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  1. For me, not being able to carry too much at once is a important aspect of the game. That's why i also don't like the bigger-backpack-mods. However a container that is allowed to be picked up while it is not empty might be a nice enhancement. E.g. a chest with maybe 16 slots you can pick up with content, but you can't access the content while the chest is not placed. That prevents enlarging the inventory and still have everything quickly accessible or be able to craft other stuff from it but you can still carry more stuff at once. 7d2d has no weight system, so an item is never "heavy". 7d2d limits the inventory by slots. Other games (like ARK) implement a weight system. In this games the inventory usually has indefnite slots, but weight of the items limits how many you can carry. That leeds to other restrictions so e.g. in ARK there are crafting receips that require items that weigh much more as anybody can carry, basically every building structure is to heavy or at least that heavy that you can just carry few. You can overload your inventory but then you can't move anymore, means you need to pick up every item you need from nearby chests. Because that is also anoying 7d2d (and most other games i know) have a "pull system". You can magically pull items from chests in a specific radius directly into your inventory without walking to the chest. That allows also crafting to use items directly from chests. Both has advantages and disadvantages, however with "weight" in 7d2d you shouldn't be able to carry 100 concrete blocks at once, nor 50000 7,62mm.
  2. Usually also with steel pickaxe and mining perks. In later game i also return to the pickaxe instead of the lockpicks. In an older game we even compared that in the military camp with the 2 big safes and 3 small ones. Most times my mate with steel pickaxe and mining perks had the safe opened faster then i am when using lockpicks with the perk. Only situation i was (a little bit) faster was, when i could open the safe with the first or maximum a secons lockpick. So in the end still pureley RNG-based if lockpicks can be even faster then a pickaxe. So in later game i stop carrying lockpicks around all the time. In early game when you don't have steel tools and the perks, they are a good way to open safes anyway. Noise is not an issue, we usually clear the POI (at least the surrindings of the safe) before opening the safe. The timed charges imho are far far far to expensive for just opening a safe.
  3. Programming 1x1: Never use "Umlauts" (or other special chars). Try naming that thing wihtout "ü" and try it again. Just an educated guess. Or even better: Stick to english names. Imagine you want to edit a mod from a japanese developer and he named the stuff in japanese? Maybe the local client gets it because it does the character encoding right, because you set your client to german. The dedicated server however afaik has no language setting and may then muss with the encondings.
  4. Huh, exotic. The GTX 690 is basically one card with two 680 GPUs. That sounds very powerfull but it hardly depends on the games if they can take an advantage out of such a dual-gpu setup. Depending on the game even an 680 outperformes a 690 due to it's running at a higher clocks. Also the 690 shipped with 2x2GB or 2x4GB of VRAM. This might also sound nice, but the 2x4GB is not nearly comparable to a current card with 8GB, as each 4GB is for one GPU only. One GPU can't access the VRAM of the other GPU, even if the second GPU is not used at all. That means all the data needs to be stored for every gpu in each VRAM. So this is really 2x4GB and not 1x8GB, as you need to store everything twice. So effectively you have only 4GB. Both that points are basically the reason why NVidia discontinued SLI and especially those dual-GPU cards. I have no clue how you come to 6GB, maybe there have been some custom designs that shipped with 2x3GB i never heard from. According to all of this, an upgrade to an (used) 1060 (6GB) or RX580 (8GB) would also increase your perfomance by estimated 50% while halfing the power consumption (690 = 300W, 1060 = 120W, RX580 = 185W).
  5. He has a RX550. You have a RX 580 i assume (there is no Radeon 580X out there) which has roughly triple the 3D-power! That is not nearly "the same gpu", with the same thoughts you could tell a GTX 1050 ist the same as GTX 1080.... The RX550 is an absolute low end (and low cost) GPU, designed for media center PCs accelerating video playback or upgrade an older computer with display port and/or more modern hdmi specs. It's not ment for gaming at all.
  6. Do you use the same map with local hosted and dedicated? What quest tier are you trying to do? Not every POI suites every quest, so i could imagine there is no suitable poi in range for the quest type you pick. I never saw it happen that there is absolutely no POI available but it is quite common that especially t5 quests of one trader always takes place in the same POI (or only switches between two) as there is simply no other t5-quest POI in the range of this trader.
  7. It's not only the gpu, it's especially a higher requirement to the cpu as of the voxel engine. But as you said, SylenThunder will for sure explain it. Otherwise you could read one of the million other posts where this was already explained.
