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  1. I can't find research data (micro SD card) for schematic, none in loots & traders.
  2. Same me happened just keep re-generator world will work show up trader locations. I think quests not detected any traders around map. I was re-generator my UK maps pack worked again
  3. *Updated - been re-generated world all maps fixed trader quests & fixed 8k UK flat map with biomes no more snow whole UK
  4. I was generated world with lots traders but quest not detected any traders around map. I will try re-generated again. 8k flat biomes was broken went all snow
  5. Trader still worked fine around map but I think quests bugged. I already re-generated world again still not worked. Only some map worked show up quest trader. Just keep re-generated world
  6. That not understand clear read, no issued on vanilla or other mod games
  7. Weird, I was played on 16k hill biomes map with prefab pack still worked fine on A19 have trader, I think vanilla or prefab pack trader was broken on A19, only some maps worked. I gonna re-generated world again
  8. I Already unlocked all pack mule but not worked still 30 slots if more than 30 getting heavy & slow
  9. UK map pack still worked on A19 updated, no change & no issued anything
  10. I have 32Gb RAM no issued large map 16k & small map 8k, buy more memory RAM
  11. After generated biomes stay white for hills, I edited my own biomes add desert & burned & wasteland then save file biomes1.png because automatic self overwrite when start generated delete biomes.png & rename from biomes1.png to biomes.png while generate world stopped overwrite file.
  12. Good idea add AA12 & USAS-12 full auto shotgun
  13. After tweak heightmap & re-generate will update map hope get better lower mountain.
  14. I show you how tweak bright level & curve First one this map too white cause too high & spikes mountain & too black cause too deep I was tweak bright & contrast make less white Then final tweak curves bit light up make normal hills & mountain no more spikes, if too low land cause flooded water try tweak bit light up grey, just trial & error.
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