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  1. What does this mean for POIs built with brick or corrugated metal parts? I've made a few custom ones so do i need to update brick ones to say, cobblestone, and repaint? Or are tbose other materials still being kept? Also does this mean glass is getting all the shapes?
  2. I think fataal mentioned that a fix regarding the insane reach in SP and MP which was to do with animation and hits registering not syncing up quite right. So that should be better in A19.
  3. Technically 5 biomes are axed, since caves, hub cities, water and other forest variant were also biomes too I miss the plains though and hub cities. My take on your progression is that whilst I can see that as very much closer to a realistic way of survival, (in fact I like that it could even be made into a Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour) I could see that the early dogs and ferals could be a turn off for those just trying to learn the ropes unless they are nerfed in early days on HP and damage. The problem with having bandits in forested areas and assuming bandits have looted everything there already, if there is no loot in green areas then there would be less player incentive to visit since your only real reward is a green patch of land with high risk and low loot, unless bandit loot tables would be buffed a lot so you could get decked out after a couple of forts destroyed. You'd be better off in the biome you came from. I agree with you though this would be far more realistic and perhaps hardcore fans and experienced FPS players would really like this. But in order to cater to newer entries I think at the start there should be some guarantee that in first few days enemies in your starter waste biome can't spawn something in that you aren't prepped for, ie ranged bandit spawns 2 hours after you spawn in on day 1 and proceeds to maul you in 2 shots or a dog comes out of nowhere and mauls you as you try killing it with a crappy club only to die in 3 or 4 bites etc. Maybe gamestaged biome spawns could be a way to handle this so that only after a certain level the baddies get tougher but you are more than likely to have a weapon capable of handling them if used correctly.
  4. Whilst I think it does make sense from a realism standpoint, we have to remember that 7 Days is a survival game but not a complete simulation experience. So it would make sense that the biomes and what is found within them are staged in such a way to create player progression rather than to follow something more logical. You could argue that the bombs dropped in the waste areas were not high explosive nukes, but say toxin bombs with some top secret new toxin tested by government capable of causing mutation - thus killing and mutating creatures and plants, but damaging buildings less than say a full on nuclear strike. Could explain why buildings have intact loot. I think the problem with going into the bandits in pine forest idea would be that a player would not have any way to realistically establish themselves before getting killed by tough enemies or weather condition. You got zombie bears in burnt biomes, heat or cold in deserts and snow biomes, ferals in wasteland, or bandits in the forest biomes. A player stepping out of a desert dying of heat stroke to get shot to bits by a bandit in the forest might not be so fun, though could make interesting stories haha. I think it would turn newbies off quite a bit but if someone wanted to add this idea themselves, then you could [banned word] the game to do that. Having the forest as the easier biome is better in terms of game design imo because it caters to newbies and veterans. People who want it easier can build and live in forest but those seeking extra challenge can try burnt or wasteland living. It adds progression, slowly going to better areas for better loot as your character levels up which is good also.
  5. I think it's still possible to have non random elements whilst still being random. Example: Every ranger station is the same as every other ranger station - but it still is random loot inside each onecwhich makes it feel more random. So a map having a hub city albeit different layouts and even location in the world is not too far fetched to still be considered random. It worked up to A15 and I think the main reason it was cut wasn't due to it not being fun or interesting, but because A16 introduced socket POI placement which likely screwed up the hub city code. Maybe allowing town generation to optionally be tied to biome placement via XML could be the answer so modders could add this back if hubs now fall outside TFP's visions. Example, the normal towns and cities could generate in all biomes but huge cities are for the city_wasteland biome only (which is indeed different tnan normal wasteland biomes) If wasteland is going to be improved in general though for endgame use I am all for that too
  6. Are there any plans to bring back hub cities? I really miss big cities being dangerous late game areas and perjaps it could be a cool spot for bandit camps. Amazing loot but high risks.
  7. Same with hub cities. That's what made Starvation A15 so good, the hub became midgame as you had to prepare for it due to radiation risk and the rad zone provided a good endgame goal.
  8. Powered workstations for me. I liked the need to have a power network to progress Also, the 'changer' blocks that would take materials and transform them over time. Being able to explore rad zone as an endgame.
  9. mdf25

    DMT Modding Tool

    In A18.2 it seems they merged Localization.txt and Localization - Quest.txt together. DMT will fail when applying the localization patch for the first time with 18.2 as it is now missing this file in the Config. I've just added a dummy file to fix this for now but wanted to let you guys know
  10. mdf25

    Bomber Zombie

    In A18 I don't believe it works right - zombies seem to not trigger buffs on Action1 use until you actually hit them. Very odd.
  11. Awesome Can you make it attach to entities too? Would love to stuff it down the pants of a cop and bugger off quick How's THIS for exploding on death
  12. If you feel like any modlets could benefit the pack, let me know Feel free to add and remove mods as you see fit from the pack, could be interesting to see what happens. Could be the 'Dead Rising: Gup Edition' modpack Just tested in DR1.1 and it seems great so far - they will be live in the pack for everyone in about... 1 minute
  13. You're welcome Glad to help This mod is now incorporated into Dead Rising I will be testing and releasing shortly but here's what I did: - All recipes set to tags='learnable' so they can be unlocked rather than known right away - Added schematic for all 5 traps to unlock the recipes. Once I've tested that I'll put it live and announce in new version 1.1.0
  14. Just had a dig in the XMLs - I have a suggestion for a compatibility issue the items.xml could cause with other mods In your claw hammer entry you delete the entire Action1 class and re-add it again with 2 new attributes for repairing. But, if another mod also adds their attributes you may end up overwriting them if your mod loads after another one. So, instead, swap the whole XML in the file for this: <append xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolClawHammer']/property[@class='Action1']/property[@name='Allowed_upgrade_items']/@value">,resourceAcid,thrownAmmoMolotovCocktail</append> You could also make it accessible for all other upgrade tools as well, like the wrench, stone axe and nailgun. I can see issues where players might not know why their nailgun can't repair traps <!-- Allow all construction tools to upgrade the traps --> <append xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeToolStoneAxe' or @name='meleeToolClawHammer' or @name='meleeToolWrench' or @name='gunToolNailgun']/property[@class='Action1']/property[@name='Allowed_upgrade_items']/@value">,resourceAcid,thrownAmmoMolotovCocktail</append>
  15. Greetings Can I add this (with some alterations) to the Dead Rising modpack? This looks awesome and would love to be able to showcase it in more places
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