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  1. The water mechanics are pretty....wonky...have always been. They are supposedly working in it now so hopefully we'll see some improvement. You can try crafting or buying a bucket & keep transporting water & connecting them yourself...might work. Good luck man!
  2. I'm glad RWG is getting some love but how about Navezgane....will it receive anything in the future in A20 or beyond? Specifically the roads are pretty wonky in spots. For example the road leaving trader Rekt in the wasteland...this road is...well..Rekt!! Quite a few roads are actually like this. Actually something else I just thought of, why does the map not show red anymore indicating radiation zones?
  3. I agree. With it being a "reward" for finding all 7 magazines, it does rather suck. However, stealth players would probably disagree. I didn't test it out but maybe it makes the player damn near invisible until noise is made. However as Maharin said, it's obviously a soon to get better feature, especially with the new outfit class system coming in A20.
  4. Careful, you're gonna get these PC boys fired up bringing that console sold so well. The PC version is by far superior however I started on ps4 & loved the game. I'm grateful it was released on console otherwise I may not have experienced this game as I'm not a pc gamer. On a side note, hopefully this post doesn't get moved, but do any of the devs know if there will be any additional experimental past 19.3? I actually haven't restarted since 19.1 and was considering restarting but I'll wait if there's gonna be a 19.4. Thanks Fun Pimps, love the game & look forw
  5. Question about the load times of RWG maps. Does it take that long to load everytime you log on to play or is it just the initial load?
  6. Just eat some "oh sh*tz" candy....you'll be fine 👍
  7. I personally don't have a problem with the Z's & their magical sense of weak points in your base. I do see & agree with what the OP is saying, I would like an onslaught from all sides as well however that is the type of base I build. I've never used kill corridors myself but they are entertaining in their own right from videos I've watched. I just build whatever the hell I want & deal with whatever weak point the Z's seem fit.
  8. I've swung one at them before, same with the pick axe. Yes they can do decent damage in a pinch but would be nice to use as actual weapons, like dealing real damage such as the steel club or steel sledgehammer. I realize it can be done regardless, just saying though.
  9. It would be cool if tools could be used as weapons, like maybe have separate perk trees to increase damage done with them. Then people could use shovels, hammers, pick axes, etc as weapons if they wanted. Would give some variety with already established in game stuff. Personally I like using the axe as a weapon to save on tool belt space as it doubles as my tool & weapon.
  10. Looking forward to the stream later. I'll probably catch it on YouTube as I'm stuck working over on Thanksgiving. F you corona virus! Anyway, is it intended that we can't buy gas from the traders? I know it's easy enough to make/harvest, but so are many other things that you can buy. Just noticed this & thought it was weird. Maybe in A20 where traders specialize in certain goods? I'm excited for the seeds as I don't recall ever seeing them for sale either.
  11. I'm thinking it was forest, burnt forest, snow, desert, & then wasteland. Which is cool & all but I admit I do miss the plains. I hate the snow biome, lumberjacks & leopards are pains in the a$$ and I don't wear coats & stuff so I'm always freezing. Guess I should force myself to do a playthrough where I live in snow biome, was my plan on ps4 before I made the switch to pc....& LOVING IT!!
  12. Since we have are going to have biome difficulties now, maybe bring back the plains biome? This could be a good 2nd tier difficulty after the forest biome. Plus more variety....just saying.
  13. Man I hope the behemoth is reconsidered at some point. I was driving back to my base after 2200 & thought how bada$$ would it be to run into one of them in the pitch dark, having one of them sprinting towards you.
  14. So with all the zombies eventually being redone & the addition of specialty zombies (well, more specialty zombies), are we getting any water dangers like mutated muskies or piranhas? I know you said in the stream there is enough variety of food but is fishing ever gonna be a thing? Loved the stream, excited for A20!
  15. I've been around since A14.7, not sure if that constitutes me as an "oldie" or not. I personally love the direction the game is going and have no real complaints myself. I was definitely a fan of the learn by doing system but after reading about the exploits, I see why they took it out. I'd say that's the only thing I miss but I'm totally fine with the perk system how it is now. Love the new zombies, vehicles, all the new points of interest they come up with, no more gun parts (I hated this system). I love it all & am a huge fan.
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