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  1. Actually there is an option to remove zombies from the game and make it just a survival game. 😁
  2. Not sure I'm a fan of bandits...If they do release, please make a variety of personalities. Aggressive, Neutral, Friendly. Most of all, an option to disable them. Thanks
  3. Exactly, which would also allow us to hover.
  4. @faatal First person view sounds great for vehicles. But I've got to say, the physics and controls of driving the vehicles is a priority IMO. Right now they feel robotic and stiff, especially the Gyro. Would be nice for the gyro to operate like a helicopter, or similar to the gyro of the Road Warrior movie. Lift off right from where you are, no need to drive forward to lift off. Either way, keep up the great work!! Best game ever!
  5. Would be great if in the winter biome there was no grass. Not until you dig down anyways...
  6. I agree, with the highlighted above, especially the perk system. An easy solution that would work very well (YES I am going to beat this dead horse again) is Leveling up by doing. Or at least a hybrid system with what we have now. Level up by doing but get some point(s) to customize your character manually towards perks. Core skills like Tool use, fighting, eating, Type of weapon use, under water breathing etc.. should all be level up by doing. Then when we level up we get points towards stuff like 10% more ore when mining, 50% more damage with headshots etc... This would balance the game out very well IMO. Current perk system is too expensive, I always play with 300% XP enabled. I don't have as much time anymore, got kids...
  7. I was mostly talking about the large highway full of cars, but yeah the city looks great too. 👍 Also, I was wondering if the game will be getting rudimentary weapons that can be seen and found in the world? For example: I see a lead pipe, crowbar, 2x4 wood, etc.. laying on the ground, I pick it up and use it, no crafting required. Similar to how we see stones, pick them up and use them. Would be nice to see more basic weapons.
  8. Would be amazing if every map had a highway from the city to the map boundary that looked like this. Is that in the works? Would be great for car looting and also look really amazing!
  9. Hi What will the default setting for the below be? Day, or? Thanks 7) Feral Sense Game Option When turned on Zombies can sense the player from much farther away and stay focused on the optimal path to where the player is Stealth still works but zombie senses are heightened so stealth play is much more challenging Settings are: Off, Day, Night, All
  10. Take a poll, I can guarantee you most will vote in favour. Make it work, buy the rights if you have to. Please.
  11. Any ideas floating around where doors when the are visually damaged to the point of having a small hole, auto unlock? Make sense since you could just stick your hand in and unlock it. Also, having doors that are locked from one side and not from the other.
  12. Would be amazing if we would have a chance to run into a room like this, especially at night. Image taken from I am legend. Put 10-20 zombies in a tight room. All sleepers standing.
  13. Thanks for the reply Roland. Kinda burst my bubble, oh well. Still a great game though.
  14. I noticed that the description just changed and has more info now. So wait, does this mean aside from the current game mode, there is only an option to make them more smarter and aggressive? I was really looking forward to making the zombies more dumb, kinda like The walking dead TV show style zombies. Please confirm.
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