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  1. ---SMS Wasteland PVE Weekend Group--- Day 1 report. Well i call that a fun night, sneaky taught us a helicopter can fly upside down almost killed us all lol. I told him not to press that button when we found that crashed alien ship. and 100's of Super Mutants and zombies attacked. The SMS rescue team dropped off a bunch of Armored vehicles to transport survivors back to base along with all the loot. We got to test how fast our guns can shoot and lived to tell about it. lets hope we are now better prepared for what is to come, i am sure
  2. Gamesparks!!!!!!!!! OH NO MY COMPUTER IS GONNA BLOW UP AHHHHHHHH!!!!! *hides under a rock*
  3. I am inviting everyone to join me this weekend. I want to play this modded server and have some fun as a group. Join the group discord for more details or help if you are having issues installing the mods.
  4. I am sure Sylen will be along soon. he is very experienced with this. I can also help as well as i host 7 servers for 7 days to die. i use windows 2019 standard. IF you still need help feel free to join my discord and i will personally help you as much as possible. https://www.somethingmoreserious.com/ links are on teh website.
  5. My bad i had the wrong IP on this server. was from our older slower system this new one is much better and didn;t notice the IP was the old one RIP.
  6. that would be a nightmare lol. Blood moons would last 6 real hours and waiting for one for a full week 0,o, and if everyone logs out the server one unlucky person has to do it for everyone else lol.
  7. SMS Wasteland PVE IP: Port: 26980 Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Server settings: 300% XP & Loot 7 Day Loot Respawn 300% Player block damage boost No Bag Drop on death or log out. EAC is off. World Gen Seed : StriateElizabethans World Gen Size : 8192 Blood Moon zombies per player: 64 Maximum Zombies allowed: 200 Land Claims Allowed per player: 5 You NEED to install these mods to play this server. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1043?tab=description https://www.nexusmods.com/
  8. SMS Noobinator PVE 26960 Password: Join our discord for password. Server Features: 250% loot 500% XP OP BB Bat 136 back pack 4x4 and motor bike extra seating and speed mods. Also after every horde night the players may pick 2 rewards to help the players. Trade offs will also be added after every horde night. This is a group oriented server we all help each other and build a base for each horde night. There is no bot currently until the players decide they want it as a reward. New Discord. https://disco
  9. we made some changes to the amount of zombies here for horde nights.
  10. We have a finished highways for the players to use to get around the map, we are also giving away free 4x4s that will seat 5 players.
  11. I have decided to just back up everything fully and reformat my host system. I am monitoring it atm. i will grab the output logs if i see it again. for the moment it seems to be working much better, with 7 game servers online it only is using less then 7% cpu. I am not sure if i am out of the woods yet.
  12. I may have an issue, i am still gathering info and talking to other people, post here to see if anyone has had this happen to them. my host system is using 25% cpu when i have 0 players online. this is not normal i need help identifying what is causing it, it is coming from 3 of the 7 days to die servers i am hosting it seems. these are my only active servers, the rest are just there to hold botman server managers i have running. This has recently started and seems to happen periodically, i have a screen shot of the usage per server, unfortunat
  13. One day i will do home hosting. right now it is just not possible. Still reworking everything from a 100% take down by covid back in (20 JUL, 2020 @ 3:49PM.) ( lost everything and was homeless for 2-3 months)(long story ) (Group restarted on Oct first 2020) But i have been doing things this way for many years, player donations is what drives me forward. and yes Roland i normally don't do that type of thing, But i am also Native American and half Chinese, so it comes from one of those parts lol. and i understand mr.jcrooke. you and many many others
  14. I suppose we can keep this going for abit longer. got Rolands attention ( Waves) lol. ( Prize fish) Sylens post was what i wanted. he gave me his version of hosting from experience. i posted about lag and how the game is not optimized etc etc blah blah, take it how you want. it got my results lol. I also wanted some entertainment. so i made a remark at the bottom of the post, that was targeted and negative. I am bored and over the years when i post it is always a mixed bag good posts and toxic posts like JCrook1028 so i wonder what he will pos
  15. I am fully aware, of the improvements. My post was meant to get a technical response. I did rant on for abit. and i don;t post very often unless i am advertising a server i am hosting. Most of it was made to induce a response from players with knowledge about this. I am trying to make a choice for my group and what i pay for each month. I now have everything i was hoping for. ( Info) The title was miss leading for a reason. I WAS fishing for information, after reading posts for 2 days i didn't have what i wanted. But this work
  16. Thanks for the update guys. I will take all this into consideration. I didn;t mean to come off as toxic or too complainy lol. but i knew if i wanted a good response i would have to ruffle some feathers. I now have the information i was seeking and i will leave it there. Once again. Thank You for your input.
  17. 12 - 18 months major Alpha releases becoming more common. only 8 player supported. This being one of the most expensive games to host IF you want more then 8 players.
  18. IF they say SOON. it means sometimes between now and the end of time.
  19. Still hard for me to believe it has been almost 7 years since i found 7 days to die. I lived through 10 Alphas so far. I will never forget Alpha 16.4. that was horrible. ( still in therapy years later) with the world going nuts on covid, what do you think are the chances of seeing A20 before X Mas? I always think worst case, and we are close to it already. Players used to joke of 7 days to die still being in development when the world ends and we just live 7 days to die as the world ends. that is the finished product. It is starting to look l
  20. One of our team members has been streaming on the flatlands server. Check him out show some support. https://www.twitch.tv/xbrotherlive
  21. This is the new map as of may 15th 2021
  22. Brand New Discord. https://discord.gg/RJwHk8cq3u
  23. We are making some changes to the group. we are currently preparing for the release of A20 for 7 days to die. there is still a long time to wait. but starting now means i can relax later when the mic drops. we are deleting our discord rather then clean up all the inactive players. Brand New Discord. https://discord.gg/RJwHk8cq3u
  24. Here is a new /lobby we just finished building for new players. it is built over the highway and crossroads. The 4x4s are faster then normal just hold left shift for a speed boost. The Highways are fully patched and have ramps to get on and off. Here is a preview of the map.
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