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  1. We are still looking for solar cells, and afaik the trader is the only source for them. Same here, we have a whole chest full of dukes and also enough brass from other sources. Does there even come another special quest that leads to the next trader once you've reached level 5 quests? We explored only around one quarter of our 8k map. I haven't counted the missions we've done since then, but there seems to be no further quest that leads to the next trader? Sadly, because that is the main reason for exploring the map. Or maybe traders should hand out quests even more far away in later gamestages. Something that makes it worth exploring the map.
  2. I did not say that i know how it works, i just said it was already done in a modlet... a year or more ago, when the exactly same question came up here. I guess Kalen already pointed out how this can be done in the meanwhile.
  3. Where is the problem? They already did it back than... Murky water scraps into only empty jars (the scrapping result resource type for murky water then simply is empty jar). Empty jars only scrap into broken glas. Guns also scrap to their parts. So it's not true that you can only can scrap into "lower" ressource types like wood and stone.
  4. His point doesn't require using CDs or something, but that he'd like to own the software, can make backups and can run games independently of any online services. As i already said above, even if 7d2d works in a LAN, you still can't play on a dedicated if there is no internetconnetion and steam validating the players. E.g. if Steam dies or removes a game you can not play it anymore, even if you still have the installation on your disk or a copy of them somewhere. For this purpose the medium doesn't matter, if you buy a CD in a game shop or download data from somewhere doesn't matter in this regard. The point is, it should be drm-free. The games from e.g. GoG are DRM-free, once you have downloaded a game, it's yours. There is no online service required to run it and if you care for backups yourself you will be able to play it still in 50 years. The DRM ist not a general fault of Steam. The publisher are the one who decide to use DRM. Steam doesn't enforce that and there are in fact also some DRM-free games on Steam, e.g. Factorio.
  5. Yep, and if the day is involved into gamestage calculation in the end still the gamestage is the only value that matters. And also what goes into gamestage is not purely the server day, but the "days alive" of the player. If a new player starts on a multiplayer server on day 378 he still starts with gamestage 1.
  6. What loot you can find depends now in A19 only on your gamestage. What day it is doesn't matter. From Gamestage 12 you have little chance to find a blunderbus or a pistol. The chance increases with your gamestage. You can only find better weapons with higher gamestage.
  7. I also play on an own dedicated with a friend with a nitrogen 8K map. We both had those ghostblocks, but in different locations and in different times. For me everything looked fine where he saw ghostblocks. So this is definetely a client side problem. We had this problem more often when the game was fresh, so in the first few days. We're now on day 80 and haven't it seen for a long time. I never saw this in A19 experimental and also not in A18 but i didn't use nitrogen maps back then. I also watch some streamers, they also didn't have it in A19 experimental (with rwg map), but suddenly in A19 release on a nitrogen map. (Me and the streamers use nitrogen without compopack).
  8. Generating a map may take a while, even more than 30 minutes and the server doesn't give a sign of life in this time, besids cpu usage. On our server with a phenom x6 it took almost two hours to generate the map. mmap might mean you ran out of RAM. Map generation also uses a high amount of RAM. What's your server's specs? Under Linux also make sure the server has write-access to where the generated files are put.
