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  1. Just normal from GIMP shapes brushes adjust hardness make soft smoothing
  2. I make funny shapes on square islands with custom POIs & biomes 16k map, they can make any shapes just draw on GIMP or use real map heightmap from image Google.
  3. Shame no craft storages on early games, just unlock on tier 2 carpenter. My inventory always encumbered without storages just drop off cupboard & car & drawers & mirror & cardboard box in house. This mod don't have stack mod like War3zuk 20k or 30k stack.
  4. I just fixed wide bridges now got 4 out of 4 roads on bridges. Nice different sizes grids village town city & added smoothing 👍
  5. Same me happened just ignored Windows & AVG that false positives virus like false positives covid in 2021 😱
  6. Small issued I was draw added land (bridge) but didn't spawn automatic roads only 2 spawn roads out of 4 bridges. I keep re-generator still not spawn roads.
  7. I was custom UK map with compo pack but show unknown ? on icons on map don't work on compo pack mod. This map preview pretty old last updated 6th Nov 2019 on GitHub seen dead mod
  8. Thank you, I was confused 16bit high quality & 8bit low quality. I tried 8bit heightmap went smooth hills & mountain feel real 7DtD no Minecraft lol, I change to 8bit then re-generate 16k map still fast finished 3mins with SSD & i7 7700K & 32Gb RAM 👍. Spot difference 16bit vs 8bit on map preview zoom in picture can see on left pic not smooth & on right pic was smooth 16bit = Minecraft 8bit = smooth
  9. This map generator don't have smoothing option yet like Nitrogen already have smoothing terrain option was smooth hills & mountain but this KingGen not smooth hills & mountains. Hope next update KingGen add smoothing option. See picture look weird big steps feel like Minecraft game. Here my map maker from KingGen
  10. I just trial & error now worked I been first time custom POIs with zoning is awesome look better than NitroGen was lack things just random & some spawn edge land was crappy & keep re-generation all time. My first time tested UK map with KingGen 👍 & tweaked no POI blocked spawn on mountains
  11. I have issued about custom heightmap I was edited bit lighting up when generator UK map went sunk under water because after generator adjust itself on brightness too dark heightmap make low land. I have no issued with NitroGen didn't change adjust brightness just stay same. After generator look weird map UK sunk into water.
  12. I can't find research data (micro SD card) for schematic, none in loots & traders.
  13. Same me happened just keep re-generator world will work show up trader locations. I think quests not detected any traders around map. I was re-generator my UK maps pack worked again
  14. *Updated - been re-generated world all maps fixed trader quests & fixed 8k UK flat map with biomes no more snow whole UK
  15. I was generated world with lots traders but quest not detected any traders around map. I will try re-generated again. 8k flat biomes was broken went all snow
  16. Trader still worked fine around map but I think quests bugged. I already re-generated world again still not worked. Only some map worked show up quest trader. Just keep re-generated world
  17. That not understand clear read, no issued on vanilla or other mod games
  18. Weird, I was played on 16k hill biomes map with prefab pack still worked fine on A19 have trader, I think vanilla or prefab pack trader was broken on A19, only some maps worked. I gonna re-generated world again
  19. I Already unlocked all pack mule but not worked still 30 slots if more than 30 getting heavy & slow
  20. UK map pack still worked on A19 updated, no change & no issued anything
  21. After generated biomes stay white for hills, I edited my own biomes add desert & burned & wasteland then save file biomes1.png because automatic self overwrite when start generated delete biomes.png & rename from biomes1.png to biomes.png while generate world stopped overwrite file.
  22. Good idea add AA12 & USAS-12 full auto shotgun
  23. After tweak heightmap & re-generate will update map hope get better lower mountain.
  24. I show you how tweak bright level & curve First one this map too white cause too high & spikes mountain & too black cause too deep I was tweak bright & contrast make less white Then final tweak curves bit light up make normal hills & mountain no more spikes, if too low land cause flooded water try tweak bit light up grey, just trial & error.
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