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  1. I would like to add this as well. Once the door has a big enough hole you should be able to stick your arm in to open it from the other side. In other words, door gets a hole, door unlocks automatically. This would be handy for looting and also more realistic.
  2. What do you guys think the Fun Pimps will do? Cheers!
  3. I will look into this. Thanks. Never been a fan of mods though. I prefer playing 7D2D the way it was intended.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yeah it definitely needs work. I think the Devs are over thinking the game. If they have something good going that everyone likes, don't change it. For example, why isn't 1 meat = 1 meat? Why am I always left with 2 meats when done cooking?! Also why does it take so many corns to craft one seed. Lots of stuff needs to go back to what it was.
  5. Dear DEV's, please hear me out. Leveling/point system: Please bring back the leveling system that used to exist in 7D2D. The current point system is very boring and takes the fun out of the game. It would be great to level up Archery by........using a bow, or level up jumping height by......simply jumping more often. So basically if you want to master something, just do it more often (Just like real life!!!) Skyrim used this method and it was a very fun and successful game. This will eliminate the need for points. New Learning system: For learning, books aren't required, simply allow the person to locate lets say a shotgun, have an option to disassemble the item which in turn destroy it but allows the person to learn how to make it. Bye Bye books. Both these changes will breathe life back into the game BIG TIME!!! Thank you
  6. IMO this is a step backwards. Not realistic at all. What they should of done was remove the punching grass and replace it with harvesting with the e button, just like any other plant. After all, who Punches grass?! And why are seeds rare? In real life they are everywhere. Maybe make it so seeds can fail to grow. That would make it more challenging and realistic. All harvestable plants are harvested by hitting with free hand instead of using with "e" 11/1/18 Harvested crop returns to first stage "baby plant" and regrows 11/1/18 Seeds very rare 11/1/18
  7. Please make it an option that can be disabled. I personally do not want an HP bar for the enemy.
  8. Glad you dropped the Behemoth. Hopefully its permanent.
  9. HAHAHA, hey, another game called Rising World has Hemp. It would fit in very well. You could use it to craft so many things, and also farm it.Cannabis is a long shot, but hey, I try lol.
  10. Farming Hemp for plant fiber, food, and fuel. Cannabis for medicine. Bear in mind, for those of you that dont know, the two plants are different. One is male the other is female. Cannabis is the female. Would be amazing to farm both those plants!
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