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Some Ideas for a Sequel


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I love 7 days to die and I love sequels! (So much potential to be better!)

I've noticed with 7 days to die that the worst thing about it is the how repetitive it is. You start at day 1, loot, find a place, survive, etc. And I get some people love it but I'm not one of them. (Still love the game though)

So some ideas for a sequel or even updates:


The graphics on 7 days to die aren't the greatest. And it doesn't have to be, and some might even like it that way, but with better graphics and a responsive environment (maybe you move something and a dead person's hand falls into view or you're swimming and there's a dead body in front of you or a zombie grabbing your leg from underwater), it can make 7 Days to Die so much scarier! And that's what makes it different from other sandbox survival games! Not to mention when you're scared and freaked out, you're more into the game!

-More people!

7 Days to Die needs more people. That's, to me, a major problem. There's no one around, there's no one to interact with (besides traders, but they don't do much). If you could walk around and have conversations with people, trade with them when they're looking for something specific and you are too, and even form relationships with them (friend, enemy, lover), I'd be knee deep in this game! Not only can these things be done, but you could also form like clans or groups. I would love to set myself up in a prison and just have a bunch of people help me protect it! Maybe even get a big enough group to reclaim and protect a whole town! But of course, the more people, the more zombies that are gonna come to keep that challenge in the game up. Say you have a group of people, it would also be cool if you could form it without needed a place to house them. If you could have a small group set up that moved with you, looted with you, and worked with you, I would find that intense and awesome. But people also need to die, because where's the fun if nobody is dying in front of you?

-A Storyline

A story line would make it different so I would understand if not everyone agreed (so maybe just tiny quests with more in depth story in it, so instead of "kill 5 chickens with a nailgun" it could be you have to find someone whose probably dead, but it turns out they ran away and you have to choose between telling the person that they ran away or that they're dead.) But maybe a large main story line. Something that takes hours and hours to complete and you're involved and an important person in such story line. Like hunting for people who killed a family member or saving a large town from being wiped out. If there was a large story line with smaller side quests that you can do, I'd be sold.

-More realistic

I really appreciate that you have to eat, drink, and wear weather appropriate to survive. Something you have to constantly think about. So why not add more? Some ideas: You have to wash your clothes or they deteriorate faster and it has benefits to keep your clothes clean, like people like you more. But of course killing zombies all day makes that hard so a player would have to keep several outfits (Going back to the more people idea, you could also have someone in your group that does the laundry for everyone). You could make dealing with food more realistic. You could make flour and butter and make bread or sauté up a fish you caught earlier that day. You could also have it so food expires and rots. Maybe meat lasts 2 days and canned food last 60. Using a fridge makes your perishables spoil slower or you could dry meat so it becomes beef jerky and it lasts for 2 weeks longer. Making the game more realistic doesn't have to stop there. You could also have to rest for a certain numbers out of a day or else you'll have health risks or CPR training and then using it for those dying fellow survivors. Little details like that, that make you focus on more than just killing and building, would be awesome!

- Character customization

Now I haven't played the pc version in forever but last I did there was some light character customization. I play on console now and there's only a choice of who you play. I would love to tat a person up or give them faded purple hair with growing roots. Stuff that makes your person unique.


I love that on Minecraft that you can have lure cows and pigs and chickens and they supply you with food whenever you need it. I think that'd be great for 7 Days to Die as well.


That's all I can think of. All of these items would be great, but I understand that not everything is possible. And it shouldn't take away from the sandbox/building part of it. I love choosing between upgrading a damaged building or just building my own from the ground up. People could get on creative and build a whole town and put people in it. Just some ideas I thought I would throw out there! Thanks!

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Why do you guys even come to Pimp Dreams if you are against dreaming about the future? This game is almost a wrap and most ideas that people have are going to have to go into a sequel. I agree that in other areas of the forum this wouldn't be appropriate but it is exactly why we have this subforum in the first place. If you can't handle talk of the future then keep to the other areas of the forum.


OP: First of all welcome to the forum and thanks for posting your ideas.


Better Graphics: Hopefully voxel technology will continue to improve so that for a sequel game the graphics can be better. If you look around at other voxel games you will quickly realize that 7 Days to Die is a leader and pioneer in what can be done graphically in a voxel game. If this game doesn't have the best graphics of any voxel game out there then it is one of the best for sure. Graphics on voxel games will always lag behind what is possible in static world games. But hopefully there will be advances for the next game.


