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  1. I strongly disagree here. The player should definitely have total freedom to choose whereever and whenever he wants to get settled. It's a sandbox game. If you don't like to make your base in the middle of a city to have short ways...then just don't do it. Another thought on that: I could get along with "the players choices are limited/influenced by environment" (which is already the case considering biomes...wasteland harder than forest/green... no one would initially go there and make a base. So considering that, how about bandits would pref
  2. Believe or not, some people actually do so. Problem solved.🤯
  3. Skill, dude...it's all about skill. You may want to try shaping your question quite a bit more precisely. I mean you don't ask the NASA "how were you able to build a rocket to bring man to the moon? I have tried, but it didn't fly as high as yours..." It's because there are highly skilled people working there...so where exactly was your problem??? 🤔
  4. I agree. A bit more variety in swings, but without getting it to a too much "scientific" level, that's what I would like to see. But fear not, as madmole is such a big fan of Skyrim, it's easy to imagine the 7d2d combat system might go a similar way. Swings from one side to the other, quick little lunge, big brutal downswing, maybe also some rudimental blocking system...nothing extravagant, just being able to ragdoll the Zs in a certain direction (or just slamming them into the ground) would be cool. It was once discussed if it should be possible to nail Zs against the wall wit
  5. MM replied: No, lockpicking is shippable as is. Sure a minigame might be better but we're a small team and we can do more quest types or redo features that are shippable already. SphereII and I coded and released a lockpicking minigame mod which your welcome to use as a starting point. Its tied into the perk and inventory system, and resembles the one in Skyrim. I'd love to see it added to the base game.
  6. I see you. In my profession there are also things that awaken my "investigative curiosity" why some things broke apart, or why it held together for quite some time despite being installed in a "not-so-inspired" way, while other things that were concerted perfectly and should have lasted forever, have worn out pretty fast without no obvious reason. Most of the time it amounts to some boring/stupid reasons. But sometimes you discover the hidden real reason that has the potential to break down a seemingly perfect machinery, and revealing that (and so being able to prevent f
  7. ...so I guess it would be an absolute win win thing if you: -immediately stop wasting your time into hard work with almost no gain -->TFP saves a big pile of money -->you have more time for things where your skills are not wasted --> you be more happy and live longer cause you don't have to do all that frustrating "analyse, rewrite, retest, damn doesn't do anything" thing -->TFP give away big pile of money to the players, so they can afford better hardware, which will directly result in a real big performance plus. BAM, problem
  8. Yeah, I would really love to see the nurse make a super fast attack when she gets close, having a syringe and injecting you a random dose of whatever she was about to use when she turned into a Z. So you could get a random debuff/buff from that...blurry vision, diarreah, weakness, infection, steroids,...everything already in the game. Seems easy to do. Add an attack animation like spider jump, followed by the random buff/debuff if hit. And BAM...there you have your super power female Z...and some fun and thrill added to the game.
  9. I got one with a remote triggered explosive charge. It still walked off...immediately, very fast, and in many directions. tough little @%$*#!s...
  10. This. Exactly. Where can I vote for this post alone become a sticky. With tag "please read this before complaining about aspect XYZ of the game is too *insert lamentation here* considering my playstyle"
  11. Sorry if the answer was already given before (english not my native language, so I might have missed in the streams) Will the on screen icons (as shown below) get a quick on/off option (keybound)? I ask because I think they are quite useful while exploring in the wilderness, but if you encounter an entity I assume it could lead to annoying/immersion breaking things like this???:
  12. There you go. A SWAIV. ...Yes, you read right. A SWimming Albino Infected Vulture. Often mistakenly called "SWAN" because of the resemblance between "IV" and "N". Truth. You don't believe me? Well wait until being lakeside next time and go near one of those, and watch them go rabid at you. I swear they would eat your brains...
  13. I would love to have some kind of "special underground/cave" bound zombie, creeping on all fours, with pitch-black skin (maybe glowing eyes), scared by light, fleeing into the shadows when "hit" by flashlight beam, but attacking very fast from side/behind when I explore a dark cellar. Could be even ignited by flashlight beam when exposed long enough. Maybe based on normal spider-Z, different skin/texture, different AI...and boom, super scary rabid gollum Z ready to make you poop your pants. Maybe just give some impressions on how difficult / time consuming / hardware loading s
  14. A18 Zombies just slowly dying out because A19 arrives in a few weeks?
  15. I haven't played 7d2d recently (waiting for A19 before starting a new game), but I already thought I would feel a bit weird nowadays to play a game where you run around and break into the next-best building and loot everything an so on. Well it's just a game, but none-the-less... I guess it means I'm still a little bit in touch to the real world 😐
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