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  1. I have 32Gb RAM no issued large map 16k & small map 8k, buy more memory RAM
  2. After generated biomes stay white for hills, I edited my own biomes add desert & burned & wasteland then save file biomes1.png because automatic self overwrite when start generated delete biomes.png & rename from biomes1.png to biomes.png while generate world stopped overwrite file.
  3. Good idea add AA12 & USAS-12 full auto shotgun
  4. After tweak heightmap & re-generate will update map hope get better lower mountain.
  5. I show you how tweak bright level & curve First one this map too white cause too high & spikes mountain & too black cause too deep I was tweak bright & contrast make less white Then final tweak curves bit light up make normal hills & mountain no more spikes, if too low land cause flooded water try tweak bit light up grey, just trial & error.
  6. Way too high mountain, I think too white on heightmap try tweak greyscale level make less white & medium grey. I was tweak greyscale level on Paint.net much better normal hill/mountain.
  7. Last Activity: 17th Oct 2019 already 5 months pretty dead mod haven't update for A18
  8. I still busy played PC games with UK map. This map custom prefab not for vanilla prefab need download custom prefab or I will make one normal vanilla prefab 1 flatland & 1 hill all size 8k 10k 12k 14k 16k with separated maps 1 custom prefab map & 1 vanilla prefab map.
  9. I already make UK map 8k & 16k I used from https://bananas.openttd.org/en/scenario/ upscaled to 8k & 16k with fixed POIs is very easy, they can draw any shapes like smile face or big crater or many more things. Custom heightmaps much better than random map generate are crap. People need learn how use draw custom or real world heightmaps on NitroGen.
  10. **Updated** same 8 UK map with vanilla prefab only no mods, I keep other 8 UK map with custom prefab mod.
  11. I fixed added download link custom prefab https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2017418010
  12. Updated I been added download link prefab pack will loading same UK map
  13. Strange vanilla prefab on NitroGen no prefab pack mod, I go check normal 7 Day to Die folder with no mods all fine loading new game no error pop up but I founded no building around map https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/777373204100515648/AD61309872018428F527CE69F9EBA7C4E07900A2/ I will add prefab download & another NitroGen with normal 7 Day to Die 8 maps again
  14. Very easy draw any map greyscale only like any shapes or smile face or anything or download from google image realistic countries maps with hightmap, I used GIMP & paint.net upscale to 8192x8192 or 16384x16384. if see 2048x1024 is wrong size should copy paste on new 8192x8192 or 16384x16384 then upscale map picture. I used from https://bananas.openttd.org/en/heightmap/ they too white cause too sleep stope & too dark cause water flooded easy tweak greyscale level on paint.net make less white & less black I done post UK map mod on thread - https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/...ck-with-8k-16k
  15. First new map!! For A18.4 *Updated 9th March 2020 - been done NitroGen regenerated same 8 UK map with vanilla prefab only. Updated 8th March 2020 - been added download link prefab pack & I will again NitroGen same UK with vanilla prefab no mod. All 8 UK map list: UK flat 8k plain UK flat 8k biomes UK flat 16k plain UK flat 16k biomes UK hills 8k plain UK hills 8k biomes UK hills 16k plain UK hills 16k biomes Depend on people would like plain or biomes or hills or flat land on UK map. But beware 16k map lots of RAM usage best use 32Gb RAM when loading game & this map need prefab pack, if loading start new game will no building around map because custom prefab pack mod in my 7 Day to Die folder. Make sure download custom prefab pack. Custom prefab only Download link from Google drive Download link from 4shared Prefab pack - Download link Google drive or 4shared Vanilla prefab only Download link from Google drive Download link from 4shared I was first time make UK 8k flat land used from google UK map image & put on NitroGen much easy draw map with heighmap & fixed POI city/town worked well no more random map generate. I been make 16k UK map with heighmap map from OpenTTD website. I use custom biomes from GIMP no more random biomes & on NitroGen just 50/50 chance spawn roads on between North England to North Ireland on map. I feel awesome make UK map on 7 Day to Die feel like apocalypse on UK lol Only small issued about few water was chopped off on near land can't find any fix it bug could on NitroGen. Water bug picture
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