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  1. They can be just cloth fragments source for molotov etc
  2. Yeah this is a big problem : i can understand why dogs do holes in dirt under a walls but zombies attacking everything is rly stupid. It Should work like : First destroing doors, If they can't ( doors are blocked) they try to destoy the player putted hard blocks first - stone , iron walls , etc just change their piority because they sometime just fall into lakes ( they easy could go away from it but nope) and their just destroyed a lot of dirt . Well i hope they will fix problems with they AI soon
  3. Hey! clothing are not useless! they give something that iron armor coudn't give it to you ! A style! You know it should be rep point - better look = bigger traders' respect. So guy with good biker boots , solid leather jackets and googles gives you a look a good mercenary. A solid professional guy, A guy in iron or scrap armor looks like living pile of junks! No to protection only! Yes to connect style with priceses and quest. No more irons hobos! Yes for bikers , killers in suits (hey 47) etc armors on desert or snow = death. Stylish cowboy hat = live!
  4. Yeah but first one is just "generic" tombstone - this one with madmole is more joke. I have hope they will do 5-10 in this second style .
  5. Well maybe hunting rifle will be tier 1 like smg double barrel shotgun (junk guns are tier 0 in this situation) , lever action tier 2 like AK or pump shotgun , and sniper like m60 and auto shotgun
  6. It will works like in old zombie cods? Like go there, destroy a doors , find it somewhere and put switch on?
  7. I'm not a clone ! I'M JUST .... how to explain that. Did you know in diffrent universe 7DTD is 7WTD? XDDD and serious : i'm trying to give some ideas and get support something like: new zombies types ----> community support----> maybe i can broke up to wrote to for example faatal ( i have some mental blocades i some things can't do lol) ---) if they liked maybe they will add to A24 if not well i at least tried right? Maybe it's quiet naive but i trying do something. Ii better that only complaing : @Adam the Waster and @ShellHead for example like my ideas so i trying to do something
  8. This not working that way. You can have hight heigst and short as dwarf or be slim like skeleton and be high like mountain
  9. Atm looks soo good i hope on some of them will be bloody hand And i hope there wil be jokes on tombstones like : " Here rest Johny Stell wood , he was (unreadable) but fortunnatly he is dead" , " 1878 - LT. Michael Pierce- Rest in Pieces. If anyone found rest of his blow up body parts bring it here!" , " Here lies - Emilly Jefferson. She was rude as witch. She burned with her house. Case? we don't think so" , "Here lies a John Werned - thief , liar and handsome man. When he was hang - Navgane mans were happy but their wives less" "Here rest Tom. He loves Marry. He saw her so he fe
  10. I BY MISTAKE DELETED 40 MINUTES OF ... yeez . So i will make it short. Taser sound like strong anti-bosses heavy or special zombie weapon or in normal situations, but weak against a lot zombies on blood moon. Teaser could be Like in resident evil 2 kill a rly big enemy fast but not enough fast too kill serval weaker but numbered enemies. So Heavy guns can be good on blood moon hordes and another players bases. Not good enought to be op but good enough to kill some zombies on one time. So they are only 2 weapons so this can be good and interesting mechanic. I mean teser in primary shot "conne
  11. Well perks will be "rebuilded" , so i don't care how they are working now because they will be diffrent in A20 . A granade laucher would be not so useful if they make it like resident evil 2: like - HE is good but it will destroy a base so it will be useless on blood moon . So you need to be specialisate to get acid round or fire round and bonus to this. LIke without perks granade launcher works like DG molotov, but on perks it works like DG napalm molotov . So it be usefull like shotgun on low stage but if you want using explosive stuff (well i mean everything no bullet ,arrow or bolt) y
  12. okay i will as always in some points : 1. idea is good but is should be extendet into fire and acid dmg too For Example : 1 Tier you get hairspay and lighter and acid in glass bottle. Tier 2 : junk flamethrower + hole with acid trap ( it works like hole with water) tier 3 : civilian flamethower + washer with acid trap ( working light turret it need energy and acid to working and be turn on/ of tier 4 : military flamethrower + acid granade ( something like acid in glass bottle but bigger range and dmg) And eletrical is stunning , flame is damage
  13. Well maybe ,i wish my eye were in good condition to creating concept arts. It is kinda deppresing when you have idea for example how would POI look's like but you just can't make it in visible version
  14. With WH40k orky- grammar . Well... inteligent zombies from They Hunger have similar way of talking hey you traitor! I SUPPORTED YOUR IDEA WITH STIP CLUB , EVEN I SUGGEST YOU TO THEM AS IT'S OWNER ! HOW COULD YOU!
  15. Hey me to! I will be your good boi! I will spaming you with ideas! it will be fun! at least unitil you all ended in asylum.. but you know I know 😅 but i do this for greater good!
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