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  1. As long as the vultures don't target vehicles that are not being used, sounds fine. Having a shotgun turret drive-thru though... heh. That could be fun to do. heh-heh-heh.
  2. Buried supplies are generally in the middle of the zone. Easy to find. Treasure Map ones, are a PITA. they can be in the middle or right on the edge. Sometimes lots of digging, but 15k+ dukes worth of stuff is nice. (if you don't need them to spend, that's a bunchaton of brass casings) If you luck out and get a map or 3 early, absolutely worth it. Lets you buy all kinds of goodies early on.
  3. This is why I turned down zombie block damage to 25%. An entire wandering horde stacked up on 1 block? No. They can still all bash through, but at least I have time to get there before they trash the quest poi that I'm on. I know it's intended behaviour. I don't agree with that method. So I turn it down. Now, if I could just turn off digging....
  4. Grand Canyone Strip Mining. I'll dig out the entire collection of ores, collapsing the dirt/rock as required. A few times, I've dug down to put supports, but that's kinda rare. Making darts and bullits takes a lotta resources. (oh, and yeah, I kinda over do it)
  5. Ever since the digging for zombies was added back, it seems that is their preference. They won't walk down the stairs in a POI, but try to dig down. I've walked up to them and started smacking them with a club, and STILL they keep digging. They'll try to bash through a fence, and ignore the 4 block wide opening, that is 3 blocks away. Mind you, they will stupidly run up a ram/climb the trellis, run across the trailer roof, doing 2 hop-ups along the way, in single file, just to be gunned down. (this one I do like) If the door to your base is stronger than the walls, they will bas
  6. hoodie sweater, and the warm hat mod on the helmet, along with the puffercoat . hoodie is 11 vs cold where bdu is 8. that had mod is worth a bunch. (I swap it for the cowboy hat depending on where I'm going)
  7. 2566 since I got the game in A16, in Jan 2018.
  8. Crank it to insane. umm... Did that at level 120 and the punchypunch not so easy to pop heads anymore. Lotsa bullets needed for the M60. yet the darttraps did just fine for the day 84 horde. (yes, they ran out the first 2 levels of traps, but there were still 13 more to go) 60 traps, zeds at 64. Lower levels, yes, once you get maxed, they do get easy for a while. Green ones you get more of, and of course, the stupid cops show up in POI. Gotta waste them fast, or you get holes in said POI, and losted loots. BadThing
  9. BlueBeer's Billiards. Best Balls in Town since 1888 heh. (remember what billiards referenced back then)
  10. Don't forget about the extra damage from the mods you can put in. 1 or 2 pts damagh difference means nothing, if you get 1 more slot.
  11. Yes, maxalive does make a difference. With 64 max you get large waves, thus running out of zeds quicker than 8 max. (providing you kill them, and don't end up as zombiechow)
  12. my GS is over 200, and day 70 horde didn't last all night. Killed'em all. (well, the dart traps did) There are a set number that will show up, and later on, it is harder to kill them all, but not impossible.
  13. oh, derp, I misread. that was one non-stop session. 120 days longest before starting server.
  14. Brawler is fun for POI clearing, but having a machinegun for when a dozen greenies drop in is handy too. (and for the cops. I don't like them going asplodey and breaking my loots) For horde night, well, I'm using a dart trap base now, and I could probably use a bow on the number of zeds that are making it to where I can shoot them. (so far). Popping the head off a bear with one punch though... heh. Oh, I'm using the full heavy armor. If I gotta run, I get to da choppa! (motorcycle choppa, not that eggbeater thingie)
  15. Was watching gamingonlinux group play the game. Looked interesting. The more I watched, the more interesting (and hilarious) it got. Then they invited me to join the silliness if I got the game. Bought it, joined them, and an epic get my ass outta the desert run began. (I was clueless on what to do) That was Feb 2018. 2522hrs later, not so clueless (in game. IRL.. well...)
  16. Forest for early game. Lotsa trees, temp is fine. Snow/Desert are nasty until you get the gear to handle the extreme temps. Wasteland, well, hard to spot mines. Nasty. Once you get the book that lets you walk over them without triggering them.... whole 'nuther story. heh.
  17. You can also turn DOWN the zombie block damage. I've done that because: 1) Demolisher damage IS over the top. If it was 1 or 2 per night, then hrmm.. multiple at once? nope. 2) Zombie stacking/group damage is also over the top. 10 zeds standing in one place, beating on a block and geting group bonus damage? 3) all of the above. Damage etc gets tweaked up/down all the time. We CAN compensate one way or the other. Want zeds doing more damage and be harder? Crank UP the damage/difficulty. Want less? Ayup, turn it down. As for dungeon POI getting boring after the umpteent
  18. Try a silenced M60 for POI clearing. (hee-hee) Really nice once you have the books so you don't take a damage penalty for a silencer. Wasnt' a fan of punching stuff, but I do kinda like the asplodey heads. That doesn't get old.
  19. Dart traps give xp too. Got a couple levels last night on Day 63 Horde. Gotta up the zed count again for day 70. (32 last night)
  20. Somehow these old eyes missed that part about java which yes, we have in linux. I'll add that to my to-do list and give it a whirl.
  21. Nitrogen only works on windows, so us linux folks are outta luck and have to do it the hard way. (unless it works in wine...) Mind you, it IS hilarous to get a map with 100 traders. heh.
  22. The client side has stable and exp at the same build, but not on the server depots. I just flipped everything to non-experimental for now. (and of course, will have to flip again when 18.4 exp drops)
  23. This. However, it doesn't take much mining for shale to be able to feed a buncha generators without issues. Battery banks easy to get. Q6 batteries, well, keep wrenching cars, and LL does help there. (of course as you close in on lvl 200, you'll start getting more Q6 stuff anyway)
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