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  1. No, essential difference: They support restarting SERVICES, not regular programs. As you said yourself: You need to run the program as a service, which is a pain in the ass for a regular app itself, too. (Probably less on Linux but a VERY big PITA on Windows, even the built in "runasservice" in Windows is pure @%$#) However it is in theory not complicated for regular apps to check if they are running and simply restart them if necessary. But for that case, there is no out-of-the-box solution.
  2. it's really a poverty for each OS that you need a handmade script just to check if something is running and if not, restart it … But i haven't even found a solution for linux, besides running an endless script or a cron job with a custom script. Maybe i'd should program a gui-configruable app to do so
  3. Hmm, don't know how some people mine... I usually dig down until i find a larger repository. Then i just follow the ores and avoid digging unnecessary stones. It's usually deep enough the the top is stone and no dirt anymore. Following just the ores usually turns out small enough tunnels so that the mine does not collapse. Of course sometime there collapses some gravel from the top but i almost never managed to make the whole mine collapse. If ocd-people dig out square rooms with flat floor and walls... yeah, then you need to care for making it not collapsing easily.
  4. Probably not trollin' But more a problem of the algorithm itself. There may be situations where it depends from which side you start to calculate. Also it's iterative. If you change only one block, each block of the whole structure has to be recalculated. And that's also why SI kills your CPU. You can clearly see this when something bigger is collapsing. Assume a 3x3x3 cube standing on just one block. Now you remove that single support block. Not the whole 3x3x3 structure falls as a single piece, but each block of that is dropping one after another. Because you can only calculate one
  5. Yep, that's how structural integrity is supposed to work. Every block has a "carrying capacity" that tells how far it can go without support without collapsing. For concrete it is iirc 7 blocks, for dirt it's 4 blocks and clay afaik is the same as dirt. And it can easily cascade, because a falling block probably removes support for the next block, even if the next block would have a better "carrying capacity". So you can build a "bridge" out of concrete that is 14 blocks wide (without support) by building 7 blocks from the left and 7 blocks from the right and they meet in the middle, bu
  6. Nope, there are no "special editions" of 7d2d existing. It also does not feature any official addons/dlcs. The only thing that exists are mods, and these are non-commercial.
  7. Usually 2-Packs simply contain two game licenses. Iirc you don't get keys but "copies" in your account and can activate one by yourself and give the second one to one of your steam-contacts (same like buying games as a gift (iirc). Means, if you plan to play with a friend, you don't need to buy a license for 22€ each, but one of you can buy the 2-pack for a total of 36€ and then send one copy to the friend. How you then split the costs is on your own.
  8. Not sure if there is an option for singleplayer, but for multiplayer there is an option in serverconfig.xml named "AirDropMarker". If this is set to true, airdrops should become marked on the map. However iirc these marks are also gone if you log out or restart the game. That was like this already in previous versions. Those markers will reappear on the map if you come close to the airdrop. Don't know at what distance, but i often rediscovered forgotten airdrops by just accidentially driving past it on a nearby road, not even seeing the airdrop. Afaik there is no option to make all airdrop mar
  9. Just like Boidsters first answer in the thread. The most common problem imho is: It's an open end sandbox world with no storyline. People that are used to storytelling singleplayer games (like Horizon Zero Dawn, Control, Metro, Tomb Raider, ...) often don't know what to do, as there is no instance that tells you what to do. If you can deal with that, the rest of the game can be configured or handled by the player itself. E.g. If you don't like the tower defence and surviving horde night aspect, you can turn it off.If you don't like to build large bases from scratch, you
  10. A few hours only? So i guess you have not uncovered the whole map yet. How can you say that there is no desert? Where is the fun i you have everything important in view range directly from start? Explore the map. You can loot enough gas from car wrecks to explore. And if you are short on gas, conserve it. That's what the game is about: Dealing with what you have, not wishing to have everything easily. You can also "cheat". Go into the directory where your maps are saved. Open "GeneratedWorlds", then open the folder with your map name. There is a biomes.png. There you ca
  11. Only XML-mods are automatically pushed to your client. They are not "installed" they are pushed and loaded every time you join. There is no way and no need to install or remove such mods. Such mods don't affect your single player games (as manually installed mods would) and don't conflict if you switch servers, as they are not loaded at client start, but every time you join a server. Mods that modify geometries, textures, etc. are never downloaded from a server. You ALWAYS need to install them yourself manually. There is no sign if or what mods a server uses. So either it's in the
  12. What do you mean with "directional"? Afaik the ingame voice is "local", meaning only close by player can hear you and the bigger the distance the more silent you hear others. I don't know if it also takes player position into account so you could hear from what direction someone is talking. I'm not sure if there is a party voip and/or it is also "local". Probably that is your issue why it sometimes isn't loud enough? However such ingame chats can not work with 3rd party tools, as no third party tools knows ingame player positions. I also don't see
  13. EAC doesn't work with wine/proton. So if you run any windows game under linux with wine/proton that requires EAC, it will not work. I haven't tried the native linux client with eac, since i only play on private servers with friends, where we usually disable eac anyway. What do you mean by "microsoft ones"? The native client implements eac on his own, or it doesn't. There is no connection to any microsoft stuff.
  14. Could be everything. First: Delete ALL, server and clients. Install both from scratch. Create a NEW world. Try again. Especially if you messed around with mods previously Check your internet connection. E.g. ping each other and see what latency a plain ping turns out. Perhaps there simply is bad connection between both of you. Could be distance, could be different providers, could be only one of you has bad internet connection. Look at the system usage of the server. If the server is busy, doesn't matter if 7d2d itself is causing the load or other background
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