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  1. Quick question : can we expect new a20.X update or just wait for a21?
  2. 1. i think your comment was cutted on the end of last post . 2. Well i agree about changes. But the dying light style shields is one of the worst implementation of shield everXD - Damn this is only thing in dl what i hate XD 3. Yeah - i mean: add map like Navezgane but with russian setting - i mean new models of zombies, new guns skins, new props, POI , small changes in gameplay ( more vehicles or cold wearther most of the time). And add this same POI zombie variants, guns skins into RWG too in this same time with options like vanilia pois only/russia pois+ vanilia/japanse poi+russia+vanilia etc. I think it would be good solution. It don't have to have story- just it need to be complexed. Btw idk if even change of style like medival period dlc just a little bit smaller price that basic could work- this option would be better that spinoff and nobody would say this is just lazy copy and paste
  3. I think something was cutted under last one quote in this comment and something under last one before this comment too 😕 1. Well idk how 7dtd modding work. I know modders manage to add shields in two-handed combat ( and using tools) into minecraft before minecraft devs manage to do this same thing. well about models - well they could use maps too and.. in my opinion that could works rly good- let say they would add new story map with RWG options connected withs this map - let say "russia" dlc add russian flats etc so and this poi can be used in RWG too, "JAPAN" mod add japan island and allow RWG to create japan POI's into random worlds. i made mistake - i mean more zombie types it coudn't be jest reskins - let say dlc with infector zombie type = new model+ animations+ change places where this zombie can be spawned with changes in POi ( well this zombie have range attack so can have diffrent spawnpoint). 2. Well i don't know but i can expect prices - you know if you check 50 similar games ( i mean similiar prices , type of game etc) so you can say " dlc in this game would probably be 5$ because "small" dlc to similiar game and we can expect 15$ for "big" dlc". 3. I know. well mods sometimes don't work etc so steam workshop integration will help a lot. 4. This will be hard to say now ( a little offtopic) - microsoft bought activison blizzard now so probably maybe would someday add 7dtd into gamepas with exclusive xbox and pc ( this is just sad theory). Btw i know i sound most of time like hater but i rly love 7dtd just i'm controversive sometimes and diffrent things are important for that for most people on this forum. 7dtd is good game and i just hope few thing can be solved in future.
  4. Well - i think if TFP was made let say 2$ dlc with shield most player would use mod instead. But my point was: poi's can be done by modders, change in system too but new zombie models or lore not . Well i don't to find prices in dollars so i will write in zl: HOI4 - basic 142 zł - every dlc 577. Conan - basic 142 zł , dlc 457 zł etc so it can be cheap let say 1 dlc = 4$ but 10 dlc will be 40$ right? Well 7dtd is sandbox survival like minecraft or project zomboid so i think people expect mods into 7dtd. Skyrim was like witcher 3 - people expect console RPG not mod base 7dtd is not "based" on consoles - i mean not focused to get bigger profits from consoles editions that from pc. Skyrim was more focused on xbox and ps players. Ofc can do. I mean - skyrim was sold with dlc packs cheaper so people bought because... with dlc sometimes was cheaper that base game only (don't ask my about logic here) 1. about lore - that's why some tes dlc was so hyped because it give a lot of lore into these games . i think almost evey popular game with dlc and mods have secret lore - biding of issac, darkest dungeon, ark . Well this is halve true- some modders will add mods depending on dlc and some mods will not support dlc. This depends on game and dlc so this is complicated ...... that's wasn't my point but whatever - Okay - my point was- i think some things not suit well. Hornets is good example - hornests doesn't suited into 7dtd and a lot of people think about this same thing. And i think some artitic decisions about design of new zombies is wrong so that's why i'm worring about that
  5. 1. Shield worked diffrent in diffrent mods but some mods using them as passive defence ( like armor) or allow to use weapons/tools in both hands. 2. this depends on prices - in bo1 you get by 5 E you get 4 mp + zombie map, in cod bo 3 you get for+-8 e 1 zombie map, now in cod for 20 euro you will get 1character skin, 2 guns etc. Modders in this same time can add rly good zombie maps for free. 3. Yep that's why i'm so "stubborn" to add more zombie variants by devs- i hope we will get more in next updated. 4. okay i will tell this little bit diffrent what i was mean- skyrim was lot of people bought it because 1 . a lot of was not modding skyrim - well skyrim was "witcher3" of this year so they bought dlc 2. multiplatform game so console owners bought dlc 3. dlc for skyrim was cheap and offten with vanililia game 4. lore ( tes have a lot of games) 5. some modders decided to start create mods using heartstone dlc ( at first they hated this and a lot of players too ) but after few year they" give up" and decided to create heartstone supporting mods ( well short- stalker shadow of chernobyl modders prefer 1.0.03 and 10.0.04 versions that 1.0.05 ). 