More People: On a limited scale more people are coming to this game! I can only imagine that they will take it even further in a sequel. Again the voxel world is a limiting factor in being able to have truly frightening hordes of hundreds of zombies or large communities of NPCs. Hopefully technology will advance and allow more than what we will get for this game.


Storyline: Story based quests are coming to this game and hopefully as soon as A17.


Realism: Your description of realism probably isn't mainstream in appeal so whether it is this game or the next you will probably have to look to mods for that level of survival management. Take Starvation and True Survival. These two mods do what you are looking for and there are people who love to download those mods and have a lot more than the vanilla survival issues to worry about.


Character Customization: Probably won't happen on console as Telltale games sells character skins and if you can customize to the point that you can just create the characters rather than buy them then that is self defeating from a marketing aspect and Telltale is all about marketing with such microtransactions. Frankly, I'm surprised that over a year in you can't purchase a Michone Katana for the console version....


Farming: The developers of the PC version have stated that they are not that interested in farming. They have probably developed it as far as it will ever go-- probably even for a sequel unless one of the owners somehow contracts the Stardew Valley virus. Farming isn't really their thing but maybe for a sequel they'll consider it if they see the popularity of it in other games.

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Frankly, I'm surprised that over a year in you can't purchase a Michone Katana for the console version....




i pride my self on my individuality , and encourage other people to have different opinions than my and share them , but some times it nice to think like some one else "


I wanna katakana so bad for my michone


in fact i want a katana in real life nothing says home defense like a soshu kitea katana made by the hand of Masamune thats 7 individual peices of Tamahagane to make one perfect sword


i'd feel so confident with a katana in real life id walk right into a lions den no joke


- - - Updated - - -



let people dream please no need to shoot people down in a DREAM thread

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Why do you guys even come to Pimp Dreams if you are against dreaming about the future? This game is almost a wrap and most ideas that people have are going to have to go into a sequel. I agree that in other areas of the forum this wouldn't be appropriate but it is exactly why we have this subforum in the first place. If you can't handle talk of the future then keep to the other areas of the forum.

I don't think these responses have to do with the wishes but more with talking about a sequel. 7d2d is in development since 2012 (?) and still far from being finished. I don't even see an end for alpha state.

So why a sequel? Why not into the current version? Maybe in A25?


Same, OP brings up some good ideas for a sequel, and Joel stated once that the team planned to make another zombie game, just without entire world destruction.

Surley they can do this, but then i'm not interested in the game, because the voxel system is the reason i play 7D2D and not e.g. Ark or Conan Exiles.

I don't play 7d2d because of zombies. It's exactly the other way round. I'm so absolutely done with zombies, i can't see them anymore. I'd appreciate a game without zombies.

There are tons of zombie games out there. What makes 7D2d special is the voxel based world.


But overall, maybe yes. TFP should probably stop alpha soon, go into beta, bugfixing optimizing, and then finish the game. If they do this in the near time, maybe we can talk about a sequel.

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"Something that you have to think about constantly" would detract from the fun of the game for me. And let's face it, in a zombie survival game people aren't going to like you more for being clean than they would for being covered in the filth and gore of putting down dozens of zombies. I like the idea of more people, but a lot of what you are saying there points to finding a group of non-griefers to play MP with. As far as just having some NPC scrub to do your laundry, I would seriously let them starve to death. It sounds a lot like a housewife without the nagging and "intercourse", which let's face it, anybody would let their housewife starve to death if she wouldn't do more than just laundry.


A lot of your better ideas are already being planned for this game, and who can be sure if they will ever make a sequel after the amount of work they are putting into this one? 5 years in development and counting is a serious commitment and a LOT of time. Will they even want to do that again? Most companies can put out a few non-destructible environment games per year, and that's where the money is. It could turn out that a game this large and great will be nothing more than a portfolio to some of the dev team and they go on to join other teams to make more money. If not for the console's micro-transactions, people are only buying this game once which seriously stifles the profitability of working on it. I just hope they finally finish it and it gets even better, becoming everything that they (and we) hoped for. It's a great game and you can tell the team is passionate about it since they aren't micro-charging for it.

