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  1. Pretty sure TFP said at some point that the hat mods will be removed for various reasons including eliminating moments of confusion that take place in PVP. ("Is that player wearing a steel helmet or a cowboy hat?")
  2. Nah thanks. What if you accidentally scrap that level 5 iron pickaxe you just found instead of equipping it? What if you scrap those radiators by accident? Or those first aid bandages? It would be a frustrating nightmare that would inevitably come to bite you from behind sometime or another. Perhaps the standard should be 5 seconds.
  3. So in other words I'm beating a zombie horse now. Seems rather fitting. I don't believe it's 100% confirmed that smelting will be gone in A20. It might be, it might not be. That's a plausible solution, but I'm a min maxer. I'm not asking for much; just for brass radiator stacks to be increased to a healthier amount. 🤷‍♂️ It honestly wouldn't take much and wouldn't affect much in terms of balance as far as I'm concerned.
  4. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but I'm going to add one final point to the "brass predicament". What is one the most inconvenient tasks in 7D2D? That would be babysitting brass as it smelts into your forge. At least with candlesticks, trophies, and doorknobs they stack up to, what is it? 500? Brass radiators are the main culprit here. Having to place 10 in at a time (max stack size is 5) and wait for 10 minutes before you can deposit more into the input slots is a far less elegant method than any other smeltable item in the game. I'm no game developer, but I don't see how increasing the
  5. So you play with GodMode enabled. Gotcha.
  6. Excellent work Faatal! I can't wait to get my hands on this feature whenever A20 EXP hits. I personally edit my forest biome XML's to add wights, cops, and soldiers to nighttime spawning, so this shall prove to be... interesting.
  7. In Italy GDR means "gioco di ruolo", which would be an RPG or role play game in English It could also mean "global depository receipt"
  8. Then go back to previous alphas if that makes you happy. Have fun living in the past.
  9. There is a command for setting the day. However since you have not progressed through all the days before it the Days Alive gamestage bonus will not be taken into account.
  10. The vast majority of perks don't increase your survivability with zombie encounters. If you max out Pain Tolerance, Healing Factor, Heavy/Light Armor, Sex Rex, and your weapon(s) of choice, you can very accurately replicate the level of power Glock was able to achieve. Other than light armor, all of those perks exist in only two attributes so while it is expensive, it's certainly doable.
  11. In my opinion there should also still be a few oh %#$@ moments that pop up every once in a while, but nothing too extreme. You're not going to find a level 6 M60 on day 1, no sirree. But rather perhaps small but ultimately insignificant jumps such as rarely finding a level 1 iron pickaxe on day 1. Now you can smash open doors faster, but it drains more stamina. Sure it might take less hits to harvest stone, but the stamina problem comes into play once again. Unless you loot a Pass-N-Gas and find a stack of repair kits on day 1, you probably won't be able to afford repairing that pick anyway. A
  12. You forget that as you level up your character you become an almost unstoppable Terminator-esque action hero at some point. Watch Glock9's Maxed Out series and come back to me when you're done.
  13. Soil, clay, they're one in the same now.
  14. That could work. I'm obviously not developing the game so whatever I say has no inherent value, but how would you respond to the idea that ALL of the wasteland biome is radiated, just to varying amounts. The larger cities and the craters that exist in between settlements contain the greatest concentration of radiation and in order for the player to enter those zones they would need a hazmat suit and/or they would need to chug some drugs that could only rarely be found in loot that protect them for a limited amount of time; whether the hazmat suit would degrade or not if for a separate discussi
  15. I get what you're saying. I just think that radiation should always be a problem in the wasteland.
  16. Good to know. Regardless, I personally think it would be a poor design choice to continue to grant players the option to survive in the wasteland biome long-term. Instead loot raids should be limited to snatch and grabs; spend a couple real life hours in that harsh environment before having to return to a safer biome, even if the player wasn't sheltering in a heavily radiated zone. Perhaps a new stat could be designed around this: immunity level.
  17. It's long been known that the burnt biome is, to a certain extent, being merged as a part of the wasteland in A20. As a result, will clay patches now be present within the wasteland biome? Also, will the radiated zones encompass the entire biome, or just towns, or perhaps instead random splotches across the map? Will it be possible for the player to survive in the wasteland, or will the tactic from now on always be to get in and get out as soon as possible?
  18. I can also raise my hand to this. You should have been there, it happened just last week as a matter of fact. That cowardly son of a beach was trying to run away from me! So I just yanked its tail and pulled it right back as I waved my finger and said, "Nah nah nah, you started this fight, and we're going to finish it."
  19. Or just install a modlet that removes the starting quests but gives you the 4 initial skill points. (Can confirm this modlet exists.) That way you don't have to go through the cookie cutter tutorial missions, which are pretty much useless for an experienced player. I take the free skill points only to get out of the stone tool age at a faster pace.
  20. I share no doubt that traders play an intrinsic part of survival, but even with that being said they are under no condition a necessary asset. In my brief time playing Alpha 19 I barred myself off of traders completely, and not only did I survive without them, I thrived. Sure there were a few roadblocks here and there- not getting a bicycle until day 28 was one of them (we're talking 90 minute days here -but for the most part the feeling of accomplishment of emptying a town remained intact, the sense of discovery never diminished. (I've always found it more rewarding to blinding loot POI's and
  21. One thing's for certain, Snowdog won't participate in that. It would mean he would develop fat hairy feet and for some reason I honestly believe he would become less of a lady's man as a result. 😜
  22. Traders already have specialized inventories, to a degree. Will they be getting the same treatment for their quest rewards? (Ex. Trader Jen would have a higher chance to award the player with meds.)
  23. I'm going to be honest, this is probably a smart move. New content is great and all, but this game needs to be optimized for lower end and midrange PC's... badly.
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