5. well this could be endless 6. Nope. I will give you two popular example and my opinion- 1. a lot of players hate denizen from tranzit in cod bo2 and it is one of the most annoing and looking bad enemies in this game. 2. a lot of people hate mutants in far cry 1 because kiling setting in their opinion. 3. i think wight looks bad now and older "mutated" model was better , roland was complaning about that too and few others. So this is quiet a problem. But i agree : i have nothing more options that do this 7. Khmusic made rly good moodled and his version of zombie creature pack suit better - well i love extended common infected and l4d1 common extended overhaul mods - damn they suitd so good with vanilia zombies . I think this mods could be added as "community" updates ( well l4d2 an tf2 in updated mostly by fans) because are soo good. Damn i wish someone would do something like that into 7dtd
  6. 1. i agree but i mean : bolt action is more popular and easier to take care, So most lever guns would be in bad condition after few years and nuclear bombardment. So better choice would be m14. Yeah lever guns looks cool. But m14 is semi automatic so it could be quicker that hunting rifle but slower that assault guns - well i think lever gun works rly good in contagion but contagion happens at DAY 0 / few days after 2. this same as jcrook1028 I know - i mean it safer to add m16 that " actual" used guns to avoid being sued. Activion was used because they used in mw2 HMMWV. They won by it safer and easier that bought licence ( that's why in cs 1.6 only 4 guns have real name). Thast's why in call of duty cw spas have name gallo etc. So m16 would more logical and safer option
  7. Developing of infection can predictable - that's how we can learn which type of illes you have. but i agree - reducing would be good thing
  8. 1. Well shields is bad example - shields was added into minecraft before it was added in update. But i think- if modders wanted to add new quest they would probably (just give them time) - but if they don't do ,this mean... they just diffrent stuff. And 200 new building in this same style as current would be good and pointless in this same time - poi's could be added by mods ( well style of this buliding would be... random)- well poi design competition is example about that. But HD zombie models cannot be added by mods because... modders don't have tools to do this - so most new characters are ports from diffrent games ( or asset store) and UMA. So 1. devs will give them tools. 2. vanillia zombies will be only zombie with good quality. 2. about dlc- this is complicated - in oblivion few dlc broke mods , skyrim.... have dlc and people bought them but modders was working/ done before something like that- children adoption and new building was before heartstone - idk only if buidable house was added before or after this dlc by mods. 3. FTL is more like darkess dungeon or biding of issac- terraria have more connected things with 7dtd like destroable world with buidling , events ( blood moon in both games), longer time of playing on this same world etc. Terraria and minecraft are similair about art style and "blocks" but terraria have more more mobs ,ores , weapons etc. minecraft is easier that terraria but have almost this same things ( events, bosses (dragon), flying you can builid a lot of things etc) but biggest diffrents is - minecraft have less content, is easier but is 3d and terraria have much more content, is harder but is 2d. 7dtd is more like minecraft but even with "bigger" limitations - can add diffrent ores, mobs , weapons, worlds(like neather) and will suit there good ( with exceptions like modern guns). I think they a little bit too much limited themselft - weapons need to have similar number in every category because are connected with perks in this way to avoid being uselss or too powerfull. Zombies are limited quiet by their decision about AI and type of game - "grabbing" zombies like hunter from l4d2, riot from word war z or hunter dying light, can't work in singleplayer with destrucible world, big zombies like tank from l4d2 , goon from dying light can't be added because ai , zombie children- well everyone know, and mutants in re style don't suit with style. So idk how they can solve this problem 😕 But i think both we agree that zombies from mods don't suit into vanillia zombies = creature pack , snufkin pack can be good example about that
