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  1. I'm thinking this was addressed awhile back but don't remember the answer.....is the smell mechanic ever going to make a reappearance or was it taken out for a reason? Like when you're holding rotten flesh, raw meat, or even cooked meat, etc. Was kind of a cool thing in the game in my opinion, an additional threat. Especially with all the animals we have now.
  2. My understanding is they won't just be hiding in closets & around corners. They'll be roaming around inside poi's. I forget where exactly this was talked about, probably in this thread but WAY back.
  3. Lol, I gotta say I agree. Yes I realize raiders are coming & that's all good but I hate the fact the behemoth was dropped but yet we are getting a drone. However this is obviously just my opinion. I thought the junk sledge's were a stupid addition but after using them I admittedly like them. So as you said in a later post, we'll just trust them & roll with whatever they put out. In the Pimps we trust!!
  4. I'm gonna guess that flat area with the roads down in the wasteland, where an obvious city is going (Navezgane), is where the previously mentioned Duke will reside. Probably be a big wrecked casino along with other buildings (the booby trap 2...???) Agreed. This would be a cool option to cheat all kinds of variety in the game as far as the zombies go. Hell they can even randomize the hair colors as well.
  5. Hell I gave up on the gyro with the old controls....can't even imagine with these ones. Definitely a vehicle that needs looked at to make those controls more intuitive.
  6. I will say I'm getting somewhat used to the new controls but still WAY prefer the previous version. No need for a bug report as this isn't a bug, just some opinions on preferences. Thanks for forwarding this thread Roland.
  7. New lumberjack looks F'in amazing!! Can't wait to see the new screamer!
  8. Well wrote piece v3tro. We all have things in the game we like, don't like, want to see, & want to see go, etc. Sometimes it is hard to see the way people do post on here, especially towards new members, however I've seen it between more veteran posters as well. This has to be because it's taking so long to get A20 to us....we're @%$#ed off, frustrated, anxious.....so yes...looking at you Fun Pimps....this is your fault!!!!!!!! <<<Obviously kidding here....or am I 🤔😔😜
  9. Change is hard for many of us to tolerate, especially when we get used to something & we really like it. Maybe we'll end up loving all these new changes. I'm still getting used to the new gamepad controls for vehicles.... definitely not a fan...but it doesn't take away from the game, just an annoyance. Can't wait till A20 drops and see for ourselves how we adapt.
  10. I finally tried the bicycle. It's not "as bad" as the motorcycle but it still sucks. Yes hopefully they change it back or at least just give us the option to....and don't even say "that can be modded". Honestly this is just a minor complaint, not game breaking or anything to me, just an annoyance.
  11. Hell, turn the loot down to 25% and see what you get!! If it wasn't for the traders, I wouldn't have any guns, except for a level 1 pistol I FINALLY found on day 10 or 11, no cement mixer, no workbench. Hell I didn't even find a blunderbuss until day 7 or 8. Ammo is scarce. I kinda like playing this way, definitely makes the game way more challenging.
  12. I agree with what someone said above about getting the lore into the game. Would be a perfect time to start introducing things like "the Duke is coming" warnings, notes left from victims of the wasteland, etc....
  13. In my opinion, this day will suck!! It's like we get a new game every alpha!! I know it can't be this way forever but...... Yeah this is kind of annoying but it is what it is I guess.
  14. I still haven't tested the other vehicles, I did a full wipe to start over. In doing so, I decided to make the game hard as F by turning down loot to 25%. The pimps ain't F'ing around, you literally get no loot!! So needless to say, I don't even have a bicycle yet (or a forge, or a workbench) & I'm on day 7. Has anyone tested other vehicles? Are they a pain in the butt pad as well?
  15. Yeah I'm still not getting used to it. The motorcycle feels like I'm driving on ice...super annoying. The controls were perfectly fine before. Please change them back Fun Pins or give us the option to change.
  16. Whoever complained about the controls while in/on a vehicle needs kicked in the gonads!! I haven't tested all the vehicles but the motorcycle sucks asshair now. It seems too loose & just doesn't feel right steering. Maybe I'm just not used to it yet, I'll admit that, but I don't like it!
  17. I think that loud wind blowing sound or whatever it is in the wasteland is super annoying. It just plays over & over in a loop & I can't wait to get out of there. I hope they shorten the loop on it or something if they leave it in.
  18. Good idea with the bear traps. They could take out one of the different land mines & add that. Slingshot would be cool too, good starter weapon during "stone age" days.
  19. I agree with the boats, that would be a sweet addition. Especially if they add water hazard enemies. I wish they'd make the gyrocopter easier to operate. I'd like to use it as a later game vehicle but it just sucks! No reason it should be that hard to maneuver.
  20. ... or Tallahassee.... "It's time to nut up or shut up"
  21. Yes, more options is always a good thing. I personally wouldn't use it, but that's simply my style. And no people wanting this feature arent necessarily "controller" players as someone stated above. I use a ps4 controller & prefer that over mouse & keyboard and I find it much more efficient.
  22. The water mechanics are pretty....wonky...have always been. They are supposedly working in it now so hopefully we'll see some improvement. You can try crafting or buying a bucket & keep transporting water & connecting them yourself...might work. Good luck man!
  23. I'm glad RWG is getting some love but how about Navezgane....will it receive anything in the future in A20 or beyond? Specifically the roads are pretty wonky in spots. For example the road leaving trader Rekt in the wasteland...this road is...well..Rekt!! Quite a few roads are actually like this. Actually something else I just thought of, why does the map not show red anymore indicating radiation zones?
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