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  1. ๐Ÿค” If only they gave fresh meat. You are correct though. Afraid I'll need to venture into the winter biome. Plenty of @%$*#!s there to eat my face....I mean to hunt
  2. Maybe after they get the arrow animations fixed I'd say. That's a pretty wonky bug. I agree though, things are looking pretty good.
  3. I'm sure this has been brought up before but has it ever been considered to add "bait" into the game? Think this would be a cool option. Maybe not since food has never really been an issue, at least not in single player. However, as of b178, I'm practically starving. I'm on day 7 & I just ate my last can of food. Aside from a few rabbits & chickens, I've found no game to kill. I'm not trying to bit*h, I realize they have been balancing the livestock but....dayumn....a brotha is starving over here!!
  4. I see the original posters point. Running in the beginning can feel so routine, especially when stamina sucks bad at 1st. However I agree with Roland, that's mostly just us older players. Man I remember my 1st time playing this game, learning everything and experiencing everything for the 1st time. I was TERRIFIED my 1st bloodmoon. I hid on top of a roof scared sh*tless, listening to the destruction & mayhem below me. Ah the good ol days. Something we'll never get back but always remember.
  5. Good points on both sides regarding degradation. Like I said, I'm happy with the game either way. Just please....please....for the love of all that's holy.....leave my zombie stripper in the game!! ๐Ÿ˜
  6. I'll throw in my vote for item degridation. I'll go a step further & say I liked the quality 1-600 of old (however hated the gun parts system....I'm sure this is controversial on its own). I liked everytime you repaired something, it lost just a little bit of quality. Wasn't there even a level up to where it didn't degrade as much & you even used less resources? Idk, I liked it & would just add that much more "management" to the game. I'm also fine with the way it is. Love the game regardless.
  7. I keep my azz out of the winter biome unless I at least have a bicycle. Area is no joke plus you instantly start freezing as soon as you enter so that kicks stamina in the sack.
  8. I also agree we have enough canine furry fellows but I also agree the extra meat is nice. Give us a whole new animal/threat like gators, monitor(spelling?) lizards, hell throw an ostrich at us, lol.
  9. I was feeling that as of b177 update too. It's like the bow didn't want to reload or something. Idk, it just feels off. You're right though, the arrow missing is just @%$*#!ed, lol. Plus how twitchy the arrows are that stick out of the Z's & some just float in the air. Some silly @%$*#!.
  10. I'm just not feeling the bandit vibe. I see them as being cheesy & just more a pain in the azz. 1. More story/lore. Find notes in houses/POI's, resident evil style. 2. Random survivor encounters. They may need help, it may be an ambush, or you can just kill them & take their stuff. This could also lead to alternative questing or get more story/lore. 3. I kinda miss the plains biome. Hate the snow/winter biome is so big now. 4. Bigger zombie population in big cities. Put the good loot there but you gotta work for it. Risk vs reward. 5. Possible end game idea. Maybe you gotta scavenge/craft/purchase parts to build or repair a plane to fly out of Navezgane once & for all. Tie this in with the quest system. Could lock certain things at certain parts of the game like after so many quests your pointed in the direction of where to find "X". Or your taught how to build "X" for your plane. Or you gotta collect/mine/scavenge a sh*t ton of stone or whatever in order to get rewarded for a certain part you need. Idk, just some ideas off the top of my head. Whatever the pimps decide, I'll be down for.
  11. Someone mentioned in another thread about possibly putting in some generic, low texture (or however they would do it), zombies to over populate some areas, for instance cities. This could be a great idea but could also somewhat dilute and or take away from the cool hd looking zombies. I'm kinda 50/50 on this idea. Definitely sounds good in theory.
  12. I'm assuming everyone is experiencing this? Most annoying bug I've seen so far. I'm kinda getting used to it now. Also is it just me or as of last patch/update b177 & obviously this current b178, does the primitive bow reload kinda suck now? It's very slow and just doesn't feel right.
