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  1. Does the Forge mod have faster smelting as well or just 3 slots?
  2. Anyone have a A19.4 compatible 8K or 10K seed with: -- 8+ traders -- all 3 types of sky scrapers (book, hagashi, appartment) -- hospital(s) -- Red mesa -- basically everything I would get on a Nitrogen map
  3. I am bummed Nitrogen is not being supported is there any reason I should not use the last Nitrogen (501?) to build my A19.4 maps? I have heard of servers not finding any zombies on a map after X days and the only diff was Nitrogen vs RWG map. The biggest issue with RWG is no skyscrapers - if that could be fixed I would be OK with the long gen times.
  4. Another A20 feature request - Traders and quest If I get a quest from one trader I should be able to turn it into another trader - maybe at a reduced reward or same - does not matter - would be nice Also more chain quest like take this from trader A to Trader B and Take this - make "something specific" and bring to Trader C.
  5. Any chance Signs will support player art? maybe via a mod like in Rust, where I can edit and paint or give it a URL to an external PNG/JPG to post? the server would store all the player art in a folder so that Admins can review them in bulk and replace if needed. it allowed for game server sponsors for events or charities.
  6. So is Nitrogen no longer support or being developed? it is the best map maker and so fast!
  7. I have a server owner who does not want to use Nitrogen (V0.501?) because he believes it does not have all the A19.x prefabs. is this true? I generated a map using the A19 Vanilla prefabs and I think I see all or most of them. thanks
  8. Hey Stompy,


    so I use your mod BC Manager so I can use RAT.  been using RAT since it came out years ago.

    as of A19.3 B6 Stable my screen scrolls with errors on my server.  


    is there a BC for A19.3/Stable?  it worked great for A19.2  not sure what changed. I did notice some UI mods also broke.



  9. I am using Jakmeister999's REASONABLE Large Stacks: 1.0 but I can't seem to find it anymore. anyone know if it is still being worked on?
  10. my wife wants to know why the female zombies are stereotyped and why there are no construction female zombies or mechanics etc. PS: the Stripper zombie was a great overhaul, the nurse and others need some love.
  11. In Rust we had an oxide mod that allowed us (admin) to see who created/owned each player placed/made block or item. I could ID a chest owner or who put up a wall, etc. I could change the owner or with a mod keep tract of the last X number of people who interacted with that block or chest, etc. Does 7DTD have a block owner/creator ID? if so how do I access it and if not, why not?
  12. I love the plus pack and I have a question and a request... 1. the drones - they don't do anything like attack, they just fly around. A. is it possible to have a zombie like the demolisher that when explodes does massive radiation damage over time in stead of exploding? just a thought
  13. @Slawa and @Robeloto I understand you have a mod similar to Snukfins? any chance you can look at adding a new version of Grace the Boss Boar? maybe something like Grace Boar with lightning when hit and acid puke is well within their capabilities. maybe she could be given lots of attachments to make her look like a battle boar. if you have your own threads or Discord please share!
  14. Can you make a BOSS version of Grace the Boss Boar? like 10K HP, shoots flames or spits acid like the cops?
  15. I just downloaded this mod from one of the mod download sites and I get scrolling XML errors when a player tries to join. FIXED - I had an older version of the mod.
  16. what will it take to make this work in A19?
  17. Question(s) - sorry if they have been asked. 1. Do the zombies difficulty scale? so on day 1-21 with players level 1-30 the zombies are easier? lower XP and lower HP? 2. if, how hard would it be to add a scaling feature based on the games gate system? Bonus if you could make a new NPC/Trader that I can drop on a server that would rock. in RUST I had a trader walking a path back and forth and if you tried to kill him he would one-shot you. he would sell stuff.
  18. have you tested your starter quest mod on a server with other mods? for example your last update (few weeks back) would not work with this combination: these are the mods I am using: -- 1CSMM_Patrons -- Allocs_CommandExtensions -- Allocs_CommonFunc -- Allocs_WebAndMapRendering -- BCManager -- DeepPockets -- GrassCutter -- ServerTools -- War3zuk ReGrow Vehicles clicking the note would give an object out of reference scrolling like crazy in the player console.
  19. I will try it but first I need to add the following. I need it to also have a claim block, 3x water and 3x boiled meat and 1x torch. otherwise I can't really use it for my players.
  20. these are the mods I am using: -- 1CSMM_Patrons -- Allocs_CommandExtensions -- Allocs_CommonFunc -- Allocs_WebAndMapRendering -- BCManager -- DeepPockets -- GrassCutter -- ServerTools -- War3zuk ReGrow Vehicles I know another server owner having similar issues. if you click on the note in backpack the console (F1) opens and you see endless streaming of "Object out of reference" or something like that.
  21. this mod is broken with B173. anyone have a fix? (Starter Quest mod)
  22. So TFP released a new build B173 for A19e. do I need a new version of Nitro and new map? B173 has changes for sleepers. PS: is there a Nitro discord?
  23. I trying out Nitrogen for the first time for my server, I am tired of seeing awesome Nitro maps everywhere but my server So a couple of questions: 1. I normally use 8192 for my maps (8K) if I go to 10K will A19 be ok with that? seems like an odd size 2. anyone test CPM commands with Nitrogen? specifically "cpm-getprefab reset" other than that - I am excited to test tonight
  24. Question(s) 1. if I generate my map locally (PC) and want to put it on my server. how do I do that? I know the path for the server saved games but how does serverconfig.xml know to use that and no generate a map? what do I need to set in serverconfig.xml? 2. why are all the 8K maps generated as a bottom LEFT quad and the rest is all water?
  25. for the trader mod, is it possible to have a few options like: - close for 30 minutes to reset like at 6-630am - Only certain traders - like Jen and Joel thanks
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