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  1. I've been around since A14.7, not sure if that constitutes me as an "oldie" or not. I personally love the direction the game is going and have no real complaints myself. I was definitely a fan of the learn by doing system but after reading about the exploits, I see why they took it out. I'd say that's the only thing I miss but I'm totally fine with the perk system how it is now. Love the new zombies, vehicles, all the new points of interest they come up with, no more gun parts (I hated this system). I love it all & am a huge fan.
  2. Yes, if we can't have baby/kid zombies....give us midgets to play whack a mole on. I see some of these comments getting cut/deleted. It seems "taboo" to talk of zombie kids or babies for some reason.
  3. Yup, I just figured it out. Had to opt out of experimental. Geez, lol Yup just figured it out. Thanks for the quick reply tho 👍
  4. Ok guys so I need help. I went to the betas tab in steam & "updated" my game to A19 stable. It reverted me back to b180, I had 19.1 b8.....wtf?! Then when going back into the betas tab, the "opt into latest experimental" option is no longer there. So how do I get back to 19.1 b8 or the so called stable 19.1? Edit: ok I figured it out (in case anyone else runs into this). I had to go back into the betas tab & opt out of experimental. That's really stupid but whatever...glad I figured it out.
  5. I'd like to see zombie versions of the devs in the game. We already have joel as a trader but wouldn't it be cool to bash gazz over the head with a club or shoot fataal in the face with an arrow. How about shooting hated in the face with the blunderbuss......come on guys, make it happen 😁
  6. Ah, Grace. Yes that was a cool surprise. I hope there's more of that in the game but so far I've found none. 😩
  7. It's more or less Alpha 15 with a few bits of Alpha 16. And no there are no more updates to come, the ps4 version (and xbox) is what it is.
  8. Good luck brother, that's a tough one to break. I'm not a smoker but my fiance is & she still struggles to this day at times. It's been over 10 yrs since she's smoked. Hang in there man & yeah maybe put the gaming on hold for a minute if that is a stressor. Life has enough stressors as it is!
  9. Very true, good point! Just cuz 😘 Just cuz 😘
  10. Im going to guess you lost your mod privileges based solely on your snide remarks. (I can see SylenThunder losing his at some point for this same reason). So many responses I see from you is condescending or belittling in some way. I'm not trying to start an argument, just an observation. Damn, couldn't have said this better myself. 100% agree.
  11. I wasn't assuming you were a guy, on the contrary I figured in fact you were female. Maybe we do get a little too excited with stuff like this. That's what I meant by "we're guys after all". Agreed, the nurse does look "dated". I wouldn't call her sexy by any stretch but they for sure no longer look like that. I imagine the updated nurse will be in scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck.
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Well said!!!
  13. Lol @mr.devolver. no way. Trader rekt is an a$$hole! I think the stripper looks like a "brooklyn" or maybe "sapphire". Good stripper names! Wow, that's amazing. Good job
  14. Ah yes, I forgot Jen & yes she would fall under the strictly eye candy. Does the call/party girl have an official name? Not like that would matter though, some will still be pissed just based on her looks...& "physics" 😁
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