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  1. What has changed? Imho instant travel is immersion breaking, especially as it still does not fit in the lore (in opposite to e.g. a space game where they may have teleporters). Your playing on a computer. Just let spotify run in the background (and turn off ingame music)?
  2. Not quite sure which version i used with some friends. Iirc it was DF 3.2A and 7D2D 19.2. But when we new players wanted to join, that already had 19.3 installed, we tried to update from 19.2/3.2A to 19.3/3.3 and that absolutley wrecked the map. Haven't tried other versions but my conclusion is, when playing darkness falls never update anything if you want to continue playing your current game. (also never try to load a darkness-falls-world with 7d2d-client that is of any other version). When updating 7d2d while using darkness falls, always create a new setup. Don't try to upd
  3. Besids your cooling seems not to work very well, the main difference between 7d2d and other games seems to be that the other games probably do limit fps with a frame limiter or v-sync enabled. From your GPU-Z screenshots of Wolfenstein and 7d2d you can clearly see that with Wolfenstein your GPU is not running at 100% (gpu clock is only 1140Mhz VS 1710Mhz, Board powerdraw is only 50W instead of 200W). So if 7d2d runs unlimited, the comparison to wolfenstein is invalid anyway. So as beelzybub already said: Use a framelimiter on 7d2d or enable V-Sync. That doesn'
  4. And what i am saying is that you are imaging "just split updates up" is not as easy as you think. Same like the time between releases is not constant, because it's hard to finish something to a concrete deadline, instead you release simply when it's done. And when somthing is in a releaseable state does vary. Iirc the time between A16 and A17 was even longer was that with A17 the sleeper system was introduced, and that was a really HUGE change that required a lot of development ressources. Another exmaple that hopefully makes more clear what i'm talking about: Assuming th
  5. You are assuming they are developing parts that are working completely independent of other stuff. But often various changes rely on each other and can't be deployed independently in different parts. Also i doubt each update would be more fun if they release 1/3 of the features every 4 month instead of the full featureset after 12 months. What makes the replays after major updates great is that A LOT has changed. Look at the changelog of A19, devide it in 3 parts. Now imagine you wouldn't have gotten all the changes at once, but only 1/3. Do you think 1/3 of the changes would have ma
  6. I think you understood something essentially wrong. The purpose of the major updates is not to deliver content to make the game replayable again for older, bored players. That are no content updates, but pure game development. You bought an early access product, that is simply developed in this way. There is not even a gurantee in future updates keep coming. In theory TFP could also have stopped the development. And once the game goes gold (early access ends) there will be no more updates in a development sense. Perhaps TFP may continue delivering content updates then, but that's a
  7. I probably would laugh too, if i at least had a context what the hell he's even blubbering about. And if the title would at least say what's the point of this post (if it did, i wouldn't even had clicked it). But ok, as suggested as "preferred" solution, i put him on my ignore list. So basically he looted a random POI in a singleplayer game, so the fun stuff should be: He came to the idea he's looting someones house, who still lives there and he probably took away their kids food? That's it? Under a lots of assumptions, where is the funny part? Probably i'd get it, if
  8. Can confirm, my RPi 3B+ still holds up with medium settings.
  9. Imho it's not my task to keep the forum clean for me and basically i have no reason to ignore the user, but if that is the "recommend" way... bad thing. I don't want to prohibit anybody posting his stuff, but if one is bored and needs to post nonsense for his occupation, he should do this in some smalltalk thread or at least create his own nonsense thread but then stick to it, instead of creating a new thread with his contextless gibberish. Even if the forum is currently "dead". Opening new threads over and over doesn't make it more undead.
  10. Am i the only one that is annoyed by those pointless small talk, roleplaying or whatever all these posts are supposed to be, posts posted in new threads over and over with completely nonsense titles by always the same user?
  11. As others already said, the state the console version was based on didn't even contain sleepers. They have been introduced with iirc A17, while the console version was based on A14 with some features of A15 backported. Iirc back with those versions, the LCB did NOT prevent random spawns, in opposite to the bedroll. The only use of a LCB back then was, that it allowed you to pick up stuff like your workbenches, instead of dismantling it. In current PC version iirc the LCB also only prevents sleeper respawns, while the bedroll prevents both sleeper and random spawns.
