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  1. Wouldn't this kind of depend on your monitor, as well as personal preference? I have mine set to 40, and it looks about right to me. Not necessarily super dark, but having a light source is still useful.
  2. What do you mean by "layers"? Are you talking about channels? I do see that something is still there looking at the rgb/a channels. I'll have to figure out how to delete those, clearly they aren't being erased. I've noticed that too, it must be a change to one of the recent builds, as when I was first fiddling with it the game did generate a TGA file.
  3. Don't know if this helps, but I've noticed with the biomes PNG if I save it as 32 bit in paint.net it throws a null reference error with chunk generation. If I do the auto detect setting, it then saves it as 8 bit and I run into the issue that Guppy did in his video, that only snow biomes work. I also noticed that after saving in paint.net the file size is notably smaller, even saving as 32 bit. It seems to me paint.net borks something in the way it saves files that is important for 7 Days to Die. Perhaps something to do with file compression? Probably what Kam was saying. Edit : This isn't relevant anymore. I sorted out what I was doing wrong, it was the brush doing blending and anti-aliasing. The pixel art brush works fine. However, I've ran into a problem with the splat3 png, I can't seem to erase roads. The game still generates roads even if they aren't drawn in the file. The ones I do draw show up, but the ones I delete remain. I am editing a random gen file though, so maybe it has something to do with that? Anyone else having this issue?
  4. I love these! If only there were a like function (I guess I could rep). Also, I'm glad this thread is still alive. I'm a sucker for memes
  5. Man makes outrageous claim that his pots will last 1000 years; can't ship overseas because they could break
  6. Yeah, I totally don't imagine Gazz doing pottery based on his interactions on the forum and work with TFP. You'd think he'd be in architectural design, or maybe something like statistical analysis. I just know he's great at insane builds, mathematics, spread sheets, and balancing. Anyway, I had a totally different impression than pottery.
  7. I just noticed there are two watermarks on that meme! makeameme.org and quickmeme.com; which one is it?
  8. Could be Madmole's family legacy at this rate
  9. Isn't there already a videos and images section? I mean, that's most of what's in that section anyway. (I mean content creators promoting their channels, not Guppy's "bootleg Snickers"). Edit : And no Guppy! We don't need an unofficial How It's Made!
  10. Perfect Voronoi Patterns
  11. Is it Oktoberfest I'm thinking of? Wasn't there like a traditional music festival or something that's also in Bavaria?
  12. Pics, or it didn't happen! All joking aside, I wasn't sure if you were actually German. I also would've never guessed your English was self taught either, you speak good English, at least good enough for it to be indistinguishable as a second language. Also, aren't the Lederhosen more of a traditional thing? I remember learning about some sort of festival and that's like the only time anybody where's them.
  13. I find it worth mentioning myself that they are starting to pave the way for a lot of the stuff on the list within the next several Alphas. They are working on new character models and animations, a new clothing system, and vehicles in the next update. There also has been talk of weather effects and surviving against the environment. It's also a bit distant, but NPCs might be on their way as well. Personally I think by the time they reach Beta they'll have a lot of the original stretch goals done. The only things on here left for Beta I see is the workshop and map creation tools, the story, professional voice acting, and Oculous Rift support, and maybe a character creation tool if it doesn't make it in Alpha (The current character creation looks like presets and clothing). It actually makes me curious what they plan to do in Beta if Alpha does end up finishing most of the list. In fact, I didn't know there was going to be a Beta, I thought the use of the term "Alpha" was a misconception (still kind of is, and Alpha is technically in house production and testing), but it appears there will be more in due time. I will however mention that a road map would be nice to see, as I'm not sure what the entire direction of things are, though the Pimps are making good progress and adding in things that weren't planned as well. I kind of feel like I'm going from update to update, which is fine, but knowing where the game is going long term if they have any ideas on that would be nice.
  14. I'm really excited for the npcs and quest system. I'd like to see some bandits and some friendly survivors running around and having established bases. Perhaps bandits could have camps that have special loot that the player can go and raid, while non-hostile npcs could have a trading system; npc establishments could range from simple camps for small in-advanced groups, to more secure strongholds for larger groups with better equipment. As for the quests I'd like to see perhaps a bit of background and story for the game, as well as leading the player to other survivors, points of interest, or bandits. I think it would be interesting (depending on how quests are implemented) if when the custom map creator comes out the map creator could implement their own custom quests for the map. In addition, I think it would be cool if there were generated quests that had the player do simple objectives, like the radiant quest system implemented in Skyrim.
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