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  1. You just gave a lot of other PvP guys ideas. Also spoiled your own secret.
  2. I'd like it to be like the special quests from traders where I can have it and another separate quest on the side, personally. The idea being that you won't finish one of these "side quests" quickly necessarily.
  3. I've seen a couple really brilliant suggestions that I like. I don't mind the lootbag drops over looting zombies, as if a bag drops it tells me there is guaranteed loot versus searching an empty zombie. I do wish I could hack up zombies for rotten flesh, but at least I get that with the undead bears, dogs and vultures. Also random gore piles, so it isn't remotely a wash for me. I can't tell if I've just been lucky or an adjustment was made, but I feel like I see more loot bag drops during the normal 6 days than I used to. I don't need much more incentive to engage with them as in relatively small numbers, and especially alone they pose essentially zero threat to me at my current level of personal experience with this game. I really like the targeted quests with choice rewards like @elektrohund mentioned. I feel like that could be a cool way to improve quest rewards, or even opening another avenue. i.e. Keep the normal quests and have a quest like "punch 100 zombies for a choice Brawling book" or "break down 100 cars for a tool" type nature on the side. Even exchange quests like "Jen needs more first aid kits in exchange for a great weapon". Something you couldn't do in a day but would want to keep grinding at for the reward. We get something akin to this with the notes, but the only ones I bother with are the treasure maps because they actually give loot! Usually dang good loot too. My two cents.
  4. Gonna have to try those halfslabs. I've always used ramps for my hoarde bases and the only things I've seen that are "odd" is sometimes they will attack the ramp, while at the bottom. As in ramp accessible directly in front of them, and they just smack it instead of step forward. Just my experience
  5. +1 on this, these would be some nice quality of life fixes or even options. It is basically second nature for us (though we have whiffed sharing quests which sucks) so I won't be upset if these things are never implemented, but I like what you're onto. The one I would like is the trader inventory access. If it's two or three extra people, we all wait in line for a while and it's a bummer. Especially on fresh stock days.
  6. Replied earlier, so apologies if doubled. Likely stomped for "coarse language" Points bro, very based. We need a "respect" emoji.
  7. Myself and two others discovered it. It will work in single or multi. It seems to screw with how they detect you versus where they can spawn. We were moderate gamestage and only saw I think three of four zombies at all.
  8. This may well have been fixed, however I have found a location that you can skate by unscathed on hoard night save a few initial zombies. The lookout at the far end of the canyon in Navezgane. They seem to exclusively spawn in the canyon when they do spawn, but none ever made it to us and we were surprised when it happened. If you stay in that building and don't leave, we never had a single problem. We don't use this spot anymore for this reason, but that's the one place I've found so far. Second best is to build a bridge to a base in water and rig that bridge up with traps. I've never seen zombies spawn in water if there is land they can spawn on.
  9. It can be, I suppose, but that may be due to our experience with the game as well. We've already done some more "rugged" type of playthroughs and when we want to change it up we do. We're just really efficient when dealing with traders and increasing our gamestage. Once you get your first motorcycle or even minibike the game jumps from a crawl to a run for progress. It also makes it more fun in my opinion, as walking with a bag full of stuff (certified packrat™) and making little boxes everywhere drags it out for how we typically play. That extra storage goes a long way. I also personally feel like the attribute for getting vehicles/stations isn't the most rewarding so I avoid it like the plague. I don't use stun batons much and once I find a gun or compound bow (usually a combo) I stick to it and Intelligence doesn't bolster that or my armour choices, so. Meh, I'll buy it.
  10. Sitting happy with 600+ hours and been plenty content. It was some whiplash with my first three hours in A16 to A17, so I never knew what I missed. I cruise the forum a lot more than I ever post, and rarely log in. Makes me prone to reply to nonsense. Just wanted to say a big thanks to who made this all possible and it's been a damn blast. I'm dying for A20 and soon will be busy with a kid, so my hours will likely dip down tremendously. I've never seen a set of creators so engaged and responsive to both wild and inane criticism and implying the mechanics they ask for. (thank you for the lockpicks bros, but when can I pick doors? ; ) ) I love the diehards who post here and share some good insight and know where this is actually going versus where the trendies wanna go. Ultimately, I got more than my money's worth and I'm grateful for it. Ya'll did a bad ass job, and I appreciate it. Proud of you.
  11. I feel like this depends entirely on how you play the game. My wife and I nailed down two 4x4's and a gyro without ever speccing into it. Between quests and trader buys and grinding, we've never been out of enough money to swing what we needed. If you want to get so far as to produce them yourself, it's end game stuff, it isn't meant to be easy. I can't ever figure out how this game is supposed to feel fair but also like a survival game, but also something else that people critique of it. Not trying to sound harsh at all, and maybe my hours are showing; you can get a gyro without ever spending a point in intelligence should you focus on it. Hit the local Pass-N-Gas spots at higher gamestages and you'll find parts or schematics. The traders fill the rest, typically. You can always make the end result vehicle without having the levels required to make one from scratch (Thank you TFP), so save those parts!
  12. I've noted a trend with older games and slavs getting into them. A lot of older games that I play(ed) have massive slavic followings now. Not sure why that is.
  13. Padded with armour mods is a solid for a long time as well. Parkour is a solid go to for me, frequently. The ability to jump over zombies can get you out of a bind.
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