  9. 1. Well if they don't want to realse dlc in future this can have sens. 2. terraria is the best example of good sandbox game- in vanilia you have so much to do a lot of enemies , tiers of weapons etc. i know 7dtd is trying to be realistic but it can be done in similiar way. Terraria mods are big as vanilia game. I think you don't care about style or setting at all. But i will try to explain why lever gun is pointless but m16 could work well. 1. lever gun is hard too take care- so every modern ( by modern i mean +- 1910 year) army prefered bolt action rifles. they are easier too make, easier to clean and change parts and cheaper. 2. M16 is "typical" usa gun. Well i know USA use diffrent guns now like mk 17 or sig but - there is law problem so it will be safer to use m16 to avoid being sued- activsion was sued by company which made HMMWV so it will be safe option - that's way most cars in l4d2 are from 70-80 to avoid being sued. And another reason- m16 could be found in miltary warehouses used because lack of "new" guns etc. so That's why m16 would suit better. So this is not my " vision" but logical knowelege about guns etc. - if you want to make game set in new orlean you are taking pictures looking for info etc how new orlean looks, if you are making game about sengoku period you are looking how weapons was used, how soldiers looks like, if you are making game set in star wars in clone wars period you need info how diffrent legions of clones looks like , diffrent models of droid. Or you are going to make hated call of duty vaguard when AK use volksturmgewehr in 1942, japanse soldiers using stg 44 and in multiplayer this same characters fight each other ( you can find tons of comments about how much people hate this). So - this "learn to mod" is so realistic like ; learn quantum physic or learn how to make movies - okay to be more clear - to make good looking characters you need to have tools and tools are rly expensive ( well prices are subjective - 1 dollar in usa nothing but in iran worth much more )
  10. Hm.. i mean - i hear few interview - diffrents studies, games etc and oftten they complain that mods - mods add more things that devs - more weapons, mobs , armors etc so - they have problems with updates or sequel because... modders do a lot of stuff - that's why new total war games are almost not moddable. You can add new mobs, guns , pois , change systems etc so - if they would make dunno 7dtd in medival period probably somebody will make similiar mod for free before they annouced etc. And thinking about vannilia as "introduction" will hurt game- because... this would change 7dtd into minecraft- almost nothing to do in vanilia because mods can add 200 enemies, 50 ores etc ( played in mc in 2017 last time). Well this same problem with hom&m 3 - horn of the abbys is so good mod that ... no matter what would ubisoft do will be not enough. So devs would have create for example random zombie generator in l4d2 style - because modders can't do this because it is too much complicated. Without solutions like this modders will be much much forward
  11. Well idk how POI's tiers in 7dtd works but i will try to tell what i mean - well i think 7dtd have this same problem with minecraft- modders adding more stuff that devs. but mods are instable. That's the biggest problem with mods. But from other hand - if devs decided to make airport ,dam and maybe railways this could be big enough to let them say - " what how big and badass this is" . And maybe do something risky like add 20+ guns and after that , balance this in next updates ( well a lot of modern games first get contents and then get fixes in next updates). About artstyle- well 7dtd have so inconcent artstyle now - POI's looks realistic and i can't complain about quality - only about missing "setting" stuff- pits with bodies, crashed cars, destroyed military outpost, medical field bases but it can be added in next updates so this can be easy fixed. Gore looks great but zombie design ( i have obssesion about art design) - crawlers looks like from walking dead, screamer and burned like from typical fear focused horror game, spider looks too much like taken from KF2 which is parody, cop and radiant looks a little bit cod nuketown style- this is nothing bad, normal zombies looks too much like characters from rage - so designe of them is so inconcent- i could wrote and give example how this could be fixed. Guns just not suits with design of pois and props - you can find military trucks , a lot of miltary bases etc and.. you get ak47 , lever gun and "primitive" mods- ak47 don't suits here and lever gun- are rly hard to keep clean that's why bolt action guns are better- so i suggest to change ak47 into m16 and lever gun into m1 carbine - it could be more logical and better suit here- and about gun mods : 1. throw them to bin and add normal modern military "mods" 2. change military props into more devasted. And i won't to talk about new armor suits until we will get screens -but concept art's more suit too rage 2/ fallout that into 7dtd - i suggest to 1. do something in tlou 1-2 or days gone style 2. do in dying light 2 style - ragged clothes but realistic - i think nobody would wear clothes in geek set concept art style
  12. okay - my point was before you comment about art - "7dtd could be ended if they added bandits and story because people complaining about long production period". i was wrong about that - roland told me that story and npc were in post realased updates on kickstarter. But i didn't know about that before. So if i was correct that mean in 2016 they could added another point from their "check" list and avoid complaining about this period
  13. Bright colours and a little bit comical ( one shoe only) - well so now models looks more "light" that old ones like frozen zombies ( i mean normal zombies looks to "cartoonish" special looks like more like horror game)
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