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  1. I'm sure this has been asked before and I know we are getting the new outfit system but is there any way we will get masks? Like hockey masks, skeleton ski masks, steam punk masks, masquerade masks, etc. This would look pretty badass in my opinion & give us some options to stand out from other players.
  2. I think there is a skeleton inside. However, he is only wearing.....one.....shoe!!!!! 😜
  3. I totally agree, that's why I said I don't blame the Fun Pimps for what happened with TellTale, nor should anyone blame them. However the gesture is not pointless. Now will it make a bit of difference...most likely not. However it's their (the OP & others) opinion on how they feel the Fun Pimps are handling the situation, or the aftermath of the TellTale debacle. Some people are @%$#ed and that's their right. I will always continue to support The Fun Pimps now & in the future. This is my opinion & my prerogative.
  4. Hey I can sympathize for the OP and these petitioners. I think it's pretty noble & cool their motivations in an attempt, as feeble as it may be, to help this game on console. I too started on console, PS4, and loved every minute I put into the game. Sure, I was bummed when telltale went belly up & the console version died. I do not blame the Fun Pimps, no one should. The fact is, the current console version is what it is, still a great game (not quite for Xbox owners). I bought this game for PC, love it, & will again buy it if & when a new console version is released. Unfortunately, that's all we got. Keep up the good fight OP. Keep spreading the word. No harm in being passionate about this game!!
  5. I agree with the OP but do see the "convenience" with being able to pick them up when something stupid happens & they get stuck...(looking at you scrap iron all over the ground in the wasteland!) I'd also like to not be able to drive underwater. I remember the PS4 days when I'd accidentally drive into the water & the bike was immediately "dead". Had to empty it out, take it apart piece by piece, then rebuild it on land. Was a pain in the ass but made sense. But like others said, just self immerse & simply don't pick it up as if you couldn't anyway. I wouldn't be mad if the did remove the ability to pick them up though.
  6. Man could you imagine the explosion of shooting just one of those vehicles or an unknown dumb ass zombie beating on one....... It would literally melt our cpu's, lol
  7. Good points. Also the traders shouldn't have unlimited money to buy all our unlimited loot. They should have a set amount in my opinion. Just sayin.....feels like an exploit.
  8. You left out Ohio.......there's quite a few freaky looking "zombie" type folks here!!
  9. Not a direct quote to what you said but I just wanted to take this opportunity to say what a great job you did with your "M" word content. I was playing a world that contained many of the zombies you created & I gotta say fabulous job sir!! The work you put into that is greatly appreciated!!
  10. Love the cougars reference, I laughed so hard. Very witty sir!! Agreed about the meat based sense. I so wish they'd put this back in the game. Made me think twice about harvesting meat at times....."do I really need this meat right now? I'm pretty far from home & have crap weapons for defense."
  11. Agreed but good points none the less. A pitchfork would be sweet in this game! Hell it could have the same exact animation as the shovel, obviously with better stats. Put some blood & chunks of torn flesh in the teeth.....F'n sweet!!
  12. True. I realize desktop is obviously the way to go but I like the mobility aspect of it. However as me & papa^legba stated, playing this game on a 7" screen couldn't be very enjoyable (don't knock it till you try it, right). I do play on a laptop though. Like I said, the mobility is the sexy part to me. Just as long as it can play it properly, especially at decent settings. Good points! You're definitely right. Obviously if buying this thing, would have to go with the 512GB version. With the price of that, you're almost there to a pretty decent desktop rig.
  13. Anyone see this video on YouTube? Valve is releasing, basically a handheld gaming PC. Does anyone think this will be able to play 7 Days to Die? Not sure it would be too pleasant playing this game on a 7 inch screen however it can be linked to a monitor & played from there. An inexpensive way for pepe to play this game without breaking the bank on a high end gaming rig.
  14. Damn good ideas. Love the Amityville horror house & the mansion from Resident Evil 1. How about the Titty Twister in "From Dusk till Dawn". Could even have the Aztec temple underneath it as well. Obviously this would be a tier 5!!
  15. Thanks for sharing that Roland. A20 sounds amazing, can't wait to dive in!
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