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  1. Use the sheet block and lay it over the desk. Then paint those. At least it's something.
  2. Ah, the old "silent hills" playthrough.
  3. https://tenor.com/view/confused-no-nope-gif-13134027
  4. Trader Rekt poster should say "Tarder Rekt" just to be petty 😈
  5. Have it so everytime you repair an item the max repair (100%) goes down by 10% So say I have a pistol and I repair it. Now it only repairs up to 90% durability. If I repair it again then it only repairs to 80% durability. This keeps happening until only 10% durability remains. It will not go lower than 10% but starting at 30% max durability you can add debuffs. 30%: weapon does 20% less damage. 20%: 10% chance to misfire/jam. 10%: weapon has a 5% chance to instantly break.
  6. From the Youtube Description: I love vintage lanterns and thought I could make a base to fit the aesthetic. No use of creative or DM mode to build this; 100% survival built. It's a floating base with sheet plates holding the structure up. The zombies love to target them though and at one point almost brought it down. My horde base is next door in a converted poi. As you can tell I try to take full advantage of all the new shapes. For the chain part I was planning to go much higher but unfortunately that was the limit for some reason. I also tried every light source available I could craft; from burning barrels to electrical lights. A lot of frame drops and screamer hordes later I settled on the 6 torch look. Took 42 in game days to complete and over 10,000 gallons of paint. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. He's trying to hide the new belt fed rpg with explosive tipped explosives.
  8. Never in all my years have I agreed more to what you just said. This and your spongebob quotes of course.
  9. Maybe it could be tied to a specific macro, like how holding shift + left click moves stuff automatically from one container to the other. Could be alt + right click to scrap. Then the hotkey (s) could be removed to prevent accidents. Just spitballing here.
  10. Imo scrapping should be instant for anything that incurs a resource penalty 🤷‍♂️
  11. That's why they all died, they didn't want to run and crease their sneakers.
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