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  1. Well said sister. Hopefully they will. I'm with you, been here since day one on console. Never got to experience the pc version. I'd love to, just cant see updating to a gaming pc just for this game. I'm still one of the suckers holding out hope they won't abandon the console project, especially for the sake of xbox players.
  2. Just wanna bring this back up. Hope everyone signed it. Probably a moot point but hey, worth a shot. Good idea darkrift25
  3. True but could be worth a shot. I'd be down to help fund the project. I love this game & it is easily one of my favorite all time titles. "Bring the stripper zombie to consoles"!!!
  4. Congrats Fun Pimps on getting the console rights back. I agree with Freestyle604, lets get with Iron Galaxy to finish the last update they were working on. Fund it with kickstarter, paid dlc through consoles, or whatever. I gotta disagree with SylenThunder on the "the game never should have been ported to console" statement. As this does unfortunately hold true for xbox users, the ps4 version runs perfectly fine. Had this game not been ported, i would probably have never heard of 7 Days to Die or even The Fun Pimps for that matter. I would love nothing more than to jump back in & support this unique, awesome, & quite frankly revolutionary game. The countless hours I've put into this game are priceless! In The Fun Pimps we trust!!!!
  5. Lol, if this were true...id buy some mugs & a few t-shirts!!
  6. You bring up a very good point. Maybe whoever got the rights to the game can just charge a one time fee, then finish the update that's supposedly almost done & then go from there with any other future updates and optimizations. That I would for sure pay for.
  7. The issue isn't who's gonna work on dlc, who's gonna finish the update, or any of that. All we care about is them adding whatever they can to the game & continue any optimizations they can. That's what we are willing to for. Personally, i don't care who ends up with the console port, as long as they continue to support it. That's who I'll support and that's who I'd pay to continue this awesome game.
  8. I 100% would pay for any kind of dlc that would improve our game. I bought most of the skin packs, obviously not for much cosmetic view as you cant even see your person, but more to support telltale at the time. So whoever owns it now, I'd be totally down in lending my support. This game is so badass & would love to see it continue to grow!
  9. I havent played in a while but im pretty sure you do that in the settings from the title screen. It's either called gamma or brightness level. Good luck Grouchy!
  10. And this says a lot. Most of the people on here complaining about a "busted game" are xbox users. We ps4 users dont have near the same problems. Glad it works good for you tired gamer! I would be frustrated too if the game didn't run up to my expectations.
  11. Just wanted to bring this back up as i agree 100%. Well said Dernagon!
  12. As would I. At $26 what i paid for at launch, i feel like I've more than got my money's worth. I'd 100% be down to purchase a "gold" version of the game or pony up some $ for DLC to bring us the new features & optimizations!
  13. Lets hope its not EA who bought it. We'll have micro transactions like a mofo, lol. On a serious not, lets hope the persons involved with the purchase does have plans to continue the project in one way or another.
  14. Well said! We are all just frustrated about the situation & are super fans of the game. Just wanna see it grow to its full potential. We are hanging strong & hoping for the best.
  15. In Pimps we trust!!! Keep the faith alive brothers & sisters. Lets hope they work this 💩💩 out!!!
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