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  1. Well Spoken young chap , quite and exhilarating 7 days on console was , i decided hey ill get me some keys for 7 day on pc incase i finally build a pc then covid hit and now im building a PC From the money i save on petrol since i ain't working . its takes a mild Apocalypse just so i can play virtual apocalypse LOL any how i hope you guys al stay healthy and hopefully we'll all be building bases on Cross platform before we build zombie bases IRL lol PEACE
  2. wow looking at the kick starter pic and seeing that you guys smashed most of those goals the only one is the Professional voice acting but im the guy that watches Anime dubbed so marinate on that . it only took my 7 yrs to build a PC that can run 7D i call it 7 years to play LOL im only here cause the console version TBH but glad to get here
  3. Sly is right are you all gonna donate 100$ for the cause along with your signature that may get things moving but other wise is all about finalizing your vision whilst keeping your employees paid . 2nd Telltale made one huge mistake that could have saved them loads of money release 7 Days as a BETA instead of a gold console release of A14. this BETA status would have allowed telltale to regularly update & days with minimal cost . 3rd As a Featured Map designer on Farcry 5 (Dragons genesis and Vietnam tactical among other all 4 star maps ) i Can understand how one can feel as if there are close to defining their vision and then after more testing and designing you see so many more possibilities and before you know you've maxed all your budgets and dropping frames cause of occlusion errors . developing a game is like this but on Crack and with many more facets of operations from sound scape to ui's yeahs its a lot and when we play it we take it all for granted no one cared i took 4 hours dipping my terrain along all my dirt paths , and hand placed 10,000 of plants and grass to fill the lush environment they just sprint past it and kill the 1st guy they see . BTW its good to be back former PS4 now on PC and i can testify buying the PC just 7 days Worth it ! i have been playing fro alpha 15 to 18 for the last few days reminiscing and watching it evolve . Finally , Joel's Brother Said not only was the future of console still in the works but there was a comment made about Cross play trust me what we have on PS4 is still amazing and fun but its about all the ps4 can handle (the fact it works on ps4 is impressive on it own it take a PC with twice as much hard ware to to get 30 fps) anything added to it would just be a waste for Sony since they want you on the PS5 so Sony would be a hurdle to retro update the current Console version . the best fiscal decision on both side is to release the Final Gold version on console so that the PC version could be unified with the console and we could see cross platform servers though i'd suspect there's be some PC only servers cause there will always be someone running a supper PC so there can max setting everything with max Z spawns and such. any how i should really refrain from posting after loading a bowl i turn it into a microphone ima go smoke this and see if it helps make my posts shorter LOL before you say im poor i can't afford a PC . every town has an old lady that needs her lawn mowed get it done (lol it worked)
  4. well come later this month i'll have finished my 7 days to die PC (Ryzen 7 3.4 6 core 32 gigs of RAM and a mediocre video card ) though i am on a Linux machine so not sure hot that works , currently i am playing but im playing on a shared computer . any how i'll leave with my steam tag JonSoebeski . that and here's a looting tip not even the Top streamers hove found search cancel search , initiate the search before the search wheel is done and search again this rerolls the RNG and almost completely eliminates that chances of a container being empty . so on PC using KB and M i believe you can simply tap E over and over on a Controller you'll want to tap Y then B then Y again(Triangle Circle Triangle on PS4 style) well ima go get Baked later
  5. After i go Broke building a PC and Buying Two keys you finally bust out my dream Tshirt . looks ill have to start a go fund me #getmybrokeassashurt . well looks i have something to put on my Christmas list .
  6. i yeah water to me is worse than wasteland cause its unusable no loot no Z's no sunken pirate ships no nothing
  7. haven't found one yet but im still exploring the roads and trials so far when i have found a booby trap they were on the edge of the map off of poi trails
  8. if any one has a youtube account and would care to leave a comment on Crackpottexas's youtube asking to check out my new bad ass seed that would be awesome !!! if not i'll get around to making one (i just hate setting up accounts ) it took 9 months to set up this one for the forum
  9. New Seed Possibly my best yet !! SEED: AnthonyWright -(it has three spaces at the end and remember its caps sensitive ) again 3 spaces at the end that puts it at the max 16 characters but the again the last 3 are spaces . Ok details PM for CO ORDS other wise no spoilers other that it has 9 towns 2 hubs that's 11 total (i just found the second hub) the clincher 7 of the 9 town are all in green biomes the both hub cities are in safe biome (no land mines to worry about) 2 of the nine town have Missile silos and both silo are in green biome towns less than 2 k from center hub and both have prisons as well there is some wasteland and but thankfully its hasn't claimed any town fully or too much of the map its easy to circumnavigate and also i found 8 traders so far i would say its better than InsaneHCA14 just because it has more Rare poi's and has a well house bunker off of a poi trail 0.7 k from center hub , hint both silo are in town north and south of center hub and center hub is always located at 0 N 0 W
  10. Crackpot texas has a youtube infact here is the link
  11. InsaneHCA14 is a good seed it has two hub cities both hubs are in green biomes and there are 9 towns as well as the two hubs that's 11 towns total there is also AnthonyWight380 remember caps
  12. ARK bleh !! ark is Height map 3d game , so it could run on your damn i phone , hell i have an old Texas instruments calculator that can run it. Ya'll don't seem to get it Voxel is REAL 3D (meaning there something under the surface), height map is holographic 3D(nothing under the surface) in fact on the other side of that building you can't get to, there is nothing ,behind that back drop texture of mountains in the distance is ....NOTHING , but in a voxel game every cubic inch of the game even empty space and all is calculate and open to alteration at any moment do you under stand how much freakin CPU time that must use , so please drop the "ARK has it" argument , ARK also has more griefing jerks , hell ARK has a whole freaking CLAN of GREIFERS that join servers in mass and take over , yeah no thank you , that and ark is GRIND grind grind nothing but grind not my thing
  13. nothing is promised to the console The Devs at TFP have said repeatedly that they would like to port "As much as possible " from the PC to the console , realize that alpha 17 taxes even the most hot rod PC to date so a 3 to 4 year old console is going to be hard pressed to compete . so in short , we'll see some A 17 stuff most likely summer of 2018 it seems to take about 9 months to stabilize each current alpha version , and shortly after its stable if it can be ported it will , if it doesn't make to the console its because the console couldn't handle it , other than that TFP made it pretty damn clear they want to console version to reflect as much as the gold PC version as possible when its released , but cannot promise things they cannot deliver , its called integrity
  14. yo my rep is up to re-constructionist !!! im gonna celebrate with a few beers a blue berry pie and some plant fibers !!
  15. i like it , maybe dynamic seasons ?!? in the future , i know i know there's a lot to do before looking at Dynamic seasons , but just thought , not sure how hard it would be to script it , that and is it intentional that all maples planted by players eventually turn red (this is the case on console not sure if that is even an issue on PC) cause it would be nice to be able to have some green maples too , i may test whacking a tree for a few hit points before it fully grows an see if the reduced hit point prevent it from growing further . any how the HOG looks AMAZING ,and if that's the only new vehicle ill be satisfied , but don't be afraid to do more
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