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  1. I had issues with virtual memory, too. But it never caused a game to lag, it usually led to "out of memory" crashes. The issue seems wierd since task manager showed that 26GB of my 32GB memory were free. However hwinfo64 showed the same for the ram but for virtual memory it showed "81,9 of 82GB used"... I didn't even know how this came up to over 80GB, but that was the issue. Reboot fixed it and it never occured again.
  2. Just ask if you want to buy anything. I think even on this forum are enough people who can recommend good stuff and also explain why it is good and another one less good. May be even an advantage if there are not so many people here. In specialized forums often there come so many answers that you are afterwards even more confused.
  3. Does the program use the gpu to transcode the video? Maybe it doesn't free its ressources properly after the conversion and 7d2d can't use much of the gpu anymore? Did you take a look into task manager if any other program uses up cpu or ram? Doesn't restart just the game help? Why do you convert video while you are playing a game?
  4. Welcome to the PC. Why does someone buy a prebuilt PC while already planning to replace many components? You could have gotten better components from scratch and thus avoid the need to change them soon anyway and the whole package would have been better for a some or even lower price. A good PSU is recommended, however that means good quality not high wattage. If you don't go for the topend Ryzen cpus and not wanting a a 2080ti a 500w PSU is totally sufficient. So even your current 450W are far enough for a way better CPU and the upcoming 1660S. Sadly prebuilt PCs often only contain cheap PSUs, but before changing it, your should take a closer look on what exact model it is. Since you don't have an SSD yet, that should be the first upgrade. It's also the most valuable, because it doesn't replace a component, but it comes additionally. If you are happy with your setup ATM, i would not head for a 1660S yet, as the next generation of graphicscards is expected to come in fall.
  5. You are basically right, however there are three possible points why publisher may not want this. 1. (virtual) greed, because a third party earns money "through" your game. It's said that the service won't work without the games. Of course you could also charge hardware manufacturers because without your game nobody would buy their hardware, but the relation here is more direct 2. The publisher has, plans or wants to keep the option open to start an own streaming service and then wants his games exlusive on his streaming service. With that geforce now is a competitor. 3. Publisher forbid execution in virtualized environments in general. That's what blizzard said and referred to their EULA. They say it is needed for cheating protection because you could easily cheat in a virtualized environment with out an anti-cheat software being able to notice it. But geforce now doesn't work without virtualizing.
  6. After knowing the desaster of the console release and TFP seeming not to have the power to maintain different platform releases, i doubt that a Next-Gen Console release will occur soon. Hopefully they learned from it and won't give another release out of their own hand. Deal with it. TFP is a small company, they might be not able to care about different platforms. I can't play several games on PC, you may not play various games on console. "Exklusives" work on both sides. And especially in that regard there might be more "well known" exklusivs on consoles, but indeed there are far more exklusives on PC.
  7. Nice to know that TFP is doing something in that direction. Thanks for the confirmation.
  8. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/18961-minecraft-like-cave-systems/?do=findComment&comment=358973
  9. But initially the distant terrain has to be calculated on the server since in multiplayer the client should never have the voxel structure of the whole map? So the server could recalculate the distant terrain and on next logon send the updated version to the client? Or is on first join the whole voxel map transferred to each client and each client calculates the distant terrain on it's own? But then it would be even easier, then i'd just need to tell my client to update the distant terrain. Just to make sure: I am not talking about a live update of the distant terrain. I know that this would be complicated and affect server performance drastically. I'm just asking for a way to update it by manually trigger or maybe time scheduled. Lets call it an "easy fix for the moment". Just redo what is done on map generation anyway. I don't know how it technically works in detail but from what i understand it should be possible to just redo it on command. Live update is of course a completely different story. If it is possible, recalculate distant terrain for maybe all modified chunks, some manually choosen chunks (maybe i tell the server to recalculate just the region around the base we built) or in the absolute worse case, if it is not possible to blend in just some regions of distant terrain into the global terrain, recalculate DT for the whole map. For my case it doesn't matter if it takes hours. It's not a public server, it's private, it's not visited 24/7, we have more or less constant playtimes and the server could easily do (manually triggerd) updates in between. Since i assume that the distant terrain meshes don't fit to any chunk borders i guess it would be hard to merge partial changes, so the "easy fix" would be to recalculate it completely.
