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  1. OMFG!!!! You mean Server Towers outside players houses is not gonna be enough anymore 0.o We have to invade and takeover CCP so we have the workforce to ensure we can run at least one 8 player server.
  2. Just breathe. That is BIG Pretzel
  3. This game is so much better and more realer then 7 days to die. This is live in canada as we speak.
  4. No, i didn't write a apology till abit later in the thread. That is what makes you a true Canadien, you apologize and just keep saying I'm Sorry. I was in a Timmies Induced Coffee rage. I am sorry you had to see that.
  5. currently we had a maximum of 25 on one server. it runs decent but mods and other things affect performance with higher player counts. we tend to have a lot of zombies as well. at this point 7 days to die pretty much starts punishing the host. Network goes way up, ram start climbing and cpu is spiking alot in the high 30-55% range outta 8 cores.
  6. Yes, Sarcasm Is A Real Word. 0.O
  7. Ok, Now i will do the thing from Canada and being from here. I would like to formerly apologize and say i am Sorry for venting and acting out. I have been a part of this community for many years. I made my mistakes, and i made those mistakes again it seems 0.o This could be a pattern i am not sure yet. @Roland I know every now and then i can get a bit Canadien on the forums lol, it's not my fault we can't have guns lol. I can not guarantee i will behave just yet. But i am done ranting and plan on just being plain ol' oblivious to whatever. Now you just take this thinga ajiger and push it harder then your last math test. and now we have a thingy that does something lol. the whole point is IF the COWS don't MOO they are not COWS!!!
  8. Got Beer Feels Much More Better. PRETZELS!!!
  9. I know silly right. I am sure i made this same statement multiple times just before Alpha releases. I will now prebook my RANTS for A21. now to make you rethink you server posting rules >:) Muh hahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!! Pretzels!
  10. my standards are too high and maximum net i can get is only 150 mbps upload. I only rent 1 GBPS Networks now ( In/Out) 7dtd runs a lot better with one. aside from my ranting i actually really care about what my supporters think about SMS Game servers. I am here to vent and stir the pot TFP created.
  11. Now i am gonna go buy beer get drunk and get banned. Need a new account anyways, and gives me something to do while we all wait another month. *Incert Crying baby sound here* I am salty Pretzel.
  12. I upgraded on the post A20 was releasing Halloween. I don't rent game servers. I rent Bare Metal Hosts, currently $280 a month since Sept. 1st. Knowing what we know now i could have waited 2 months and just saved up. Just annoys me that they are constantly posting guesses build up the hype and delay month after month. I love this game but i am here to rant and get it outta my system, I been hosting since 2014 and i spent a lot of money hosting 7 days to die. for my gaming group. I just hate bad laggy servers, nothing gets done right unless you do it your self. That's My Nickel.
  13. They seriously need to just stop guessing. I was hyped for A20 now it is just costing money lol. Oh well i got a wicked host system in preparation for A20, The FTP Trend is now 1.5 years per patch. This is gonna be another A16.4 and scares meh. On the plus side that means the game itself won't be finished for at least another 6 years. We will be playing Elder Scrolls 6 before we get a completed game. My grave stone will read " Died Waiting for 7 days to die to end the development cycle " Maybe i should fire up 12 servers and take over the server section for fun. been years since all you saw was SMS Servers lol. yeah that is what i am gonna do. multiple game servers for every single skill level from Noob to Master. might take 18 servers 0.o Yes this is a Threat lol. That's My Nickel. Just Counted 23 game servers will do. means i only need to fire up 12 more.
  14. EVERYONE, is silly for thinking we are getting A20 any time "SOON™". The Pretzel Truck has been stolen and everything has been found eaten. It is gonna take MONTHS to get things back to the levels they were before. News from my source says not till January or February. The team is just too small to push things out that fast, so now we wait.
  15. Wow, we really don't need anymore building ores lol. Just learn to mod and there you have your silly ore.
  16. I can't wait any longer someone please put me outta my misery.
  17. If i started a pretzel server would anyone play it? worst case we could eat it.
  18. I formerly Petition to have Pretzel Zombies added to the game.
  19. There is no point, WE all know Pretzel Zombies is the only one we need ever. FOLLY.
  20. Is this where you report missing Pretzel trucks? It is very very late and i was lied to. Pretzels where to be Halloween and now Santa has stolen the Pretzel truck and is threatening to drive it off a cliff. OMG!!!! WE GOTTA SAVE THE PRETZELS. SOMEONE THINK OF THE KIDS.
  21. @Guppycur The Guppycurian Forum Whore. I am sorry to say i am no longer interested in your beard and consider this an official divorce. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition has much better beards i am sorry you had to find out this way. I left a note on your profile, and another beard intercepted and made an offer i could not refuse. Good Bye Guppycurian Forum Whore.
  22. MY Guppycurian Forum Whore,

    Hello, I couldn't help but notice that your grammar was so perfect.  With each word I read, my heart began beating faster and faster.  Do you believe in life after love? I can feel something inside me say I really don't think you're strong enough.


    Thank you for this beautiful post. My life's been forever changed. I'd like your number and attention so we can get to know each other and see where this crazy thing called life leads us.

  23. @Devs Will this be enough to run one 20 player server for A20? I mean I just want to minimize lag and frame drops as much as possible for players. Or should i double down maybe triple? i know 8 is all that is supported so i think it is close to enough to have a constant 30-35 FPS. we wanted to aim for 60 FPS but i don;t think players want a server tower outside there houses. MUH HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! PRETZELS!!!!!!
  24. MFB Must Fix Bugs. Going back to my cave.. AND I'm Not Sorry. Yes. i said that. the most uncanadien thing i have ever stated. That's My Nickle.
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