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  1. With the current physics and ragdoll effect, running over a zombie with a locomotive at full speed would be hilarious! I want!
  2. Oh, forgot to mention, THANK YOU for the new ragdoll effects on the zombies. Absolutely hilarious! Horde base is a 7x7 block a bit back from one of the trailers. zombies go up the ramp or the trellis, across the roof, then 1 block hop up to the single line of blocks leading to the top of the base. that 1 block hop worked great in 18, but now? Comedy gold. When they're all piling up, they jump, stagger and .... some fall off. Shoot them in the leg? Stagger and the one behind, so eager to get to my minimal braaaiinnsss... pushes the wounded one off. The zombie dogs? hee-hee. Hop. fall. hilarious yip when they hit the ground. repeat. Run out of the crypt in the church. stagger, then trip over the gravestone and faceplant? This effect is a solid winner! I hope we still get SOME larger critters in the day. (deer, boars) The odd bear/wolf would be nice too. (just not 5 in one 800m stretch) I know, yer gonna be tweaking this a bunch. (so Ima stockpile while I can)
  3. b163 drops. did all the updates. fire up the server. Have 2 treasure maps to do that dropped on horde night. Hop on the bicycle. go half a block. ooohh a bear. Shoot bear. take a bit of claw damage. Loot bear. get on bike, go another block... oh another bear. shoot, loot. keep going. A wolf. more fresh meat. Get to where the treasure is. Bear is guarding it. Kill bear. Loot treasure. (much digging) head back to base, to start 2nd treasuremap. Enter town. Hey, didn't I kill that bear? bangbangbang... need a better pistol. Where did YOU come from? (bear hiding on other side of building) Yes 5 bears couple wolves just on that one run (800m from base) Next treasure map got a couple more. Town pretty much cleared out. Take the quest to go to the next trader. Bears, wolves, boars, stags, and 2 chickens. (those get clubbed) So in 2 days, the 2 of us got the meat pile up from about 60 to 840!! wee bit much. Now, I hope all that largesse was just because it was the new update, and it was populating the critters for the first time, and I won't have that as a daily thing. (otherwise, I'll be doing 5 thousand steaks for MM again) 😛 It was fun though!
  4. Slower progression is fine, the regular wooden club is actually useful now, for a surprisingly long time. Stam drain for mining.... um... 3 pts in sexrex and iron tools you can pretty much mine non stop (short pauses)... steel, not so much. stone tools, yup, easy, but takes forever to mine anything. eating more often, that may need a little tweaking (same on stam) Nowhere near a bad as 17. Different from 18, oh yes. LOVE the faceplanting of the zombies. DO NOT LIKE: Fat mama falling out of the ceiling right on your head. Need Brain Bleach now! graaaaahhh!! (ok, the ginormouse gramma panties is a nice touch) 😛
  5. It's teasing us! mumble..... ya sneaks! oh well, back to work for me..
  6. Hardware store and gun store are what I try to hit early. For the obvious reasons. I expect to find iron tools at least, and some guns in the gunstore. (same for gun safes, although ammo is good too)
  7. See, and THIS is why I'm outta popcorn! again! (cause I know what happens next...)
  8. I'm going to just wait and see: A) how the food consumption works out when actually playing, B) above know that TFP can/will tweak it if need be, C) knowing *I* can tweak it if need be. until then, non-issue. (and I'm outta popcorn darn it!)