  10. Nope. Afaik there are two layers of visibility. Of course there is the voxel structure which contains the exakt information of each block, but that is only rendered up to a specific view distance. It would be to much load to render real "far sight" with this even on very low level of detail, e.g. just a simple cube per block. For that reason there is also whats called "distant terrain". That is a "simplified" prerendered version for the whole map. This distant terrain blends over to the actual voxel rendering if you come near. That is what allows you to even see a mountain even it is still 2km away. However this prerendered map is static and is not updated during gameplay when the player modifies the map. That doesn't really matter if just cut down some trees or just modify an existent POI a little bit, but in both ways if you build a completely new structure it is not visible as long as for your distance only the distant terrain is rendered, nor if you completely remove an existent POI. It's still visible over distance. You can easily test it. Go into creative and let a whole skyscaper collapse. Now fly away and after a certain distance you will see the skyscraper there again. Move closer and as soon as the real voxel data is used for rendering it vanishes again, as you actually destroyed it. I "usual" gameplay this might be good enough as from the ground you usually have no view angle that reaches that far. But if you look from the top of a mountiain or as said fly with the gyrocopter, you notice it immediately. If you fly with a gyrocopter (or in godmode in creative) you can see an entire town from 1km away but your nearby self built base that is even the size of a shamway factory is not visible until you come close. You can also google "7 days to die distant terrain". You'll even find videos that show the difference when it was introduced and also explain (a little bit) how it works. Maximum. Exactly for this reason. At least on my client. Don't know the server settings but as said, you can also test this in single player. Same effect (may it just pops in earlier due to a bit higer render distance). Maximum is afaik 12 chunks (like in the serversetting). Afaik chunks are 16x16 so maximum distance which is indeed rendered of the detailed voxel structure is 192 blocks. So basically "only" 192m from where you stand. Everything further is "only" distant terrain. And even the "close view" is "level of detailed". Small details like e.g. a lantern on a table even vanishes completely when you are just ~15 blocks away.
  11. Hmm, obviously MM doesn't accidentially hit ungrown (already harvested) plants when trying to harvest crops and therefore would reintroduce picking up grown plants with E instead of hitting them? (Imho picking them up with E may also use stamina, but at least you will not accidentially hit anything else around you don't want to hit).
  12. I know there has been lots of discussion about distant terrain but i encountered it in my current game again. Is there a way to update distant terrain (in my case running on a dedicated server)? Manually? Wouldn't matter if the server needs several hours of calculation, we could let the server do that over night. It's really anoying because the actual view distance is really short. We built a relatively huge base and especially with a runway for gyros and if you fly towards it you see nothing then just grass and a few trees until it pops out of nothing when you almost hit the walls. I completely understand that this requires many calculations and would be hard to automate without heavy influence on the server performance during normal gameplay but being able to trigger it manually would be really nice (maybe even specify some chunks to update instead of recalculating the whole map). Would be even fine if the server needed to be shout down during update and an external tool does it (like nitrogen?) or doesn't accept player connections. I even wonder how and when exactly the distant terrain is generated. Since you can use external tools for map generation like nitrogen, does nitrogen already calculate the distant terrain or does the game calculate it on first load?
