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  1. Zombie hordes and survival, that would be nice change.
  2. Fort is looong but only 1 block wide and hangs off indestructable trader area. As long as the moth is deep enough that the zed do not even reach to bottom pf the wall you are completely safe on the wall which is just outside the trader area so no night teleports while on the wall. And actually you can be few blocks inside the wall without being teleported at night. So wall is not needed but you get the material free when digging up the moat and it is fun to build. And you can even place a drawbridge on the wall if you want. Damn the placement of drawbrdge is buggy. Could not be bothered to chip away the 10k bridge and craft new one. steps up the wall. Keep in mind the structural integrity as whole structure is hanging off a cliff. And also keep in mind you can not land claim trader area. And remember to extend to bottom of the wall to fist stone block. You oould extend the wall all the way down bottom of the moat to give it more structural support but then you would need be fixing those blocks after every horde.
  3. Alpha 20/21 Roadmap Feedback 1) Unity Update = +10, great 2) Random Generation Update = +5, good and larger map size is great 3) Vehicle Mods = +1 , nice to have 4) Shape Menu and Building Update = 0, shading is nice gimmick, yet again dumb-ing down the game yet again is not so nice, but in this instance not too bad. 5) Dynamic Imposters = +1 nice 6) Micro Splat Improvements = ? 7) Feral Sense Game Option = +1 8.) Biome Difficulty = +10, Related to gamestaging below. It is more interesting to have the game scale up naturally and let the player by his action choose the level of difficulty by accessing different difficulty areas based on risk/reward ratio. As it already somewhat is: but it should be more so: Desert few & weak zombies, no water, low food, low loot. Snow = slow zombies , a lot of water (from snow) low food, low loot. Different level of urban areas in biomes scale up the diffculty, single POi->settlment->town->city -> metropolis. I really would love to see radiated biome for which you would need NBC suit and gas mask. 9) Pipe Weapons for Primitive Tier = +1 (although a bit ripping off Rust, but before they surpasses 7d2d, they stole a lot from 7d2d) 10) Trader to Trader progression = -10000 still the NPC vendors in survival game is -10000. Survival game for millennials : earn the money to buy stuff from shop. Challenging and scary ! 12) Loot Progression and Gamestaging Improvements = ? the "Game stage" thing TFP copies from other crap games is -100 as it sucks big time. It is really boring that the game difficulty and enemies automatically scale up when player progresses. That negates ALL the character advancements. The game play is treading water. The advancement is more interesting when difficulty scales up by player choices. Like harder areas areas: large cities, radiated zones, larger buildings that are not survivable for low level and poorly equipped characters. That gives the player real sense on accomplishment and advancement to develop and improve the character to be able to access those areas. Not artificially level lock them and allow characters to try going there at anytime only to themselves learn to avoid them until better equipped. 14) New POI's and Environment Art = +1, nice 15) AI and Sleeper Improvements Most likely not shipping in A20. = +1? great or bad depending on what it is 16) Dynamic Music and Ambient Audio Improvements = +1, nice 17) Animation Improvements = +1, nice 18) Digging Quest Improvements = 0 IMHO NPC quests are booooooooooooooring, but I guess some ppl seem to like them and others can just ignore them. Unlike the NPC vendors them ruin the survival aspect and balance if you ignore them. 19) Restore Power Quest = +1 , meh! NPC 20) New Zombies/ Entities = +1, nice
  4. my 2 cents: I just can not stomach another stock NPC mission in any game: Search And destroy target (area) X , Escort Y, Retrieve Z. They kind of work in non-persistent world games that you pick up and play Match style. Like Left4Dead, Siege, Cod, Pubg. Buy on persistent and long games they are really hacky, thing the devs add to game when they can not think of anything original. Do not get me wrong Pimps have doe ground brraking work on Voxel and many other area, but you chickened out, you removed those magnificient features and relaced them stock RAD crap. Like skill the levelling and perks, uh ! has that not been done and re-done enough ? I make this make 7d2d great again ! I would pay monthly subscription for this game. Be brave and innovative I know you can be and try some new and fair payment models. Something that rewards the makers for making the game sustainable and players to stay in the game for years. I Trust you and have stuck with this game even since after A12 when you changed direction and changed the game completely. I do not know if this path has been financially good but I think it sacrifices long term gains for short term gains. ( know the sw realities all too well, if there are no short term gains the project is not sustainable) This game has game has become ADHD, it tries to be Fallout, COD, GTA, WoW all at one. If you just focused on thing, like zombie survival, this game woulds be unique and amazing like it used to be. Low hanging fruits : * Paint skins to continue suply,ammo,weapons crate line: armor/clothing, ore (even one for each type) maybe mods. * make doors and hatches paintable. (after crates this is next most important paint target, as Rust proves) * Camo paint that actually matched the colors of the biomes. And for love of god make the game theme music loop finate or configurable. How many of us have logged out to make dinner or to watch TV only to have theme music echo other room but you are too tired or lazy to go turn it off so you end up listening to it hours at end, Other things I would love to have are : 1. make (top tier) vehicles better able to dive 45 deg uphill 2. 45 degree uphill draw bridges 3. have turret placement rotate to all 6 faces just like all other blocks and stick to wall and ceiling. * so you can place it into a alcove without every time breaking the wall behind it to reload it.
  5. Mike06

    True Survival

    Spider, great work. I just noticed this. This in VERY interesting.
  6. Here is my own management script : https://github.com/mikezerosix/7d2d-control/releases/ There are some variations on different Linux distributions but I tried KISS approach on the script and only use commands I am sure exists in all linux distros. running the scrip without any parameters will print out instruction. and running it with "help" parameter prints out full help text. You need to edit the script and write your Steam login username into it. It will install Steam and the game. If you already have the game and steam installed they you need to edit the directory lofations too. Though it would be much easier t tel it just install those again to itنs default locations.
  7. Alloc are you associated with Pimps ? Can you push this mod into 7dtd code base so it would be core functionality ? I bit tricky to get custom mods installed on rented server.
  8. Some of the existing scripts were a bit too "Ubunty-ese" specially the service/deamon commands. That is one area on improvement. Personally I did not bother to do it as pims promised that native Linux servers was "almost ready" though that statement last a lot of credibility over the past months...
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