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  1. Welcome to the Alpha 21 Developer Diary where members of The Fun Pimp staff will occasionally answer questions, post updates of what they are working on, and give us sneak peaks into the future of 7 Days to Die. This is a focused thread meaning that any off-topic chatter or side conversations not involving a TFP staff member will be moved to an overflow thread in general discussions. In addition, only Alpha 21 features that have been confirmed will show up in the list below. No longer will planned and hoped-for features be posted until they are actually a reality. This means that even though a developer might talk about their wishes for A21 in the body of the thread, those features will not be listed as official A21 features here until they are confirmed as already implemented. A21 Release Date: 2023 CONFIRMED A21 FEATURES New Places of Interest New Decorations Cars, trucks, tractors Furniture and many many new items Additional Advanced World Generation Options Biome Percent Sliders (included in Alpha 20.6) Learn By Reading System 23 new skills to govern crafting (photo in gallery below) 23 new magazines added to loot Perks no longer unlock recipes or govern crafting at all The only schematics that still unlock recipes are mod attachments. Crafting skill is increased by finding and reading magazines Skill increases unlock recipes at certain points as well as increase quality of crafting for items with quality Each tech level has a separate range in the skill spectrum so that you have to work up through primitive tech and then iron tech and then steel tech and being able to craft a blue stone axe no long means you automatically can also craft a blue iron axe. Some skills have 100 levels but others have less depending on how many unlocks there are for recipes and quality tiers. A new skill page showing your progress has been added to the player interface (photo in gallery below) Skill magazines can be found, bought, and/or received as quest rewards. The topic of the magazine matches the location you would expect to find it in the world. Perks slightly affect the probability of finding like-themed magazines and parts for those recipes. Perk into shotguns and you will notice more shotgun magazines and shotgun parts appearing in the world. It isn't a significant bonus but it does prevent the player from being screwed over. When you max out a skill, that slight probability bonus granted by perks for finding the corresponding magazine for that skill drops off. The magazine will still show up randomly in loot but no longer have a boost. The probability boost for finding matching parts will remain. Interactive Environmental Hazards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0mgZ9zB9m4 Flaming broken gas pipes blocking the way. A valve to turn off the gas flow is located elsewhere. Doors Double Doors Partially damaged doors with large holes can be shot/meleed through to damage enemies on the other side Water Simulation All new water coding--water is no longer a block but a water voxel Water voxels flow into neighboring voxels that are marked to allow it. Water can be in the same space as a block Water does not flow or fall continuously like a river or a waterfall Player movement in water has been enhanced Armor New Iron Armor New Commando Military Armor More details to come. Drinking Water Rebalance Murky water is the only water found in loot and water sources. Empty Glass bottles removed from game to match all the rest of the containers in the game Dew collector work station added Players can drink murky water directly from water sources with empty hand by pressing "e". Drinking murky water causes 5 hp of damage and has a chance to give dysentery Pot is now required to boil murky water into boiled water Glue crafting taken into consideration Spears Spear damage increased Spear power attack is a thrust instead of a throw Throw attack for spears removed Chunk Reset Option Default is disabled Options for days all the way up to 70 days Chunk resets to its pregenerated state if no player has entered the chunk after the number of days selected. An active LCB or bedroll will prevent a chunk from resetting. Trader Changes New Trader compounds Trader inventories rebalanced with the new crafting progression Removal of Secret Stash Further specialization of traders and what they carry Electricity Changes Wires only visible when holding wire cutting tool Player HUD changes Danger Meter added to show danger level of biomes and POIs Crafting Recipe Tracker can be toggled to show on the HUD to help players as they gather materials needed for crafting Perk Rebalancing Sexual T-Rex removed. Stamina improvement now incorporated into the separate perks for each relevant weapon Each attribute will get its own version of Flurry of Blows as an additional perk for the melee weapons within that attribute Grease Monkey now increases the amount of health that repair kits restore to vehicles. (One repair kit no longer restores a vehicle back to max health) Vehicle Changes Repair kits restore a fixed amount of health and each level of Grease Monkey adds 10% of the vehicle's total health to the amount restored. Increased vehicle damage to blocks, terrain, and entities by various amounts. Increased vehicle damage received from collisions by various amounts Improved vehicle block collision calculations Greatly increased damage given and received to and from block collision. Increased bicycle, gyro, and 4x4 helath Vehicle spark effects on bigger self damage hits Vehicle blood splatter effects on high damage collisions with entities ROADMAP TO GOLD AND BEYOND Bandits Armor Weather Factions & Story Steam Workshop Support After Gold a small team will continue to support and update 7 Days to Die going forward. Bandits unlikely to be ready for A21 but should be good for A22.