  13. Man the winter biome is no joke. Against my better judgement, I accepted a trader quest, day 4 I believe, maybe 3, for a tier 1 clear quest. I was 200 or so meters away, just entered the snow, and saw what I thought was a regular wolf (found out pretty soon it was a dire wolf) Thought ok bi*ch, I need some meat anyway. Built a reinforced 3 high wood frame tower to take him out. So once I aggro'd him, a lumberjack started torquing my way as well. Needless to say, I received my 1st death in b177!! Fu*k the winter biome!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
  14. Definitely no for me. I hated this system & was so glad when they removed them. The current mod system is much better.
  15. Damn, you guys rock! Another update?! Spoiling us for sure. Love it!!
  16. Well said JimPanja & good idea. This would no doubt be a pain in the azz but more challenging too. They could even put in nests of snakes that would need burnt down/destroyed.....could be another trader quest?! Kinda like a Days Gone kinda vibe.
  17. I was wondering the same. I've yet to see an animal win vs a zombie although I've only seen the examples I listed above. Maybe it's just coincidence......๐Ÿคจ
  18. I've seen a Z fight a regular bear, the lumber jack fight a mountain lion, & the fat dude that looks like he is gonna fall over backwards (the white tank top fatty) was fighting a wolf or maybe even a dire wolf (don't remember). The zombie won everytime which doesn't seem right to me, especially in the circumstance with the bear, who has crazy HP. You would think the animals would tear the zombies up.
  19. I had a weak spot in my horde base, forgot to upgrade a few wood bars to iron. I make a cage like structure & face the zombies in it. So they broke thru, & as I escaped up through the roof I was pelleted by vultures. Between the zombie damage I took & the vultures, I was toast. Luckily I made it back to my house right as I bleed to death. So I collected my sh*t, fixed my dumb azz weak spots I missed, exited the game & then restarted to reignite the horde. Fun times ๐Ÿ‘
  20. Maybe just give us an iron/steel bar door then. I think the main point is to have a door we can shoot through. Doesn't necessarily have to be the jail doors. Good idea.
  21. This would be a cool idea. Or instead of just going after your backpack, you would have to kill your "zombified" self, thus dropping your loot bag to retrieve your stuff. You can see the backpack icon moving on the map as your zombie self roams for its next meal. Maybe have it a high chance your character turns into a feral or radiated.
  22. I gotta agree with the OP, except for the "spam crafting" and finding a blunderbuss in the safe part. I have zero problems with the loot system, finding stone weapons in sealed crates for example, etc. I do however miss the, LBD, or learn by doing method. I do agree some parts of it were stupid, such as the previously mentioned spam crafting, what an ugly term. Also the hurting yourself on purpose to improve armor made no sense either. I also liked the quality 1-99, 100-199, etc. Plus the fact that it went down in quality everytime you repaired it, this just makes sense. However the more you use guns, bows, spears, etc, the better you get. The more you run, the better your stamina increases. Maybe the better you eat, the better your "gut" gets? Idk, but it's a good idea and a missed mechanic of old. Agreed it has its exploits just like everything else but it felt the most "natural".
  23. I know what you mean. It's been in there at least since A14.7 (console). It sounds like some kind of messed up bird chirp or something. Agreed, it is odd.
  24. Maybe....and only maybe...when the game goes gold. How many hours, zombie kills, non deaths, and rack of experience would it take to reach game stage 5,778?! Game on!! Gotta be a crazy azz achievement getting up so far in GS Love your handle by the way...totally didn't get it till my 2nd look. FA_Q2.....good sh*t
  25. That's a sexy looking rig my friend! I think A19 is running pretty smooth. I was gonna wait till stable cuz I'm still new to the PC game as well. However I've had zero problems and it once again feels like a whole new game. I'm glad I went for the experimental. As far as seeds, I'm not sure there. I'm still going through Navezgane myself. Good luck man!!
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