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  1. I'm not worried about the pigs. I've also yet to find a single beaker, or the workstation schematic. Normally, I have a bunch by now. RNG is just sucky this time. For meat, I get wolves wandering to my base and easily shoot them while they rub up against the pointy things attached to the support pillars. (love the highways from nitrogen. base up top, bars 2 blocks below the roadway for a cage, floor is 3 blocks above ground) (spikes on the poles and ... meat and xp delivery system) I'll have to do a screenshot of it.
  2. Day 35 and not a single boar spawn seen, except the horde of them dropped on me via mischief maker. (which promptly got me killed) 😛 Boars in farm POI are there, but haven't seen a single one in the wild. Everything else, yes. Just no bacon.
  3. There are tools that let servers do backups, so would be nice if that functionality was integrated at some point for single play. It DOES take up a lot of space if you don't keep track of it though. (I filled up a drive with backups without realizing it. oops!)
  4. It used to be 50 blocks, may be 100 now, not sure. If you dig down from a mountain type, you can get deep enough that they won't see/hear you. Bloodmoon excepted of course.
  5. Just curious as to which POI were considered to be gamebreakingly overpowered. there are a few that had insane amounts of loot, which I found hilarious. The library tower had a LOT of books, but it's a library, it should have a lot of books. (also had a lot of zombies, so had to work to get them) btw, I cleared 3 of those towers, never did get the workstation schematic I was looking for. (or a couple others) RNG is still RNG, so I hope that got left alone. I checked the changlog, and it doesn't say which ones got loot reductions. (I'd like to check them in 45 before going to 46+) Just for giggles.
  6. There is at least 1 on pregen02. (or used to be) Farming said corn for glue is fine. Easier than hunting bones.
  7. When the experimental goes stable, then the experimental tab tends to just vanish. It comes back when they release a new exp. (19.2bxx) This is normal. Nothing to panic over.
  8. want, need, whatever.. /waves hand airily (and no, I don't like inventory micromanagement) (double and: yes, I'm a greedy packrat) 😜
  9. *I* do, and use it. (and with compopak, I can fill that easily. (eg: go clear the library building)) I just made your 96 slot bag a bit bigger. (and 132 slot storage boxes, including the writable one) (and no, not gonna post it without permissions, as I merged it with the 120 slot one from steadman420)
  10. Yes, you can craft safes. mid game I make gunsafes to hold ammo and explosives. They fill up fast though. (even with the stacking)
  11. I suppose could just start new game, god mode up to 200m at lvl 1, turn off god mod, splat. repeat. cheesy yes. I may do that once I get to the 100 deaths, as it would take forever to get to 500. (or, just just do a pvp match with someone and just spend the time shooting each other. heh) again, cheesy.
  12. I'm only missing the die 100/500 times, all the pvp ones (I don't do that) and the hidden freeze yer tukas off one. I'm going to have to try and get that hidden one. The dying a lot, well, after a certain point, it gets very difficult to get kilt. (will full parkour, the boot mod, I dropped from 500 m and did not die. 10hp left, but not dead, and no broken leg. umf.) (did that one on a stream. was kinda funny)
  13. steamcmd can be installed and the server install using the anonymous login. Clients though, yup, steam required.
  14. I tried blowing up the construction tower in A16. Could NOT make the whole thing fall down. was...annoying and hilarious.
  15. Shake it baby! (now we have something to spend those old dollar bills on) (quote from Duke Nukem 3d)
  16. logout/in fixes it for a bit. they are annoying, but.. (at least it does for me)
  17. Or cut the zed block damage to 25%. That helps when they all stack up on 1 block. (tossing explosives into the pyramid of zeds tho.... )
  18. so down the road, someone will mod out the party girls dress... and someone else will make a cheerleader outfit for her. (and someone will do the same to BigMomma) 💩
  19. I leave that place alone until I have machine guns. Then I go in.... loaded for bear. 😜
  20. same. hmm.. wonder if you can convert them to sand in the cement mixer?
  21. Whatever you DO decide to get, try to keep future upgrades in mind as the wallet permits. Skimping on RAM? ok, but can you upgrade to more later? SSD? HD? How *many* drives can you physically add? m.2? nvme? even if you don't get that type of drive now, CAN you add one later? Video cards are the ones you can most easily swap out for better later on. Upgrading the CPU is more of a why bother. (besides, the way they keep changing the blasted sockets, not much point) keyboard/mouse? heh. those you will end up replacing over the years. (left mouse button tends to break for gamers... hrmmm. wonder why?)
  22. I'd wait on the new AMD cards and benchmarking of both as well. Pricing always gets shuffled about (read: lower) at that point. min 16gb for gaming these days. Always, always get a stronger power supply than what you expect to needs. If you cut it too close, things get .... weird. I'm looking at the same for next year for my 60th. (I do tend to go overboard though. Finding a mobo than can take more than 64gb won't be easy..)
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