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  1. I never needed to make gas until late game, when i started using a 4x4, permanently using auger (probably for an own huge base build) and chainsaw and maybe crafting molotows. Until then i always found enough from loot and wrenching cars. And once you are this far advanced, having a 4x4 and/or gyrocopter and auger, going to desert once and mine a lot of oil shale in half a day is even less difficult. If you could find oil shale even in desert in only small amounts and so it still takes long to find enough, i'd understand the need for an alternative. But as it is now, even removing the need to travel to a desert would make the game even more care-bear-able. If building a gas extractor or whatever, it should be really really expensive, const a sh*tload of ressources to craft, requiring INT10, receipe can only be bought from traders, costs 100.000 dukes, needs power to run (so you will spend some of the gas on keeping it running again) with constant, but little output. So in the end you will still prefer going to a desert. (But may still be usefull, e.g. when playing a snow-biome-only-map or similar)
  2. There is already little reason to explore the map anyway. That you can find oil shale only in desert is one of them. And even that is not a big deal. Go to desert, mine one stack of oilshale (6.000), craft it into 60.000 gas and you have enough for weeks. Even if you have to travel the whole map from on end to the other, this can be done in half a day. In every playthrough i did yet, i always went to desert for oil shale only once. Usually mining one night, returning with several stacks of oil shale. Done for lifetime. If you want alternatives, you should look for mods.
  3. I already said my opinion on this a dozen times in different threads already, but since i have voted "other": I like the progression in comparison to pure random loot without any restriction. But i dislike "hardcoded" gates and with the current progression system those gate is your gamestage. There should be a risk VS reward the player can choose as he wishes. The problem with pre-A18 was, there was no risk. The problem in A19 is, there is no reward. The gamestage offsets for POIs and loot and maybe the event system hopefully coming with A20 should solve this and make the current "hardcoded" lootbrake ... ah, i mean lootprogression obsolete. Progression is then controled by the player and what difficulty he wants to take. A brave player may attack the duke of navez's castle on day 1 and find m60s there instantly. Another player may think this is to dangerous and takes slower progression, doing easy pois with low quality loot first and then improve step by step.
  4. I need to have LOTL at level 5 for it doing anything? Then the descriptions of the perk levels are wrong. Lvl2 says "harvest one more", so i expect to receive 2 instead of 1. Lvl3 says "another one more" so i'd expect to harvest 3 instead of 1. But from what you say it is supposed to give me 2 instead of 1 at lvl5 first?
  5. Stats of items are random (in certain borders). You may find a T6 stone shovel that has one more damage and your problem is solved. That's why it can't be fixed with a change. Change it and somebody else finds a T6 shovel with 1 less dmg and encounters the same problem again.
  6. Tried it again, punching wild plants with fist, still does not apply the LOTL perk. Don't know if intended and couldn't test self planted plants yet, because they didn't have grown yet, but hopefully it works for them...
  7. Oh, ok. I considered cheating as.... cheating. Like obtaining an advantage besides of official game mechanics.
  8. Afaik every modular PSU shipes with every cable that is connectable to it. Modular PSUs are thought to not have unnecessary cables inside your case, not to switch between different brands of PSUs easily. Of course it would be even better if all connectors (also on PSU-side) would be of a standard.
  9. LCB only prevents sleeper spawns. It does afaik not prevent random zombie spawns, wandering horde spawns and also not bloodmoon spawns. The bedroll afaik also prevents random spawns (no idea about wandering horde and bloodmoon), but has a far smaller zone size. Living in a prison POI during bloodmoon i regularily have some Zs spawning in the inner courtyard. However i've never seen random or wandering horde spawns inside, but i guess it's just random that i never have seen it happen.
  10. What is your consideration for cheating with such a feature?
  11. common abbreviation for "if i remeber correctly". As i said, if you want to demonstrate the missing icons, you should open a container, a chest, a crate, a storage box, NOT just open your inventory (or any crafting station), as the buttons aren't shown there anyway. If you want to use this feature, you have to use a mod as, again, this feature is NOT part of vanilla A19.
  12. No, the blocked slots not, only the two move buttons. And iirc even they only appear, if you open a container, not if you are just in your inventory, as you can't move to a box there anyway. Just mentioning because your screenshot is just inventory.
  13. When driving around, i see Zs occasionally. But i wouldn't call that frequent. I have very different experiences with A19. I have mines in the town, where almost nothing spawns. I have a build project near a big lake with open environment on a peninsula where i have spawns every 5 minutes. I guess it has something to do with where Zs can spawn and how free they can move. In a city there are lots of obstacles that limit movement of Zs. On my peninsula, there is a lot of water, so very limited space where Zs can even spawn. And if some spawn, they either walk away or can just walk to the peninsula. So they will find me more likely. Also interesting, inside the lake there are two spots where small ground elevates little over the water. Both are only like 2x3 blocks just above water surface. Almost every time i come there is a Z on one of those or even both. So obviously they do spawn there, but they can't move very much, since afaik Zs avoid water (if not triggered). At least they always stay on their little insula (until i shot at them).
  14. Basically it's far less interesting since then, as nowadays there is no connector that fits into a wrong socket. You can't put a connector into a wrong socket, except using a hammer. And if a connection is missing, it simply won't boot. So in the end you could even do it with trail and error about what connector fits into what socket, without even reading the manual.
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