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  1. Wouldn't this kind of depend on your monitor, as well as personal preference? I have mine set to 40, and it looks about right to me. Not necessarily super dark, but having a light source is still useful.
  2. How would that work? It seems it would be quite limiting to the resource gathering and building aspects.
  3. I like the new graphics in general, but that is one thing that has been bothering me too. Something seems off.
  4. I hope it's better. I remember it dropping in quality over the past couple of alphas, and not as easy to mod. Supposedly they were going to further improve it, especially as they had done a lot of fundamental changes.
  5. I'm still experimenting with the new combat mechanics and haven't used all of the weapons yet, but so far I've been running around with a spear and a pistol as backup for situations where I need more DPS. Knives seem to be kind of nice too, though pretty week. Then again, they're really fast and it appears you can get serious damage over time (bleeding) at higher levels with the knife perk. That might change though as I get further along, and maybe mess with other builds.
  6. In my experience performance is way better in buildings, but worse outdoors. Probably due to occlusion culling, which I assume was the biggest optimization they did. IDK, performance is worse in some ways but they improved the graphics, and the patch notes mentioned they upped the detail with distant terrain and some of the textures. It's a visible difference. So of course it's going to run worse at the "same" settings, because they're still higher / more resource intensive than the graphics in A 17. Looking at resource usage (in MSI Afterburner) suggests that the game is way more GPU intensive now. That's been my bottleneck every time. On the other hand, CPU usage has not been a problem for me. VRAM usage seems to be higher so that may be an issue on lower spec systems, but I haven't had too many issues with that either. I did have to turn on texture streaming though as 6 GB VRAM is hardly enough for full textures at 1080p now. That's probably why they recommend lowering textures and resolutions, because VRAM seems to be a bottleneck now. This game has also had problems with AMD GPUs for a while, so whatever issue is causing that might not have been addressed. I don't think TFP lied about optimization, it's just some of the other changes made the game more resource intensive which resulted in a net loss in some scenarios.
  7. What do you mean by "layers"? Are you talking about channels? I do see that something is still there looking at the rgb/a channels. I'll have to figure out how to delete those, clearly they aren't being erased. I've noticed that too, it must be a change to one of the recent builds, as when I was first fiddling with it the game did generate a TGA file.
  8. Don't know if this helps, but I've noticed with the biomes PNG if I save it as 32 bit in paint.net it throws a null reference error with chunk generation. If I do the auto detect setting, it then saves it as 8 bit and I run into the issue that Guppy did in his video, that only snow biomes work. I also noticed that after saving in paint.net the file size is notably smaller, even saving as 32 bit. It seems to me paint.net borks something in the way it saves files that is important for 7 Days to Die. Perhaps something to do with file compression? Probably what Kam was saying. Edit : This isn't relevant anymore. I sorted out what I was doing wrong, it was the brush doing blending and anti-aliasing. The pixel art brush works fine. However, I've ran into a problem with the splat3 png, I can't seem to erase roads. The game still generates roads even if they aren't drawn in the file. The ones I do draw show up, but the ones I delete remain. I am editing a random gen file though, so maybe it has something to do with that? Anyone else having this issue?
  9. So they're dropping smell? Is this final, or just A 17?
  10. You should start a series : Big Brother TFP Edition
  11. I wasn't aware Godsmack had a new album, I'll have to check it out. I used to listen to a lot of Godsmack when I was younger, I still listen to them some; I definitely prefer the older stuff.
  12. I really love the ones that drift to the side. Usually this is at Walmart, Walmart can get pretty ghetto. I think if we ever do introduce shopping carts, this should be a mechanic. Low quality shopping carts should screech and go in circles. We should also add cart surfing, seems to be a thing recently. What if I get myself a Batman avatar and pretend I know what's going on?
  13. Deja Vu, for some reason this sounds familiar. Do you jump from a flying bus by any chance? I'm envisioning a flying bus.
  14. Actually, I hear you want a hydrospanner, too bad those only exist in the Star Wars universe.
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