  8. Imho the best you can get for ~£200 is a GTX 1660S. Should also be enough for medium settings easily. I'm playing on high with a 1070 which is just a little bit faster. But i don't know how the "just" 6GB VRAM affect the texture quality since my 1070 already has 8GB. Alternative would be a AMD 5500XT which would have 8GB but quite a bit less performance. And sadly i hear a lot about driver problems and don't know how it performs with 7d2d.
  9. With this CPU and integrated graphics.... lowest settings... if you are lucky.
  10. Use lockpicks? I guess using tnt might blow the whole safe off, not just open it (especially the small wall safes).
  11. First install a programm that shows you the temperatures during gameplay. Hwinfo64, MSI Afterburner or similar. Then check how high the temperatures really get. Also pick if it is the cpu or the gpu or both. In comparison to GTAV or Fallout 4 i guess it's the cpu that is getting hotter, as 7d2d is much more cpu demanding then those games. Laptops may feel really hot but the cpu/gpu temperature is still in tolerance. Improving cooling for a laptop is hard. Maybe you can open it and clean it from dust. Some other use fanboards on which the laptop is placed for additional airflow. I don't know how effective they are. May also depend on the layout of the cooling system of your laptop.
  12. Yep, my recent playthrough was nomad and we dealt up to day.... 40 without an own workbench. I'm fine with items that can be ONLY crafted. However that sould be things that are not necessarily needed for progress. A workbench however should never be crafting-only. Fine with the recog or the forgetting elexir. Maybe even the solar cells... Maing stuff that is currently only findable just crafting-only wouldn't change anything then making the discussion the other way round. Especially if it is a common use item like an auger. I don't like the skillsystem of A18 anyways, because it "forces" you in few directions, otherwise it's overally inefficient. It's nearly impossible to skill an "allrounder". That's somehow doable since i only play multiplayer, but that is also a reason why i NEVER will play ESPECIALLY A18 singleplayer. It's just PITA there (imho).
  13. You missunderstood my post. I did not say "only craftable", but only loot-able. Yep, and i think it's a nice mixture out of can-be-crafted and needs-to-be-found. There is still much room for improvement but i don't prefer a "i can craft everything" game. That's not a problem about what is craftable, but a problem about how you obtain the ability to craft something. Put points into some skills or find the books. Imho that is a... suboptimal balance. We usually find many books, but in the end however something is still missing and anybody skills for it anyway. Usually the RNG-god lets us find the missing book soon after... Can somebody please make the forum BBcode-able. It's a pure @%$*#!ing PITA to quote... I found shotguns, augers and many others in T6. So you're already proven wrong. Need for brass is currently the lategame. And yes, you need traders for that. Best point ATM imho. If you could mine brass like lead, there would be no lategame at all. The current "parts"-system is something i don't really like, too. Not because you can't craft T6 but you need to find tools to scrap just for being able to craft them at all. Imho there should be a way to craft a baseball bat up to T5 WITHOUT the need to find dozens of bad baseball bats before. However, still not T6.
  14. So ok, assume they make T6 craftable... how does that make the endgame better? 7d2d is still early access and afaik the "real" endgame is still not done yet. I don't know about the current plans but once there was a behemoth planned (possibly discarded?) and bandits are still to come. I also heard about some questchains, maybe they come with special POIs and better (less RNG) loot? Imho it's better if there are things you cannot craft. That would remove a lot of value from looting. I do not loot because i only want to farm ressources for other craftings. That somehow is not looting but farming. I want be able to find "special" items. So if they make T6 craftable, i hope there will be a mod, that allows you to find, and only find, T7 items. Imho 7d2d is also not crafting-only. It's also looting.
  15. I don't see a point why a specific item should only drop in one climate zone. Why sould one specific handgun only be found in the desert? And additionally only in a specific POI? In other threads people complain about having not found item X on day Y, and if you are playing on RWG there is no gurantee that this POI is even existent on your map, so you will perhaps have no chance at all to obtain this item. Afaik some POIs only spawn in special climate zones, however there is no unique loot for them. If you want to see all of them, you need to move. You can find enough reasons why to travel for yourself, it's not needed to be enforced more. Usually you will move anyway when you have looted the whole town (and not set loot respawn to 2 days). E.g. if you want oilshale, you need to go to the desert anyway. Also people who prefer basebuilding would complain about such enforced traveling. There are also mods out there that enforce traveling. Darkness Falls afaik has some kind of storyline which makes you search for special POIs. In late-game you can travel from one side to the other on a 8K map easily with the motorcycle, 4x4 or the gyrocopter.
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