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  1. 1st post says it's not gonna be shipped in A20, so probably no further detailled infos before A21 dev diary thread (we could try opening a new thread called so, maybe they fall for it ๐Ÿ˜…)
  2. Wow I don't even know what did start you off to snap at me, sorry anyways. The college jacket will be gone that's pretty sure, but we might get an "armor set" that will increase running speed i guess.
  3. Sorry my dear Sir, but I don't get the point of your textwall. Are you complaining about the game being too hard in...well the hardest mode, not allowing you to use the same attack tactics over and over again against every single entity? Couldn't it be indented that it doesn't work that way? Or said otherwise: wouldn't it be the definition of easy/boring if it would work like that?
  4. And now I am so exited to see madmole doing his "I nailed the ...look" thing again, as he did when the new trader joel model was shown *crossing fingers*
  5. I get your point there. What I like is the now existing upgrade path for doors, cause thats how it would be - more or less - really done: 1st make a wooden door...hmmm how can I reinforce it? Ok let's nail another plank across the surface...still not content? Ok nailing some scrap metal pieces to it...still not enough...well let's completely replace it with a metal door...that one's still too weak?...let's nail (weld?, rivet?) some additional metal rods to it... And as I understood, that will be more or less adapted to blocks? At least i hope so, because I nev
  6. I would say let's give it a chance. I mean everybody seems to think about it the overexaggerated way like: -There is only one thing/item left called "stuff" -you have three options: "build stuff", "upgrade stuff" and "consume stuff" -questing goes like: "left click to start quest", "right click to complete quest" -[implement funny but ridiculously wrong assumtion here] It isn't like that. I feel it will turn out as a healthy clean-up of the upgrade paths.
  7. we have a winner ๐Ÿ‘ phew its been decades since...
  8. I had another game in mind when i saw the result of my pixeled Joel: So now I guess I will find out that I am really really old...or does anyone else here recognize him?
  9. As it is not exactly mentioned in the first post, I would like to ask how the "new door tech" is coming along (madmole showed that hilarious teaser vid a while ago where the door blasted into pieces and poor arlene bellyflopping down the stairs ๐Ÿ˜†) As I understood he was just experimenting around at that point. So how far did that make progress? Will that eventually make it into A20? Or was it dropped/given up because of whatever reasons?
  10. I really appreciate all that stuff, but...well...with my potato rig any possible future "4K-turbo-rendering-version" of Joel will - in any case -just look like this: so thanks for nothing ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. I suggest to nerf airdrop accuracy in A20. At least in A19.5 it's just too easy, they are making perfect secure drops right on Jen's roof ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. It will require a 3D-printer connected to your PC. Every time you open the shape menu, the printer will commence to produce a 1m x 1m x1m ABS block, a chisel and a hammer. (printing time is assumed to make the game more realistic considering building time). Once the block is finished, you can enter "creative mode" with hammer and chisel, and have absolute and total freedom shaping the block. Then you 3D-scan it (oh didn't I mention you will have to own such one too?) and it then can be placed inside the game.
  13. I second that. Was hoping workstations would become upgradable to adapt to the โ€žagesโ€œ progression system. For example the current model of the forge represents stoneage and when you have all three tools (bellows, crucible, anvil ) then you can buy an upgrade kit at the traders for a good amount of money. With that you upgrade the forge to ironage. same thing but new model (maybe twice big, looking like a blacksmithโ€˜s fire, with actual anvil next to it, and fume hood above. And faster production of course. that one would have another set of tools to add, and then next upgrade
  14. Its of course meant "X=horizontal" and "Z=vertical". You can approach a volume either from any side which is always horizontal ("X"), and you can make your way through roofs/floors, which would be a vertical approach ("Z") No reason to distinguish "X" and "Y" in this context. If you want a volume to be triggered "earlier" when approached from a certain direction (might be useful/necessary for some building/indoor layout to get a certain effect), then you can just do it by making the volume itself broader/longer.
  15. Since the introduction of the new loot progress "stone tools bad quality to good quality, then iron tools bad to good, then steel...-") I have experienced that I always keep my fully modded stone axe (you rather quickly get a purple one, so 4 modslots) until i get an at least mid quality steel axe, and totally skip iron ones. The iron pickaxe does just a little more damage, but drains a lot more stamina, and at first you get bad ones with less mod slots (intended, i know) So after all it seems even slower...at least there is no "yeah finally" moment when you find them, but "meh...ins
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