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  1. Chopping up a bear carcass, it starts bouncing around and half clipping into the ground. Then it bounced up and vanished. Are dancing bears intended gameplay? I have yet to see any other types of dead animals bounce around. Also, taking the XP reward off of crafting ore bundles is bad form. And the cost to build a Chemistry Station is outlandish. 100 Forged Iron is dumb, but pales in comparison to the 5 acid, when those seem to be especially rare now or gated behind Book RNG.
  2. Keep finding a set of loot in trash, occasionally. It's like 1 feather, 4 sand, m60 schematic, and don't recall what the 4th item is. On the first map I made it was the first trash I opened, and got it again within the first day. I've probably gotten it 5 or 6 times so far. Just me?
  3. Go heavy into Lucky Looter. You will find yourself in a gyrocopter before day 7. You will have every weapon other than the m-60 and pump shotgun. But before you get a minibike or better, running across a desert with no stamina because the game is bad, you will figure out that you need Well Insulated, even with a leather duster or poncho. Needing to put extra insulation in along with the perk, replacing other items, is poor design. The much better option for fun and game flow would be to make the map 50-60% forest, pushing back the need for Well Insulated until you have a viable build in place. Feel free to disagree, if you enjoy being wrong. ❤️
  4. Currently, there are 2 viable builds. 1. Perception> Lucky Looter & Lock Picking 2. Intellect > Better Barter Other skills are either incidental or entirely necessary. No crafting of weapons or armor is meaningful since neither will ever result in QL 6. The radical overabundance of cold or hot environments means that Well Insulated can not be skipped, slowing down all other advancement, or negating extreme environments in favor of progression. Leaving out extreme environments destroys 2/3rds of the game. And I find myself (PC player) sorely missing the console version of the game. I sincerely hope you make the next release more enjoyable than Alpha 18. Otherwise, please give us the console version as x.01
  5. Is QL6 craftable? Curious if there is any point to crafting skills yet or stick with Lucky Looter and survival skills.
  6. I fondly remember 2002, when graphics had reached current TFP levels, jumping cost stamina, and Bethesda hadn't released Fallout 76. Lo, do I long for those times again. #morrowind>7days
  7. Seems TFP optimized RWG building speed by sending a ton of the work through the GPU. More than during gameplay. Cleaned out my GPU and got past 15% Generating Detail Height Map without crashing.
  8. You might be right. It has happened any time I tried to build a 4k map, with different names. I'll look into reporting since I like to help you guys get better. UPDATINGTON: This time I have been moving my mouse around, so rather than freezing up the PC at GENERATING DETAIL HEIGHT DATA 15% it has now got to GENERATING DETAIL HEIGHT DATA 83% and been stuck there for 10+ minutes. I was able to restart the computer, generate the map, freeze on loading in, restart again, and get into the game on prior attempts. This time I can probably just Alt+F4 and go back in to get it working. If not, I'll post a bug report for you lovely people. I appreciate that you lot took my swimming skill and other suggestions into consideration, so I'll help you out. Also, game not responding to ALT+F4 atm since it's partially locked.
  9. Strange that the Experimentals were working fine building 8k maps, but the "stable" won't build a 4k. I guess I should build a smaller map, rather than the Dev's fixing what they broke.
  10. Any plans to release a stable version? Not really feeling a game that locks up my PC while building a map.
  11. lol TomGirlGamer is more famous than your entire company! You guys better pay the woman
  12. For Yucca and Aloe you can build farm plots and plant any seeds you have found. It's not going to be a huge supply, especially if you don't have Living off the Land at rank 4+. As for the shale, I can't say that it is or isn't in other regions. If it is, it will have nice surface nodes with an oily sheen, kinda rainbow-like.
  13. If it's not a treasure map or "buried supplies" mission, you shouldn't have to dig. Fetch quest goods are in a spot other loot would be if you were not on a quest, like hidden behind boxes in a corner, or under a loose floor board, or behind a wall panel or painting.
  14. Enjoying the fact that Lead surface nodes are no longer WHITE. Most of the changes in A18 are just right.
  15. My two cents, if you're going to participate and create a new recipe using canned food, make the recipe produce a canned food. Or alternately do something like a Can of Sham, use various ingredients to create a canned food. That way you can include some scrap iron as an ingredient to pad the list to 4+ ingredients. With the global chance of food poisoning on any food not in a can, it seems silly to add any new recipes that don't go into a can. For instance, using a Can of chilli to make a chilli dog, which can cause you to vomit until you die... just for some max stam and healing???
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