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  1. So are you using the Vulkan or GLcore cause im using Vulkan its that, that's getting me those high frames. On GLcore its about the same as windows and for some reason Vulkan doesn't work with windows and GLcore has a bunch of static racing across the ground textures , so im using DX11 , im on a 6 core ryzen 3600 with 64 gig RAM and a MSI RX5700 with 8 gigs , and DX11 Can't touch Vulkan . so my point is if you haven't tried the (not fully supported) Vulkan Render try it just don't use it to generate a map thats where it all falls apart but once a map is generated it runs better on Vulkan , im
  2. thanks mate Ill give it a go this weekend and if there is any discrepancy in the path of the file folder's ill be sure to note it and share . im on a dual boot machine , running linux and windows i recently caved to windows for better controller support and post scriptum , oh my god windows is mediocre for an OS that one has to pay for , i run at 130 fps solid on linux ,and barely maintain 90fps on windows and there is terrible screen tearing and ghosting . so if any one out there is on a min spec machine consider getting an 250g SSD and put linux ubuntu 20.04 on it . your keys are good for ei
  3. Will these mods Work on Linux and is the process the same for installing them
  4. Yo Anni ! i noticed a smoother frame rate between a 18 and 19 i am on and (linux ubuntu 20.4 , )AMD ryzen 5 3600 6 cores , 64 gigs of RAM and i was on a radeon 580 8 gig VRAM then upgraded with a MSI 5700xt 8 gig VRAM I also noticed when i upgraded video cards the GLcore render has spots flashing across the terrain textures i, so i started using the Vulkan which is amazing !!! even though its not fully supported though, and i wouldn't recommend generating a map with Vulkan on linux cause it crashes or if it generated it had huge symmetrical holes(different rectangles some more the 100
  5. Howdy IrishRed I have got a great seed "AnthonyWright " (a good friend who used to play pro football(American football not footbol) if your wondering ) with lots of fun town and POI's load of new bunkers , hint there's a tan colored house with a wine cellar and lots of wine barrels look for the hidden vault door . or you can dig to the secret entrance in front of the house by the road , the fore mentioned POI is in most of the towns . the map Generated a lot of towns that are in pleasant biome's like the pine forest and maple forest. my Preview map isn't working properly it only show
  6. i have been loving the jump from PS4 to PC started 18.4 and after having trouble getting the DS4 controller to work on linux i tried A 19 to see if things where better , and they were as far as the Xbox controller went but the Ds4 and maybes its me is not working on the Linux build i have tried and failed many times the best i can get is the buttons to be recognized but the axis for the TS's don't move my player or the console cursor im on Linux ubuntu 20.4 using Qjoypad to get the Xbox controller to work and that is only accomplished on "steam big screen" mode launching from the classic steam
  7. So yeah my typing is devoid of any punctuation , and my sentences only 90 % complete and missing a word or two , and not trying to make excuses but, Dyslexia ,Tracking issues and 5 concussions may be a recipe for the subpar typing ability , and couple that with impatience ,three beers and a doobie (lol "beers and a doobie"i swear that could have been a movie ) and being awake playing 7 days 16 hrs strait would also influence the situation . i thank you guys for your candor and hope to maybe improve my type some what , ill never be as code as some one who types for a living coders and mods and
  8. Well folk i have no Fear i been mowing grannies lawns and cleaning out gutters saving my tips and quit drinking for 6 months and now i built PC . So what are you console guys waiting for AS aPS4 (PS4 was the more stable ) who moved to PC i was actually amazed to see how well the underpowered ps4 could play . im on a 8 core 64 gigd ram and 4 video and i can barely push the Frames i was getting on console at high res . This leads me to the my next point Holy crap can this game be optimized . So im assuming once 7 days finally goes gold it will be super optimized and we'll see it on PS5 any one
  9. been having the same issue on Linux Ps4 sometimes works not sure i am will to put a windows boot drive if windows controller support is more stable
  10. im upgrading to 19 as we .....type ? finally built a PC that can runit over 40 frames LOL i know i know no that great , if you have any suggestion of hard upgrade that really make the most impact pray do tell im on linux using a amd 6 core ryzen 7 32 gig ram and 4 gig video redeon 550 . ro yeah mreo RAM bigger CPU or GPU or more Vramm ?
  11. Well Spoken young chap , quite and exhilarating 7 days on console was , i decided hey ill get me some keys for 7 day on pc incase i finally build a pc then covid hit and now im building a PC From the money i save on petrol since i ain't working . its takes a mild Apocalypse just so i can play virtual apocalypse LOL any how i hope you guys al stay healthy and hopefully we'll all be building bases on Cross platform before we build zombie bases IRL lol PEACE
  12. wow looking at the kick starter pic and seeing that you guys smashed most of those goals the only one is the Professional voice acting but im the guy that watches Anime dubbed so marinate on that . it only took my 7 yrs to build a PC that can run 7D i call it 7 years to play LOL im only here cause the console version TBH but glad to get here
  13. Sly is right are you all gonna donate 100$ for the cause along with your signature that may get things moving but other wise is all about finalizing your vision whilst keeping your employees paid . 2nd Telltale made one huge mistake that could have saved them loads of money release 7 Days as a BETA instead of a gold console release of A14. this BETA status would have allowed telltale to regularly update & days with minimal cost . 3rd As a Featured Map designer on Farcry 5 (Dragons genesis and Vietnam tactical among other all 4 star maps ) i Can understand how one can feel as if there are c
  14. well come later this month i'll have finished my 7 days to die PC (Ryzen 7 3.4 6 core 32 gigs of RAM and a mediocre video card ) though i am on a Linux machine so not sure hot that works , currently i am playing but im playing on a shared computer . any how i'll leave with my steam tag JonSoebeski . that and here's a looting tip not even the Top streamers hove found search cancel search , initiate the search before the search wheel is done and search again this rerolls the RNG and almost completely eliminates that chances of a container being empty . so on PC using KB and M i believe you can s
  15. After i go Broke building a PC and Buying Two keys you finally bust out my dream Tshirt . looks ill have to start a go fund me #getmybrokeassashurt . well looks i have something to put on my Christmas list .
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