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  1. I personally think that all zombies should move randomly. For example, the biker guy shouldn't have a specified movement type. There shouldn't be a crawler either. They should pool all the movements together, and then each zombie randomly picks from the pool, and there is a certain % chance that any zombie can spawn as a crawler. This would keep the visuals more fresh, especially if they make the zombie clothing/colours random.
  2. I've noticed that when using the Gyrocopter in A20 (Compared to A19) It is difficult to see. Very rarely does the sky clear up. Its either white or grey. You can't see any tree, buildings, or even mountains until you almost crash into them. It doesn't matter how high you go. In fact, the higher you go the worse it gets. Kind of wrecks the Gyro experience... Any plans to clear the sky so it's more like A19? I understand that bad weather can cause low visibility, it just seems like there is always bad weather...
  3. Ah I see. Thanks for the explanation. I guess it's too late to change the save system now. All I hope is there eventually there will be some type of backup system in place in case saves gets corrupt.
  4. When I check my game save folder its around 300-800mb. Why would the size go up to 300GB? I can see 3GB or maybe even 6GB.
  5. Does anyone know of a mod, or maybe where the file is located to put the original theme song back? Thanks
  6. For the record I was able to fix this by entering the glitched POI, hitting F1, and then typing the chunkreset command. It then put the trader back where he was supposed to be. Only issue is, that I had two traders in the one POI. To fix this, I then reloaded the save and everything was back to normal. Before doing all this, make sure you don't have any pending missions. If you do, either complete them or cancel them. This also works for POI's that have other glitches. It basically resets them back to default. I tested it in creative mode on a POI I shot up with the rocket launcher, Chunkreset...and boom as good as new. Hope this helps anyone out there. I know it sucks starting a new save after a lot of work..
  7. Thanks for the mention. IMHO, the saving system needs a complete overhaul. Each time it saves it should save to a different file, up to 10 files total. Once it hits 10, it starts to overwrite. That way if one gets corrupt the game itself can backtrack and open the last known good save. Also, maps should have a separate save than characters. The characters should be able to travel between maps. For example I take my single player character and join an online game with the same character, level him up there, etc.. and then take him back to my single player game. The game Grim Dawn uses this. If someone chooses to start a new character with a new map, that is also an option, but not mandatory. We also need the ability to manually save and create up to 10 saves manually. So if I have a problem, I know that I can go back to another save that I made. The constant overwriting of one file for a character or map has a high likelihood of corruption. That's my 2 cents.
  8. I had one of my traders look as if he disappeared but he ended up just going outside for some fresh air LOL
  9. I think A20 sound has improved a lot. They really need to focus on sound. Would be nice if objects could have their own sounds. For example when it gets stormy or windy outside, the doors, shutters, and other objects rattle. Sound is so underrated. I love the slow acoustic guitar music! Keep up the great work Pimps!!
  10. Your character is portable, you can go into any SP and MP game with it. Games have their own saves, and your character(s) also have their own save. This will allow you to take your SP character and easily join your friends in a MP game with the same character. A good example of this being used is in the game Grim Dawn. They even have a trader that you can store your loot with and then join the same gave with another player and have access to the same loot. It's a very flexible system.
  11. Item counts in your inventory change to even display the number 1 on items that are on their own. So 1 crossbow 1 shovel etc.. As if they could be stacked. I've also had it where the crafting menu search field causes the entire inventory menu to become non responsive to clicks of the mouse. Not good at all when your are in the middle of a battle. Not reporting a bug just wanted to talk about it. Thanks
  12. Yeah exactly, thanks. I've had this happen many times. Vehicle Parking spots would be a good temp fix and also a nice long term addon. Pay a trader to tow your vehicle back from wherever it may be.
  13. Once when it happened to me I had to dig down only one block. As long as you can select it and get into its inventory you should be able to empty and pick it up. It is strange though that all of them are affected. Wonder if its something else. I will bring up my idea once again. Parking spots for vehicles that act like a bedroll. If you have a problem, pay a trader to tow your vehicles back to their spot. Not only will this be helpful in these scenarios, but also on a regular basis when you die and are too far from your vehicle. The price should be high enough to prevent abuse though. 1000-5000 dukes.
  14. Going to go through the console and use commands to give her XP back and then the creative menu to give her all her items back. Please fix this..... Thanks for your time.
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