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  1. I have no idea, I would assume so though because I am not the server host/adminsitrator
  2. No trader, Poi's that vanish into thin air as you approach them. how do you fix this? struggling to get a dedicated server going
  3. Seed name: Boobies Has a small forest biome, but dense desert and wasteland Biomes for big loot, lots of wilderness Poi's in forest too Middle of the map seems like a good place to hunt
  4. Roland should definitley get some knuckle rubs for this edit.
  5. Meanwhile..is this going to be changed..eventually?
  6. I would probably never play a game as hardcore and difficult as escape from tarkov, but I sure as hell enjoy watching it
  7. Sodium, atomic number 11, was first isolated by Bachgaman in 1807. A chemical component of salt, he named it Na in honor of the saltiest region on earth, North America. Bachgaman, I am a little concerned about your diet, it seems you are eating to much salt.
  8. I think alot of people would be happy with A20 farming as is if the supercorn seed recipe was made to 4 supercorn so you wouldn't get shafted if you missed the 50%, everything else is abundant and easy to get going. Or because supercorn is incredibly rare and only found in a tier 3 poi. Make it a bit more common to come by so getting shafted isn't a big problem I'm aware you can get supercorn seeds in farmers bundles. But how often do you get these? I'd they always gave minimum of 2 of whatever seed,supercorn included it would be fine. You'd have 3 attempts to get it going on LOTL 1
  9. How is this exactly the same result? You are replacing half as many seeds and if you have extra in your storage you can use those instead of recrafting. Looting seeds still seems useful
  10. Anything wrong with compromising on the full replant? For players that enjoy it they can replant half there fields. For those that don't like it as much, it isn't as tedious. Wouldn't that make more players happy?(50% chance to destroy a seed rather then gain 1 in invetory)
  11. If it was something like 25 I'd be okay with it. 2 would be laughable. Something reasonable. But not "I want to abuse farms all day to level"
  12. Well in a19 you 10 plants would always yield 30. With lotl3 10 a20 plants would yield 60. Say you lost 5 of the seeds. You would net a yield of 35. Lategame A20 farming is stronger than a19 farming, even if you only got 5/10 Heck you'd break even if you only got 4 seeds back
  13. I don't find building or mining tedious because it also gives a very rewarding amount of xp. If farming gave similar amounts of xp to building and upgrading blocks or mining Ibwouldnt mind it
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