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  1. I tried blowing up the construction tower in A16. Could NOT make the whole thing fall down. was...annoying and hilarious.
  2. Shake it baby! (now we have something to spend those old dollar bills on) (quote from Duke Nukem 3d)
  3. logout/in fixes it for a bit. they are annoying, but.. (at least it does for me)
  4. Or cut the zed block damage to 25%. That helps when they all stack up on 1 block. (tossing explosives into the pyramid of zeds tho.... )
  5. so down the road, someone will mod out the party girls dress... and someone else will make a cheerleader outfit for her. (and someone will do the same to BigMomma) 💩
  6. I leave that place alone until I have machine guns. Then I go in.... loaded for bear. 😜
  7. same. hmm.. wonder if you can convert them to sand in the cement mixer?
  8. Whatever you DO decide to get, try to keep future upgrades in mind as the wallet permits. Skimping on RAM? ok, but can you upgrade to more later? SSD? HD? How *many* drives can you physically add? m.2? nvme? even if you don't get that type of drive now, CAN you add one later? Video cards are the ones you can most easily swap out for better later on. Upgrading the CPU is more of a why bother. (besides, the way they keep changing the blasted sockets, not much point) keyboard/mouse? heh. those you will end up replacing over the years. (left mouse button tends to break for gamers... hrmmm. wonder why?)
  9. I'd wait on the new AMD cards and benchmarking of both as well. Pricing always gets shuffled about (read: lower) at that point. min 16gb for gaming these days. Always, always get a stronger power supply than what you expect to needs. If you cut it too close, things get .... weird. I'm looking at the same for next year for my 60th. (I do tend to go overboard though. Finding a mobo than can take more than 64gb won't be easy..)
  10. Steel armor gives the most protection, but at mobility cost yes. Think the stuff bomb disposal wears. (heavy military armor? with all the steel chickenplates?) btw, if wearing steel armor, no way should a zed be able to bite the player. Punch etc, yes, bite no.
  11. Opininions are like string. Every yo-yo has one. 😛
  12. There are things man was not meant to see. That is one of them. /shudder (and try hearing the cracking sound of a panel breaking, looking up and seeing... yup, big momma dropping down from the ceiling and.....) 💩
  13. more time to get things done before the bloodmoon. even at night there are things to do at the base. crafting, cooking, etc. not to mention mining. I do most of that at night. Bear hopped into my mining pit, got a munch on me, then ate hot lead. meat delivery indeed. Once I get to steel knuckles, well, the goal then is treating the nasty critters like rock'em sock'em robots.
  14. 3 Seashells? 😛 btw, I chose pistol and bullets of course. (I would prefer arty shells of course... heh)
  15. You are NOT getting an artillery shell in a "small" box. (nice try tho) 😛
  16. I chose OTHER. Right now, it kinda sucks. However, I do see where it's going, and I do like that direction. So, it's like road construction. Sucky while happening, but the end result is worth it.
  17. drawbridges are very weird and difficult to place properly. This is the one place where I will use godmode to put that bloody thing where I want it, destroying with the hammer of god, and grabbing another out of creative mode. It is much easier to place if you are flying, but even then, it's a pain. never tried the middle of the span blocks. hmm...
  18. Q1 weaps/items are GREAT to buy and scrap. You get 3 parts, and the cost is much less than buying the parts directly. I do that most of the game, until I'm swimming in parts, then meh, no need. but early? yep. Q1 only though! q2 and up, cost too much.
  19. I'm Boomer, and I play... well, gotta have my *BOOM*s. (yeah, 60 is the next BD, and I know ppl in their 90s that still game. PC gaming, not shuffleboard) 😛
  20. Part of it is even when you move to the second 'age', you still get a lot of stone tools. Q6 perhaps, but still a bunch. A granular approach, where there is a % chance of a certain "age" item dropping, that % increasing as GS goes up, and the prev "age" decreases would be workable imho. Mind you, I'd have at least at some chance of a higher "age" item dropping, kind of like winning the lotto. (no clue what % would work, but A chance) It doesn't take long to get to GS 12, where we should get non-stoneage stuff, but even then, yeah, still a lot of rocks. (think Charlie Brown and Halloween) 😛 I am curious how it's going to work out, especially if they take away the traders selling good stuff early. I'll just have to open the BeerGod powers and put in the pre-war/apocolypse cache that I would have setup, "just in case". (tinfoil included) 😛
  21. That's what I did to get the 120 slot backpack, and the larger player storage. Took me a few hours of fiddling to find out what changed/was broken when the new buttons were added (in default ui) There IS something however with the larger forge queue that makes it tricky to get the crafted things out of the forge. Haven't been able to pin it down yet either. Almost like the hitbox vanishes, comes back, vanishes.. Turning off the forge and cancelling production, leave the forge and come back, and you can get your stuff. Very odd. (it's workaroundable, and it could be from some of the fiddling about I've done elsewhere.. not sure) As for putting the modlets on the server, no issues. drop into the proper mod folder and it works. (although, when you extract the files, the folder you want is one down, not the top folder, that won't work. May want to change that to Mods then have the modname folder under it, might be less confusing to some) Good work though.
  22. zombies snoozing while you loot right beside them is indeed hilarious. Some of them really do need braaaiiinnsss.... "ok, you're banging on that tree while I'm clubbing you on the back of the head... *SPLORCH!* hmm, nope, no brains in there."
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