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  1. You find the modlets for boulders and other stuff in my collection https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?103985-Vanilla-modlet-collection btw i removed the overdamage boulders had
  2. one of the two is the birdnest (i mean 25) <config> <setattribute xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@id='25']" name="destroy_on_close">true</setattribute> <setattribute xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@id='10']" name="destroy_on_close">true</setattribute> </config>
  3. Modlets work generally in SP and MP Only in MP there are some things that are not pushed to the clients automatically and can need a manual download (like pictures)
  4. just updated to 0.75 What does "Dont press me" do ? Saw no difference ^^
  5. Thats really great Now we need 2 things * More even landscape = fixed RWG * Abiity to add arround 4x90 Slots storage to play a real nomad
  6. Well my own lore (i apply on nearly every game since years) is that i am a wanderer of worlds. Resulting in a really long time traveling with many many options. Including divinely ordained control of time (or like most people will say time magic) and ice magic. So no blood magic for myself, but i know some guys and girls who use it
  7. Add <property name="MaxDamage" value="20000"/> to the placeholder aka "Nothing" well maybe 150 is a more serious value (but no higher values than the 20 000)
  8. Bloodmagic would maybe a nice idea. * A pestilence that slows down and damage enemys * Blood boost for faster player movement and more melee damage * Boiling Blood to damage Enemys and let them explode (detach limbs) As source you need to harvest blood from Animals (later NPC/Bandits) (Blood packages could work too) Just as idea
  9. yes^^ Its the tool i used as most.
  10. Replace layers dont work since a few versions
  11. The Grass is spawned by the Car Remove the Grass = Remove the Respawn BUT Matiks versions can cause a problem, in his version is is possible that a car respawns a bus. And then yes, if a base is arround a car it can be problematic (Same for pois like the hotel with cars in it, at least i guess this, didnt test if a resapwning bus can harm the hotel) My adapated version removes busses from the placeholder list https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?103985-Vanilla-modlet-collection and munki, you can place the cars, so you have better control how the car is placed when respawned
  12. for a easyer test you can reduce the "Respawn time" if you use the modlet, its at: Mods folder\Modlet Folder\configs\blocks.xml <property name="PlantGrowing.GrowthRate" value="360" /> A value of 3 should mean 3 real minutes
  13. be carefull, bones aka glue is the only thing preventing you from making millions arround day 49 My ingame sollution was to visit all "Doggo" pois once per week.Arround 10 Bones per Poi roof
  14. Just download but i guess i take your modlet as base for my own (i guess i will adapt the the other modlets) https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?103985-Vanilla-modlet-collection&p=924173&viewfull=1#post924173
  15. Make a stack of lockpicks you can craft into single lockpicks, this way 2 Slots instead of more (Dont play this mod, only a suggestion if its a issue) - - - Updated - - - Its not braking its consuming (But maybe a sollution too, Jax need to decide)
  16. Thanks, tried to add that "help" behind the command hmm still cant summon my Prefab turned by 90 Degree This spawns it heading north (no matter where i look at) BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB 0 BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB 1 BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB 2 BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB 3 BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB 4 BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB 90 BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB E That gives a error (Cant be parsed as a number) BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB [0] BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB [1] BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB [2] BC-Import xxx666TunnelAB [3]
  17. Searched now for one hour, can anyone say me where i find the syntax for the import command. I remember there was a way to rotate the Poi, cant find it.
  18. Yes it works in A16 too. This moment i rearange my posts in my mod and after that i need to update some posts (inclusive this topic here) But if you wait around 16 Hours you can find working code here https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?76753-Royals-Vanilla-Mod&p=756686&viewfull=1#post756686
  19. Choose the right door, choose the meta Data, paint the block - - - Updated - - - Gz zur 1000
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