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  1. I can confirm Dishong is a bit of a pain. My girl and I just did that one recently and had to scour the entire thing for half a day finding the missing three zombies. One is hidden at the first floor stairs which is inaccessible I believe unless you break the door, so that one made no sense if you follow the path laid out.
  2. I'm tellin' you man, it was huge. You had to be there.
  3. I'd love for fishing to become a means of getting meat! Plenty of rivers and lakes, and fishing weights already exist in game. Some wood and a sewing kit, bang, hobo fishing. If I was any good at modding, I would make this happen on my own, but alas I am doomed to play games rather than make them. Thoughts? Opinions? I think it would be fun. Maybe not the most rewarding, say maybe 10-15 meat and some bones. No leather. But how could one make it work in the fish tacos? Fishing up cans of salmon or tuna would also be a fun alternative. Little tongue in cheek humour.
  4. Like I said, I know I'm not the only playstyle out there. I like the standard map more than RWG. I know I'm not a good metric, or at least a viable one. That said, I still find new locations or hidden stuff all the time and I love it. Keeps me coming back. Part of what I don't like about RWG is that it's really just the same assets just being moved around in unpredictable ways. Doesn't really scratch that itch for me, but maybe I'll grow into it. For me I don't mind knowing the layout of the map already, but I can understand how that could become boring or same-y. I tend to play differentl
  5. Honestly, we're ignoring how distracting trader Jen is.
  6. I like the idea of a titanium/tungsten combo being added. Titanium being light, tungsten being tough you get the balance; do you want lighter and less taxing tools or more durable and heavy? I don't know that it's something that would add a lot for me however, as getting a good supply of steel for how I play is already a bit of a chore, and adding a tier would be kind of eh. But I do enjoy the idea, I know I'm not the only playstyle.
  7. That's a lot of load under random gen that I don't know if the devs are focusing on that as much as a static map. My only reasoning for that is that the static map is what gets a lot of the focus while RG is kind of a nice bonus on the side. I'll be frank, I don't mess with RG as much, but that could be that I prefer the standard Navazgane map, personally. Just my two cents. I think seasons could be fun. Every ten or so in game days you get a new season? Maybe have crops only grow within that window? Easier to implement, but makes the snow biome kinda eh.
  8. The outlook at Deadman's Gulch is spawn proof for hoard night. Just a little FYI. It's at the Southern most end of the canyon in the desert biome. I set up there thinking it was solid because the canyon is at almost one entire side and it would be easy to defend and no one showed up to party. I was pretty bummed. I think they spawn either in the canyon, as I saw a few, but most never seemed to show up. Easy way to ride out the hoard if you must. Felt like I missed out though.
  9. I'm siding with the Duke, naturally. His coin is currency for everyone, White River traders included. The White River guys always lose their bags which I get paid to go an retrieve. The Duke doesn't kill you when you create a new character. Clearly a stand up guy. Otherwise Crazy Jake gang all the way. They have you kill chickens with a nail gun. Clearly they know how to have a good time.
  10. Bob's Boars is the best, fight me. That first time through still got me by surprise. Shame the Now kiss
  11. Forgive my ignorance, but how can I do that? It may be a bug with that, I believe I do have that going because it appeals to my photographic interests. Certain, we tend to stop shooting right away and go into harvesting. It's strange and I did consider that, but confirmed that was not it when it happened to me and I one-shot a wolf. Just poof. As for the lobby aspect, no one is invisible/offline. Example: when you are in game, hit escape and look in the upper left and it will say "invite friends" and that option will be dark grey and unavailable. If I exit and com
  12. I used to play around with PvP and it can be kinda fun. It can also be really brutal. Breaking into bases is meant to be difficult, so keep an eye out for things like dynamite or the book that lets you make timed charges (Great Heist I believe) No, you can't break into other people's bikes, but you can break the bike and feel like a royal pain in their ass! As for armour, whatever suits your playstyle. If you just want to be a bullet sponge, go as heavy as you can find/afford. If you wanna be a sneaky boi, go light and hide. When I did PvP I was a total ghost and sn
  13. When you take out a loan on your skill points because the zombie man demands payments and you can't afford to pay it off so you lose your skills. Experience debt.
  14. I agree. Or, maybe remove it entirely and make it a book series and open up the early recipes (bacon and eggs, coffee and teas, the simple stuff). A recipe book series makes perfect sense to me. I only have an issue with it being under strength because to get the later levels in it for things like spaghetti, I need to be pretty deep into the strength tree and unless that suits my build, that's a lot of points I would like elsewhere.
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