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  1. Firefox same thing. All scripts were enabled, Adblock off. no joy. Set chrome as default and it worked fine. Win 10. Have to try again under linux though. (been testing my win10 *cough* upgrade *cough*.) šŸ˜›
  2. If you do the trap corridor, each put down 1 side. My dart trap base uses 60. 2 rows of 15, 2 high on each side. Electric fence for each row. Dunno if you can each put down 1 half of the fence as well. Also dunno if you can wire up someone elses traps. But, if you can, then that should solve the shared problem for now.
  3. Int with traps can basically sit back and take a nap during hordes if done right. You will need mining and LOTS of iron though. 60 dart traps take a lot of feeding, but can handle pretty much ANY horde. It gets kinda boring. (just remember to turn OFF the 'lectricity before you go collect the loot bags) oops! šŸ˜› (yes, I forgot once) (once)
  4. Climbing the final ladder in the construction building, stepping onto the platform....... right onto a mine. Blew me off the building. The landing smarted. I died. A16.4 That building also could not be brought down. it was magic or something. over 500 explosive barrels, much dynamite.. nope. (we found it hilarious, and figured it was something with the crane)
  5. So the #spoil does the food the player is carrying AND stored food at the base? I can see on the player being fine (and a bloody nuisance), but all the reserve food at the base (safe zone).. that would get that particular command turned off in a hurry for me at least. I like the thought of it wiping out the cooked foods, but leaving the canned stuff alone. Nope, no 'psgetti for you. Have this lovely can of catfood instead. šŸ˜œ heh.
  6. The video shows exactly what I saw, and indeed, answers what I thought it might be. The patchnotes, and the pdf do NOT mention this in any way. oops! Odd that the game needs to be selected in obs though. This means we have to stream what our settings are etc. (unless you have an image that can cover the screen you can fire up like I do for a certain mods loading image. (I hide that)) Thanks Unholyjoe!
  7. Using firefox as well. I was wondering if had to have an active stream first. I wanted to check the settings while OFFLINE first, without having to read through the xml. check in game settings then do xml is my way. Thanks for the info. will see what happens.
  8. Linux. "Connection Failed. Try again!" is all it says. Nothing in the logs about the login at all. Now, the oauth page has: After clicking Authorize, you will be redirected to http://localhost:56207, a website: So I click authorize and then get the connection failed. Port forwarding for the game is ok (33100) I even opened up 56207, no difference. There's not a lot of info on how to get it going. Do I have to have the stream live? Wee bitta help here pls kthx oh, no mods at this point.
  9. standard ammo for the m60. fancy stuff for .9mm and .44 guns. AK with scope and silencer.. HP for sneaky headshots. (only good once you have the no dmg penalty for silencers perk) M60 std ammo as ya just need to make more bullits and get gud on headshots with it. (used to be dead simple until they started wobbling when they jump up. Now, not quite as easy, but, the giggle factor when the hop up the last block to the straight killing walkway, and then fall OFF before I can shoot... heh) Dogs are really really stupid on that last jump. They fall off about half the time.
  10. It's just plain fun to blow stuff up? Hold my beer.... šŸ˜›
  11. I've had some large caverns dug out of rock with no supports and it just would not fall down. Dirt, that I try to get rid of until I get to rock. Sand of course, collapses if you just look at it. Roads I've dug under and put supports up (pillars then the blocks between them) Yes, I've driven into the open pits more than once. Channeling E.K no doubt. :D
  12. Open pit strip mining with controlled deliberate collapses. That's how I do it. Otherwise known as Grand Canyon Mining Inc. šŸ˜›
  13. Boats, or... if you have a place waaaayyy up north... that might work too. "The Last Canadian" covered it. Not zombies but... plague.
  14. cardio, healing, motherload/mining, cardio to run. healing well... duh. the 2 mining ones help with doing dig quests, Q2 axe/shovel. I tend to go tanky/punchy/machinegunny so... that's my start for that.
