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  1. Sometimes the extra mod slot makes the difference though. We tend to forget that.
  2. Machinegun build: early game: 7x7 platform, 3 rows spikes, 1 row barbed wire. center column, with overhead bars (to keep birdies off my noggin) this is about 11 blocks back from the single redneck trailer. single walkway from trailer to platform (11 blocks distance) Due to the overhang, when the zeds come over the roof, they drop 1 block down, then have to hop up to the walk way. Bullets are waiting. Zeds use the trellis at the front to get up on the roof, (later on, I just build them a ramp). they do a hop/pause when the get to the roof, (pick a few
  3. 2 shotting a 900/1200hp tree IS kinda nice. I had all the mining perks, and most of the other melee perks, so didn't make the connection with that book series. That would also explain the shooting out the walls in POI as well. methinks the wood hit is applying to the machine gun as well. (which means I have to aim more carefully)
  4. Updated pg 3, with Linux OS ver, and removed live twitch link. (sorry 'bout that, didn't expect that)
  5. Not sure what is intended, and what is not, however: Saving a region that has your base and resetting the game as posted in another thread, does work just fine. Note that the regions are rather large. I got my main base, 2 of my open pit mines, and my first horde base. Notable things: Batteries and Solar cells in said banks, vanish. (not fine, but if intended, no problem, just have to empty them first) Wiring for electrical, vanishes. (odd, and very annoying. where is that info stored?) Vehicles in open, vanish. (probably in the vehicles f
  6. spider, buzzard, fat lady. keep moving and the buzzard lifts off, and circles. blast the spider. try and pick off the bird when he dive bombs. if the slow approach, easy, if the warp speed twitchy movement, not easy. Fat lady: meh. punch her lights out. no bullits needed.
  7. I just use creative. trade 1 stack of wood for 300 spikes. (same as current spikes) smipler to do than mods.
  8. Default settings, no mods... of course. Need to see how the game holds up like that BEFORE adding in all the extra stuff. If the foundation isn't stable, then the addons bring it all crashing down. (yes, there will be bugs. no charge for the extra protein) 😛
  9. diggers and their broken pathing (IMHO), stacking a bunchaton of zeds in 1 block, and demos, are why I turned zed block damage down to 25%. Digging has broken more than a few pathways. They'll dig instead of taking stairs. they'll bash on the wall, instead of walking 2 blocks and using that opening. a dozen plus all stacked up trying to break a door. The demo of course is new, and needs balancing. boom is too big, and when you get a bunch all at once... I like a large base at bedrock. so now I build UP, and the wandering zeds are easy to deal with. For horde, 60 dart traps, and I c
  10. You mean the badminton birdies? Iron club or baseball bat will take care of'em. (so will a pistol or shotgun. or ak, or.. ok, any gun)
  11. At night, dig, chop, craft. Once i have wheels, I'll head out before dawn towards a poi,. oh, and kill the zeds that come sniffin round my stuff. (and then repair whatever they were banging on) If I have the helmet light, then I'll do POI at night too. I don't just cower and hide from them anymore. Kill'em first is my motto.
  12. Steam name: CanadianBlueBeer https://steamcommunity.com/id/canadianbluebeer Hours played: 2,775. Started on Alpha: 16.4 Discord name: CanadianBlueBeer#8313 Native language: Beer, er, English Twitch: canadianbluebeer edit2: mainly use linux, but do have that *other* OS. edit3: remove live link to twitch (oops, didn't expect it to be a live link, sorry). LINUX (ubuntu 18.04, upgrding to 20.04 soon) is main OS for 7DTD.
  13. This is why I do a checkerboard layout for farming now. Also, for the coffee, yellow plants, go in at an angle of the X that the plant makes. Hitbox is easier that way. Mushrooms, being so close to the ground, yes, make sure it shows "mushrooms" in the popup before punching. Not perfect, but it helps me a bunch.
  14. well, it does work under linux if launched from a terminal, from that folder. from a filemanager, nope.
  15. There is no overkill. Just "cover me while I reload" (ok, in A17 when I modded the marksman rifle to deal 500+ damage. THAT was overkill. oops)
  16. 56 smg turrets? yoiks. I thought 60 dart traps was lots. (and they haven't run the first 2 rows out yet.)
  17. Rad Remover is good if you melee. Keeps them from regenning, so you can punch them out. On guns, I'm starting to think it isn't worth it, as I can shoot them faster than they can heal. Going to have to check that out. (not many things you CAN put in the steel knuckles anyway)
  18. I just got my last book in day 70s. Was the make cigar book. Now yup, it's checking all the POI that I haven't seen/done yet, and adding silly things to the base. Day 91 horde coming, dont' think I've ever gone past about 120ish. Finding more q6 M60s is a pain. Got lots of Q6 everything else (just got the Q6 steel leg armor, last I need, and got 2 from Dishong) Couple recipies I don't have yet, so still hunting those. But getting ALL the books, yup, that feels goooddd! (and yeah, leading zombies through minefields is hilarious. just don't get too close to the booms)
  19. There's a small old west town in the desert with most of the new old west buildings. Just did a playthrough of it last night. I thought ALL the POI were in navez, but not all made it to the RWG maps. (I know the skyscrapers don't, and they aren't all in the pregen maps either. PREGEN02 has 3 of 4 tho. no pharma tower)
  20. Obviously it was on sale. Buy 2 get 1 free. d'oh!
  21. New method is faster in that you plop the plot, plot the seed plop, and that's it. prefect. Don't have to waste fertilizer, or time (although many have too much time on their hands these days), Some plants it's much easier to harvest (now that we have to punch), if they are 1 block away from each other. So alternating plots make it simple. (and putting the plots in a checkerboard pattern looks kinda cool) Pita to do the old way, unless you: Block out farm area (say 10x10) Place woodframes in checker pattern. Put dirt in each open spot. Hoe each piece of dirt. Plant. New: Plo
  22. There isn't a gap at the one catwalk, until you walk over it. *SPLOOSH* oh, that gap.
  23. If you play on RWG maps (or any of the PREGEN0x maps), you'll get the apt complex ones. Sometimes, that's the only ones in range of the trader. Shotgun messiah is an easy one IF you use guns. Vultures are annoying on clear quests (at least one always gets bugged). It's the waterworks that I hate. that collapsing catwalk, that dumps you into water where YOU can't shoot/hit anything, yet the zeds can hit you. grrrr. Never had dishong/pharma ones yet. Dishong is in PREGEN02, so planning to go for that one soon.
  24. corn, bluebeeries, potatoes, no issues with hitting to harvest. coffee, red/yellow flowers, and mushrooms are a PITA! harvesting the spores for 'shrooms is a pain too. I've gone to a checkerboard pattern for the farms, as it's about the only way to reduce the rage when harvesting. Oh, have to remember to remove something from the toolbar when harvesting, so that WHEN you miss, you don't destroy the farm plot. I DO like the new plots vs the old fertilizer. Much easier to tell where to plant.
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