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  1. Yeah, I would really love to see the nurse make a super fast attack when she gets close, having a syringe and injecting you a random dose of whatever she was about to use when she turned into a Z. So you could get a random debuff/buff from that...blurry vision, diarreah, weakness, infection, steroids,...everything already in the game. Seems easy to do. Add an attack animation like spider jump, followed by the random buff/debuff if hit. And BAM...there you have your super power female Z...and some fun and thrill added to the game.
  2. I got one with a remote triggered explosive charge. It still walked off...immediately, very fast, and in many directions. tough little @%$*#!s...
  3. This. Exactly. Where can I vote for this post alone become a sticky. With tag "please read this before complaining about aspect XYZ of the game is too *insert lamentation here* considering my playstyle"
  4. Sorry if the answer was already given before (english not my native language, so I might have missed in the streams) Will the on screen icons (as shown below) get a quick on/off option (keybound)? I ask because I think they are quite useful while exploring in the wilderness, but if you encounter an entity I assume it could lead to annoying/immersion breaking things like this???:
  5. There you go. A SWAIV. ...Yes, you read right. A SWimming Albino Infected Vulture. Often mistakenly called "SWAN" because of the resemblance between "IV" and "N". Truth. You don't believe me? Well wait until being lakeside next time and go near one of those, and watch them go rabid at you. I swear they would eat your brains...
  6. I would love to have some kind of "special underground/cave" bound zombie, creeping on all fours, with pitch-black skin (maybe glowing eyes), scared by light, fleeing into the shadows when "hit" by flashlight beam, but attacking very fast from side/behind when I explore a dark cellar. Could be even ignited by flashlight beam when exposed long enough. Maybe based on normal spider-Z, different skin/texture, different AI...and boom, super scary rabid gollum Z ready to make you poop your pants. Maybe just give some impressions on how difficult / time consuming / hardware loading such modifications are in general. Just to help me/players understand why we can't have the variety and number of Zs we would like.
  7. A18 Zombies just slowly dying out because A19 arrives in a few weeks?
  8. I haven't played 7d2d recently (waiting for A19 before starting a new game), but I already thought I would feel a bit weird nowadays to play a game where you run around and break into the next-best building and loot everything an so on. Well it's just a game, but none-the-less... I guess it means I'm still a little bit in touch to the real world 😐
  9. Still dont know if everybody is missing the point or just trolling. Painted blocks, letter blocks, signs,...are Not visible on the map.
  10. Well hello there and welcome to the forums, unknown new member. 😬
  11. FEMA? If you're from America, you shouldn't play 7d2d any more. You have been warned. If the looting starts, the shooting starts. Wait...in 7d2d there are dogs...ominous weapons...oh my...TFP saw it all coming. You are right, that would of course be the most comfortable one. I just wanted to show a workaround that might help for now. As I said I'm not even sure if a "9-Frame-X" is big enough to be seen at fully zoomed in map. Maybe even a "5-frame-X" is enough, maybe there's more necessary. Well at least I'm sure it isn't that material and time expensive as a big "I HAVE ALREADY BEEN HERE" made of 20pt type size reinforced concrete blocks 😄
  12. Haven't tried it, but it could work if you lay an "X" out of maybe 9 woodframes in front of the building. Player crafted structures are painted grey on the map if i remember correctly. So the "X" (or whatever form you choose) should be visible when you zoom in the map.
  13. Well yes, that would make it more a bit more comfortable, cause you wouldn't have to go back and look where it is. Nevertheless the annoying thing would remain: it being gone. So constantly hitting a "drone teleport button" for just being sure the drone stays aside me...wouldn't make it much better for me. No, that thing has to work for itself properly...let's hope it does. If not...at least I can try out the new steel club on it, and literally scrap it to its pieces 😄 Considering an "auto-teleport" depending on the distance to the player would maybe not work in close quarters. Imagine you entering a room, Zeds attack you, and your drone is hovering close behind you...still in the other room (maybe wasting ammo into the wall). Wow I'm really curious how they solve those kinds of potentially annoying things. Programming proper pathfinding and its behaviour in general - especially in close quarters - must be a pain in the a**
  14. I checked the first page of this thread, and the junk drone is still listed. In fact the only thing that is clearly stated as "pushed to A20" is the vehicle update. So there is hope, but I can also see that the first post isn't that up-to-date in every detail as it should be ("vehicle update 19.2") 🙂 Well what I really hope is TFP take their time to introduce the drone in a useful shape, foremost considering pathfinding of that thing. Would be really annoying when it needs regular "babysitting" cause it got stuck behind edges/under stairs/whatever. And having to pick it up before getting indoors would make it far less useful (combat support and additional storage). I don't remember which, but there was a game i played where I had a sidekick, but gave it up. Caused more trouble than giving advantage. Was it Fallout 3...HalfLife...just don't know anymore. Only thing still in my mind is that it was annoying!
  15. Ha yeah this exactly 🙂 Who was it anyways who lately said "I don't read manuals, i press buttons!"😄 To be honest, it's shame on us "early accessers", we immediately get used to things we tried out once and then take it for real and being cast in stone, although we should know things are being tweaked by every alpha...even every single non-public experimental build. In that context: Hated made me laugh hard with his "pre experimental invite thread". Damn, how many layers of "not ready" is this??? Gold Beta Alpha experimental alpha pre experimental alpha 😆 next predescent level feels like: 6-year-old Madmole sitting at his breakfast table thinking "I guess I want to be a game developer when I'm older" So people: take A19 as a completely new game and try out every single Detail as it would be(and probably is) someting you get your fingers to first time. I will do so, and I can't wait.
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