also, in case you don't know this trick, crouch while mining. You generate 50% less heat that way.
  7. Currently the mutated zombie feels... slightly weak? To help rectify this I offer these two suggestions: 1. Buff its health a bit, perhaps similar to a feral cop, for instance. 2. Perhaps it should explode upon dying, dealing massive entity damage. Just one player's feedback.
  8. Have any of you ever played for 10 hours straight, to the point where you were too exhausted to continue and had to log off to retain your sanity? Oh look, a Mo Power Electronics Store is across the street. Maybe just one sneak peak inside...
  9. Agreed 100%. Plus you're not limited to these settings, with some small XML tweaking you can add in custom daylengths. I'm currently playing on 75 minute days and I find it to be the healthy middle ground I've been looking for between the non-stop chaos of 60 minute days while also offering the opportunity for the player to smell the roses every once in a while like in 90 minute days, with the latter I've been playing for almost 5k hours but have since dropped permanently.
  10. I severely disagree with this. I convert POI's to horde bases all the time, sometimes multiple ones, and doing so would be infeasible for me if every 30 days all of my hard work and effort vanished right before my very eyes.
  11. Like this wasn't obvious already. Lol. Traders have been overpowered for a long time. I get it, they objectively make progression faster/easier just because of their existence and people utilizing them, but imo their goods should only be slightly above the player's current lootstage. +20 or so, give or take.
  12. Here we go again. I wonder when the next LBD thread will pop up. (In all seriousness, for all of the reasons stated above. Plus, just my personal take, anyone who wants violence against children in video games, even zombie children, seriously needs to have their head checked, I'm just saying.)
  13. Alyeska wishes you a very Happy Mousemas. It's her first one. 🐭 Merry Christmas to all of the devs and everyone on these forums!
  14. The concept of 1 quest per day at the trader would be a fantastic change in my opinion and it should have honestly been done when quests were first introduced in A17, but better late than never. It makes absolutely no sense that a trader would offer you multiple quests to complete on a daily basis. Realism aside, this would also be great for balancing, especially early game when there is limited items to sell. If there's a coveted item that you really want, either give up hope, or explore to find a new town and take a quest from another trader to earn those dukes. This would also greatly encourage players to go deep into Better Barter & Daring Adventurer. I know the goal of this isn't to crush "evil spam questing" lol. But honestly, I'm not a fan of spam questers - I've only been doing 1, max 2 quests from a trader per day for a couple playthroughs now, and I find it to be a better experience overall. Also, acquiring a bicycle is far too easy right now. I'm hearing people getting that reward from the trader on the morning of day 2, which is ridiculous. This cancels out the gameplay path of crafting one yourself because, why would you? @Roland For people who are against this change, I propose a compromise of sorts. Perhaps an additional bonus to the Daring Adventurer perk would be the ability to take two jobs from the same trader per day? It could be locked behind rank 2 or even rank 3 out of 4. Alternatively, perhaps the player could accept multiple quests per day from a trader, but just one per tier.
  15. *Your character collapses from extreme drowsiness. You sleep for 5 days* *Your character has a fever. You must remain on your bedroll for 3 days otherwise the effects will worsen*
  16. Pretty sure it's 25 vs 30 or 35. Dire wolves definitely give less than bears (50).
  17. Nevermind, figured out the XML editing on my own. Still, it would be nice to have an air drop range alongside the air drop frequency option... *Hint hint*
  18. Just curious, is there a way to edit the XML files to add more options to blood moon range? I was slightly disappointed that it skipped from 7 right to 10...
  19. I can confirm. One of my spawn points in A20 has been 3 meters away from the wasteland, and I got mauled by two zombie dogs within a few moments of spawning in. Haha
  20. I'm about to start a new playthrough without traders... I'm curious how it will go...
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