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  1. I want to be corned in a building and see an un-barricaded window and essentially dive through it to the other side. Take a bit of health damage but better than dying. The damage should never kill you but it should take you to 1 HP, and of course you have to deal with w/e fall damage awaits on the other side. Zombies and dogs should also be able to go through those windows to get to you, making POI way different when it comes to defending them. And now upgrading windows into their barricaded forms has new meaning and incentive. It might keep them out, or it might keep you in.
  2. Try installing it by itself and testing it in SP. I imagine this is some conflict but I'm not going to work on compatibility patches if it is. I can also only test this for SP as that's all I have access to. No server for me to troubleshoot with. So if you get errors playing this in SP, let me know.
  3. Ah, he hide it under the one place no one would ever look-- tutorial land. Thanks again.
  4. I heard tale of Guppycur's discord, but never found a way to join. Asked someone for a link a few months back once a friend suggested I did, but got no reply. If it's not against their rules, PM me a link if you don't mind?
  5. Ha, you read my mind. Well, that leaves roughly a dozen people capable of pulling it off outside of the funpimps themselves afaik. Ba, humbug. You're appreciated though.
  6. Bah, go figure. I'm glad I asked before I tried too hard at it. Now I just have to bribe and/or harass someone to do it. Gonna be a compatibility nightmare with other mods that use it though, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice.
  7. I was able to reveal the 2nd toolbar by removing visible="{secondrow}" from line 870. I can place things there, but I can't scroll there with my mousewheel or use Shift + 1 (or any #) to jump to the slot. Removing "visible" lines from other .xml files under the XUi folders did nothing, and XUi_Menu is for the main menu, not in-game things. Some help would be appreciated.
  8. I figured out some issues with the Fetch and Clear 05 and 06 Tiers. I've got it patched. Gonna update the mod and upload. When that's done, try that version. I suggest that anyone who updates using my mod or any mods in general take screencaps of your skills, levels, items-- anything you're worried about losing. Everything. Then console those items back in if they're removed from updating.
  9. I change the controls a lot, and they keep reverting to default. Usually when I load up a different instance of the game I have backed up. Is there a way to prevent this, or otherwise just load my entire control setup without having to do it manually?
  10. I couldn't hazard a guess, since this mod was created on vanilla 19.4. And I work on random maps as well, nothing special. It's possible that something else in your folder was edited and you don't remember. Especially if you installed DMT or something that edits things outside of the mod folder. If I could recreate this, I could help you out. Only thing that comes to mind is reinstalling 7 days. Fresh. Delete the entire folder so nothing is lingering (move your mods out until you figure this out) and then try.
  11. That's what I was explaining in the last topic: If you try to get a quest for a situation your map doesn't support, you get nothing. So if I have a map that's nothing but forest, using a snow-only questbook will make an empty quest.
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