  2. This may be a little long, maybe TL:DR for some but it has me curious. I was wondering about how the new Youtube policy is going to affect 7 Days To Die. First thing I will mention in how I feel YT and 7 Days are connected is it is basically how I found out about the game. Before I had any games or even had steam on my computer I was watching YT vids. I wasn't even watching it that long. I was watching some videos on Dayz and was thinking it looked ok and was even thinking of getting Arma and the Dayz mod (am pretty sure it was early, before it was standalone) As I watched more Dayz vids I noticed one of this game called 7 Days To Die. I watched it and had to see more. Watched some more and that was it, I was hooked. I completely forgot about Dayz (still don't have it to this day). I then downloaded steam, downloaded 7 Days and never looked back. It was actually the only game I had and played for almost a year and a half or more if I recall. That was how I came to find out about 7 Days and am wondering if that may be how a lot of others came to find out about it too. Anyway this leads to my question of if YT's new policy will affect 7 Days. From what I understand from watching youtubers describe it. If there is any swearing withing the first 8 to 15 seconds of a video it will be demonetized. Ok well that is easy to fix. Just don't swear at that time or even at all in your vid. But according to what I had recently seen in a video by MoistCritical. You can get demonetized just by having anything violent in your video. Not only real stuff but game stuff...even just a pic from what he explained. A part of it was basically bodily fluids or dismemberment, both of which we know are in the game. If that has possibility of getting anyone playing 7 Days to have their video demonetized will that mean that players will stop putting them up on youtube. I know some will say well it won't affect stuff like the streamers weekend as that is on Twitch. The thing is like I said at beginning I saw the game on YT and I feel (just my opinion) that a lot of others may have also. I know you can watch VOD's on Twitch but do people. I, again just from my experience, have never watched any more than maybe 3 or 4 twitch VOD's myself since I have been on it. 99.999% of my online video watching is on YT. Before the hate starts, this is not a gloom and doom post about how 7 Days is going to die, I am just curious how other think it will affect how the game is spread. Told you it was going to be TL:DR
  3. The Weazel Military Dumpsite_01. An old local pond that has now been used by the military as a dumpsite for some "hazardous" materials. Best not to swim in the lake. I think it's been configured correctly to spawn in wilderness areas. Has no zombie spawns. Is not a quest location. Possibility of two things to loot the military truck and cooler depending on which one the game spawns. YouTube: Download off Nexusmods: Weazel Military Dumpsite_01 at 7 Days to Die Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)
  4. I have played 7dtd for about 500 hours, my second most played game. i also have played many other shooter type games like gta4/5, tarkov, doom1/2, Doom 2 modded with PB and brutal mod, ravenfield, untured, cry of fear, fc5, ect. after all of my time playing these games along with my knowledge of real life firearms, I feel that 7dtd is lacking in the combat dept. with all of its other issues aside, I feel that this one can be solved relatively easily, as they have shown that they are capable of making a game with working combat, and implementing new models and animations. I feel that the biggest problem with the combat is its lack of satisfaction and feeling rather weak. i want to start off with the things that would be harder to fix to get them out of the way. the animations are really quick, hard to see, and kinda stiff. a semi-slow smoother or harder animation is more satisfying, like in Doom 2016 where doomguy slams the foregrip on the shotgun back and forward to rack it, or in FC5 where the deputy makes a butter smooth flick of the mag and easily inserts a new mag. a slower animation for reloading or cocking guns could balance them out and incentivize the player to swap to a new gun or melee, as well as be more careful about reloading. the models and textures of most guns looks messy and hard to decern. idk if the devs made their own models or received them or whatnot, so all i am going to say on this is that a simpler cleaner model with key details exposed would make it look better. as well as a contrast between shiny metal and rough gouges in the metal. now the stuff that would be the easiest and could make the biggest impact, THE SOUND. the sound of the guns got better the newer they were, but are all still pretty underwhelming. the shotguns are the best and pretty much only need to be a bit louder and with more beef to them. for guns like the M9, which has the worst sound in the game, having a low quality "pew" makes it feel so weak and boring. the gun is supposed to be weak being an early game pistol, but at the least proper sounds make it seem more effective and engaging. a sound like this one provided (https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/9u3t5lBVvG/) with a crack from the supersonic break would make it have some substance to it. same pretty much goes to the rifles. if the devs have interest in this, i can record some sounds at a gun range from a M&P 2.0 ez, a RF-15, and some crappy shotgun that i have not seen the name of. possibly others if the range is busy. I am also sure a lot of gun youtubers or fans of the game would gladly help record sounds to implement. with sounds aside, a slight screen shake where the camera tilts slightly, increasing per the power of the gun could make them feel more powerful, along with a option to disable it if it causes motion sickness. allowing guns to fire faster per click of the mouse would make weaker guns more interactive, and a slower satisfying reload would balance out the gunplay and make reloading more tense and thoughtful. i have some other ideas if this becomes of interest and would love to see some of this, (mostly the sounds) put into the game. for reference look at Sgt Marks Brutal Doom 2 v21 mod. it has very balanced and satisfying gunplay.
