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    Im a game collector, comicbook reader and all around geek by nature.
    Ive been into computers since they were Commadore 64's and up, never much for consoles and controllers are (in my opinion) only good for racing and flying... gimme a mouse and keyboard any day.

    Play any Microsoft Windows CD backwards, you'll hear satan... that's nothing, play it forwards and it installs Windows.

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  1. I just rebuilt my windows and can say that their updates have screwed me more times than not Took me forever to get a proper realtek control panel and nvidia uwp drivers are a joke Ive completly disabled any and all windows update server communications and things seem to be okay now They really need to leave us gamers to our own decisions when it comes to drivers and software speaking on DirectX... when was the last time MS released a full download for DirectX ... like 2010 ... what a joke
  2. using alone;unique should give, at the very least one instance wrong... the game will pick from a list yes, but that does not mean that your prefab will appear in the world ive played 100+ games with my AncientTomb prefab in the rotation and have never come across it in the wildernes ... like ever... even though it is in my list its all just a roll of the dice really... then there is the chance of you actually finding the prefab as you wander the world nitrogen may spawn the prefab but have fun finding it unless you cheat and fly around
  3. my new favorite band for killing Zeds = Telegraph Road · Dire Straits I lost my bag (obviuosly) after a death and then "Long Way to Go" came on as I was runnimg for my bag... Wow!... it made the journey sureal Damn.... I love this game!
  4. If its a Unity game, (subsistence) which I'm sure it is, then is it really stealing? The code is there (inside the unity core) so its not really stealing now is it?
  5. SylenThunder I love the bottom left corner of your poster it's BANG-ON !!
  6. post whatever you have my man... we are all interested.
  7. Im with Cernwn on this fence Ive reserved all my biome/rwg xml editing to A14, A15 and A16 after that it all went to hell splatmaps are a joke I want my RWGmixer back rwgmixer and biomes was my happy place nitrogen is ok but Im still at its mercy I want control !!
  8. Here are some thoughts as to mods you may like to start with first to streamline game-play; a good HUD/GUI ... these are hard to decide upon as they all have good features, I like simple/minimalist, so RELIX for me (E to) Pick up Plants ... I don't think I could enjoy/play the game without this, it just makes sense for Realism and a bit of "Oh $#!7" moments; Tools/Weapons Break My own personal tweaks to make the game a little harder/real remove grass as a bedroll ingredient (think cotton: see below) change the bedroll crafting ingredient @ recipes.xml to resourceCloth and up it to 20 (that way you need 40 raw cotton=20 cloth or smash rotten couches, chairs and curtains) change the bedroll repair and harvest ingredients @blocks.xml to resourceCloth -- repair 10, harvest 12 up the bedroll HP to 300 (just because it ain't grass no more) these three, plus my bedroll XML edit, are what I always put in my game sure the bedroll may seem hard at first but REALLY... it is your spawn point so I think you should have to work for it otherwise we can just slap down bedrolls all over the place (with grass) and pick one up/slap it down for re spawns all over the map... cheese cotton aint so plentiful... 'specially in burnt or wasteland (as in none) I've gotten to midnight on day one with still no bedroll cause of my bedroll mod... its scary some nights
  9. I didn't wanna post this as a bug report 'cause its pretty trivial but ... During a massive cleanup and restructure of my prefabs folder (getting ready to make a new Nitrogen map) I noticed this house_new_mansion_03.xml has no other files associated with it and wondered if anyone else has noticed, like the fun pimps. I'm sure it was just an oversight on their part, but now I wanna see this so called NEW_MANSION set that they are making... I'm intrigued asnd confused. Anyone shed some light on the missing files or am I right in saying that it was just a mistake by TFP crew cause of late nights and not enough coffee
  10. I just wanted to chime in and say... That, my friend, is a VERY F#&%ing COOL biomes dispersion method... LIKE WOW. Nicely done. rwgmixer and biomes have always been my favourite files to mess with.
  11. Good to hear you got it figured out. Ive run into so many little, "weirdo's" I call them, with this game that I just take it with a grain of salt now. Many thanks to these forums and all the great people here that have really helped me get a grasp of the inner-workings of the xml code and the ways it all fits together. I mod the heck outta my standalone SP7Days folder to test and try other peoples mods and prefabs (that are always a welcome treat), plus my own bunches of stuff that I cram in. So if your not scared to try new things (mods and prefabs), just ask around and I'm sure people will jump up and give you a hand in no time.
  12. Looks like your save is corrupted. As soon as I saw this line I saw a red flag. WRN Failed loading world header file: C:\Users\Paxton\AppData\Roaming/7DaysToDie/Saves/Pacovu County/Pacovu 2 BDC - Perma Death/main.ttw You say that the game crashed/froze-up, so I would assume that had a lot to do with your save getting borked. Not really much you can do. Have you tried loading up a new world/game or if you have a totally different save-game try loading that up. I know it sucks to loose all that progress but thats Alpha for you. Take the good with the bad. Corruption can spread to your current characters profile/save file as well so if you still can't load a game you will have to delete his/her/it's files and re-create your game character.
  13. Hahahahaha... sorry I had to. A fountain? really. Have you tried to work with water blocks in the editor before. Those F%^$%ing blocks almost made me pull out my own hair last year during construction of my Burial Tomb for A16. (converted and included in compopack: thanx Magoli) So yeah, joking aside. I actually thought about it (a fountain) for a while (after I had built a Fishing Hole and the Tomb) but because of the headache of waterblocks never attacked the idea. But it has always been a thought that I cant shake... like waterfalls, the pimps got one in game and sure, it looks weird, but hey... its still a waterfall right. If you can make a fountain that looks like its working properly I'll be the first to download it and toss in a good luck penny.
  14. This looks great. Im always down for putting new prefabs into my game. Especially ones that make the game harder (cough DOGS cough)
  15. Cool, more junk to pack around. Just kidding. I like all the "extras" (item mods) that people are making. It gives a feeling that this rotten decrepid world once held intelligent, thoughtful life. Boardgames eh? Hmmm... may have to do a quest mod.
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