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  1. Role Play is nice, but having an in game Character generator with strengths and weaknesses would be epic. dlc? Examples: "Click to Generate" "Survivor Dixie Normas" Traits: + Shamburger Helper (starts knowing a random food recipe) + Good Looking (gets a 1% discount at traders) - Empty Headed (easily concussed) - Bed Wetter (lose hydration 30% faster at night) "Click to Confirm"
  2. I hope I read it right. Does it also reset Trader progression. Gonna be hard to do Tier 4 quests only as a newbie. Also does it completely reset game stage?
  3. I feel like it could be shifted over to the legendary tier list once that comes. Same with any other art asset that got the chop. That way you can give it special treatment and have some cool buffs, damage, etc tied to it. Since A19 is gonna have the DV, I can see more players thinking the .44 revolver as more of an outlier and not a worthwhile weapon. The regular pistol is better in every way practically. Might even out dps it. Especially when you get the bigger magazine mods.
  4. Might as well tell him not to post at all. Nobody from the Pimps ever look in/comment on that thread lol. As for A19 I have a good feeling it might break concurrent player records. With everything going on there's gonna be a lot of people at home and looking to decompress a little. For the turret thing I also noticed if I leave a game and load back in while I'm standing on sideways bars I end up below them. As if it's not a real block or something. I'm thinking some blocks, for whatever reason have trouble registering as a solid when things are placed inside their "shell".
  5. Damn, you're more progressive than I thought! 😆
  6. So I just started playing Terraria and to my surprise they have a Blood Moon event. Dozens of zombies trying to eat my pixels just like this game, sky even turns red. Is this where the idea came from for this game? I thought it was an original idea all this time. It's literally called a Blood Moon.
  7. @madmole Since stone age will last longer, have you thought about a stone pick and a dedicated stone repair tool? For consistancy and being able to power attack with the axe? Seeing as this will be a far more important part of the game now.
  8. Ok, but if I get anything but hugs and kisses....
  9. Bears I was referring to. The boar trick though, I've been doing that for ages.
  10. I do that with boars but bears aggro when you get too close and it takes like 8 spikes lol.
  11. Tin Can Landmine. You can make them straight away if you have access to a work bench. Shoot and bait them for food stuffs. "Work smarter not harder" should be a mantra for survival. Also making a small pit of wood spikes so they're flush with the surrounding ground is also a good option. If you can spare the wood.
  12. I was shopping for a new hat and came across this https://www.etsy.com/listing/270069368/snufkin-hat-green-felted-with-felt-wool?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=wizard+hat+me&ref=sr_gallery-1-11&organic_search_click=1&frs=1&col=1 I think you need this in your life lol!
  13. Maybe T5s and T6s could be the only way at a chance for a legendary in the future. Right now they don't seem worth it. So what's your verdict on the A19 INT build?
  14. Some Quality Of Life suggestions for this Alpha or next: - 4 way entrances for traders - Shift click any item that's in a work station. To add existing stacks. Ex. Like iron or clay in forge, etc. - Ability to lock inventory slots so they are not affected by move all, take all, sort and future bag and chest sorting features. - Ability to highlight a recipe and have it displayed on your hud to make gathering ingredients easier. - Move/drive a little quicker on roads or use tiny bit less resource. - Breaching shell for shotguns replaced with dragons breath - make Yucca Smoothie protect against hot environments. Not cold as it currently does - Ability to empty jars/drinks - Ability to pickup your own spike traps - Landmine exp 😜 - Colored bulbs/light from a shape selector. - Ability to choose which map icons you can see and highlight. That's all for now.
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