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I don't think these responses have to do with the wishes but more with talking about a sequel. 7d2d is in development since 2012 (?) and still far from being finished. I don't even see an end for alpha state.

So why a sequel? Why not into the current version? Maybe in A25?


7 Days to Die has been in development since 2013. It is been just over 4 years and it is winding down. There will be an Alpha 18...possibly an Alpha 19 but that will be it. They will finish the game next year without a doubt and while they plan to continue to support it with updates and content post release they are also planning to start on a sequel.


But that is neither here nor there. A thread about a sequel in Pimp Dreams steals ZERO development time from the developers for the current game. Who cares if someone wants to talk about the sequel? How could this thread possibly even remotely impact the current game so that we need 3-4 thread police who aren't even moderators coming around saying "We shouldn't be talking about sequels. That's just crazy dangerous to do right now so let's just move on and get this game done because we have EVERYTHING to do with developing this game anyway..."




/color me flourescent brown...

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If we're talking a sequel, I can only imagine the graphics would improve down the road. Part of that would involve advances in the medium itself (better techniques and software), and hardware getting better (which it probably will).


Of course, if the sequel is a different genre or style of gameplay (a few series do this), and they don't use a voxel based system, they'd be more so limited by their artists.



More People


I'm pretty sure those are coming. NPCs besides traders seem like they would be integral to the story they plan to implement. Even the backstory in Madmole's recent video for one of the houses would be better cemented if it had somebody in game to represent it. Whether that be someone effected by it to reference it, or the presence killer themself.


As for creating a band and making a small settlement, that would be awesome. I don't know if they have much planned for that or not, or what they might have planned. It's been mentioned in patch notes (Alpha 16 mentions settlements in some changes to land claims), so hopefully we might get something. But if it doesn't make it into this game, it'd be a great idea in the next.


Perhaps the sequel itself could be about managing a community and building a society from the survivors and ruins. It could be either a prequel or a sequal, as it could cover the rise of the White River Settlement, or be about a new / greater community that's the progeny of our efforts in this game.




A story is coming. I'm hoping it's multi-faceted, and not overly linear. Madmole has talked about concepts for the White River Settlement and The Duke so far, and they seem to be the center of the story. I'm curious if other smaller factions (like the Crazy Jake Clan, which is just referenced for now) are going to be present in the final cut.


The current quests I'm assuming are a placeholder, and just to get the system in place.





Some of those ideas are interesting, others not so much.


I think food management could really add to this game, and I would like if there were more variety to food and possible buffs to more difficult and complex recipes.


As per clothing, I think if maybe what you wore could have an impact on things you do could be neat. Like wearing a suit would be great for social interaction, but not be great for physical activity.


I don't, however, really find the idea of cleaning clothes to be interesting. It doesn't add a meaningful mechanic, and is just a chore.


I feel simlarly about sleep, since days are relatively lengthy and the game is in realtime. Maybe for NPCs, but having the player leave the game running and do nothing isn't fun. Having time skip would trivialize surviving through the night, and be difficult to implement in multiplayer.



Character Customization


Some more customization would be nice, but not heavily necessary IMO. I do like the idea of tatooes though.


As for console, I don't really have any comments.





For the current game I think the farming we have now is mostly fine, however I kind of wish plants needed water for a little bit of upkeep, but don't want anymore than that.


Of course, farming in the next game, depending on the idea and scope of it, might benefit greatly from more in depth farming.


RE : Discussing Potential Sequels

Personally I think it is appropriate, since TFP have mentioned that they are in the final stretch and are locking down on features.


That being said, I think it is important to keep in mind that there may be post-release content and that a sequel is quite a ways into the future. They also haven't really said anything about it, so it's highly speculative as to what the next game could be. Madmole has mentioned that the next game they make may not even be a sequel to 7 Days to Die, nonetheless one similar to what we're playing now.

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I can tell you that if it isn't a direct sequel it will definitely be a spiritual sequel and that they will be taking everything they've learned and all the systems they've developed and continue to improve them and take them to the next level for their next game. It's also almost a guarantee (anything is possible and plans could change after all) that the next game will be a voxel open world sandbox as well.


They aren't going to go the Scrolls route like Mojang...

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