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  1. Since this last update, when I place an NPC in a public/player area I created, the NPC no longer gives quest. is this a feature or a property I can control?
  2. Since this last update, when I place an NPC in a public/player area I created, the NPC no longer gives quest. is this a feature or a property I can control?
  3. Good Morning. My thoughts after almost 10K hours in 7DTD., this applies to all levels of the game to MAX Difficulty: 1. once you get food under control - good garden you pretty much have won the game - this can be achieved between level 25-50 depending on when you get 3/3 in Living off the Land and 1 or 2 points in Chef or find the recipe for Veg Stew. 2. Ammo - again like food, eventually you will have endless Ammo, I find 3/5 in gunslinger with SMG and stacks of 9MM and you are set for the game - the odd DEMO can be a pain without 1 in Penetrator and AP ammo but I have 10K rounds of 9mm on me almost all the time and kits to fix. 3. 3/5 in Lucky Looter + Looting glasses (4 or 5 perk) and impact driver you can loot like crazy and get a lot of dukes fast. IMO the game needs quest and task for those level 50+. I have run many servers and play with many players who get to level 50-100 and drop off until a server is reset or they move on. Doing "rinse and repeat" tier 5 quest become boring. you need multi-part questing and stages and task. Add quest that allow you to get parts to build epic items of some sort.
  4. Please allow us to make the level of tool we want up to our max. for example if I can make T5 auger and it needs 15 tool parts but I have 10 let me make a T3 auger.
  5. Anyone have a A19.4 compatible 8K or 10K seed with: -- 8+ traders -- all 3 types of sky scrapers (book, hagashi, appartment) -- hospital(s) -- Red mesa -- basically everything I would get on a Nitrogen map
  6. I am bummed Nitrogen is not being supported is there any reason I should not use the last Nitrogen (501?) to build my A19.4 maps? I have heard of servers not finding any zombies on a map after X days and the only diff was Nitrogen vs RWG map. The biggest issue with RWG is no skyscrapers - if that could be fixed I would be OK with the long gen times.
  7. So is Nitrogen no longer support or being developed? it is the best map maker and so fast!
  8. I have a server owner who does not want to use Nitrogen (V0.501?) because he believes it does not have all the A19.x prefabs. is this true? I generated a map using the A19 Vanilla prefabs and I think I see all or most of them. thanks
  9. Hey Stompy,


    so I use your mod BC Manager so I can use RAT.  been using RAT since it came out years ago.

    as of A19.3 B6 Stable my screen scrolls with errors on my server.  


    is there a BC for A19.3/Stable?  it worked great for A19.2  not sure what changed. I did notice some UI mods also broke.



  10. I love the plus pack and I have a question and a request... 1. the drones - they don't do anything like attack, they just fly around. A. is it possible to have a zombie like the demolisher that when explodes does massive radiation damage over time in stead of exploding? just a thought
  11. @Slawa and @Robeloto I understand you have a mod similar to Snukfins? any chance you can look at adding a new version of Grace the Boss Boar? maybe something like Grace Boar with lightning when hit and acid puke is well within their capabilities. maybe she could be given lots of attachments to make her look like a battle boar. if you have your own threads or Discord please share!
  12. Can you make a BOSS version of Grace the Boss Boar? like 10K HP, shoots flames or spits acid like the cops?
  13. I just downloaded this mod from one of the mod download sites and I get scrolling XML errors when a player tries to join. FIXED - I had an older version of the mod.
  14. Question(s) - sorry if they have been asked. 1. Do the zombies difficulty scale? so on day 1-21 with players level 1-30 the zombies are easier? lower XP and lower HP? 2. if, how hard would it be to add a scaling feature based on the games gate system? Bonus if you could make a new NPC/Trader that I can drop on a server that would rock. in RUST I had a trader walking a path back and forth and if you tried to kill him he would one-shot you. he would sell stuff.
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