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  1. I like how all the debuffs are wiped when you DIE. Yer DEAD. Pushing up the daisies. etc. All your infections etc should be gone. Yer DEAD! Not undead. You DO get the XP penalty, so have to work at it to overcome that and start progressing again. That is your penalty. The old way resulted in deathloops. A16 you lost wellness, but there was a hard floor, and you could raise that with perks. Deathloops are no fun for anyone. The length of time to recover from broken bits, sprains, yep, that is a problem early on, no doubt. As stated though, armor does help avoid that. Should be easy enough to get padded armor even on day 1 or 2. (just a bit of duct tape and cloth. check all the garbage, you should find enough to make 5 pieces) Later on, with perks, it is a minor inconvenience mostly. Mostly. Broken legs I think are the worst. (arms being second if doing melee) The fatigue thing, I never figured out HOW happened. (happened to me once, and not sure just what did it) Now, I always keep spare meds either on me, or in the vehicle. (always had spare bandages, FA kits, splints) If you use larger backpacks/storage, then it's a minor thing. On the basic though? Bandage. FA Bandage. painkillers. splints. vitamins. honey/antibio. tea. Water. Food. Sewing kit. FA Kit. There is 11 things for the "just in case I get thumped". A BIG chunk of the default backpack. (can it be trimmed down? of course. Which ones to you pass on though? hrmm) That's a big enough wall of text for today. 😛
  2. er? I just drill the zombie with the auger. Makes a nice squelchy sound.
  3. once I get to make Q5 M60s, I'm not too worried about gamestage, providing I can make enough bullets. once I get to 100k 7.62, then I start to get that warm comfy feeling. oh, I do have to save some dukes for later, when I can try and get 6 Q6 solar cells.
  4. I smelt them. I never haven enough bullets. No, 20k bullets is NOT enough. 😛 (but that's not a bad idea, particularly if you're close to a levelup)
  5. Put it this way, if you CAN put it into the tool/weapon etc, then it will do something. (try putting customized fittings into padded armor. you can't. greyed out) ergogrip works very well with tools. It's a must have for me. REALLY useful once you get to steel. SexRex and coffee works for iron, but need the grip at steel. If I get a Q6 stone shovel, I tend to keep that until Q5 iron and ergo grip. I'm at lvl 40 and just starting to put points into LotL. I max miner/motherload, 3 in cookery, and get to Q5 lvl for machineguns as priorities. Foods next, then more in heavy armor. Since I do the machineguns I need lotsa bullets. LOTS. Lots of forged iron for bars and spikes required. Cement. Rocks. Never enough early on. So mining gets maxed. Oh, always at least 1 point in sneak attacks. If you're crouched and shooting, even if they see you, it seems to count. (just bought up all the steel I could, scrapped my lowbie mgs, and had just enough to make a Q5 M60. Had to use the toughguy glasses for the last point in health to make it. ) We all have differing playstyles. sorry for the long post.
  6. Don't forget the Ergonomic Grip and SexRex. That and coffee, well, you can swing all day long, and yes, time is a factor. I swap to iron once I get to 2 or 3 of sexrex, steel, I wait until it's 4/4 and I can make Q5 tools. (bunkerbuster, iron breaker, ergonomic grip) Now, if you have all the mining books, would be funny to see how the stone axe does, as you still have the same chance to one shot the block.
  7. Ground roads should be ok, but the elevated highways are always busted up. You can fix them in the game though. (they do make nice starting bases though. zeds don't seem to spawn up top, just below)
  8. This is why I prefer to just shoot them from a distance.
  9. It's infrequent. Mostly after a ragdoll effect. They've hit around corners of a doorway, had a nasty one in the barn (the big farm one in navezgane), the wall they break out from the pigpens. The 2 in there were ragdolling trying to get out, one did, the other seems to be stuck falling over his own feet, then teleported behind me and bopped me. I still got him. I'm seeing this on the dedi server. Didn't see much of it in SP local. Have to test more. It's weird.
