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  1. 1) concrete is 5k health and cobble is 1.5k, in A19 Reinforced concrete was 5k and reg concrete was 3k, you also don't have to wait for it to dry 2) removing the drying phases makes building stuff so much easier, I don't have to set and lay a whole bunch of building blocks and then wait for every single one of them to dry to upgrade them all. 3)meh 4) when I am trying to upgrade a base before horde night, or work on one in general, I really dislike that random amount of time I have to wait for it all to dry, for example if its a corner piece I would have to wait for it to dry and fully upgraded it before I could build on top of it , it added alot of unnecessary and annoying time bottle necks to making a structure with fully upgraded blocks. I prefer to min max my exp rather than just leave those pieces un-upgraded I feel like in this case complexity results in tedium and time consumption, and not necessarily interesting player choices because if its a horde base I will always want reinforced concrete or steel, and this simplification makes that process far easier and less painful/time consuming. Also, if I am working on a hordebase , there isn't alot to work on or do while I am waiting for the wet concrete to dry, and its boring to wait to upgrade stuff. aside from removing grass around the horde base I am not sure what else to do in that time
  2. whats wrong with the block upgrade changes? It got easier to upgrade them, and they are overall sturdier. The only downside is you get 816 EXp going from wood to steel as opposed to 1056. the block upgrades give exactly as much exp as they did before, but the concrete>reinforced concrete step is gone, as well as the EXP that came with it
  3. so they just completely took away the extra 240 extra exp from going to reinforced concrete from concrete, and merged both tiers of wood into one.(which make sense and is kind of a buff to wood crafting ) Thanks for getting back on this, also seems fairly reasonable considering we no longer have to wait for concrete to dry. I am glad the EXP is still balanced and viable. Was afraid it would be considerably nerfed but this is more than reasonable
  4. in A19 on 100% exp its 1056 xp from wood to steel with concrete giving 240 xp for each version
  5. building exp confirmed to be 'rebalanced'
  6. so in Alpha 19 going from particle board to Steel yielded a total of 1056 Experience can you give us a rough idea how much exp we will get for doing the same process in alpha 20?
  7. in Alpha 19, going from frame wood to steel is 1056 EXP per block. I am wondering the same thing about EXP for the new building material progression system
  8. they've talked alittle bit about the stamp feature for RWG in alpha 20. it will come with a stamp system for world generation. I am no expert on it but the Dev Stream next Wednesday with the level and design team will probably be able to shed alot more light on RWG in A20 and properly answer your question
  9. I know in alpha 19 experimental they had a closed content creator preview weekend before releasing experimental to public. They will probably start closed and then open up to public. I actually found a bug in alpha 19 experimental that got fixed. I think having a public experimental version would be incredibly valuable for bug fixing/finding.
  10. well, I think alot of people would appreciate a faster method to clearing grass and harvesting farm plots. I have tried knives..but even as fast as they are clearing fields of grass with 100's of shurbs is tedious and time consuming. It is faster to just lay down frames then pick them up (which also isn't fun) geting rid of grass is just a pain in the ass
  11. really? I get the sense you are memeing on me
  12. Another question.. are there any plans for a tractor or a weed whacker or some kind of item/tool for quickly removing grass? a lawn mower maybe? maybe even like a scythe for ploughing fields? also are we ever going to get any tools that allow us to harvest farm plots faster?
  13. well, that is a bit disappointing , but if you think about it , that seems reasonable. it has 3k more hp than old steel and probably requires the same amount of material to go from 1-10K in alpha 20 vs 1hp to 7k in alpha 19. Assuming you are at steel it seems like a decent compromise as long as you have steel and a nail gun on you to repair your base during horde night because 10K blocks are still chunky. I am also glad we don't have to do concrete to reinforced concrete anymore though. that stuff was a pain to build with because it would take FOREVER to dry. and the dry time for each block varied. It was tedious and that is a really nice QOL feature Another question. Will EXP from wood to steel be similar in Alpha 20? Currently in alpha 19 on default settings (100% exp) you get 1056 EXP for going from wood frames to steel, will going from frame shape to steel in alpha 20 yield identical or similar exp? frame shape> Wood(+48>Reinforced Wood(+48 exp>Cobblestone(+120 exp)>Concrete(=+240 exp)> Reinforced concrete(+240 exp)>steel(+360 exp) Frame shape> Wood (+?? exp)>Cobblestone(+??? exp)> Concrete+??? exp> Steel (+??? exp) Also, in the alpha 19 system, most of the EXP was loaded in the middle, being able to double dip on concrete Will the EXP distribution in alpha 20 for going from frames>steel be more evenly distributed or will it be end loaded( I.e most exp at steel)? building concrete stuff was a very effective way to farm exp and level in previous alphas.
  14. I am aware that blocks would no longer downgrade. But what happens in 19.4 is you have a steel block (7,000 hp) and it downgrades to reinforced concrete (5,000 hp) and then it gets destroyed and poofs. so you have to do 12000 dmg to get rid of a steel block Unholy joe said: upgrade path frame shape=100 hp - wood=500 - cobblestone=1500 - concrete=5000 - steel=10000 so in Alpha 20 Steel only has 10,000 hp before it poofs, so are steel blocks being nerfed?
  15. could you answer these questions please? 1.Will Steel/concrete blocks have just as much HP as they currently do in Alpha 19? (steel has 7500 HP and breaks down to reinforced concrete( (5000) HP for a total of 12,500 hp 2.Will they also use the same amount of materials to achieve? 3. will they also give roughly the same EXP?
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