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  1. With the current physics and ragdoll effect, running over a zombie with a locomotive at full speed would be hilarious! I want!
  2. If those are going to spawn on Day 1, then we need the pistol (and bullets!) also avail from Day 1 GS 1. (unless you want to try having 5 blunderbuss on your bar... i did use 3 on the bar for oh crap moments, but not on bears) I've got Q6 padded armor, a Q3 pistol and AK, and the pistol handles bears just fine. (so did the Q2). I get nibbled on, but not badly. Wolves same thing, but they are faster, and everything does the zig-zag approach. I'm actually having to use painkillers this playthrough. Been a long time since I've had to use those.
  3. That's what's making it hard to balance. How many people? More people, need more food. They'll get the right balance eventually, and at least they are working on it with that in mind. SP by day 100 I have enough to feed an army. (I tend to overdo things. 5 floors of gardens. corn.bluebeery.mushrooms.taters.the annoying sized plants. going to have to do another floor this time, just for coffee.)
  4. Oh, forgot to mention, THANK YOU for the new ragdoll effects on the zombies. Absolutely hilarious! Horde base is a 7x7 block a bit back from one of the trailers. zombies go up the ramp or the trellis, across the roof, then 1 block hop up to the single line of blocks leading to the top of the base. that 1 block hop worked great in 18, but now? Comedy gold. When they're all piling up, they jump, stagger and .... some fall off. Shoot them in the leg? Stagger and the one behind, so eager to get to my minimal braaaiinnsss... pushes the wounded one off. The zombie dogs? hee-hee. Hop. fall. hilarious yip when they hit the ground. repeat. Run out of the crypt in the church. stagger, then trip over the gravestone and faceplant? This effect is a solid winner! I hope we still get SOME larger critters in the day. (deer, boars) The odd bear/wolf would be nice too. (just not 5 in one 800m stretch) I know, yer gonna be tweaking this a bunch. (so Ima stockpile while I can)
  5. No issues with upgrading the server and clients to 163. Windows dedi server. Linux client, and other player with windows client. Even have a few mods going and a couple xml tweaks. zero issues, just LOTS of critters that wanted to be stored in the kitchen. (we obliged)
  6. Yes, there are ways to make a base that can defeat the horde without taking massive damage. (some, yes, of course!) It takes a lot of time and resources to build it, and keep the defenses fed, but it can be done. I did it in 18, and will be trying it in 19. For early hordes, there are several that are simple to build/use that work fine until the demo zeds show up. Mind you, I absolutely HATE the digging aspect of the zombies, my opinion is that it's broken the pathing more than anything else has. (yes, I should be able to dig to bedrock and make a base that the zombies will not bother with, but that's just my opinion. I agree that digging 2 blocks down should NOT be enough to hide. 50 blocks?) Vultures attacking vehicles, well, free feathers and whatnot. You ARE moving, and they attack what moves. I have no problem with that. As for them catching you, well, zombie vultures have superspeed. heh. Just be glad they don't have zombie seagulls. (and that turds were removed from the game) ewwwwww.... 😛
  7. Got almost 800 meat in 2 days on pregen02 last night. Just 2 on the server right now, so it's a bit much for meats. That's the thing though, SP vs MP, and with 4 or more ppls, yes, would need that. Scaling based on population would be nice. of course, now I have to start making more bullets as it takes a full clip plus a few from the 9mm to kill a bear. (he gets to munch on me a bit) All these bears, I may go back to the str/fort build and steel knuckles. I soooo much fun knocking bears noggin off with 1 punch)
  8. b163 drops. did all the updates. fire up the server. Have 2 treasure maps to do that dropped on horde night. Hop on the bicycle. go half a block. ooohh a bear. Shoot bear. take a bit of claw damage. Loot bear. get on bike, go another block... oh another bear. shoot, loot. keep going. A wolf. more fresh meat. Get to where the treasure is. Bear is guarding it. Kill bear. Loot treasure. (much digging) head back to base, to start 2nd treasuremap. Enter town. Hey, didn't I kill that bear? bangbangbang... need a better pistol. Where did YOU come from? (bear hiding on other side of building) Yes 5 bears couple wolves just on that one run (800m from base) Next treasure map got a couple more. Town pretty much cleared out. Take the quest to go to the next trader. Bears, wolves, boars, stags, and 2 chickens. (those get clubbed) So in 2 days, the 2 of us got the meat pile up from about 60 to 840!! wee bit much. Now, I hope all that largesse was just because it was the new update, and it was populating the critters for the first time, and I won't have that as a daily thing. (otherwise, I'll be doing 5 thousand steaks for MM again) 😛 It was fun though!
