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  1. Since they are talking about an update from 7.7 to 7.8 in the video, i guess you're right with alpha 7. And since the video was uploaded on 15.04.2014, even before 7.11 was released on 21.04.2014, i'm pretty sure you are right.
  2. By "screen" you mean this textbox that shows up after joining a server? It's the "ServerLoginConfirmationText" from your serverconfig.xml.
  3. A friend set XMP for his RAM last year in march, while his flat was still heated to 21-22°C. In June he encounterd "random" crashes until he realized, that crashes only happen if temperature in his flat was 25°C. So he reduced his XMP-Setting by one step (Iirc from 3400 to 3333). Worked again, no more crashes. He crosstested running 3400Mhz during night (when it was <22°C) and this winter again worked. 3400Mhz began to produce crashes also in winter when the temperature in his flat reached 25°C by heating. BTW: SLI is outdated (was already 3 years ago). In many cases it will cau
  4. Dunno what you mean by "option file", but your user data is not in the installation folder of steam, but under your... surprise... user folder. Something like "C:\users\<yourusername>". Probably it's under %appdata% somewhere. Can't look up the exact path, because linux.
  5. 7d2d should never crash your whole computer. This is most likely another issue like a driver or hardware problem. And no, it works in other games does not mean it's not the issue. 7d2d puts far higher load on CPU and RAM (not necessarily the amount, but how many accesses to data). Did it occur only once or is it reproducible? Post your system stats (also if you use any overclockings, including XMP for your ram). Check temperatures of CPU and GPU (under load). Do a stress test, e.g. Heaven Benchmark for your CPU and Prime95 for CPU and memory. Did you do any
  6. Since your player level is a relevant factor in gamestage calculation, it does. Like every other source of raising your level.
  7. Imho 1 point in both master chef and lotl are almost mandatory. The only thing that can happen to not need them is being extremly lucky by finding a cooking receipe, that you can use early on. I once found a bacon & eggs receipe in my first burried supplies quest. That was the only playthrough i did not but 1 point in master chef early on. Using more than 1 point for them, may be worth it but is costly, as you need to uplevel the base skill classes, too. (and that skill system imho is absolutely broken).
  8. If companies block steam or netflix or amazon (no matter if they block an app or block the internet access to them) it's often not a question of risk, but they want to avoid distractions of their employes and/or that they "abuse" company hardware. I don't know where OP comes from, but here in germany you aren't allowed to use company hardware for any private purposes, until your work contract explicitely allowes private use of that. If you do it anyway, that's a reason to become fired.
  9. Burried supplies 1 also has a good chance to drop food receipes, what makes it far easier to cook better meals earlier. Not completely sure about that, but iirc they can also drop seeds, what makes it probably easier to start your own farm. I also did some testing on burried supplies, because some people even argued, it consumes more food to do a BS1 then you get as rewared. And i proofed that wrong. Even after the newbie-buff expired (and i recommend to use the newbie-buff heavily for BS, as it makes it even quicker). I also posted the results here in another endless "food thread".
  10. Quickly calculating the sizes shows it's little bit more than 1TB. But that doesn't matter. Even if it is more than one physical drive, the space is scattered over partitions. And the negative effect of partitions is, that their sizes are fixed. So once a partition is full, it's simply full, even if the partition next to it is still 90% free. If you want partitions for short(er) path names, there are better ways without this disadvantage. E.g. you could mount a specific folder with it's own drive-letter, by using subst or ntfs also can do that itself.
  11. 100GB for the operating system should be way enough. Especially if programs and games are installed to separate partitions. Either you have a lot of left behind stuff from e.g. graphics drivers or stuff lost in the temp folder or there is a lot of data in your userfolder, also from other programs. You should check where the space is lost and then try to clean up. A usefull tool for looking this up is windirstat. https://windirstat.net/
  12. Private stuff has not to be used on company hardware. NEVER. Whatever. What happens if you get infected by malware that leaks company stuff, caused by private use? You're absolutely @%$#ed. I guess your work contract didn't include any private use of company hardware? 7d2d ist not playable without steam. So if any admin of your company decided to block steam, yes, no more 7d2d.
  13. I still often got said: "You are almost 40 years old. Why are you still playing video games? Those are for kids!" 🤣
  14. He means, your savegame is broken. Didn't know meganoth is german.
  15. Just to make sure: That "-logfile" NEEDS to be followed by a path. Using it without a path, my even be the reason why you don't get one. It's not a switch to turn the logfile on or off, it is a parameter that specifies the path. Next one, and i think that's the point and also the reason why the dedi.bat works: If the path contains spaces, you need to quote it. (The (windows) internal reason is, because arguments are separated by spaces, so if you do it like this, 7d2d.exe sees 5 separate arguments. So in this case it tries to put the logfile at D:\7 because "Days", "To" a
  16. So you created that world in 18.4, and tried to load it in 19.3 once? That might have f**** up your map. I assume you did not have a backup, before anybody tried to load it once in 19.3? Never ever even try to load a map created in a previous major versions with a newer major version if you want to continue playing them.
  17. Googled the server and sadly they have a long server description, but not mentioned what your client needs. From your logfile i can see it tries to load custom POIs. So i guess you need to have some sort of compopack installed on your client. Maybe there are also mods used, that needs to be installed to also your client.
  18. If it is a corrupted map file, it may be location dependent. Probably it vanishes, if you move away from wherever you are. And/or you can figure out a region where it occurs? You can also try starting a fresh game, just to look if it is a general problem or map dependent.
  19. It's somehow entertaining, that you think TFP should put effort into something, just because you (not even you, but just a mate of yours, who seem to have infected you) has some kind of strange fetish.
  20. What do you mean by "10 players but not 10 different player profiles"? So some people are trying to play with the same player profile at the same time? Don't understand what you are trying to do, and not absolutely sure about player profiles, but each player requires an own steam license and afaik the player profile is determined by the steam-id. So if you try to play on a server with with multiple connections from the same steam-account, that won't work.
  21. From your log: 2021-01-21T21:14:59 199.804 INF [EAC] Disconnected from game server Do you start the EAC-Version? Or do some of these Mods break EAC, server has therefore EAC disabled but you still launch the EAC-enabled binary? There is a non-EAC-Executable in your installation folder. Probably try to launch that one.
  22. If your 7d2d executable for whatever reason doesn't create a logfile, it also won't help if you modify the dedicated-server-batch. The game usually ALWAYS creates a logfile. If the launch parameter is not set, it is created at it's default location. I'm currently on Linux so i can't look up the exact path for windows, but the default location seems to be in your steam installation folder in the subdirectory 7daysToDie_Data. Depending on your system setup it may happen, that your normal user does not have write privileges there. If that happens, 7d2d of course can n
  23. There was a bug report recently with exactly this issue. As i already answered there: Probably creating a hardlink with the name of the 7d2d saves directory, leading to another partition could work. But i never tested this. Furthermore: User created data is supposed to be put in the user folder. So technically it is correct to put the world files there. It's more or less a dum @%$# from windows since ages, to put the user folder on the system partition and additionally make it so @%$#ing hard to move it to somewhere else. With just 5 gigs free on the system
  24. Nothing is entertainment if you're doing it essentially wrong.
  25. Then probably the server uses mods you have to install also on your client. The nullReference error from your log may also be a hint for that.
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