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  1. I should put the zombie block damage back to 100%, and try the dart trap base again. 60 traps will handle an entire horde of 64 zombies on insane, I can just nap, or shoot birds. (well, poke my head up, lead'em down and let the shotgun turrets do the work) Dart traps don't trigger demos, at least when shooting from the sides. (and they hit the legs and head anyway) but yes, demo does need tuning.
  2. Better see Trader Doc Jen about that. oh, wait....
  3. I used dynamite on the mountain, once I had a rather large cavern dug out. (and it's really fun to toss at screamers and her friends. get double duty out of the booms)
  4. Ranger station is great, the small bunker is as well. Ranger has flagstone ground floor, easily upgradable. remove the stairs INSIDE, leave the outside ones until you can spike around it. Second floor has lotsa room. Small bunker, mostly concrete, just need to upgrade your entrance a bit, fence around upgradable to wood2 on day one. House with 2 doors, you can upgrade to wood2 day 1 as well. Both have a gunsafe, the bunker ALWAYS gives you a cooking pot. I've used both. Those are the 2 easiest ones I've found as starter ba
  5. Strip mining. Otherwise known as recreating the grand canyon. That's how I prefer to do it. I'm finding spots with 3 nodes of stuff... iron, lead, coal, some even give all 4, One mountain on pregen02, had/has tons of iron, coal and lead, little bit of nitrate. Desert on, iron, shale and bunchaton of nitrate. Need the rocks for cement, sand for cement. clay/soil for smelting/forging. Of course, I end up with too much clay, and never enough of the rest... for a while. When doing open pit, you get to see just how large
  6. Try this: zeds walk, ferals jog, BM is run. 8 per player. set zombie block dmg to 25%. That gives you a chance to get things going. Spiders still leap a HUGE distance, so that isn't affected. The block damage just slows down how fast they plow through things. Doesn't seem to affect the damage to YOU though. I crank the speeds/settings up as I progress, until it's insane and 64. Block dmg stays at 25%. I don't like or agree with 10+ zeds stacked into 1 spot pounding a block. (and demo dudes need to be turned down a bit. you g
  7. An autorun toggle would be nice for vehicles, yes. Obviously on foot, you'd run out of stamina, which is bad. (usually because when you do, something comes out of the shrubbery and tries to eat you)
  8. I do the multiple copies of the game, since the mod loader is a windows thang. (and because I've been known to break things when I'm tinkering with the files) oops.
  9. You CAN build a shelter on day 1, but finding a POI is much easier. Or, just find one of those big boulders, put a wood platform on top, wood frame to extend over the edges (2 blocks is fine) You can shoot through the frames. Center part just upgrade the frames once (so you can't pick them up) Drop your land claim and bedroll and you are good for the night. You can generally get a 5x5 solid wood block area, with 2 rows of frames. spikes at the bottom. Just use a wood frame ramp to get up, a few blocks out. I'm nasty, and put the frames
  10. That is a good point. Equiv to freeze dried foods, jerky etc. stuff that lasts practically forever. All kinds of possibilities for future builds. (or dlc whathaveyou)
  11. If you are playing and hosting, you can also change the landclaim number before starting the game for the first time. In the main menu, bring down the console and just type sg landclaimcount 10 as an example. I do that so I can put a claim on production base, first horde base, then the big sucker I build later.
  12. Food spoilage again. ok. Once you get farms going, making fresh food really isn't an issue. Gets to the point where I have too much cooked, farms are idle as I really don't need to harvest them. Question then becomes, what do you do with the spoiled food? Just toss it or ?? Been doing FO76 again, and food spoils fairly fast (couple game days), but, you then turn it into fertilizer (10:1 ratio) Makes sense, think, composting. So, if something like that (as in turn spoiled food into something, maybe nitrate, if fertilizer isn't brought back), then
  13. Dart traps do NOT trigger them. I let my traps do the entire horde, I just shot the stupid vultures. 60 dart trap base. all the shots are coming from the side, so doesn't hit the green glowy dot. Not sure if other zeds flailing about can push the button.
  14. Well, I do tend to bash open doors as I go, metal and regular doors, once I have the books that give me extra brass from doors. (coming back with big stack of doorknobs is nice) So I generally find the hidden rooms. Not always. Vultures to get stupid in the POI, and for the larger ones, there always seems to be 1 zed that bashed through a wall, into another area, or fell down etc.
  15. True, but there are vultures in the burnt forest as well. (batting practice time) Starting in normal forest will be nice, as it should give us a chance to get a few things to survive. Kinda stinks when a cat/coyote eats you as soon as you get the run to the trader quest, and you barely go 100m. oops. mumble. drat. oh well, not far from the bedroll. heh. Used to be the dogs were a real worry. Now, it's more "bad dog! no biscuit! *punch*" (and dogs are hilarious on pathing/jumping to a 1 block wide walkway. they fall down a lot. giggle) Looki
  16. This is very welcome news. So no getting eaten by kitty cats, mutated mutts, or coyotes/vultures. Just worry about the big bad wolf, Yogi, and porky. (well, porky only if you hit first)
  17. That's the trick, look for the orange dots. Some will fall down, then you have to get them. Vultures the stupid things, get stuck in the oddest places (like inside) I've popped into god mode on some to fly about and find the last one, going what the heck did I miss. It's always been an "Oh, that!" kinda thing. (or a bugged out vulture)
  18. Pretty much any game, once you play with mods, if you remove them, start over. (unless you made the mod yourself, and know exactly what it did, and whether you can continue or not) I made the magazine bigger on the M60, and gave the compound crossbow 3 shots, currently. I use other mods for larger bags/containers. I do need to redo stack sizes, 1000 may seem like a lot until later in the game and you have a box full of mixer, or darts for the traps. (how many containers to hold 90,000 darts? that fills up 60 traps ONCE. need reloads. umm) (w
  19. Sometimes the extra mod slot makes the difference though. We tend to forget that.
  20. Machinegun build: early game: 7x7 platform, 3 rows spikes, 1 row barbed wire. center column, with overhead bars (to keep birdies off my noggin) this is about 11 blocks back from the single redneck trailer. single walkway from trailer to platform (11 blocks distance) Due to the overhang, when the zeds come over the roof, they drop 1 block down, then have to hop up to the walk way. Bullets are waiting. Zeds use the trellis at the front to get up on the roof, (later on, I just build them a ramp). they do a hop/pause when the get to the roof, (pick a few
  21. 2 shotting a 900/1200hp tree IS kinda nice. I had all the mining perks, and most of the other melee perks, so didn't make the connection with that book series. That would also explain the shooting out the walls in POI as well. methinks the wood hit is applying to the machine gun as well. (which means I have to aim more carefully)
  22. Updated pg 3, with Linux OS ver, and removed live twitch link. (sorry 'bout that, didn't expect that)
  23. Not sure what is intended, and what is not, however: Saving a region that has your base and resetting the game as posted in another thread, does work just fine. Note that the regions are rather large. I got my main base, 2 of my open pit mines, and my first horde base. Notable things: Batteries and Solar cells in said banks, vanish. (not fine, but if intended, no problem, just have to empty them first) Wiring for electrical, vanishes. (odd, and very annoying. where is that info stored?) Vehicles in open, vanish. (probably in the vehicles f
  24. spider, buzzard, fat lady. keep moving and the buzzard lifts off, and circles. blast the spider. try and pick off the bird when he dive bombs. if the slow approach, easy, if the warp speed twitchy movement, not easy. Fat lady: meh. punch her lights out. no bullits needed.
  25. I just use creative. trade 1 stack of wood for 300 spikes. (same as current spikes) smipler to do than mods.
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