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  1. Wouldn't this kind of depend on your monitor, as well as personal preference? I have mine set to 40, and it looks about right to me. Not necessarily super dark, but having a light source is still useful.
  2. How would that work? It seems it would be quite limiting to the resource gathering and building aspects.
  3. I like the new graphics in general, but that is one thing that has been bothering me too. Something seems off.
  4. I hope it's better. I remember it dropping in quality over the past couple of alphas, and not as easy to mod. Supposedly they were going to further improve it, especially as they had done a lot of fundamental changes.
  5. What do you mean by "layers"? Are you talking about channels? I do see that something is still there looking at the rgb/a channels. I'll have to figure out how to delete those, clearly they aren't being erased. I've noticed that too, it must be a change to one of the recent builds, as when I was first fiddling with it the game did generate a TGA file.
  6. Don't know if this helps, but I've noticed with the biomes PNG if I save it as 32 bit in paint.net it throws a null reference error with chunk generation. If I do the auto detect setting, it then saves it as 8 bit and I run into the issue that Guppy did in his video, that only snow biomes work. I also noticed that after saving in paint.net the file size is notably smaller, even saving as 32 bit. It seems to me paint.net borks something in the way it saves files that is important for 7 Days to Die. Perhaps something to do with file compression? Probably what Kam was saying. Edit : Th
  7. I love these! If only there were a like function (I guess I could rep). Also, I'm glad this thread is still alive. I'm a sucker for memes
  8. Man makes outrageous claim that his pots will last 1000 years; can't ship overseas because they could break
  9. Yeah, I totally don't imagine Gazz doing pottery based on his interactions on the forum and work with TFP. You'd think he'd be in architectural design, or maybe something like statistical analysis. I just know he's great at insane builds, mathematics, spread sheets, and balancing. Anyway, I had a totally different impression than pottery.
  10. I just noticed there are two watermarks on that meme! makeameme.org and quickmeme.com; which one is it?
  11. Could be Madmole's family legacy at this rate
  12. Isn't there already a videos and images section? I mean, that's most of what's in that section anyway. (I mean content creators promoting their channels, not Guppy's "bootleg Snickers"). Edit : And no Guppy! We don't need an unofficial How It's Made!
  13. Perfect Voronoi Patterns
  14. Is it Oktoberfest I'm thinking of? Wasn't there like a traditional music festival or something that's also in Bavaria?
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