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  1. Didn't put an eye on it closer... my assumption was that encumbered just makes you slower. But as you say it, it also drains stamina faster so i guess it does also burn more food. I try to avoid it, because even just the slowdown is anoying. But that is why i asked for a video to show the case. Maybe those people are doing anything massively wrong and the initial problem is not the food burn rate, but how act in the game.
  2. I play online and i have such options. Only thing is, it won't work if you want to play with random people. My friends and i did some different playstyles online together by just agreeing not to do that or this... even if we COULD do it all the time. The dedicated server btw is free. You can setup your own one, if you don't like the people on other servers. 😛
  3. Read the text. During the first three missions the newbie buff was active. That's partly true. Both players need to walk there, but each player only dig half the amount. Additionally the circles are shown different for each player, so you can elaborate where they overlap and so need to dig even less. But i'd recommend not to share burried suppliese quests. Better each player should do his own. You're free to do 10 fetch quests, 10 clear quests and 10 clear+fetch quests of each level and compare the results to my data. The test was not about what action gives you the best loot overall, this was especially regarded to the food issue. And the outcome is not "you should do 10 burried supplies in a row" but as i said, doing some burried supplies helps with getting food. So if you got offered burried supplies for your early quests, and maybe even the other quests are in much larger distance, it's worth to take the burried supplies.
  4. You should have put one or 2 points into master chef instead and go for cooking bacon & eggs or even better meat stew instead of just eating low value canned food you looted. If you haven't found some receips for cooking anything valuable already. A campfire is cheap and can be built quickly everywhere. Can anybody who claims to have such a high food burn rate please post a video and link it here? As people say they burn their food in only 5mins while mining, such a video should not be that long anyway. I just want to see what they are doing and how the food burns down quickly, because for many other people it seems to be different. And i'd like to figure out, if this is really a bug for some players, or people do something essential very wrong.
  5. You're annoyed by low stamina. In your OP you said that because all of this is just survivable removes the need to eat. Now you even want to remove the health loss part? I guess you played yourself. If you find that anoying and pointless, then f*cking just eat something. And yes, food/eating is NOT the central part of surviving in 7d2d. It's even relatively easy to get enough food, just maybe a little tricky in the first days.
  6. If you start starving it already did a lot. You're out of stamina permanently. So you play without stamina?
  7. Jep, that's it. But they don't magically know where the player goes like a bloodmoon horde. They won't change their direction for no reason and they are not aggressive. Results in if the horde spawns while the player is traveling, you left the point where they go a long time ago and you won't even see the horde. If you are in a base (maybe even underground) and don't trigger the spawn, they most likely also only walk by and you don't even notice them. If you are looting a POI they also may walk in the direction of the POI but as they are relatively wide spread, most of them will just walk by. Some of them may start hitting the POI randomly or if they notice your noise. If you go look for where the zombies are, you will just find 2 or 3, thinking that just have been random single spawns, but not 10% of a horde. In the end, there are only few edge cases where you will even notice such a horde.
  8. If you starve irl your fine and then suddenly in second you fall dead to the ground? Starving IS a very slow process. If your food reaches 0 your stamina is already down to a minimum. Means you can not move very fast any more. It's hard to move back to your base where your food is under these conditions. And if a zombie or wolf notices you on that way, you're most likely dead. You can delay it a little if you find food on your way. Maybe snowberries (since they have no backdraw anymore in A19, this ist best) or you can risk eating a raw egg or animal fat you find. You see the contrast here? Starving -> finding food? You can also stay still and watch your health ticking down slooooooowly, but you can't stop it. At least i never saw a friendly zombie bringing me food. You may be happy if you do multiplayer and one of your mates brings you some food. That's fine. Just "survivng" this way, will not bring you forward anyway.
  9. Food is only an issue in early game. Early game: loot the bird nests you are coming by when walking to your missions. If you see a deer or pig, kill it, harvest it. That gives enough of meat and eggs for bacon&eggs. Once you got enough eggs and meat, keep the cans for better food crafting. Setup a garden with potatoes and corn as soon as you can. Once you have some plots with potatoes and corn, you have a lifetime supply of food. If you don't get meat for whatever unable reason, also plant mushrooms for vegetable stew. Food is just an issue in early game.
  10. I just mentioned that many details to prevent questions like "did you use coffee", "what perks have you skilled", "did you use megacrush for traveling", "did you have running shoes".... nope, NOTHING. BTW: no need to full quote.
