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  1. Any idea on how it will adapt to obstacles, such as being trapped in a separate room from the player? Teleportation or wall clipping for example?
  2. Will a counter to the "hatch base" be finalized in Alpha 20? Much like pole walls of old, this newer concept has taken the 7D2D community by storm; basically everyone is using them to create melee only horde bases. (This is not to mention that triple upgraded vault hatches have almost double the max HP of steel blocks. Fun fact for you there.) TFP's vision for how the player should deal with the horde is pretty clear, and one that I agree with. The player should be expending bullets and the occasional explosive or molotov on horde night, not swinging a sledgehammer or a club all night. I hope
  3. It seems we are playing sister worlds with sister bases. Fascinating, quite fascinating. While I am open to the idea of at least some variety, it would be unfortunate if the gamestage increase of some biomes was great enough that it discouraged the player from looting in the forest biome almost entirely. (Ex. Why loot in the forest biome to find quality level 1 AK's and the like where as if you loot in the wasteland you can get quality level 4 or 5 equivalent weapons.) Hopefully the new dangers of the wasteland can really create an in-depth risk and reward system.
  4. It's not so much of a challenge, just more along the lines of "original balance". 😛
  5. Weak. I'm currently on day 23 on Insane/Nightmare (permadeath). Almost died on day 22 though to two rad soldiers and a rad biker at the end of a T4 POI. Just taking a jab, nothing harsh meant by it. I wish you luck on your Insane/Nightmare adventure!
  6. I'm currently engaged in a playthrough where I am initiating zero contact with traders. It's quite liberating. If you're still playing the game, I suggest you give it a try at some point. I have little issue with traders, both in Alpha 19, as it's been pointed out numerous times already by other individuals including Madmole himself, they are terribly unbalanced when it comes to loot progression, but in their stock and quest rewards. As it stands they are just overpowered vending machines that are one step away from the creative mode, essentially giving the player "free" handouts e
  7. I'm pretty sure the actual saying is, "Eating a sandwich only makes it tastier."
  8. Another easy solution is to take a knife to the face and blind your character's eyes. 😛
  9. One option to hide wiring however, if your base design allows it, is to run the wires through the floor and have arrow slits placed down that form the floor, allowing you to access relays, lights, etc. down through them with ease.
  10. Whut u gunna due abowt it? Wee all masturs of Aenglish hear.
  11. Sup Madmole? What you gonna do about it, Roland?
  12. Alright, at least we could meet at this juncture. I do find it a bit odd that settling in the middle of nowhere presents the same threat level to the player as settling in the middle of a city or a large town. So you do admit you're hiding something.
  13. If you're talking about POI's like the Ostrich Hotel and the no-name hotel, those have loot rooms now, although not as impress as even bog standard houses. I'd imagine both POI's will be reimagined sometime in the future. If you mean the broken down buildings, no, those are staying.
  14. Would be great if we could create a world with just one biome.
  15. I'm most curious if RWG in A20 will have random biome sizes and placements or if there will be a set of predetermined templates that could come in a maximum of four orientations. 🤔
  16. Any word on town sizes in A20 RWG? The largest cities (i.e. 100 POI's or larger) should be removed entirely. From my perspective it's poor game design to allow the player to settle in one location literally forever, especially if they have two or more of these cities generated in the local area like in A19/A18. The player should be forced to be a nomad until the end-game, travelling from location to location, bringing resources with them and harvesting more if needed, building a temporary base that can hold down the horde, and when they exhaust the region of resources the move on to a new loca
  17. Don't quote me on this, but from what I've seen and been told the burnt biome is getting the axe in A20; either that, or it will be combined with the wasteland.
  18. Nahh thanks, too unrealistic. Demon boars on the other hand, sign me up.
  19. Just be sure to provide that as feedback to Bethesda for their next Fallout game.
  20. I would honestly stop using traders if I could, but the temptation of checking their inventories, and the thought of tossing away weapon after weapon, tool after tool, only because I didn't need them for anything other than coin... I could never stomach it. On the other hand though, after finishing my Fortitude world on day 76 I've restarted about a dozen times since, never making it past day 2 or 3 for whatever reason. Can't put a finger on it though...
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