  10. It seems the animation and actual attacks are out of sync. I've been hit, but there was no swing. Also seeing them doing the electric slide a LOT more in 19.2 (this is with the dedi server.) Going to test some more, but that out of sync thing is really off putting. (and yes, the melee range does feel a bit long)
  11. cooking pots are indeed everywhere. so is duct tape and glue. that's why I loot every single garbage thing I run across. I have enough tape on day 1 to make q1 padded armor. Beakers though, one game, 30+ days to get 1. (then I got a bunch in a couple days) new game? 2 of them on day 3 from a pop'n'pills. (prev game, did a bunch of those and 2 hospitals. none. no chemstation. Oh, traders have 2. bought the stations. THEN I started finding beakers) RNG was not nice. 😛
  12. About the set bonus, I think ppl are asking if it will work in the way of Diablo 3. 2 pc bonus: blabla 4 pc bonus: blabla Alot goes on where you try for bonus from 2 sets that have a good synergy. (and the ring that means you get the bonus with 1 less piece, but min is 2pcs) So is it that style, or just 1 extra bonus for the full set only? oh, as for the swapping outfits for short times, yeah, some are, but for mining, I tend to spend the night mining, then other stuff in daytime swapping out just for hitting the traders, well, even that I tend to just do every 3 days. Of course, all this will depend on just what the set bonus actually are. (gotta wait for that) now I need moar coffee. stayed up too late watching movies again. I'll never learn. 😛
  13. Clothing sets for what you plan to do, well, you kinda have that IRL, so don't see a problem for it in game, nor switching to them for the activity. Mining: hard hat. boots. derp. Farming, chopping etc. Zed killing? Guns. Lotsa guns. (or Big f'n guns.. too small. oh yeah..) If the set bonus are worth it, yep I'll be switching. (no diff than having coffee for mining, or beer for punchypunch time) (could use a pitchfork for the farmer. just for the screenshots) 😛
  14. Godmode, creative menu for the completed blocks (to cut down on xp gain), and keep turning the clock back. Would be a boatload of work though, and probably not worth it.
  15. I do gen the preview as it is something I want to have. One of these times, I'm going to spend the time and repair the highways, but keep it at day 1. (unless I can figure out how to have them not be all busted up)
  16. 32gb in my server. old one only 16gb. I really overdid the cities though. I mean seriously over did it, and yes, 2 double highways. (I always make those, they don't take time to gen, cities/towns do) the number of sheep to be counted was.... silly.
  17. yes, I do have 64gb physical ram. not gonna try using 60 of it for java. nope nope nope. I didn't want lower settings for roads, I was trying for very large cities, and many of them. Also had the new highways turned on. It got up to around 20gb usage I believe for that ginormous map (90 min to gen. 8k takes about 3. avg for 16k is 45-60)
  18. I like the AK with a silencer. It holds more bullits. (and if it wakes the entire world, well, then the m60 gets to play)
  19. Of course, there will be cops hiding in that shrubbery ready to give you a ticket. 😛
  20. Then your server is haunted. Halloween is coming up you know. 😛
  21. Do you have any server tools running that have scripts? RAT has log ON scripts/events, no idea if there can be log OFF ones. (if so, I kinda like this one. Kinda like my last turn in a civ game for science victory: I'm off this rock! see ya! (and launch every nuke I have)
  22. Any idea when the reversed mousewheel for Linux will get fixed? (apparently it's a unity bug)
  23. Well, same game, day 39. Still no boars, but FINALLY found a beaker. Got 4 in one day. (live on stream, so no cheatin to get'em) Got the steel tool schematic too. STILL need the workbench schematic. Started dropping pts into INT, so I figure RNG will wait until I can make it via that route, then drop a bunch of the books. (trader has a working bench, so made my tools, 3 pcs steel armor all I had parts for, and 2 chem stations) Oh, one trader had a motorcycle chassis for sale and the full motorcycle. Bought the chassis as I could make the handlebars. I has motorized wheels now. Sold the 4 minibike chassis and 2 handlebars. (I hate the sound of it) Other test game, trader had a beaker on day 1. Go figure.
  24. New game, new map, and trader has a beaker and cigar AND chemstation for sale on day 1. (working forge, mixer, workbench too) Mind you, first night, zombie shows up, I'm plinking at it, wolf shows up, kill wolf and zed. another zed shows up, as does a bear. Bear decapitates the zed. (that was hilarious to watch) Took forever to kill bear. Scamper down, harvest the meat. Day 1. You just never know what RNG is gonna give you, or do to you. 😛
  25. 16k map gen I use -Xmx32G 24 should work, 12 may not be enough. 653 sheep? most likely not enough. (had the same issue, so I give java half the memory)
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