  13. But you also apply a penalty... losing the character. Basically you lose everything you had in your inventory and the most hard hit would be the loss of all read books. For losing the inventory, iirc there is a setting what your character drops on death. Everything, Toolbelt only, nothing. With "nothing" your whole equipment will be lost. With "toolbelt" only items from your toolbelt drop, the rest is then again lost. So maybe no need to hide droped backpacks, just choose to drop nothing. Anyway imho there has to be a penalty. I even argued with some friends, because they did "strategic dying": "We don't have food anymore"... "ah not that important, just die and respawn with full food and water" back then when there was no real penalty. Even if death would not drop anything, they unload there whole stuff into a chest and then go dying, respawn, fetch their stuff back from the chest. I usually have a (or even many) base somewhere on the map where i store equipment. With your playstyle i'd store backup equipment there. After death i'd just go back there and reequip. I know having reset the map would make it more difficult, maybe you should also hide all form of coordinates shown. I don't need a discovered map just to walk to some coordinates. In later gamestages i might even find the base without map and coordinates, because i know landmarks, biomes, mountains, cities, ... Maybe deleting 80% of the stuff stored in player owned chests on death might work against that. So if you find your old base, it's more like looting a POI, but with more valuable loot as that is a POI where a real player lived. It would be a huge advantage to go back to an old base, even if the items where removed, because it's already a reinforced base and mostly also already equipped with forges, workbenches, chemstations, etc. Giving back the skillpoints might be missused to respec, so in this point death could even be an advantage. I read it's not your intention to make the game harder, but maybe even easier. Allright with that, but there needs to be balance anyway. Otherwise you could tell a player just to play like this voluntarily. You can do quite everything from your idea manually and volunatrily. Drop nothing on death, delete the character but not the world, cheat XP back after death and so on. But imho that never works on a voluntary basis. If you don't somehow "force" a player by implementing mechanics implementing this behaviour, players will not adapt that playstyle. It's like permadeath. Why does anybody need such a mode? If you like that and die, just don't continue playing... But it does not work. It's not really permadeath then if the game doesn't delete the files itself, because, if you want to, you could continue anyway. Anyway, i like your idea, but i think it will not really work out on with a fixed mapsize. It would be really interesting if the map would be infinite and you just spawn somewhere. Like in Minecraft. That would in most cases make a return to an old base almost impossible and i guess loosing everything you built would be the biggest penalty.
  14. For me, not being able to carry too much at once is a important aspect of the game. That's why i also don't like the bigger-backpack-mods. However a container that is allowed to be picked up while it is not empty might be a nice enhancement. E.g. a chest with maybe 16 slots you can pick up with content, but you can't access the content while the chest is not placed. That prevents enlarging the inventory and still have everything quickly accessible or be able to craft other stuff from it but you can still carry more stuff at once. 7d2d has no weight system, so an item is never "heavy". 7d2d limits the inventory by slots. Other games (like ARK) implement a weight system. In this games the inventory usually has indefnite slots, but weight of the items limits how many you can carry. That leeds to other restrictions so e.g. in ARK there are crafting receips that require items that weigh much more as anybody can carry, basically every building structure is to heavy or at least that heavy that you can just carry few. You can overload your inventory but then you can't move anymore, means you need to pick up every item you need from nearby chests. Because that is also anoying 7d2d (and most other games i know) have a "pull system". You can magically pull items from chests in a specific radius directly into your inventory without walking to the chest. That allows also crafting to use items directly from chests. Both has advantages and disadvantages, however with "weight" in 7d2d you shouldn't be able to carry 100 concrete blocks at once, nor 50000 7,62mm.
  15. Usually also with steel pickaxe and mining perks. In later game i also return to the pickaxe instead of the lockpicks. In an older game we even compared that in the military camp with the 2 big safes and 3 small ones. Most times my mate with steel pickaxe and mining perks had the safe opened faster then i am when using lockpicks with the perk. Only situation i was (a little bit) faster was, when i could open the safe with the first or maximum a secons lockpick. So in the end still pureley RNG-based if lockpicks can be even faster then a pickaxe. So in later game i stop carrying lockpicks around all the time. In early game when you don't have steel tools and the perks, they are a good way to open safes anyway. Noise is not an issue, we usually clear the POI (at least the surrindings of the safe) before opening the safe. The timed charges imho are far far far to expensive for just opening a safe.
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