  11. Recently there was a lot of discussion of the food issue, especially in early game. Most people recommended "do burried supplies quests". I'd also go with this. Until the question came up: You have to walk to the location, you have to dig, do you even loot more food value then you burn? That made me think about it. I'd say it did, but i never meassured how much, or in worse cases even it does not? So i made a little test. The rules were: complete the starter quest no clothes, beside the plant fiber shirt and the plant fiber pants you got by the starter quest just a lvl1 stone shovel and a lvl1 club distance to quest used given by the trader no other looting done during on the quest didn't kill any zombies on the way to the quest, i outran them i didn't kill the Zs that spawn when you open the chest used creative menu to start every quest at 9 o'clock for time measurement every quest was started with (almost) full food and a fully repaired shovel i only killed Zs if they disturbed me while diggin for the supplies no perk points spent, not even that one from the starter quest, to keep the results comparable no buffs used, no coffee, no mega crush, no tea, nothing i used debug mode to reset the trader quests if there was no burried supplies available for testing purposes Done on pregen1 and i started at the trader at O154, N378. I did 10 burried supplies, for the first 3 i had the newbie buff active. I didn't know it increases stamina recovery and decreased food usage... but it does. I personally run to the quest point, so food usage could be less if just walking but increasing mission time. The clay amount should give an idea about how much i had to dig. Condensed outcome: Distance Food usage Time (ingame hours) Clay food loot food balance 298,6 12 4 736 50 +38 448,5 14 3 562 70 +56 387 15 3,5 752 30 +15 292,2 9 1,5 276 30 +21 264,8 19 3,5 572 32 +13 255,1 19 3,5 676 89 +70 486,5 17 3 427 20 +3 456,4 28 4,5 901 94 +66 451,3 18 3 569 25 +7 425,3 23 3,5 608 79 +56 So my conclusion: Burried supplies is absoluty worth it... in early game. Especially while the newbie buff is active. It helps a lot. Even if you have a bad run, you'll get around a 0 sum on food, but you get the quest reward + the extra drop from the chest (receipes, elexirs, mega crush ...). After those 10 missions, i was level 4 and had 7 points to spend, that already could have been used to speed up digging and reward. Like sex rex, miner 69er, mother lode, cardio, treasure hunter or lucky looter or in this case even the daring adventurer. Not even mentioned, that i ran accross many bird nests i did not loot, that would have given some eggs as additional food and feathers for arrows. On my way to the missions i've seen 2 deers and 3 boards, so even potentiall further food. The eight mission also contained the bacon & eggs receipe. And i could have used coffee or tea to enhance stamina regeneration while running and digging. I made 5600 dukes, that could have been spent for even more food... which is not needed, because the loot from the supplies totaly feed me anyway.... or a better shovel. And a full stack of clay (6000), what you will need later anyway. I also got more water from the loot, that i needed to drink. I attached an openoffice sheet that shows details on what i looted, what the quest rewards have been and some comments on each mission. 7d2d burried supplies.ods BTW: Please stop telling me that you need to eat after 5min of mining when started fully. That was with 60min days, so 1 ingame hour is 2,5min. Accordingly every mission took me 5 to 20 minutes and i didn't need to eat anything. Even the worst run only took my food down to ~75%. WITHOUT ANY PERKS! Either this is a bug, or time is running faster for you....
  12. I could imagine the last slot in the toolbelt being always used for the offhand. Means you can still quickly change the item for the right hand, but not for the offhand. The item in the last slot only is held in the offhand if it is a single hand item otherwise the offhand just ignores it. Depending on how you define single hand items... if it really are single hand items, or maybe just utility items... this would also allow for e.g. dual pistol (either shooting both by left click or alternately but faster as onehanded and with effectively double the magazin size). Offhand use for utilities might even be a perk. Dual weapons (dual pistols, dual knife) maybe even a further perk.
  13. Nope the special quest has nothing to do with the tiers of the other quests. Maybe it counts as one further (T1?) mission done, but it's not needed to get the others to T5.
  14. General problem in multiplayer. Either convince the others only to continue if the FULL team has time, or deal with it. Being some levels behind is not a real problem. The gear does change the game much more than just a few perk points. And as you seem to play coop, i guess you are sharing the loot/gear, right?
  15. Loot is now tied to the gamestage, not the other way round. Afaik XP rewards and gamestage values haven't been changed. You may have leveled faster in previous versions, because finding an AK-47 on day 3 allows you to kill Zs faster and so get more XP in less time. Or an iron shovel early gives more XP in shorter time when digging out burried supplies. And of course quests are done faster if you just rush through the POIs with a pumpgun than if you have to do it with a spear, bow or even melee through it. And maybe you have headed for leveling more in general. I can't confirm what you are saying. Even in multiplayer the first bloodmoon for us did not contain cops or ferrals. Even the second one might have a low occurence of ferrals, but still no radiated. The earliest we usually see radiated was the third and that was already this way in A18. So if you insist that you "normally" had radiateds on your second bloodmoon, i'd assume you are rushing the game and are a power-leveler, aka min-maxer.