  5. I don't know how alone I am on this or whether this is a change that's going to happen, but I much preferred the Alpha 15 and 16 temperature system where there was a flat insulation value and you could die of freezing as opposed to just having side effects of getting hungry or thirsty faster. Also, as a side note, I very much liked it when you could see different types of food in your hand, like the canned Sham being visible as canned Sham as opposed to the little "parcel".
  6. I like the humor in this game, I feel like this would fit nicely. Yeah I know there's other priorities, this could be quick to implement though.
  7. I can understand making a level-up skill system tends to be hard some times when it comes to making everyone happy. Even though the "learning by looting" will push players to progress the game by looting out in the world, its not quite a system that is going to match a lot of the players' playing styles. At the same time I can see the game can also be unbalanced and broken when 1 player levels up by just making hundreds of stones axes to reach max level. I believe there can be a balance between these two systems, with a Dynamic Skill Progression System (DSPS) that aims towards leveling up skills by doing the related activity (NOT BY CRAFTING). Allow me to visualize this for you: Primary skill set/tree: Survivor prestige: The main heart of the DSPS Determines game stage Survivor prestige is progressed by leveling up secondary skill sets/trees. A very slow unlikely way (secondary option) to get most (maybe all) crafting recipes. (only if you don't plan do dedicate the time towards leveling up the proper related trades for the recipes you want) Secondary skill set/tree: Survivor Occupations/Trades: The guts of leveling and strengthening your Survivor prestige Has separate/multiple skill trees such as: Looting skill set, Building/Trap skill set, Mining skill set, Shotgun skill set, Tanking skill set, adventuring skill set, sneaking skill set and etc. You can unlock (unhide) these skill sets by getting the right item and gaining your first few experience points for that skill set (with the right item used to get those experience points). To level up these skill sets, you have to do activities related to the skills/trades (for example): Mining will allow you to gain experience in the Mining skill tree/set. Getting enough experience in the mining skill set will result in (1) a level up in mining AND (2) mining skill point Getting sneaking experience points by sneaking, get bonus experience point by sneaking by enemy or doing a sneak attack. getting enough will result in a level up in sneaking and a sneaking skill point. Crafting recipes, crafting quality, and buffs from magazines/books are combined and unlocked through these skill sets and organized into their corresponding/related skill sets/trees Magazines/Books/Recipes corresponding to specific parts/nodes of the skill trees can be obtained by (1) searching and reading for Books/Magazines/Recipes out in the waist land OR (2) using the corresponding skill points to the corresponding/matching skill tree. Mining skill tree (a1)you can craft level 1 crafting quality mining tools (a2)Unlock iron pick axe (a3)you consume 10% less energy mining (b2) (a1 required) you can craft level 2 crafting quality mining tools (b2) (a1 required) Unlock steel pick axe (b3) (a3 required)get a 1% chance of etc. etc. etc. (example only, change however you want) Each of these boxes inside the table represents a mining skill node that you can use mining skill points to unlock, whether each of these nodes cost 1 mining skill points or multiple mining skill points. this is all just an idea and good improvement that I want to get off my chest. You can criticize me or find any problems with this system. I would love to talk more about it or find ways to improve this system with others that can find flaws with this. good nigh y'all, this took me several hours.