  15. I find them hilarious to use for hordenight. The junkyard POIs have the sunken bay (from auto repair type shops).. With the right setup, the zeds tend to flock to that since they can't get to you and you just toss a bunch into that bay,, then 1 to set them all off. I've bounced zeds off the ceiling doing that. Hilarious. Trick is getting them into a nice cluster to make it worthwhile. As for throw distance, block dmg etc: not realistic with explosives yes. 10 zombies all stacked into hitting ONE block isn't realistic either. (which is why I cut their block dmg to 25%) Dynamite: huge block damage. used for clearing a road/shortcut through a mountain. WILL gen screamers fast though. (what a surprise) Grenades: don't use much, so dunno. Pipe Bombs: a fun thing. use a lot. (just like in Duke Nukem 3D.) Used on horde nights only, no screamers during that. So no, they are not too strong. oh, I play MY way, you play YOURS. As long as we're having fun, both ways are fine. (you in the the generic sense)
  16. Drive-Thru Zombies. Sometimes you can launch them into low orbit. (same for deer, Bears, (oh gods that one is hilarious) etc) Ok, now I'm shutting up and getting more coffee.
  17. while it's random, it does tend to cluster. Auger because it hits more often, procs more often. no duh. With a steel pickaxe, it will proc, just keep smashing away. Annoyingly, with the auger, the double procs always seem to be when I'm right near the end of the block, and the second one takes out the block below. Messing up my nice tidy mining ops. tsk. (for fun, would be nice if that 1 hit would apply to zeds when using an auger. instagib. hee-hee) I still need more coffee.
  18. I just found the recipies for psgettie and tunafish gravytoast while looting a building. already had 3 pts in master chef, but not the 4th pt yet, and now, I can delay that. So yup, put at least 1 pt in cooking, unless you do a buncha dig quests (which you should), and get the recipies. Save the canned stuff that can be used in recipies unless starving. There's still a bunch you can eat otherwise. (cat/dog food, chicken rations/soup (why is there no recipe for those!!), pears) Sham should save some for sham chowder, but it is plentiful, so can eat that. No way should anyone be starving, unless you go with lower loot %. If you do that, then yer not gonna whine. Better not. alternatively, put points into living off the land quickly and get a farm going. duh. doesn't have to be a big farm. (and don't make farm plots without 2 pts in LOTL. half price for plots. a no brainer) I need more coffee.
  19. I like the Heavy armor, punchy punch, machine gun build myself. Later on, points in Int for max crafting (bullits), and the 50% xp from electrical traps. Dart traps are very nice. A punchy bot early on is helpful too. (and hilarious) just my 2 dukes worth.
  20. As for the 1 meat vs 5, they upped how much meat you get from the critters, so that the percentage increase from perks would work. 20% more of 1 ? nope. 20% of 5 means 1 extra. Max that perk and go through Bobs Boars. You come out with an insane amount of meat.
  21. I do know if you are using Nitrogen to gen the map, there is a shared spawnpoint option. BTW, that is something that really should be added in the base game for co-op as an option. (hinta-hinta) I should look into the xml and see what nitrogen does. Probably just what is posted above, only 1 spawnpoint.
  22. It's very fun, but be caaarreeefuuullll.... some of them have Sooprizez! heh-heh. You want more zombies? Try the compopak. heh-heh-heh. (I was going to mention the pak when I saw the thread today, but ya beat me to it) There are a couple really, really huge POI in it.
  23. True, but they do make a nice sound if you shoot them with a bow up close as they are running towards you. šŸ˜›
  24. I'll heal with meds too, it's much faster. Of course, then need to drink to offset that, but water is much easier to get/make. (and once you get to make purified water....) Mind you, none of that helps with broken/sprained bones. That takes time to heal, and being impatient, I like as much HF as I can get. :D
  25. I wouldn't call it OP, but yes, with the books, heavy armor, HF, IS, you do become a tank and very very hard to kill. HOWEVER, charging into a mob and punchy punching away, while fun, t'ain't so fun when "your exhausted" (need a vitamin) or, sprained arm. etc. (it happens, annoying too) I do the STR/FORT build a lot. Punch the individual/small groups, M60 for the big groups or the green ones. One punch popping the head of a bear is soooooo satisfying though. (same for one-shotting those stupid leaping lizard zeds. I really really hate them.) I never noticed any extra food drain. But using food faster to heal faster, well, does make sense. (and if you have a buncha points in Fort, then you should have a farm and be making better foods) (sham should be going to sham chowder of course, as you do get an HP buff, which if melee fighting, you are going to want)
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