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  1. The highlight of the stream, everybody.
  2. Can we get a questline in A20 to assassinate Trader Rekt? It wouldn't have to be anything special, it could even be called exactly that. 😜
  3. Will hatches and doors still downgrade in A20? Has the max health of vault hatches and doors been reworked to more closely match blocks upgraded to steel, or are they staying the same? Has glass been redone in A20? The vast majority of glass types and shapes in A19 are completely transparent to the point you wouldn't even know they're there.
  4. Don't forget plate blocks when stacked horizontally.
  5. As well as a large investment into the Healing Factor perk.
  6. So with the default shape for the particle board now being a solid block, does this mean no more frames? (Or nerd poling in general?)
  7. Please, I don't need a bandit headshotting me with a sniper rifle from 90 meters away. 😛
  8. Surprised we didn't see 8008 anywhere.
  9. They just wanted to be triple sure they got their message across.
  10. The following is just a joke. If you can't see it as such, calm your farm. 😛 Dev stream highlights: - TFP have removed zombies from the game. The primary audience will now be E for Everyone. - TFP have removed all POI's from the game. Their goal is to have 7D2D running on Windows XP and Windows Vista computers, and they are now the primary targeted demographic. - Jumping has been removed. This was a very confusing mechanic that might frustrate new players. - Sprinting has been removed, same reasons as above. - The ability for the player to move around has been removed, same reasons as above. - The default mode is God Mode, which cannot be turned off. This will ensure that players will never die, which was a major complaint from all demographics. - The skill system has been reworked; it was too complicated before. The only skill left is called "Skill" and it does nothing. - Guns have been removed. - RWG and Navezgane have been removed. The replacement is a world called "Gray" which is just a giant concrete slab. This will simplify gameplay even further to minimize chance of bad reviews. - If you ever back out of the game, your local law enforcement will be notified and a patty wagon will be on its way. As of A20 it will be considered a federal crime to quit 7D2D.
  11. My thoughts exactly on top of what I had said before.
  12. If you are really that concerned, then lay out that entire build out with particle board and then replace each block one by one with a full version of a higher upgrade type once you're finished, or just upgrade the particle board to match, or build with solid blocks from the start. Yeah, rebar, one of our favorite toys to work with, is gone, but I'm sure the new system will curb stomp the old one. At the very least, it'll make it far less confusing for new players, which I assume is the primary goal here. Think of it this way: new player builds with wood and dies on the horde night, rage quits, leaves a bad review on Steam. Hence, wood has been buffed. Another player builds with cobble but is unsure how to work with rebar, wet concrete, and is confused about regular and reinforced concrete. Hence, simplification is absolutely needed there. The less head scratching there is for newer players, the less frustrating moments that occur, the better business does overall. Now I obviously don't speak for TFP here and I'm not a marketing expert, but given what they've said so far, and they know what they are doing far more so than any of us, this is the "strategy" that is at play, and will continue to be at play with further improvements like the streamlined armor system in A21.
  13. This is an injustice! I want my 36 cobble per pallet!
  14. I see, thank you. I'm curious if concrete mix will become more expensive as a result of only costing half of it what it does now to upgrade a block to concrete. Do you know if zombies still have that damage multiplier against wood in A20? I believe that's a thing in current versions of the game.
  15. There better be some very noticeable differences between them if that's going to be the case.
  16. I'm not entirely sure how the particle board blocks will work but if we will be able to upgrade straight to steel instead of going through the upgrade chain, then how would the game decide what material to use? In this scenario I see a radial menu for the stone axe / claw hammer / nail gun being necessary. That is unless you are "forced" to go through all of the upgrade stages in order and we'll just be able to craft the solid versions of each material type. (Ex. Steel blocks.) If this is the case, I'm curious if we'll get XP for placing them, and if so, how much.
  17. No I meant to choose between upgrading wood, or cobblestone, or concrete mix, or steel. Iron as well, if the iron shapes are staying in.
  18. In A20 will the nail gun get a radial menu so we can select what material to upgrade with? (Similarly to how we change ammo types in weapons.)
  19. Lathan is a confirmed extraterrestrial. You heard it here folks.
  20. The death apartment building... Is it a T5 or have I been seeing things this entire time? Everyone is now claiming it's always been a T4 POI (that we don't have a T5 apartment building at all), and this was further emphasized when TFP showed off that POI on the most recent stream and claimed it had been upgraded from T4 to a T5 place.
  21. "If the player's forum username is called "Blake_", delete all bird nests from initial spawn radius in 7D2D worlds" - XML files
  22. Depends if TFP considers them "primitive enough" or not. *shrugs* I just find it odd that the stone spear was added to the basic crafting menu while the stone sledge (perhaps the bone knife as well) was not.
  23. Also, another small suggestion/request, could the stone sledgehammer and the bone knife (maybe the stone shovel while we're at it) be moved to the basic crafting menu alongside the wooden club, primitive bow, and stone spear? It feels odd that the former three are a little more tucked away. Edit: Forgot about the knuckle wraps.
  24. @Roland (or someone else who is affiliated with TFP in some, way, shape, or form, or a member of TFP staff themselves), The amount of comments and subreddit threads I've seen where people are unaware of the open/closed book symbols for read/unread schematics is truly astonishing, and if you ask me, honestly not surprising. I can guarantee you that if hundreds of content creators each made a "10 things you didn't know about 7D2D" video and this small detail was their #1 pick, their video would be flooded with individuals who would be shocked to learn that this is a feature; I've seen it happen. I genuinely believe it's not a case of people being idiots or unobservant, as some might claim - this is genuinely just such a small detail that can easily be overlooked. I would suggest that an improved visual indicator for if you've read/not read a book/schematic to be implemented. Either they should be colorized accordingly (closed book = green, read book = red), or these icons should be replaced with a good old fashioned checkmark and cross.
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