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  1. Looks like 177 may have borked something... loot all causes exception (R key) and the take all button is now greyed out in containers. phooey! here we go again.
  2. Ragdoll effects. Love that. Desert Vulture. portable hand cannon. Punchybot + ragdoll== comedy gold.
  3. You mean riding along, the game crashes, you come back, and the bike is a kilometer behind you? (hitting scrub, gods I hated that scrub)
  4. Who's talking about a base? Most of this behaviour is just in the wild, or clearing a POI. Sometimes they make a beeline for you, others, they really are in search of braaaaiiinnnsss.... 'cause they ain't got none. 😛 The falling damage putting them in Hulk Smash mode is funny. (and I still love the ragdoll/faceplant effects that occur)
  5. How about the idiot that runs past you and starts banging on a tree. I have to smack him in the back of the head to get his attention. oops, too hard, no head. Why are you trying to dig through the steps? Just walk down. No? Ok, have it your way. Banging on the fence? Can you not see that the fence ends just a few feet away? sigh. C'mere you... *SPLUT* There, happy now? Yes, quite a few like that. Sometimes it's hilarious, other times, just sad. 😛
  6. I've actually yet to get an auger. Chainsaw yes, but not an auger. (rng hates me there) The pick is faster than using the axe for rock/iron etc. Mind you, without the ergonomic grip, and points in sexrex, yes, you'll run out of stamina. (I tend to make a q3 or 4 one, and stay with it until steel) The fire axe is faster than stone on wood, and of course, if you get jumped, you can whack the zeds with it then switch to something more lethal. The shovel though, as I said, I'd have to check. I do agree the stam usage on the stone one is waay less th
  7. They do more damage to the block, thus faster mining. I stay on iron until I can get/make Q5 steel tools. Making iron is easy. Iron axe over stone any day, same for the pick. The shovel though... I'll have to check that next play through. (see the thread on stamina usage tho)
  8. only if you do a lot of mining. SP you probably will. MP maybe not. Other fellow in my one game, isn't going mining, he took the farm stuff. I took mining and cookery.
  9. and on top of ladders. that sneaky one blew me right off the ...blasted.. bldg. also are in attics. be careful, let the zeds hit them first.
  10. Lvl 3 Sexrex with ergo grip, coffee/food buff, yes, pretty much non-stop (even lvl 2 does real well) Steel tools want lvl 4 and the consumables. Which is just fine. Oh, this is with no points in faster melee. Start upping that and your results may vary. (gee, swing faster, thus more often, use more stamina. hrmmm... Who let Capt Obvious in here!!) 😛 I rarely used coffee before. Now I do for the night time mining sessions. I'll go through a whole stack. (3 min for the cheap coffee. can't make the good stuff yet, and need points in iron tummy f
  11. I go for 3 in mining/motherload/sexrex asap. Then other stats. Then 4 in mining/motherload. 4 is sexrex I wait until I have q5 steel tools. Then max mining/motherload. A modded Q5 steel pick is a great melee weapon when you learn to time it right. A head popper. (mods: ergo/bunkerbust/ironbreaker) Steel axe does more damage, but if you miss and hit a wood block.. byebye block. Notso with the pick. Axe for the sneak powerattack decapitations though. With the coffee buff and ergo, my stam doesn't run out at all when mining. (I do
  12. Paper does pile up early on, but how fast will that go if using shotty turrets later on?
  13. Running and clubbing chickens is a fun minigame. For the bunnies, best to just either: A) ignore the damned things, B) wait for them to stop and take up the "Shoot me now... if you can" pose. C) wait for them to fall into your open pit mine, THEN treat them like a chicken. (can't even run them over with a motorcycle. Deer, wolves, BEARS you can. not the wee ones.) oh well.
  14. 2957h since starting in A16. Don't have the freeze yer butt off achievement, nor the PVP ones, or the die a lot ones. working on the die more ones. 😛
  15. RNG. We got a boatload of books out of that last night, and 3 boatloads of paper. Speaking of which, if you want stupid amounts of paper, clear the Crak-A-Book tower. All those paper rolls are now actual paper rolls. Waaaaayyy more than in the papermill. btw, I've had the only 1 book ,or no books in the crackabook in the stripmall version.
  16. Loading something clobbers the FPS for sure. WIndows on the SSD it's very brief. Linux on a good HD, it's a few seconds. Windows though, has an issue with the lighting in streamlabs OBS (colors are way off on game capture, and screen capture only shows the main screen, not the game. Linux OBS no issues at all. grump) Once the POI etc have loaded, all is fine.
  17. Found Q4 AK, Q3 assult rifle and a Q3 desert vulture at the trader on day 1. Also had found 2 treasure maps on the run to him, so made a beeline for those. bought the AK (cheaper than the T3 gun, same dmg), and the vulture. And a Q3 mining helmet with lamp. Sometimes RNG loves you, other times..... 😛
  18. ergonomic grip? 3 SR and iron tools not much of a problem, I just walk between trees instead of run. 4 sexrex, coffee, and I can mine non-stop until the coffee runs out. (and with the book for extra goodies when buzzed on coffee.. nice) try coffee then lotsa chopping. (at least coffee has a use now, and there's tons to be found even before getting a farm going)
  19. So far? One of my viewers spawning a boatload of zeds into the POI I was clearing as part of a quest. Got cornered and eaten. Otherwise, a few close calls, but nothing has quite kilt me yet. .... yet. 😛
  20. Started a new game last night. Some stuttering/pausing on load, but nothing major... until.. time to head to the trader. As I got to the town, fps dropped from 60 down to less than 1. Stop moving, wait a few seconds... fps pops back up. Move some more.. drops again.. Loading the prefabs, or saving new regions could be it. This did NOT happen in 163. (once everything has loaded, FPS is around 60 most of the time, standard drops for various areas)
  21. OS: Ubuntu 18.x CPU: i7 6800k RAM: 64GB DDR4 3300MHz Dual-Channel (I think its 3300, but the 64gb, oh yeah, that I gots) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB OS: 2 TB HDD wd black I believe 7200rpm Save folder: same Game client: same. only 1 drive for Linux itself. ... will update with the windows info later. (win7pro, win on SSD sata) will move the game to the other SSD in windows. (is where FO4 is. the loading screens from hell with that thing) dropping terrain settings down helped for me.
  22. Depends on how good your fire control is. No such thing as too many bullets imho. Mind you. later on, I'm crafting 10k batches. I dislike running out of ammo. Day 20 and have just over 1k 7.62, 2k 9mm, and less than 1k .44 few hundred shotgun shells. MP you can burn through it pretty quick. (no points in LL)
  23. I have the same thing, turned off a few settings and it got better, but then got worse again. Very odd. Dedi server that I did not wipe, so was wondering if that was the issue. apparently not. Gonna test SP in a bit. (need moar coffee first)
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