  9. I always buy up all the corn meal when it shows at the vendor. It's super cheap, and don't need all that much, just saves on converting corn (which I do need) Taters I buy, shrooms early on yes, later on no. Canned stuff, never did before, now I am.
  10. Slower progression is fine, the regular wooden club is actually useful now, for a surprisingly long time. Stam drain for mining.... um... 3 pts in sexrex and iron tools you can pretty much mine non stop (short pauses)... steel, not so much. stone tools, yup, easy, but takes forever to mine anything. eating more often, that may need a little tweaking (same on stam) Nowhere near a bad as 17. Different from 18, oh yes. LOVE the faceplanting of the zombies. DO NOT LIKE: Fat mama falling out of the ceiling right on your head. Need Brain Bleach now! graaaaahhh!! (ok, the ginormouse gramma panties is a nice touch) 😛
  11. Bigger backpack, storage boxes, vehicle storage. yup. I use'em too. Even with the absurdly large backpack, if I clear say, shotgun messiah, I have to put a storage box down just inside the entrance. Managing inventory is one thing, micromanaging is something else. same with 3 slots for the forge. even with that it still takes a long time (or a lotta forges) to make things in quantity) I'll also change a few of the stack sizes later, more for consistency. (concrete/cement to 6k from 1, and I changed iron darts to 1500, since that's how many it takes to fill 1 dart trap. Bullet stacks I also changed. Mostly since I make those in absolutely insane amounts) Bandages/FA kits etc, I left alone. Had a box full of those in a18, but I did like the lower stack numbers. Although upping them to 10 from 5 just to keep them the same with regular bandages... maybe. just my 2 coppers.
  12. Sorry to hear that. The storage/backpacks mostly work. Found the storage box issue. what Weps said, I just changed the 1 to a 5. adding the line does make more sense.
  13. odd, the storage boxes while working now, don't seem to be bigger... 8x9 instead of the 13x11 hrmm.. ok, the secure storage box is the right size, but the wooden storage box is not. (the one that takes nails to make)
  14. y'all know I'm gonna be slorshed by the time I get these tested and working. 96, 120 either is way better than the default. (mind you, I can overload the 120 later on, but..) yep, 1078 did the trick. I'll try Khaines thing with the bars later. that's enough farting about with the mods for now. Time to kill zeds and drinsksies moars beers. (I've had a few....) Canada Day tomorrow, so early start... thanks all.
  15. I was testing in Linux, so switched to windows to try. everything is updating now... Should just be a matter of changing the position, but I can't see where that would go. umf.
  16. the 120 slot backback with bigger player storage, the 2 boxes overlap. need to move the storage box left a bit. ok, so why do mine mess up... hrm... ohh wait... nope, no go. storage boxes overlap with the backpack, and not getting anywhere near the number of non-overloaded slots as before. Only using the 120+player one, and the vehicle one. deleted the rest. phooey!
  17. I'll check them after work myself. figured the huds would be broked, but the storage/crafting is what I'm really after.
  18. Going to add a "Pleeeaaasseeee!!!" to the above.
  19. It's teasing us! mumble..... ya sneaks! oh well, back to work for me..
  20. If you change PROMOTIONAL to ADVERTISING, then it should be clear that reaching the widest audience is the goal. Thus, the follow/subs minimum count. (think ratings on tv) Has zip, zero, nada about loyalty. It's an Advertising/Marketing thing. I'd love to be streaming the game this weekend. Nope, don't even have 500 followers yet, nevermind 5000. So what, I can wait a couple more days. We always get the same thing each streamer weekend. (and I'm outta popcorn again dagnabbit!) 😛
  21. I don't use many of the temp perk stuff, but, for laughs, try a run and gun on horde night, BUT, bring a buncha orange crush things. Think Benny Hill here. (and with with maxed iron stomach, you get a nice length of time)
  22. Hardware store and gun store are what I try to hit early. For the obvious reasons. I expect to find iron tools at least, and some guns in the gunstore. (same for gun safes, although ammo is good too)
  23. I prefer to shoot them too. I just tested to see if it would work where I didn't shoot. It did. (I'll turn the front half off/on just to get some action.) While it's effective, I do want to see about doing something a bit different in 19. (dunno what tho)
  24. I leave the doors for the same reason. Amusing to then run about, harvest all the doors from cleared poi, and come back with 100 doorknobs. (bold/underlined) chuckle. possibly. Fire discipline.
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