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  1. well predictability is sometimes very positive thing 1 time i was everywhere and i couldn't find any beaker - but i had chanisaw , auger good guns etc. So some thing better be predictability like - beaker in hospital or secret lab, guns in military base, beer in bar or ties in car ( if car model have it) . I will give example about enemies ; let's say - in alternative timline there are mannequins not zombie in 7dtd and have few rules - they are indestrucible in day and they can't move. at night they behave like ultra agressive zombies- if they SAW you they gona hunt you until you die or sun rise but you can destroy them at night. Easy and simple rules ofc players could find exploit like make bases without doors and put something easy to destroy in door place. yeah but you put big mannequins auger and he is going to destroy everything on his patch. so if you run to the base better to find out how to destroy them before he destroy your base or change place of your base. rules are predictable but general enough to make a lof of random sitations
  2. how they can be so cruel. i want mat pat theory about 7dtd zombies. @Roland i know your charisma let you convice them to add lore to 7dtd . just do it! be our hero!
  3. sight now we need laser guns. great job adam great job, now i must change timeline before someone from TFP read it
  4. idk why i don't saw any notifcations about post o.0 btw shame there is not screen how they looks honestly thx for that but there is no screens 😕 so idk but this anothere idea sound rly good!
  5. well @Jost Amman told what i mean - this is not feature but shortcoming
  6. well and it could be quiet interresting in my opinion- well maybe mining in caves with auger could be safe enough but it could be risky to cut trees using chainsaw. but going barefoot and using knife you can clean house nice and clear
  7. god i hate when zombie have only 1 shoes - better both shoes , socks or totaly barefoot, i hate asymmetric - this same sitation with hand - it can be both diffrent gloves but on both are gloves or bare . When i see something like that i fell so uncomfortable. rly flesh can be everywhere this same blood , rotting corpses -no problem. but i see asymmetric shoes and gloves? i want to knock out my eyes brrr so bad
  8. NOPE . zombie eat you when you die and maybe they are still alive like l4d2 zombies. Don't trust this unholy Necromancer. Trust the power of cult of plague!
  9. well this is my point? i want skeleton not as enemy but as props ( like corpses bags etc). but for limited time - like hallowen they can be enemies too - you now we have something for christmas @faatal small question about cities. tiles are looking like can be connected with every site to another by road but can we expect something like : dead end road with only drive from one side but on rest are building?
  10. this is too good and too bad in this same time... yeez so TFP are amazon shareholders????????????????? this...explain a lot....
  11. yes!!! honestly it well be s00pokyy enough. ofc not so much like living in Poland but still good. skeletons are best solution . they are zombie but without flesh soooo ofc choice. but honestly clows will be but too bad clowns are creepy ... like dolls. i hate clowns and dolls. i had terrbile nighmare with dolls one time. it was just bad awww yyyyyeeeeeess skeleton ^^ well there is more things i like - well i love screamer but i would just make her hands and feet a little bit dirty. honestly i love dead girl in white dresses ( it sounds so bad but you know). awww thx AND NOW YOU WASTELANDS RATS PREPERE FOR : 7DTD THEORY and... thought !!! Welcome welcom in my beatifull newsstand. i sitting here with my friend - Melton the skeleton . i would say something like introduce yourself but well... skeletons don't speak so much.. wait his jaw fall of... wait a sec. OK soooo today random Matt though is : we will get drowned zombies one day! why?? oh my dear let's go! So first in next alpha we get serwers. what it means? well there is a water there so thx cpt obvious. so probably someone or just random unlucky zombie fall inside serwers and drowned there - this give us small chance to get drowned zombie - well we have a lot of rivers, lakes so there is a lot of spaces for them. someone can say " YOU KNOW MATT BUT IN L4D2 THERE IS NOT ANY DROWNED ZOMBIE YOU $@$%!#$ SO WHY WOULD BE HERE??" that's correct but we have mud man well they are connected to water right? in DL we have drowned zombie ,in nza4 in, DI , in cod ( well they are normal zombie but have drowned variants of model so it still count). More clues? someday we will get new water physic. so this is perfect oppornity to add zombie connected with water right???? BUT REMEMBER - THIS IS JUST MY RANDOM THOUGHT RANDOM LIKE MY HAIR STYLE! My friends just fall from his chair and gave me idea. LIVE OF TRADERS IN 7DTD IS TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why you ask? try to stand from 6.05 to 21:50 . they don't have any chair to sit. they suffer so much. and some of them even have holes in floors and walls. I know i know living in post apo world is hard but Guys from TFP PLEASE give them any chair to sit i beg you. Please end their suffer they legs hurts so much. Well what we can expect in future? THIS YOU WILL LEARN IN NEXT EPISODE OF 7DTD THEORY and... thought !!! SMALL SPOILERS : Why most zombies will in near future going barefoot. WHY BANDITS NEED TRUCKS AND MINIBIKES . And i think another TFP'S game will be medival sandbox!!!! TRY TO SURVIVE TO NEXT EPISODE! aww she looks so good 😸 but please add blood on her hands and mud on her feet!!!! 😭
  12. well serwers could mean we can exepect drowned zombies someday! omg i finaly feels better! skeletons , newsstands and drowned zombie ( i hate water, i have hydrophobia but i love drowned zombie what the hell?) and i will send you guys photos frome havens! PS. Did there is new corpses model on basketball court? omg so good i love corpses!
  13. well radiation zone works like borders of the map like in cod far cry mad max. but it looks better when radiation kill you that just die
  14. well a random thought - do this alpha will add something to hallowen event?
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