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  1. Just checking in to say this to Hal: AWESOME job, as usual. You're the boss! See ya around!
  2. Hi there. I've been away for quite a while, and just saying thing out of my mind without checking code / xml but: in A16, the speed should be all in the buff speedmodifers indeed, nothing in code should affect it as far as I remember correctly exo suits only mitigate damage sustained, but you still get sick. It was kind of a balancing thing. You either avoid having to use medicine, or you get the extra mobility and damage mitigation.
  3. Just 2 small notes... First a big thanks to Xyth for keeping notes of bugs and requests, and fixing what he can. Second, I've been a bit occupied due to professional reasons (another tough season), but will try to keep things updated... I especially would love to release the birds update asap... Again, thank you all for your support and patience.
  4. I ask again what I asked on discord... Get me a copy of your save game... I simply cannot replicate that error, and that would be very helpful.
  5. There are more gems other then those... Very rare in loot, more common using the miner. They can be used on multiple items, with multiple effects...
  6. Might need some adjustment then... We do want them as rare resources, so that players don't spam those "habilities", but as usual some balancing might be needed.
  7. It didn't change much, no.. There might be a bit more enemy density, and that impacts sanity too, but other then that it's similar... New thing is, for rad zone, the most efficient way in long term is using the exo and medicine (especially in groups with upgrades), instead of using the rad suits... This is because you can control much better a wider range of stats, like sanity and heat, for example.
  8. Harvesting the specific mobs dead bodies, if you manage to not obliterate them with your overpowered exo weapons
  9. We'll try to check them. For the rolling door, i'll have to get back to you when i arrive home. Obrigado pela informaçمo
  10. You do not Need it. Its just different advantages. I've seen different strategies from players , ranging from carrying Sanity managment items, to establish temporary recovery outposts....
  11. Sanity decreases because even though radiation damage is being mitigated, it still impacts you... That's the clear advantage of the exo suit, because it completely prevents it (and thus prevents the sanity hit), even though it will not avoid sickness (by the time you have a full rad suit, you probably have enough medicine).
  12. Xyth proposed a interesting compromise. Let the farmer autoupgrade the box as long as there are snow balls available?
  13. It can be done indeed, though the real advantage of powering up the nuclear plant is really fuel free energy instead and not only powering those specific workstations... But it does makes sense.
  14. Feel free to "mute" them, it's a simple xml edit. Don't ask me to change them though 😉
  15. Is the farm storage upgraded with ice? We still didnt change that. And yes, choose carefully the place to have your tower. They are not the smartest people on earth
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