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  1. You find the modlets for boulders and other stuff in my collection https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?103985-Vanilla-modlet-collection btw i removed the overdamage boulders had
  2. one of the two is the birdnest (i mean 25) <config> <setattribute xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@id='25']" name="destroy_on_close">true</setattribute> <setattribute xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@id='10']" name="destroy_on_close">true</setattribute> </config>
  3. i guess only issue you will have are the levelgates. Maybe someone has a modlet or a idea. But very interesting, keep giving feedback. I like gameplays with no casual gamerules
  4. Or add it to the quest in the modlet <reward type="Exp" value="10" /> or set the xp for level to 10000 and the multiplyer to 1 and then replace the 1 Skillpoint with 10 000 XP <level max_level="300" exp_to_level="10000" experience_multiplier="1.0" skill_points_per_level="1"> and <reward type="Exp" value="10000" />
  5. Damn, missed the opportunity to add something painfull to the quest ^^ Well you can set the Skillpoints per level to zero and "giveselfxp 1234567" if you wish a higher gamestage. First line in progression.xml <level max_level="300" exp_to_level="9545" experience_multiplier="1.0149" skill_points_per_level="1"> This way you not even need the 0XP modification
  6. Added explanation in post before
  7. Here a simple modlet https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wfH7e-aY6brjTsTaSsSlyfBSGDKMg--B Ingame look in your crafting menue and search for "+" The rest should be selfexplaining Drag and drop the mods folder in your 7D2D mainfolder (pic from a other mod)
  8. Do you want to use modlets or only own Overhauls ?
  9. Hmm thats a bit complicated but Add a buff that start to run 24h if you die (can be added to the Death penalty buff as a kind of stage 2) and then what i wrote above, only with the difference that if the 24h Counter buff runs out And the Death 24h Buff is not active you get: Skillpoint, the quest and the 24h Counter again If the Death 24h buff is active you get: the quest and the 24h Counter again
  10. Edited my last post Hmm i guess its even possible to add the -100% xp to the buff. Means at gamestart give the player the buff that runs 24h and a quest after 24 The buff runs out, Then a Quest triggers and give the player the buff again + 1 SKillpoint + the quest No idea if -110% XP could eleminate the 10% bonus from the glasses too or if XP become buggy if you have -10% xp Someone more experience with buffs than me ? (Maybe problematic can be that a quest cant restart itself (no circle possible) in Vanilla+ i solved that by a quest the player must start by activating a questi
  11. Look in my Vanilla+ Modlets The Bully bandana grants -100% xp (as long as you wear no nerd glasses) For the dailie quest .... can a quest be triggered by a buff ? (i think about the beer buff in one quest) If yes make a quest that triggers every time a 24h buff runs out (and add the buff again additional to your skillpoint)
  12. Modlets work generally in SP and MP Only in MP there are some things that are not pushed to the clients automatically and can need a manual download (like pictures)
  13. just updated to 0.75 What does "Dont press me" do ? Saw no difference ^^
  14. butT9N made a german translation of A17 Here is this thread on steam https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/0/1780514838717587943/
  15. I adapted your broader gameoptions again to my Modlet collection. (I guess you are fine with that like last time ?) Based on your Modlets as template i wrote the Blockdamageoptions, so maybe i can spare you some time. (No need to list me as contributing modder using your work as template made it a easy job) Player <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='newContinueGame']/rect[@name='tabs']/rect[@name='tabsContents']/rect[@tab_key='Advanced']/grid/gameoption[@name='BlockDamagePlayer']/@values">1, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 300, 500</set> <set xpath="/windows/window[@
  16. Thats really great Now we need 2 things * More even landscape = fixed RWG * Abiity to add arround 4x90 Slots storage to play a real nomad
  17. Well my own lore (i apply on nearly every game since years) is that i am a wanderer of worlds. Resulting in a really long time traveling with many many options. Including divinely ordained control of time (or like most people will say time magic) and ice magic. So no blood magic for myself, but i know some guys and girls who use it
  18. Add <property name="MaxDamage" value="20000"/> to the placeholder aka "Nothing" well maybe 150 is a more serious value (but no higher values than the 20 000)
  19. Bloodmagic would maybe a nice idea. * A pestilence that slows down and damage enemys * Blood boost for faster player movement and more melee damage * Boiling Blood to damage Enemys and let them explode (detach limbs) As source you need to harvest blood from Animals (later NPC/Bandits) (Blood packages could work too) Just as idea
  20. yes^^ Its the tool i used as most.
  21. Replace layers dont work since a few versions
  22. Didnt saw the google docs^^ Thought he deleted the list and only the Topics are left
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