  8. 7 days to die bug me cant join any game la braderr need a fix for this sheet exc nullreferenceexception object reference not set to an instance of an object this thingy pops up everytime i join my server n single player its appears in somethings like cmd thingy welp me la cb
  9. Welcome to CTVI Zombies! An online gaming server and community, specialising in the survival, zombie, and crafting game 7 Days to Die on PC. Our latest Version 3 of our custom-built map for A20 has just been released this week, on Wednesday 1st June 2022, meaning a fresh start for all, on our beautifully made, extensive, city-style map. Our custom, hand-built map and world for 7 Days to Die has over 9000 POIs to explore, loot, and quest whilst surviving the apocalypse. Server Features: Largest City-Based 7 Days to Die Map with Hand-Placed Prefabs, Roads and Terrain Over 9,000 POIs Across Multiple Mega Cities and Biomes Unique Mix of Hand-Picked Vanilla and Community-Created Prefabs Four Unique Starting Spawn Locations (Visible as Lookout Towers) PvP Zone: A Special Corner of the Map Exclusive For PvP Play (everywhere else on the map is designated PvE) Auto-Respawn Feature for Cars on Roads Auto-Respawn Feature for Wilderness Trees Race Tracks with Timers for Driving & Flying Fishing! You Can Now Go Fishing for an Additional Food Source Additional New Zombie Types & Skins For Optimal Enemy Variation Additional & New Craftable Items & Vehicles for Increased Variety Long-Distance Trading System Between Players Virtual In-Game Currency System (CTVI Coins) Virtual In-Game Shop Additional & New Non-Craftable Items Purchasable From the In-Game Shop Three-Slot Input Forge for Faster Smelting QOL (Quality of Life) Teleports Gimme Command To Receive a Random Item Unique In-Game Events Triggers In-Game Chat Bot with Reminders for Upcoming Bloodmoons etc Handy Information Panel - Accessible By Pressing 'Esc' Whilst Playing Handy Advanced Player Stats & Kill Counters Server Details We're proud of our EU-hosted PVE 7 Days to Die server, backed by our active, friendly community! Server Name: CTVI Zombies Location: Europe Language: English Server Game Version: 20.5 Server IP: Port: 26900 🗺️ For Our World Map, See Our Website: https://www.ctvizombies.com/world-map/ ⚙️For Full Server Features & Settings, See Our Website: https://www.ctvizombies.com/our-server/ ⚡No Client Mods or Downloads For Mods Are Required! Simply Join & Play!⚡ 🖥️ Website: https://www.ctvizombies.com/ 💬 Discord: https://discord.gg/ZDzTURrjyk Screenshots
  10. I'm not a forum dweller so if similar thing was already proposed, my apologies. I've just created my account to post this, that's how much I want it to change. If you think its good pls let the devs know about this, I think it will help the game a lot. The worst thing about 7dtd (at least for me) is loot management. It does not exist. Big chunk of time goes to sorting the loot after coming back from any type of outdoor activity. Its tedious, its dreadful, its game killing, especially if you pick up almost everything because you know you'll need it at some point. There is a solution, ULTRA simple one which would remove this problem completely. We do have the two buttons that were introduced not too long ago, the box with 1 arrow and another box with 3 arrows, and these buttons move inventory from your character to a container you have opened. I think this was a marvellous step to the right direction, job done, but unfortunately it is not actually usable. I'll focus on the box with 1 arrow since the one with 3 arrows is not good for loot management. In your inventory you always keep repair kits, food and drinks, lockpicks and medic items, forged iron, dukes and ammo. That's the very least you need to go out of your base and scavenge. Therefore often times you don't want to use the 1 arrow box because you'll lose something from inventory that you need. Then you need to manually figure out what you've lost, and if it was multiple items then its not easy. Now the solution - just make inventory slots lockable (only your character inventory, not chest inventory, or maybe both if you think it would be useful to have lockable slots in chests). That's it. Items in locked inventory slots can not be "removed" via the 1arrow box click. Also items in locked inventory slots are not sortable (clicking on sort would not touch them). So during gameplay if there is an item I intend to keep with me, I lock its slot or move it to an empty locked slot. You would do this rarely because items you keep would not change often. In any case, with this I could come back to base and spend 15s on loot management, instead of 5min. I just come, click on all my 10-20 themed chests and use the 1arrowbox button, and I can already go out again while being sure I have everything I need with me. For me it would make the game at least 2x as good, I'll get to focus on the game and not be straining my eyes multiple times per ingame day looking at which item should I keep in my inventory and which I should move out. It should be very very simple to implement. How exactly could you do it, I guess long left click (or right click) on an inventory slot should pop-up the lock/unlock menu similar like when you long press E on a door. Simple. And how to visually indicate that an inventory slot is locked - well either put a lock sign on lover left corner of the slot, or maybe even better, do something with the slot color. Color options - change the background color of locked slots from current gray to maybe dark gray or black, another option is to beef up the slot border and make it black, maybe do both colorings because some items like the paintbrush cover the whole slot with a red color, so the border will help in those cases.
