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  1. Main link updated thanks to Eihwaz who: -fixed missing description on Carousel -fixed some recipes -added German translation ! the mod is now translated in French, English, German and Japanese.
  2. Very nice I can't wait to see this.
  3. nope it's done in xml but it's gonna be harder than this and yes, the traps works on any entities
  4. hey i'm glad you guys liked it. not sure for the darkness falls compatibility but it should work. I'll try to make traps that last longer and a different/smaller C4 is a really nice idea too !
  5. Better late than never, I updated this mod to A18. Had to rework every traps because the game changed the block class I used before and it didn't work anymore. -Fixed spike,bear,pierce,and fire traps not triggering after being repaired -Fixed hitboxes on most trap -Fixed C4 not exploding sometimes (still happen but it's much better, in case of emergency just shoot a bullet on the C4) -Added HD Icons for every items -Increased cost of repairs for most traps
  6. Did a quick update ! -Added a new bed frame and a new bed -Renamed bed structure to .. bed frame -Added golden toilet -Fixed bed upgrades not working [ATTACH=CONFIG]31355[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]31356[/ATTACH]
  7. There seem to be a problem with the bed structure block i'll check it out later
  8. sure I added different blood stains so there's more variety, more effects on dismemberment and subtle blood particle on hit. also reworked the bleeding effect so it's a little more visible. Worth nothing too that the mod is 100% compatible with Xyth's Creaturepack and the blood effects will show on custom zombies. It's included in the Winter Project 2019 and I'll probably allow it on other overhauls soon.
  9. Did a quick fix update: -Fixed blood stain on larger zombies, like fat/cop hawaiian and snow zeds. Got a lot of features I've worked on but I will release them in the the next version soon.
  10. man you gotta group those in a single thread this is a lot of place for few informations
  11. Updated this mod: -Added Kart quick vid showing the kart:
  12. Disappearing ? now that's curious gonna look into it but I've never had this reported they are simple blocks you're talking about the bed structure right?
  13. Thanks I did an update on sittable to fix the issues in A18. I'll probably add an electric skateboard later and a new skin system for every vehicles i'm working on
  14. Sorry Nuvar forgot to fix this. Pushed a quick update for fixes. -Fixed item not showing in the table saw: they will now show under decor/miscellaneous -Fixed toilet dysentery cure not working since A18, now working like goldenrod tea
  15. Quick update: -Fixed yellow error on load -Added Electric Scooter, works with fuel and has a headlight -Fixed scooter sometimes getting stuck in walls
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