  9. Once I get the book that lets me harvest doorknobs from doors, I go back and hit all the POI I've cleared and chop out all the doors. That lets me know if I've done the place or not. Otherwise, there is usually a hole in the front by the door that I made to get out once the place is clear. I hope that A19 though, has moved the TREES a bit further from the POI, particularly the oak ones, with the ginormous branches that clip into the buildings. Going into a room , having zeds attack and you can't SEE them for the shrubbery... well, that's annoying. Bigger backpack: yeah, I would like that too. *some* inventory management is fine, but too much is a pita. yes, I'll drop some chests in the Q5 quest POI for stuff, as I can even fill the 120 slot backpack. (yes, I grab everything that is grabbable. yes 120 is a tad large) removing the bits of coal/nitrate/wood/shale will help a bit.) Bigger STORAGE boxes now... that I really would like. No reason for them to be small. (backpack I can see, and agree to a point)
  10. The flapping arms, looking down at the ground... growling..? I call him the tech support zombie. That's what you get after 1 too many stoopid questions. <=- TS for over 30 yrs. (only drawback is, he still has hair. mind you, he does seem to be trying to rip it out, soo....) 😛
  11. What's a manual? (I read them, but as an ancient tech support weenie... well.. "I'm making progress! I got him to take the shrink wrap off the manual!" )
  12. I'm curious about how difficult/time consuming it would be to add more paint textures. Honest question, no snarkiness, as I have no clue. (the question of *what* new paint/textures to add, well, that's a tough one. long and complicated arguements would happen) edit: ah, just saw the post about finite paint space, and they are aren't streamed. so not so easy it would seem. hrmm..
  13. I was surprised at how big it was. I didn't measure how many blocks/meters. (I'll take a look tonight and edit this for a rough idea) EDIT: appears to be 510m x 510m so not small
  14. It works, just note that the regions are very large. I saved my last base, and it also saved the areas nearby I dug up, and the first horde base I built in the nearby town. Also, any looted buildings etc, remain looted.
  15. I should put the zombie block damage back to 100%, and try the dart trap base again. 60 traps will handle an entire horde of 64 zombies on insane, I can just nap, or shoot birds. (well, poke my head up, lead'em down and let the shotgun turrets do the work) Dart traps don't trigger demos, at least when shooting from the sides. (and they hit the legs and head anyway) but yes, demo does need tuning.
  16. Better see Trader Doc Jen about that. oh, wait....
  17. That is a good point. Equiv to freeze dried foods, jerky etc. stuff that lasts practically forever. All kinds of possibilities for future builds. (or dlc whathaveyou)
  18. Food spoilage again. ok. Once you get farms going, making fresh food really isn't an issue. Gets to the point where I have too much cooked, farms are idle as I really don't need to harvest them. Question then becomes, what do you do with the spoiled food? Just toss it or ?? Been doing FO76 again, and food spoils fairly fast (couple game days), but, you then turn it into fertilizer (10:1 ratio) Makes sense, think, composting. So, if something like that (as in turn spoiled food into something, maybe nitrate, if fertilizer isn't brought back), then it does make sense. So nope, not against it anymore. (even an old goat can change his tune.) ((earplugs are on the table over there -->> ))
  19. True, but there are vultures in the burnt forest as well. (batting practice time) Starting in normal forest will be nice, as it should give us a chance to get a few things to survive. Kinda stinks when a cat/coyote eats you as soon as you get the run to the trader quest, and you barely go 100m. oops. mumble. drat. oh well, not far from the bedroll. heh. Used to be the dogs were a real worry. Now, it's more "bad dog! no biscuit! *punch*" (and dogs are hilarious on pathing/jumping to a 1 block wide walkway. they fall down a lot. giggle) Looking forward to seeing what new surprises y'all have tucked away for us.
  20. This is very welcome news. So no getting eaten by kitty cats, mutated mutts, or coyotes/vultures. Just worry about the big bad wolf, Yogi, and porky. (well, porky only if you hit first)
  21. 2 shotting a 900/1200hp tree IS kinda nice. I had all the mining perks, and most of the other melee perks, so didn't make the connection with that book series. That would also explain the shooting out the walls in POI as well. methinks the wood hit is applying to the machine gun as well. (which means I have to aim more carefully)
  22. You mean the badminton birdies? Iron club or baseball bat will take care of'em. (so will a pistol or shotgun. or ak, or.. ok, any gun)
  23. At night, dig, chop, craft. Once i have wheels, I'll head out before dawn towards a poi,. oh, and kill the zeds that come sniffin round my stuff. (and then repair whatever they were banging on) If I have the helmet light, then I'll do POI at night too. I don't just cower and hide from them anymore. Kill'em first is my motto.
  24. well, it does work under linux if launched from a terminal, from that folder. from a filemanager, nope.
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