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  1. I've done that one a few times and yes it could use a few more book shelves or even boxes but other than that I think it's great. It is a skyscraper after all and it's their HQ so I don't see why they should be wall to wall books...maybe on the first two floors yes should have a decent amount of book shelves and the basement should be where like 3 or 5 crack a book boxes should be but the rest should definitely be offices and other corporate junk. But my God the amount of zombies that get thrown at you especially once you hit over 100+ gamestage is insane not to mention feral sense and that place makes horde night look like a joke. Just goes to show how protected we are with our normal and cheese bases.
  2. Besides playing on default settings and if that's to difficult then new players can lower difficulty. Are new players just spoiled as far as always playing games in creative or on the easiest settings possible? I don't remember having that many issues when I started back in alpha 15 or even with mods throughout the years. I think it's the case as with my wife. She always plays games on the easiest possible settings and when she plays a game that either has no difficulty setting or she tries to play on defaults she struggles. I know it's a meme at this point but players need to get good.
  3. I don't mind more zombies or even massive roaming hordes but mining iron or lead for example and having screamers spawn over and over sucks or sometimes they spawn in other screamers which spawn in other screamers which makes a ridiculous loop only to then go mine and 5 minutes later it repeats itself with another loop. Go into creative give yourself any level auger or steel pick then go mine iron and watch them pop up like crazy. To me I would love to have screamers taken out of the game. I rather have a horde of soldiers and cops show up as a roaming horde than having to deal with screamers. Hell even the idea someone else had for a tool mod to reduce heat generated with the motor tools or normal tools.
  4. Any chance of lowering scream spawns when mining with an auger or even the steel pick? I don't mind roaming hordes falling me while I'm mining but the screamer spawn rate is on the annoying side.
  5. I go mining with an auger and screamers spawn like crazy even with a steel pick they still spawn alot while mining. the army they can call in can get a bit out of hand and almost turns into a horde night in itself and honestly it's a great way to farm experience but really frustrating when you are trying to gather resources using high tier tools. What exactly is the reason to even have them in the game besides to be annoying or to use as an experience farm? I'm fine with the random roaming horde dropping in while I try to mine but having to deal with screamers over and over and over gets really annoying and honestly it just isn't fun.
  6. PC specs are CPU - Ryzen 2700x, GPU - GTX 2070 and Memory is 16gb. Did Crack a book tower to go loot it for more schematics and wow. Also gamestage was 70+ which probably didn't help. Didn't die but was under prepared and had to run out the building a few times to collect myself. Now the main issue is the damn lag. I turned the settings down to medium and even then I was still dropping down into the 20s which is ridiculous. I know this is experimental and it will get optimized but man oh man the towers are really hurting things now which sucks because they are an amazing challenge. Because if the other towers are that much fun then great but the performance for those areas really needs to be better cause hitting low 20s in frames is a huge probelm.
  7. Wait why do you carry so much junk into a PoI? The only items needed when going out looting is a Melle weapon, pickaxe, fireaxe, shovel and wrench. Food and drink you find while looting, most of the junk you find you can scrap and for the rest be more selective..I've dropped paper or lead even if it was a pile of 50 or more since it's so easily obtained. Also if this is a multi-player thing then even more reason to prioritize what is more worth taking. Adds a layer of importance to the loot instead of oh I want to carry every piece of loot that's in a 2 story PoI.
  8. My settings for this are. .difficulty Nomad,, 90 min days,, 64 max alive blood moon and zombies at jog during day and default speed for both night and blood moon along with feral sense active all the time.. I Love the town layouts and better graphics but there seems to be an overabundance of loot for certain things and getting high tier items very quickly. there are things which have changed for the worse in terms of difficulty and how the game is played. I will also say that most of the problems are them trying to balance a game for both single and multi-player..atleast that's what it looks like to me. Food in single player is not an issue at all with the over abundance of small animals, farms, vending machines and traders to get food from. Also people saving canned goods for recipes which they may never find can lead to food problems but that's outside the pimps control for people doing weird things. Infection should be a concern as I have seen a few people complaining about how difficult it is to find honey or antibiotics which is good. Way to many people want this game to be as easy as possible with little to no threats from the zombies. Pipe machine gun weapon along with the ridiculous amount of ammo found needs serious balance. It was insane that on day 7 having a tier 6 pipe machine gun with mods can out classing a tier 3 machine gun think it was called the tactical assault rifle. The pipe machine gun weapon along with any melle weapon is enough to get you through an entire play through. The amount of ammo found is also a bit high along with zombie bags dropping tons of ammo especially the shotgun ammo. Again this might be a single player problem. An easy solution to some of these problems would be more settings to change in the advanced tab. From zombie damage to crafting costs for items to even how fast crops grow or how much they yield to even how often the trader and vending machines restock. It works fine for other games and I feel this would solve alot of issues as far as multi-player and single player goes when it comes to certain things. Bit of a long read but this might entertain ya on the toilet. Hope your legs don't fall asleep.
  9. Have Day count Zombie variations ever been considered? Like I don't mean gamestage since it can vary because of difficulty but like actual days passing in game making the zombies mutate due to just the passage of time? Like once we get past day 49 and onto day 50 we see new Zombie types or old ones with new abilities.
  10. Ah ok. Forgot to mention that. I had no idea sorcery had that type of stuff in it. Here I thought khain was showing us some mercy and added in some fancy feature to make living at the trader more desirable lol. Many thanks for the information.
  11. Are we suppose to get exp when the Guard NPCs at the traders kill zombies? Not sure if this was answered already or not.
  12. Yeah just figured that out lol. Kept seeing on 17.1 b9 on the upper right hand when I loaded the mod but didn't bother to think that I was using the copy of 7dtd which was 17.2 instead of doing a direct download of the 17.1 version from steam.
  13. Is anyone else having an issue with a white screen? Can't seem to play a new game without the screen being totally white. I've reinstalled the mod a few times, changed resolution, gamma is at 0% any possible solutions? Thanks.
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