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  1. @blugold1 Looks like you have to shoot things. That's my point. I can sit in the door and just afk for the entire night if I want to. That's with 64 zeds. on insane. (ok, vultures I may have to shoot, only because they are annoying and won't come into range. (need a different roof access for the cage)
  2. For early ammo, check the graves around the church. Seems the ammo was buried there. Lots of it. brass is always the issue early on for making bullets. Late game? smelting dukes.
  3. I don't buy ammo except very early on. Better to mine the resources and craft my own. (generally you get more brass casings from the dukes than buying the ammo) Some of the specialty ammo though... maybe. I always try to aim for 10k min for horde. (just in case)
  4. You can take balanced, and make it overpowered. Dart traps are my example. They don't do too much damage, but put 15 rows of them (stacked 2 high on each side of a corridor, with electric fences) and that becomes overpowered. Mind you, you have to WORK to make that, and feeding those things is not exactly trivial. (and if you screw up and break one of the traps, it's a pita to fix) Someone will always come up with a way to stop the zeds in their tracks on horde night, without using cheese. Enough ACTIVE defenses, along with the player,
  5. Buried supplies tend to be very close to the middle. Treasure maps, can be anywhere, including the very edge. (if it weren't for some really good amts of dukes, I wouldn't bother. but 20k dukes? that's half a q6 solar panel)
  6. portable shredder works fine. now to seriously up the magazine size. (still takes a couple hits on the late stage zeds, like demos, but, vultures get blasted into oblivion) ragdoll is hilarious still.
  7. - destroyed workbenches/chemstation/cementmixers can be wrenched for forged iron. make some repair kits early. - if you find high performance running shoes keep one pair. They are great until you get a vehicle. (swap armor out for the run, then back in for the fight/poi) - sham/salmon/chili try to save for cookery later on oh yes. - try not to die. if this means running away, by all means do so. - falling off ladders smarts. - keep a bunch of wood frames in inventory. (like at least a 100) - there is no such thing as too many bullets - until you get 4 in i
  8. Odd as it sounds, it sorta, kinda makes sense. Machine guns. You'd think military armor right? (light) um... Fort and Str? hmmm heavy armor? machine guns, shotguns, clubs, knuckes and puff the magic dragon, ok. cart the bigger f'n guns, wear the tank armor and ... ok. rifles, pistols, bows, sneaky ninja sniper assassin types, yes, light armor. one shot or you messed up... finesse, now graahhhh! POW! BAM! BIFF! aside from the combat related stuff, most of the other is a grab however you want. I never take the mech perk earl
  9. Multiple LCB? before loading the game, dropdown the console and type: sg landclaimcount 10 and it sets it to 10 It works if you do it before you start a new game, and I think it will change it for current ones. For servers, there is a setting in the serverconfig file for it.
  10. Sideways does take some work. Shovel to get all the gravel/sand on the main level (or the sides). It's a one hit with steel, so .... Auger for main ores/rocks. Drifting around the blocks being mined. Controlled collapses for sides. I've got some rather large open pit mines. (I'll try and make a couple short clips tonight/this weekend)
  11. Odd, my tanky/punchy machine gunner build does just fine. hrmmm.. Swapping helmets with either cowboy hat or the skullcap mods with either extra warm/cooling as well as duster/puffer swap works well. I may get a a bit chilly or warm, but nothing extreme. (I do take LL/BB late game, but early/mid? nope. never in lockpick) motherload/miner yes, 4pts rather fast.
  12. only 40 block strip mine? Way, way too small. I do strip mining, mountain reduction style diggery. I don't like cave'ins on me, so just let it fall, dig out the clay and rocks and keep going. I gotta remember to NOT dig out the roads tho, or if I do, put bridge in.. oops!
  13. See, and THIS is why I'm outta popcorn! again! (cause I know what happens next...)
  14. I'm going to just wait and see: A) how the food consumption works out when actually playing, B) above know that TFP can/will tweak it if need be, C) knowing *I* can tweak it if need be. until then, non-issue. (and I'm outta popcorn darn it!)
  15. If there is one left, it's usually a bugged birdie, or a hidden sleeper that never activated. Following the light path is the way to go. Shotgun Messiah is an easy T5 one, I do that one a lot. (moar guns) Shamway is annoying to me. Hospital, meh. Dishong: Huge, and a few nervewracking parts way up top getting from A-B. (the walkways, one oops and... ) Construction Tower is also nervewracking. Jumps and Ladders. Me and ladders do not get along. (I fall off. a lot) you can also just pop into god mode to hunt the last zombie down. I
  16. hmm... it was just the right size the way it was to use as a starter base. oh well, if I have to go back to building from scratch, I can do that.
  17. Once I get the book that lets me harvest doorknobs from doors, I go back and hit all the POI I've cleared and chop out all the doors. That lets me know if I've done the place or not. Otherwise, there is usually a hole in the front by the door that I made to get out once the place is clear. I hope that A19 though, has moved the TREES a bit further from the POI, particularly the oak ones, with the ginormous branches that clip into the buildings. Going into a room , having zeds attack and you can't SEE them for the shrubbery... well, that's annoying.
  18. The flapping arms, looking down at the ground... growling..? I call him the tech support zombie. That's what you get after 1 too many stoopid questions. <=- TS for over 30 yrs. (only drawback is, he still has hair. mind you, he does seem to be trying to rip it out, soo....) 😛
  19. What's a manual? (I read them, but as an ancient tech support weenie... well.. "I'm making progress! I got him to take the shrink wrap off the manual!" )
  20. Lockpicks are the only way though, for the safes behind the traders (the ones you can reach) VERY nice early on to loot their stuff and sell it back.
  21. steel pickaxe with mining perks also works rather quickly. (one day, I'll try an auger on a safe. just for giggles)
  22. T5 quests give you a Q6 item. You can just find Q6 stuff looting. So, put on them lucky goggles and have at it. (yes, RNG may hate you. RNG hating you here, is a pale thing compared to it hating you in say, FTL)
  23. I'm curious about how difficult/time consuming it would be to add more paint textures. Honest question, no snarkiness, as I have no clue. (the question of *what* new paint/textures to add, well, that's a tough one. long and complicated arguements would happen) edit: ah, just saw the post about finite paint space, and they are aren't streamed. so not so easy it would seem. hrmm..
  24. I was surprised at how big it was. I didn't measure how many blocks/meters. (I'll take a look tonight and edit this for a rough idea) EDIT: appears to be 510m x 510m so not small
  25. It works, just note that the regions are very large. I saved my last base, and it also saved the areas nearby I dug up, and the first horde base I built in the nearby town. Also, any looted buildings etc, remain looted.
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