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  1. my 2 cents: I just can not stomach another stock NPC mission in any game: Search And destroy target (area) X , Escort Y, Retrieve Z. They kind of work in non-persistent world games that you pick up and play Match style. Like Left4Dead, Siege, Cod, Pubg. Buy on persistent and long games they are really hacky, thing the devs add to game when they can not think of anything original. Do not get me wrong Pimps have doe ground brraking work on Voxel and many other area, but you chickened out, you removed those magnificient features and relaced them stock RAD crap. Like skill the levell
  2. I know, but not really on options unless you are an admin. Nor does it address the fact that there is some inconsistencies in spawn mechanics. I just pointed out my UX of the game. No it is not. but as food plant seeds are level locked to like 8 skill points. And I think there is something wrong in spawn after first game days I very seldom see any animal after the first 5 gaem days. Starvation in early game is a too hard compared the after mid game it becomes a non challenge. Other players also have said this same.
  3. I think food sources in the game, specially in early game needs balancing. To that effect adding Fishing - feature to the game would help in this. I wrote more details posting about that in :
  4. Fishing would be a great addition to the game to balance the starvation, specially in early game. Please add Fishing on bodies of water . Fishing would not need AI entities for fishes. See: Subsistence game. Subsistence has (IMHO really boring) minigame of fly fishing and alternatively they have craftable and placeable fish traps. For both you need scavenge baits, which limits the amount food that can be gathered. And the payout is random over random time. So there is no need for AI entities for fishes. Like you would not really see the fish you are trying to catch IRL. It really balances
  5. Dear Fun Pimps, Please see this video on Unity AI : "How many AI Agents can Unity handle?" Please give us mooooooooore zombie.
  6. Mod Note: This opinion is rudely stated but is a valid opinion. Please do not respond in kind but do feel free to disagree with it in a respectful manner. A developer has responded regarding the rudeness and that is sufficient. Move along.
  7. - Dialog system ???? And adding HP bars to mobs. This game is becoming like [snip], wanting to go backward in time.
  8. Wohooo !!!!! YEs, YES !!!!! The dumbest ideas ever !!!
  9. Ye, all it needs is Rad sCorpions, Supermutants and Deathclaws.
  10. You really do not know what those "survivors" are called ? -They are called **PLAYERS** ! Only thing that can make the world living and breathing is players! You really thing you can make "living and breating world" out of NPCs ??? OMFG, it there anyone in here over age of 16 year that is not tired to tears with having to deal with NPCs in games ? Only thing good npc's are are for insect-level intelligence enemies. Zombies and (alien) insect & animals. Even Star Citizen NPCs look really stupid and boring and they have put insane amount of work into them. When you improve t
  11. Would be nice if hatches and doors would be paintable-
  12. First of all for the most part the game is AMZING and you Pimps are doing great job ! Listing everything the is great would be too long to read no the negative point of view is faster. Pure unfiltered feedback (aka _MY_ opinion): New Cave System = nice Lock Picking System = nice new feature Zip Lines = ghad no ! Are you also adding skateboard ramps ? Cowabunga man ! But seriously: thank you for allowing servers to opt out of it. well done ! AI improvements with Breadcrumb system = Amazing, finally ! Bandits = Meh ! MoCap 2.0 = Yawn. Why, because everyone else is doing it ? Q
  13. Mike06

    True Survival

    Spider, great work. I just noticed this. This in VERY interesting.
  14. Here is my own management script : https://github.com/mikezerosix/7d2d-control/releases/ There are some variations on different Linux distributions but I tried KISS approach on the script and only use commands I am sure exists in all linux distros. running the scrip without any parameters will print out instruction. and running it with "help" parameter prints out full help text. You need to edit the script and write your Steam login username into it. It will install Steam and the game. If you already have the game and steam installed they you need to edit the directory lofation
  15. Alloc are you associated with Pimps ? Can you push this mod into 7dtd code base so it would be core functionality ? I bit tricky to get custom mods installed on rented server.
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