  9. Yes people that don't look for somehow logical behaviour, but people that investigate further and are not looking for "logical" behavoiur but also looking for exploits of course might recognize it. Just like people taking a closer look are able to remove the DRM checks and spread illegal copies of the game... but i know, this is "intended". If you look close enough, even if it is not logical, it works, so "intended". Hell no! If i dig a trench do trap zombies in, i'd never fill it up to the top with spikes. That is exactly what i meant, it's absolutely @%$#ed. From what i know from games, i'd probably expect that they might "glitch" over more quickly if the trench ist filled up with spikes. But that is also a bug or bad game design. What everybody normal thinking person wants, is a trench where zombies fall into and never come out again, because it is a f*** trench. A filled up with spikes trench doesn't fullfill that, and a trench with lowered spikes will also not work as of the current "logic" zombies will walk around it instead of falling into it. Yeah, fool me by calling it "intended". I don't have a problem with a bug, or maybe even some unintended behaviour discorvered nobody thought of before. But if THIS is really intended i either doubt in TFP intelligenze, or you hardly trying to fool me. If it is not intended but happend, fine, then just say it like that. But don't keep your customers for stupid by claiming it was intended. How damn stupid do you think people are? If TFP REALLY thinks this is intended (if you lie hard enough to your self, in the end you'll really believe your own lies), i lost all my hope in them, because then calling them @%$#ed would still be to positive. If they call it "intended" just to silence people, well then they are fooling me. Either way... both bad. I'm still missing a reasonable explanation why the heck it is this way, and if it should be intutive/logical/understandable no further explanation would be needed at all. I'm pretty sure this was not intended at all. Those people who implemented the pathfinding algorithm "accidentially" put the "stay on same height" above every "check for a trap" decision and didn't even notice that side effect of having spikes lowered in a trench. There was no intention at all. It was just a case nobody thought of. But once you noticed it, it has to be sold as "intended". Maybe a bug, unintended bahaviour, an unepected side effect or whatever, but then at least be so honest and don't call it "InTeNdEd"!!!11elf
  10. Yeah "intended". Oh i never noticed that, but yes, it was intended. For Sure! Either zombies are stupid and walk into spikes, never the less they are on even ground or not, or they are intelligent enough and avoid spikes and also recognize lower spikes. That is neither "intended" nor understandable. That is simply a BUG or maybe with good will an acccepted "fault" in the alogrithm. There is some kind of "usability". We are talking about technical details here obviously, but the common player doesn't care for that. Maybe he discovers this behaviour by accident, but it is anything else then understandable, and that is in general bad game design. Knowing that specific technical detail and using it, therfore is in best opinion cheesing. Again, just like building kill korridors. In a well balanced game, without reading forums about how detailed mechanics work, i should be able to draw conclusions about how the enemy "works". Does he choose a low-reistance path, does he come straigth from random directions? Does he respect spikes but ignore autoturrets? Sorry, but lowered spikes being ignored ist just stupid and has nothing to do with the spikes themselfes. Imho building a trench deeper than 1 blocks would be a good idea because it would traps the Zs into the spikes. But if the "algorithms" primary target is to stay on the same floor level, that will not work also. So Zs will circumvent ignore spikes that are one block lower, but be aware of spike on any other level? Yeah, thats absolutely understandable.... NOT. Don't missunderstand me. I'm fine with (known) bugs, currently accepted "@%$#ed" behaviour, because it is like it is currently, but when calling such things "intended" this guy is either @%$#ed, force by the marketing to say so, or i'd like to slap him with with a lvl6 skills-maxed-out steelclub directly into the head.
  11. Ah, yes, intended behaviour is comprehensible because it is intended. Maybe fataal is telling the current state and say that it is somehow "accepted" (in other words "won't be fixed (soon)"), but the outcome is still stupid. Zombies avoiding elevated spikes is a "feature", zombies running into whatever just because it is on the same ground level is for sure a lack of the pathing algorithm. Calling it "intended" is.... <no words>. If you call it intended, known, accepted or bug.... doesn't change anything with that. I'd be interested in a reason WHY this is "intended"?
  12. Still wierd and more like a bug. So it's still "abusing" like building a kill korridor.
  13. Huh, never heared of that. Haven't payed that much attention to it, but in some provious game we had "sunken" spikes and i didn't notice any effect. Once there was a free way through all Zs go this way. In my case the spike-trench was player built with concrete. Maybe it only works on "natural" soil? Anyway sounds more like a bug, and for me therfore is considered cheesing.
  14. Yep, you're right, with scrapping you can only do the whole stack or need to divide the stack first. But crafting usually improves something, while scrapping usually is a downgrade. So if i want to downgrade murky water into empty jars, i'd try to scrap them, not searching for a receipe. That's what i ment with "intuitve". Since neither way is possible in vanilla, somebody that adds an extra modlet of course knows how to do it. But that doesn't mean it's intuitve.
  15. I first started with A15, and iirc there was a time where you couldn't simply skill it. I didn't check it, maybe my memory is wrong anyway.
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