  11. I was driving around on my motorcycle in the game, you know, just exploring, when several questions struck me What causes the Blood Moon? Why does it make every zombie know exactly where you are? Why is it only every 7 days? I initally thought of several things. The Blood Moon might be a alien superstructure, that orbits the Earth, turning people into zombies in order to kill off humanity. It kinda makes sense. It happens every 7 days, exactly. It controls all the zombies to track down and kill all the humans. But maybe it needs 7 days to recharge or something. I think that would be cool for a story, if there ever was one. Also, the zombies will send screamers to your base (Or where there's a high heatmap) to scout out the location. This doesn't make sense for a dumb zombie to do. So maybe the zombies are being controlled by something. Also there's a lot of zombies in buildings, and that doesn't make sense. My theory is that the blood moon came suddenly, turned a bunch of people into zombies, and ended the world. Or maybe it turned people gradually. On roads, you can sometimes see newspaper fragments, and they have headlines like "Flu Outbreak" and stuff like that. That leads me to believe that if the Blood Moon is an alien structure, it gave a bunch of people a virus that turned them into zombies, and the virus could be used to control the zombies. I'm just throwing ideas at the wall here, but I personally think they're pretty good ones. Please, add any thoughts/opinions you might have to the forum!
  12. I’ve been playing the console edition for years and I’ve heard people say over the past 5 years that there would be an update soon. Will there really be an update or are fun pimps pulling my leg.
  13. How would u all feel about a mounted mini gun for the truck box that would consume ammo from the drivers inventory. Or a land mine deployer that deploys mines from behind. This is a suggestion to the fun pimps
  14. What do people recommend to allocate to a dedicated server for ram? Trying to help update bisect hosting packages. 1 * 8GB 2 * 12GB 3 * 14GB 4 * 16GB Does this look right?
  15. im looking for a elevator that can move more then just 2 floors something fast when going floor to floor and easy to place if possible i like to do a lot of different builds and the elevator mods I come across just don't do the trick smilez
  16. Weapon ( Fire Arm's ) Quality should not be determined by level, But instead by Part Quality and Durability, However instead of the original way this was handled. A part system based on different Weapons manufacturers, Example Barrel - Made by : Joe's Cheap Gun Co. Quality poor (Decreased accuracy) (Decreased Range) Example 2. Receiver - Made by : Rugen and Rugen Firearm's Quality Good (Accurate) (Moderate Range) Example 3. Stock - Made by Colt-n-smith Gun Inc. Quality Fair ( Slightly Reduced Weapon Control (Weapon has kick, making it less accurate for low strength players) "Weapon is still less accurate for strong players than a weapon with a Good or Excellent Quality Stock" Effect's of Poor Weapon Maintenance/Idea's for improved Realism Weapon Jamming when weapon durability Becomes too low. Weapon Parts also decrease in quality if weapon is Over used with poor durability. Weapon parts can all be fixed with a tool kit inside the workstation However Barrels cannot be fixed ( Because you would need to add a Lathe to the game and even then, you cant Really FIX a Barrel ) Weapon Modding Suggestion's Weapon Mod's are not limited by the "Level" or "Quality" of the weapon But instead by Installing Rail systems onto the Weapon Weapons without rail mod's should have the ability to screw on attachment's such as ( Sight's, Flashlight, Laser Light, Bayonet ( If possible in the Engine ) Weapon Effects Shot guns - Shot guns should Blow zombies away ( Literally ) any Non-special Zombie should Be significantly Slowed and Injured apon receiving a direct shotgun blast to the Fast or Torso This is exempt for Large Zombies such as, The Lumber Jack, The Police, The Overweight Zombie'(s), and the Military Zombies Moderate to Hight Quality Shotguns should have at least 35% Chance to Insta-kill any normal Zombie's with a Headshot Rifle Effect's Rifle's should be able to be found in Multiple calibers, Including 7.62 (.223) ,5.56 , 308. We Need more Rifle Variety Different Rifles Serve Different Purposes, While 7.62 (.223) is the most common Ammunition that can be found in the game ( for Rifle's ) Rifle's should also be chambered in 5.56 Which would Act as a weaker yet cheaper to manufacture and Hopefully Easier to find ammunition And .308 for Ammunition that has Increased Penetration and "Stopping power" I'm stopping here. But I will be back
  17. Help why does this happen and there does not seem to be a fix for this. “object reference not set to an instance of an object” :(
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