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  1. Main link updated thanks to Eihwaz who: -fixed missing description on Carousel -fixed some recipes -added German translation ! the mod is now translated in French, English, German and Japanese.
  2. Very nice I can't wait to see this.
  3. nope it's done in xml but it's gonna be harder than this and yes, the traps works on any entities
  4. hey i'm glad you guys liked it. not sure for the darkness falls compatibility but it should work. I'll try to make traps that last longer and a different/smaller C4 is a really nice idea too !
  5. Better late than never, I updated this mod to A18. Had to rework every traps because the game changed the block class I used before and it didn't work anymore. -Fixed spike,bear,pierce,and fire traps not triggering after being repaired -Fixed hitboxes on most trap -Fixed C4 not exploding sometimes (still happen but it's much better, in case of emergency just shoot a bullet on the C4) -Added HD Icons for every items -Increased cost of repairs for most traps
  6. Did a quick update ! -Added a new bed frame and a new bed -Renamed bed structure to .. bed frame -Added golden toilet -Fixed bed upgrades not working [ATTACH=CONFIG]31355[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]31356[/ATTACH]
  7. There seem to be a problem with the bed structure block i'll check it out later
  8. Disappearing ? now that's curious gonna look into it but I've never had this reported they are simple blocks you're talking about the bed structure right?
  9. Sorry Nuvar forgot to fix this. Pushed a quick update for fixes. -Fixed item not showing in the table saw: they will now show under decor/miscellaneous -Fixed toilet dysentery cure not working since A18, now working like goldenrod tea
  10. yes it's working fine on 18.1
  11. I'm perfectly fine with it enjoy the mod
  12. Hey, I've been trying to use block particles like stated in the A18 patch notes "Allow blocks to have particle effects from custom bundles" but they don't show up in game. I added this to the block xml <property name="ParticleName" value="#@modfolder:Resources/mod.unity3d?particle"/> maybe this isn't working yet? Edit: Nvm fixed it with the "Particle" block class, pretty sad it's limited to one class though.
  13. something might have changed with translation recently. I'm gonna talk to chiko who translated the Japanese version to see if she knows anything about it.
  14. Ok really sorry to hear about your problems jersey and Jax. I was very busy working on my new mods and forgot to check the thread here. Made a quickfix which fixed the error and disabled the rocking chair movement until I find a fix. Since this mod is using a tons of unity components and random stuff it's hard to track down every bugs haven't found anything else so far.
  15. Hixxydubz if you get this error you are probably using A18. this mod is for 17.3 so far most of my traps are glitched out on A18 . and the "buffstatuscheck" has been renamed to "buffstatuscheck01" too and but it's a leftover code and shouldn't matter at all. also the icons needs to be updated for A18 too.
  16. Quick update ! -Added Western Rocking Chair -Updated localization to include every buff and objects -Updated HD Icons to be brighter and clearer
  17. Sadly haven't got this mod to work properly with A18 yet but i'll release it with fewer traps if I have to. been working on this in the meantime
  18. Nice! I'm trying that soon and i'll let you know if anything goes wrong. does it include loading screens?
  19. My bad, mistyped a folder name. main link is fixed now let me know if anything goes wrong.
  20. Hey! I updated this mod for A18 ! -automatic Localization import included -new HD Icons -fixed some errors being thrown the Mod is also available on the mod launcher under Modlets.
  21. Updated to version 3 ! Added: Proximity Mine, Claymore and remote-controlled C4 the C4 can glitch out and not trigger sometimes I will rework it next week when A18 hits.
  22. gonna try to make them attach but I don't think it is possible right now. I could make it work but the explosion will be artificial and therefore won't trigger any ragdoll force (and I like those in my explosions) I'll still try to make it work but A18 may have the answer for this
  23. here's a preview from my next update: C4 bomb with detonator, a much requested feature. the next update will be explosive update with this, the new mine, and a few other cool explosive stuff
  24. this is a much proper way of putting it thanks i'm setting this up for every tools
  25. Sure i'd be glad your mod looks quite nice ! be sure to make any balance required (and if you need help for that just PM me cause the XMLs are hard to figure out) Also this mod and my two others mods are now available on Mod Launcher under modlets ! ( https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?121240-Sittable-furnitures https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?123289-Rideable-Furnitures-(Skateboard-Scooter-etc-) ) I'm OignonChaud on guppy's discord if you're in there
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