  12. The top tier POIs are already really huge, e.g. skyscrapers and factories. If someone is not absolutely overpowered yet or trying to speedrun, it's already hard to clear them within one day (assuming default 60min days). That's far big enough. That their appierance on RWG-maps (especially skyscrapers) is really rare, is not a lack of big POIs, but a lack of the RWG. Additional ideas for huge POIs like airports or similar are a more a question of variety, not a question of requiring bigger POIs. And there are thousands of ideas for that since ages. Probably try the compopa
  13. Correct, i've seen dozens of those reports too. Also infact bug reports here in the forums. However the lowest loot abundance i played with was 66%. 25% is pretty low and since some blueprints are rare anyway and since loot is still a dice roll, "i haven't found yet"-reports are relatively non-saying. I also had playthroughs with 100% where i haven't found neither a crucible nor the receip up to day 50. And that is exactly the point, that makes that question very relevant. Affecting just the amount, and furthermore if it rounds up or down or just truncates the result imho is j
  14. I knew, but still an interesting question and probably with a wrong answer in the end.
  15. Just my thoughts. If loot abundance doesn't affect the chance of items, but their amount, i wonder what you could loot with 75% loot abundance... No not-stackable items anymore, because you can't drop a 0.75 item? But i can confirm, with 75% oder even 50% you can still loot books, mods, tools and so on. There don't drop half books.
  16. Haha, yeah, Fallout is a nice one in this point. That was not a gameplay decission. The engine of fallout doesn't know the concept of stacks. If you have 500 bullets in your inventory, from a data viewpoint there are literally 500 single bullets in your inventory, not one stack of 500 bullets. That also applied to the bottle caps. The performence hit came, because for weight they'd had to evaluate the weight of 500 single items then. Only the UI made them visually look like stacks, but from the data itself, they were not.
  17. I doubt and is already proven wrong, because mods like undead legacy have already added infinite inventory slots (and also added a weight system). And i'm a software developer myself. Yep, that's enough in practice. Like Darkness Falls already does with the 96-slots (?) inventory.
  18. What i'm talking about is, with encumbered slots, the inventory slots doesn't even need to be finite. Because encumberance will make you unable to move, once you have X items more in the inventory then you have unencumbered slots. It's just an unnecessary hardcap and because of that hardcap i'm not even using the full potential of unencumberance, because it is pointless if you hit a hard wall only one slot later.
  19. Nothing against this. Darkness Falls does this already. But it does not change inventory size. The bigger backpack just makes less slots encumbering.
  20. There are many different systems out there. Also for different reasons. ARK: has a weight system, the player itself can carry almost nothing. The focus is that you require tamed dinosaurs for transportation. Also you can transfer items from one inventory to another directly. So you can move e.g. stone directly from the storage inventory to your dinosaurs inventory and also when crafting you can use items directly from a container. So the interface allows to compensate that. The player itself can also increase the weight he can carry, but even if you put all your skillpoints into th
  21. Yes, i only had the "no trader" fail on the starter quest once when trying a nitrogen map and wondered, because i found traders anyway. I didn't know that the trader for the starterquest has to be in a forest biome. I hadn't payed attention to this, but from memory all games where i (for almost sure) remember the initial trader was not in forest biome, have been modded games....
  22. If there is no trader in the forest biome or what?
  23. That's what i suggested: Make inventory bigger. Even bigger than you can unlock with perfect equipment and skillpoints. If you are encumbered, your are slower, even if you are healthy. Sound absolutely reasonable to me. A broken leg gives an ADDITIONAL movement debuff. If you are encumbered AND have a broken leg, you are even slower (afaik?). If you have unlocked your whole inventory you can't be encumbered anymore, a broken leg however makes you still slower. Both have nothing to do with each other. The only potential thing i see there is, that encumberanc
  24. So further dumbing down the game, to prevent people that are unable to manage their inventory from being living dangerous? No thanks. That's how it currently works... If you are encumbered, drop stuff. If you got a leg sprained additional, even more... So what's the problem? Basically you are actually literally getting an encumberance debuff if you use more inventory slots then you have "unlocked" to this point.
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