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Mechanical Traps (Bear trap, spike trap, fire trap, etc...)


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Mechanical Traps

Adds some non-electrical traps and explosives (VERSION 4 A18)


Hey everyone !

This mod adds 4 mechanical traps and 3 explosive traps to the game.

it includes Bear Trap, Fire Trap, Pierce Trap, Acid Trap and the classic Spike Trap.

Version 3 adds Proximity Mine, Claymore and remote-controlled C4.



Here's a quick video showing these in action (except the newest acid trap):

Update version 3: video showing version 2 and 3 traps:

You can craft them in the Workbench using basic resources.


You can also pick up every traps as long as you repaired them with the hammer before.


This is still a work-in-progress and some of the traps (like the piercing one) can be buggy.


Special thanks to: Haird'Gna and Mdf25 for great tips

Download Link (A18): Click Here !

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Did a quick update:

-Added Acid Trap : you need to dig a hole first then place the trap in it. deals a lot of damage but doesn't last very long and zombies won't fall if the trap is opened. you can repair with acid using the hammer.

-Fixed most traps not being repairable and having 5 HP

-Removed useless xpath that gave a warning

-Changed some recipes



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it's normal Wolves you can repair them with the hammer and some resources.


(molotov for fire trap, forged iron for most other traps, only iron for bear trap)


once repaired you can also pick them up to place them somewhere else.


bear trap does gets destroyed if you don't kill the zombie stuck inside yourself, so just kill it and repair/pick up the trap.


i'll add it to the traps descriptions in the next update

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Sure i'd be glad your mod looks quite nice !


be sure to make any balance required (and if you need help for that just PM me cause the XMLs are hard to figure out)


Also this mod and my two others mods are now available on Mod Launcher under modlets !

( https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?121240-Sittable-furnitures

https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?123289-Rideable-Furnitures-(Skateboard-Scooter-etc-) )


I'm OignonChaud on guppy's discord if you're in there

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Just had a dig in the XMLs - I have a suggestion for a compatibility issue the items.xml could cause with other mods :)


In your claw hammer entry you delete the entire Action1 class and re-add it again with 2 new attributes for repairing. But, if another mod also adds their attributes you may end up overwriting them if your mod loads after another one.


So, instead, swap the whole XML in the file for this:


<append xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolClawHammer']/property[@class='Action1']/property[@name='Allowed_upgrade_items']/@value">,resourceAcid,thrownAmmoMolotovCocktail</append>


You could also make it accessible for all other upgrade tools as well, like the wrench, stone axe and nailgun. I can see issues where players might not know why their nailgun can't repair traps :)


<!-- Allow all construction  tools to upgrade the traps -->
<append xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolStoneAxe' or @name='meleeToolClawHammer' or @name='meleeToolWrench' or @name='gunToolNailgun']/property[@class='Action1']/property[@name='Allowed_upgrade_items']/@value">,resourceAcid,thrownAmmoMolotovCocktail</append>

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this is a much proper way of putting it thanks i'm setting this up for every tools


You're welcome :D Glad to help :)


This mod is now incorporated into Dead Rising :D I will be testing and releasing shortly but here's what I did:

- All recipes set to tags='learnable' so they can be unlocked rather than known right away

- Added schematic for all 5 traps to unlock the recipes.


Once I've tested that I'll put it live and announce in new version 1.1.0 :D

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If you feel like any modlets could benefit the pack, let me know :D Feel free to add and remove mods as you see fit from the pack, could be interesting to see what happens. Could be the 'Dead Rising: Gup Edition' modpack :D


Just tested in DR1.1 and it seems great so far - they will be live in the pack for everyone in about... 1 minute :D

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