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  1. I hope those pipe weapons aren't that easy to craft or too early to find (at least the shotgun version). One can now easily kill a mountain lion or even a zombie bear early game, because you find enough blunderbusses really fast, and you just have to carry 3-5 of them loaded in your belt to get some kind of overpowered autoshotty. That would work with the pipe weapons too and gives you an advantage you shouldn't have that early game. Or am I just playing a too low difficulty level? 🤔 btw, anybody else having issues with postings saving like literally minutes before being submitted/completed?
  2. you're welcome. I wasn't sure you really meant that one, because I can't see anything really impressive in that "poi" ...but I'm not that involved into archtitecture to judge, so no need to further explanation, just be happy with it and let me see it as 4 poles with flat roof and no walls, as I clearly have no inspiration.
  3. check your own post from May22 in this thread
  4. Can't find the exact post/statement to verify right now, but I'm pretty sure it was said they would use the same ammo as the corresponding higher tiers.
  5. Probably he got robbed so he hadn't anything to sell left. 😁 Does anybody else find it weird that you can reach behind their desk and take their stuff? I mean you lockpick their safe while they stand there just staring at you? works with -Bob's safe (from the front) -Hugh's safe (from the side) ...well he clearly deserves it -Joel's bookshelf -Jen : no success so far...boobies too distracting -Rekt : can't remember now, I usually don't drive that far south a lot
  6. hey that car isn't a sedan, so it can't be a 7d2d design, you posted in the forum for the wrong game 🤣 Just kidding. Good job dude!👍
  7. I like it! Especially the spiral barb wire on top of the fence. We need more types of barb wire ingame (hopefully that might already become part of the new shape menu design with the 1000s of new shapes for everything?)
  8. In fact I wouldn't mind if 7D2D turns out to be what it is today forever: a sandbox playground where the devs can make experiences and improve their skills (and nevertheless for us as players a - despite of "early development state" - source of hundreds of hours of great fun) Those skills they can use in their next games for next generation engine and hardware. I remember it was oftenly said that this or that cool thing can't be implemented because of performance reasons. Those restrictions wouldn't be there in next generation setups. ...please just wait with anything 'til mid 2023 when I will build my new AM5 Zen4 DDR5 Navi3 rig 😬 ...which will of course be totally outdated when we reach 7D2D 2 A20 😂
  9. As I can't think of any way the "airvent" right above Jen wasn't intended for that exact reason (perspective), I want to ask if we can hope for some additional "scoping options" on her in A20
  10. It really is useful when you have a horde base with elevated corridor design, so they all line up going for you. I always wondered why they introduced that perk because that design was „officially“ stated as „cheesing the AI“
  11. conga line of fire. Extremely dangerous, cause those will burn extra long, similar to a barbecue minion ring 😄 Just don't let it come too close to a horde of frozen lumberjacks (those will obliberate each other of course) On a serious side note, I would rather see burnt or frozen versions of every zombie according to the different biomes. But I know it was discussed so many times that it ain't easy to do that sort of variety in zombie models, so won't happen. I guess I would take your suggestion, although it might look will look weird and repetitive. (I don't care, it's easy XP, so what 😬)
  12. So it's not a thing of visual indication of crouch/stand anyway, more a need for a workaround for your failing brain-muscle connection 🤔 I had a similar problem with Skyrim, it didn't let me bind a key I used in many other games. So I feel your pain, regardless of I myself am more like "damn what's wrong with me, why do I keep pressing the wrong buttons, man focus and get it right finally" Have you looked for a mod that "fixes" keybindings to your needs? For Skyrim there was one 😬
  13. I see and agree. There seems to be a bunch of people (including me) how faced that situations. So what about getting the camera perspective a little lower than now when crouched, plus making the screen egde darker/dim (similar to the freeze and heat indicators)? 🤔 Maybe you got me wrong here. my logic is that when you hit the wrong button in a panic situation, it is you who made the mistake, and wanting a solution from somebody else to fit your individual needs (which might maybe/likely not work for the next person) is...well I just don't like that "I don't want to adapt, so I demand from others" attitude. So your example with general graphics/animations/other game improvements is something completely different.
  14. Probably wouldn't make a difference in said panic situations. It was already relatively clearly stated that "the controls should be changed cause player doesn't want to change his muscle memory" Without wanting to get too philosophical, in fact that's one of the bigger problems mankind faces today. Seen from the perspective of evolution, one had to adapt to the given circumstances to succeed...nowerdays everybody is just complaining that the enviroment has to be adapted to the individuals best pleasure. I myself have to admit that I have run into those "why is my running speed so damn slow oh I'm crouched...ouch get away zombie" situations. ...then I feel stupid some time and just start over.
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