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  1. Basically same as in real life: You want it pretty where you spend (leisure) time. You don't put effort on places where you just have to spend time for a reason. Do real miners plasters the walls of their mine and put up pictures there, just to make it look nice? Why don't anybody do this?
  2. Is this a new trend to ask people how much they OCD? *lol* For homebase i'm interested in making it looking nice. Do cleanups and put decoration and so on. For horde base, i build a functional base and don't give a @%$# about how it looks like. Imho the D in OCD already tells what's it about, if people put effort in looks of something that doesn't have have a value
  3. Why not simply install bigger backpack mod AND compo-pack? If there needs to be a dedicated mod that just combines few other mods in all possible combinations, there would be billions of mods out there. Oh, and basically you can create a "mod" out of both mods on your own. Just build a zip file that contains both...
  4. Non at all, because i don't live in my mines and the only reason why i even go into a mine is because i want as many ressources as quickly as possible. I probably will even never come back a second time to this place. And i only do bulk mining. Usually spent a night, or even a whole day in the mine with just mining. I do not even light my mines. The helmet light is the only lightsource there, so i don't see much of the mine anyway. Something i do not see doesn't need to be pretty. Since the boulders on the surface directly indicate where what kind of ores are, i search for them and
  5. Currently power tools (i assume you refer to e.g. auger instead of steel pickaxe?) are still faster and don't consume stamina. And because they don't consume stamina (besides they are still faster), it doesn't consume food. So less ressource drain when using an auger. They use fuel instead, but that's a completely different ressource. If you think, food and stamina regen is easier to achieve then fuel.... then go with steel tools. Nobody forces you to use power tools. But the math still says power tools are more efficient. I prefer using power tools, because fuel is absolutely cheap
  6. The deal is, your brain can't process infinite fps. There is a limit, from which on you won't notice any further improvements. It's different from person to person where exactly that limit is. But for most people it is way lower than 144. And it's also dependent on the scene you are watching. In a high contrast scene, e.g. a black dot moving in white ground (or scrolling through black text on white background) you are able to notice higher framerates then in a gaming scene with lots of colors and shades. The other way round it's the opposite. The lower the framerate is the mor
  7. No I didn't forget to mention the price, its not an ad or affiliate link,. I couldn't give a monkey's use it or dont I have ran and paid for my own servers for 4 years. Its just an option that's helped many of my players with low specs. kind regards, Ari

    1. Aribo


      Hi Liesel, things got a bit heated there, I know you have your own input as do I but if you genuinely aint a troll. lets not argue thanks. 


      YOUR WORDS: There is a lot of imagination out there. ((I've already proven MANY people wrong that claimed to definitely see 144fps over 60fps.))

      MINE: am not here to prove people wrong just assist where possible ~

      YOURS: But when testing them, without knowing them what display and framerate it is (in a game) they couldn't tell anything.

      Edited Tuesday at 11:01 PM by Liesel Weppen 

      MINE: and you already suggested GFN earlier in this thread, thanks dude, I know what I know through 9k not play time but testing and supporting the pimps as well as admin of servers. Lifes way too short to be getting frustrated like this. I mean you well. HONESTLY. kind regards Ari

  8. With the mechanic of blood moons every X days, it makes absolutely no sense to keep server time running while nobody is online, because then people would just log off before bloodmoon and log back in once it is over, and so skip the main mechanic of the whole game. Probably you are playing without bloodmoons and so for your usecase not stoping time would be preferred, but that is not what the game was intended to. I somehow understand your request, but on the other hand it's something like asking for "why is using a wrench with nails so bad"... Because both don't fit to
  9. Antialiasing off does it, but looks terrible at FHD. DoF and MB almost has no performance effect. Surprise, particles cause GPU load. Surprise, lowering graphics settings increases FPS. However i agree, that should be switchable by options, not just by console commands. Has nothing to do with the game. That's optimizing your system. Especially ryzen cpus are known to profit from increased ram speed. 1st gen ryzen is very nitpicky with ram speeds, it became significantly better with newer versions. And this should be optimized by
  10. While BIOS and UEFI are both just starting up your system, they are related just like the wheel and a spaceship. On the other hand, DOCP and XMP are litteraly the same thing, but just named differently. From what i heared, Asus calls it DOCP (and Gigabyte calls it EOCP) to avoid paying license fees to intel for using the name XMP. And that's also the issue why XMP (or whatever called) has to be considered as overclocking even if it is "simple one click" overclocking. It's not a generic standard, it's just an intel thing. And there is no instance that overally ensures comp
  11. Bluescreens are not an issue of the game, but an issue of the system. Probably a driver issue. In one of your Logs discord was mentioned. So probably you're on the right way. Do you use any discord plugins that try to interact with the game or similar? And since there is also: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7daystodie_Data\Plugins\easyanticheat.dll Probably what ever Discord tries to do may interfere with EAC. Do you play singleplayer locally or on a server? You could try to run the non-EAC-Version. Your log s
  12. Right. Right. Basically all streaming services suffer from lag, there is always lag if you transfer input and output over an internet connection. And if it will never become zero until the theory of relativity will be proven wrong. How much it does affect your experience, depends on how vulnerable you are for lag and of course your internet connection. I additionally assume "input lag" is overestimated. It's a hype. Most people complaining about input lag will still not notice anything, if the input lag is below... 20 or 30ms. It's measurable, but not really noticabl
  13. Asus calls it DOCP, not AMD. And besids the naming, it is still the same. And using it, no matter if you call it XMP oder DOCP, has to be considered overclocking. And RAM is also affected by temperature. A few degrees more can be enough to make it fail with the same settings. So this can indeed also change over time.
  14. How much does NVidia pay for advertising Geforce Now? Did you forget intentionally to mention that it requires a abo that costs 5,50€ per month? Tesla P40 is basically a Titan XP with double the VRAM, and so a GPU of the 1000 series of GTX. Just 5% faster than a 1080ti, and even 7% slower than a 3070. So basically not a really big deal. The Tesla series only have been so expensive because they ship with professional support and drivers that allow for professional use, not because they are significantly faster than their desktop twins. Since it is an "old" GPU
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