  16. Iirc the zombies run directly to you if there are no obstacles in the way. If you are in a base or on top of something or obstacles around you, they will do a pathfinding to you and follow that path, because there is no way to go directly to you. E.g if you standing on top of something, they will head to the ladder, ramp or what ever way they find up to you. If there is no way directly doable, they will find a way with the least resistance. So eg. if you are standing inside a cage of iron bars and one wooden door, they will go for the door. And some of the Zs may enter "rage mode" and run around randomly and also attack random blocks. And maybe the zombies are not that braindead to run in a straight line up to somebody who is shooting at them, but they run diagonally, BECAUSE it is harder to hit them this way. Edit: I noted if the ground is a slope, that seems to affect pathing. It seems to cause the Zs to run parallel to the slop and then turn 90° and run directly uphill. I guess this is calculated to be faster, because parallel to the slope their runway is even and the way to go upwards, which also slows down zombies, becomes shorter.
  17. Maybe not edit the "game files", but remove the T5 quests entirely from the XMLs? I guess the traders would than automatically fall back to T4 quests. Resetting the progress, if possible anyway, wouldn't help a lot. 10 missions later you will be at T5 again...
  18. How is the wall invulnerable? You can't build in the trader protected area. You can build just next to the protected area, but these blocks are not invulnerable anymore. But Zs can walk into the protected area and start smashing your wall. I don't see how this should gona work? And why are you waiting for someone else doing it and don't try it yourself?
  19. That's your personal opinion. That is your good right. But what concludes you to the point that the game should be exactly like you want it to be? If there are thousands of players that like it different? Don't get me wrong, the new loot system has disadvantages i also don't like, but imho it's better than before. And i'm the complete oposite. I absolutely dislike finding weapons on day 1 that make you overpowered from the start. And what i even more dislike is that this is just based on pure luck. That is not a battle royale, that is done in 50 minutes. If you find a shotgun on day one and also ammunition, that's completely overpowered and takes away all the fun. I don't care about cheesing or exploiting. Who wants to do that, should be able to do that. But if i find a shotgun day 1 in a no-threat poi i start over, because that makes the game far to easy. I'd be fine if there is chance to get a shotgun on day one if you choose to encounter a military camp at day 1 and survive it. But from a random POI just because there was a shotgun messiah crate or a weapon bag in an absolute noob-POI? Most open world games have risk vs reward. You can get good stuff early but it's risky. 7d2d is currently lacking such a system. In A18 you could get overpowered gear early with no risk, if you've been lucky you could have just found a AK47 in a box in a garage where not even one zombie spawned. In A19 you can't. I also dislike the aspect, that the system makes it absolutely impossible, but there was no risk anyway. It was just luck. And that is absolute boring and random. So the final question is: Why should the game be like you prefer it, but like I dislike? Are you any better than me?
  20. Saying there are "less mods" is completely different from saying "there are less mods THAT FIT MY PERSONAL STYLE". I somehow also dislike the bloodmoon and think there should be other threats, depending on what the player does, not just strict every 7th day. Or even random but still not related to what the player does. I also agree in theory. But the point is, the game is not neccessarily going where you in person want it to go. Especially not vanilla. On the other hand just always "use a mod" shouldn't be the answer. There should be some balance in vanilla also, but it still may not be the way you prefer. There are thousands of opinions what should be changed in vanilla, not just yours. And that also collides with dozens of different playstyles. When it comes to what one person wants to be changed, most people develop a tunnel view on how they personally play and totally ignore how that affects people who want to play different. It's completely impossible to fit all playstyles. So as an example when it comes to vultures and cops i completely disagree with your opinion. If they where removed in vanilla, the game becomes completely boring. They are part of vanilla, you can mod them out easily, but i could not mod them in easily if they wouldn't be part of vanilla. And i almost completely ignore the whole building aspect. But you are right, just because i'm not using it, it doesn't bother me if some kind of blocks are craftable or not. So i have no problem if those blocks become craftable (again). I also don't understand why some blocks are not craftable, and i'm fine if you get them craftable again.
  21. Right, and the digging itself also gives a valuable amount of XP.
  22. Haha *nelson* That's it. I don't really care for the XP or levels. I prefer doing what i like to do. If i'm searching for a claw hammer i go into a working stiff tools shop, even if it would be more efficient to do a quest. And if i need eggs, i run around searching bird nests. And so on. Oh and i even forgot: The digging for burried supplies also gives lot of xp. And you will need the clay sooner or later anyway.
  23. Multiplayer is different as you noticed and from my experience food is a bigger issue in MP since A18. But that is regarded on how you play. If 2 players share one BS quest, both have to run the way to the marker. But each has only to dig half the amount. You still have the double drain for walking the way, but not for digging. So the loot is still more than half the value. But nobody forces you to share a quest. If each player does his own BS quest, it's exactly the same as in singleplayer. It's still RNG, if you find the chest fast, you don't use that much stamina. If you have bad luck and have to dig a whole sinkhole until you find the chest, of course it is less efficient. Couldn't say it was a 0 sum once in SP. I picked BS quests for my first 4-5 quests and they fed me quite easily through the first day. Plus you find food by doing conventional looting. Another thing in multiplayer of course is, vending machines don't give twice the amount for 2 (or more) players.
  24. Thanks. The skilltree in A19 has the same "problem". So i'd still like to see such a mod for A19.
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